AtoZ //The Manziel-Hoyer edition.

Andre and Zac talk Browns, quarterbacks, windows of opportunity and what happens when young, rich NFL players don’t get it.

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  • Sam Gold

    I miss your writing.

    • thanks. writer’s block. i’m not even commenting much in wfny forums. i mean there is stuff to write but none of these make me want to stake out a position:
      1. complexities of hoyer’s downfall? yeah there’s mitigating factors, but he has sucked;
      2. what to expect with JFF? there will be INTs. less than two, we win; more, we lose.
      3. tuck your shirt in josh gordon? crotchety.
      4. mike pettine afraid to trust his eyes and porking his defense while stubbornly sticking to conventional ‘dont-pull-qb-while-winning’ wisdom? i still like pettine.
      5. imagine a world with joe banner still CEO? take the post-alex-mack injury browns and extend it through the entire year.
      6. the melancholy kevin love of two weeks ago and its implications? he seems happy now.
      7. worst loss since the 2007 bengals game or the holcomb/northcutt playoff game? let’s all just stick needles in our eyeballs.

      kolonich is baking something though.

      • Sam Gold

        Itch scratched. Thanks.

        Agree with your take on Pettine but I also note that the method to his madness has left little to zero doubt with anyone that it’s time to move on. Perhaps suffering the short term slings and arrows of woulda, coulda, shoulda of if-only-we-had-put-JM-in-last-week-the-playoffs-would-still-be-a-realistic-possibility (assuming JM would have won) reflects a wisdom for the long term not seen around here for a very long while by removing any lingering doubt as to BH’s viability as any kind of long term solution.

        Hope the block fades sooner than later and a scribe-worthy topic surfaces.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        Please save the uniforms Mr Quixote!

  • zarathustra

    I know these posts aren’t usually discussion threads, but I just wanted to share my opinion that this podcast is always excellent. I’ve listened to pretty much every one of them and this one might be the best yet.

    • it’s true that they’re not discussion threads and i’m not sure why that it is. i enjoy consuming podcasts but i hardly ever comment on them. maybe it’s because when you’re reading and a point demands a reply, the original is right there. with the pod, something could tweak you (better or worse) but then it’s gone and you’ve moved on.

      but yeah i enjoy the hell out of their pods and so happy to host it for as long as they want to keep it here.

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