#CheddarBay week 14, Iron Bowl.

207band3Real quick, MAC line for tonight:  Ohio -2.5 at MiamiO, 7pm.

Back with the lines tomorrow morning.

Till then, more Teamocil please.

Post your picks in the comment sections.

I have received complaints on this topic, namely that not everyone is posting picks in the comment thread.  Here is the policy:  picks should be submitted through the comment section for the week’s post.  Essay picks should be submitted an hour before kickoff.

Please do this.

All play is the Iron Bowl:  Auburn +9.5 at Alabama.

Late lines placeholders:  UB at UMass; Ark at Mizzou; ASU at Arizona; WVU at ISU; SCAR at Clemson; SJSU at SDSU; Pitt at Miami.

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And also this. I don’t know what a 14 game salami is. Pete? Squeaky?

  • bupalos

    CMFB, STL, and ARI please.

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  • This week’s cloud.

  • DQuatts

    DQuatts week 14 continued

    Falcons +2.5
    Packers -3.5***
    Chiefs +2
    Jets +6.5

    ***This is a matchup between the two hottest teams in the NFL…and a potential Super Bowl preview. I like the Packers here for a few reasons. First of all, the Pack is tough at home. They play at a different level on both offense and defense. Giving the offense a chance the audible, hard count, and pick their poison makes a world of difference. Secondly, I think New England lacks the ability to stop the multiple weapons from Green Bay. New England will have a tough time blocking the pass rush from Green Bay and if Brady doesn’t have the time he needs in the pocket, it could be a long day. Ultimately, my heart is rooting for New England to lose. Betting with your heart never gets you very far, but I will take my chances today.

  • Its Only Money

    Well I guess the turkey screwed with my mind. I’ll get the four remaining games I guess.

    Arizona -2.5 v Atlanta
    New England +3.5 v Green Bay
    Denver – 2 v KC
    Miami – 6.5 v NYJ

  • FTCMikeD

    I didn’t realize how many games were at 1:00 this week, so I kind of shot myself in the foot by putting off my essay due to holiday travel. Oh well. I’m going to roll with the Patriots as my essay this week. Gotta take the +3.5 points. Some random thoughts on this game. First, the Pats have been finding ways to get it done the last 7 games. They’ve averaged nearly 40 points a game in that stretch. Belichick plays the nobody believes in us card better than most. Tom Brady has put to rest some doubters after his play in the early season. And they have their typical Patriots no name defense that just seems to get it done. Rodgers makes me nervous, but Belichick has a way with neutralizing great QBs (see Luck, Manning). I think this will be a relatively high scoring affair but the Pats will keep it close in the end, perhaps with a backdoor cover.

  • Petefranklin

    Man, I hate this play now after seeing Lang, but the hook is too much for me to resist on a game where the hook was gone long ago in gambling terms. I’ll tempt fate and take the Boston Patriots (so that I’m not exactly on the same side as Lang)+3.5

    Brandon Lang

    Sunday Selection …

    My 100 Dime selection is on Patriots over Packers. The current line on this game is +3 in Vegas and offshore. If your line is +3 I advise you to buy the 1/2 point and get +3 1/2. If your line is +2 1/2 I advise buying up to +3. Be sure to shop around for the best line available.

    BTW I did mention below that he wasn’t terribly awful in the NFL right? Coin flipper in NFL? Someone else making his picks this year? Grasping at straws , I know but the Chiefs are the only other game I like.

  • bupalos

    Leave it to America to morph the idea of thankfulness into the idea of gluttony. What are you thankful for Jimmy? Well, pretty much just that all these !@#$ing pies are all MINE, and I’m going to !@#$ing eat every last morsel of every one so some goddam amnesteeed immigrint can’t snitch a taste! Blood relatives only!

    How is there practically no element of charity and selflessness to this holiday? I mean really, who was ever feeling so “thankful” in this world that the way they thought to express it was by cramming their face full of everything they had until they passed out? And if that’s not how it started, what does the line between there and here look like? Quite a few curly cues in there I think.

    This most recent holiday — theoretically the best of them, in reality just an anachronism quickly slipping into the shadows of parsimonious gluttony embodied by “Black Friday” — needs a little tweaking. When one feels thankful, one doesn’t try to eat all the pie. One recognizes that the universe didn’t owe you anything and yet gave you quite a lot, and do what you can to do right by the world in return.

    In cheddar terms, doing right by the world means picking the Cleveland Browns to cover up the Buffalo Bills. Yes it’s a terrible matchup. Yes there’s little reason to suppose this will actually happen, but picking anything else would be the equivalent of snatching all the pie. It’s the right thing to do, and a tasty way to do it. CMFB +2.5 for three cheddar points that will make me even more thankful.

    Unfortunately I also suppose the Bengals will take care of business in Tampa. That won’t make me thankful, but that’s my last pick.


    Ravens -5.5
    Chiefs +2
    Packers -3.5


    Vikings -2.5
    Texans -6.5 (Essay)
    Foster is back and ready to go this week. The Titans suck, and Whisenhunt is a terrible coach. Bill O’Brien is not a terrible coach, and he will have his prepared to destroy the Titans. I took the Texans as my essay the week they were in Nashville a couple months ago, and I am not wavering on them at home now. This is a terrific matchup for Foster to come back for, and I look for the Texans D-Line to cause all kinds of problems for Tennessee. Texans get off to a nice start and cruise in this one as Foster/Blue grind it out.

  • here’s mo_by dick’s essay. (giants)

    • zarathustra

      Based on the strength of this essay I would like to change my Patriots pick to Giants over Jags. I love the Patriots pick far too much anyway and experience tells me those are the ones to be most cautious with anyway. Jags D will give eli problems but bortles has been a disaster.

  • The football season and Cheddar is by no means over, but I certainly see the dawn of closure creeping over the horizon for me.

    It is with great pleasure and great gravity, I am selecting the Browns +2.5 vs. the Bills as my essay this week and my Pick of the Year. Last year was my rookie year in Cheddar Bay and while I had fun, I was terrible. At one point, I was lower on the totem pole than players who had simply stopped playing. Last year, all I had in my mind for the Browns was that each game was competitive, I set low expectations and they fulfilled them graciously. This year, I haven’t picked the Browns often in Cheddar, as my heart is usually much more optimistic than my mind.

    I’m throwing all of that to the wind because, today, I don’t mind if I live or die by the Browns. The Browns have been the spokes in the wheel of a substantial amount of meaningful moments in my recent life. Tailgating with my Uncle has brought me closer to a very supportive, kind, and encouraging branch of my family, the Browns Backers’ bar in Nashville is where I’ve made some of my first friends in a new city in which I had no friends or family, and in a couple of months I’ll be marrying my partner-in-crime, with whom I’ve shared many Browns’ memories with. Lastly, as someone who loves to write; recklessly, superfluously, indulgently, Cheddar has been my only form of a disciplined weekly writing, as of late, which has helped to keep me sane through this fall of moving and wedding planning. The knowledge and laughs from reading the other entries haven’t hurt either. This is obviously not the end of my Cheddar entries but if my Browns POTY works out as well as Frowns’ did, my pursuit of the playoffs is likely over. Here goes.

    **Essay and POTY** Cleveland +2.5 @ Buffalo

    Washington +9.5 @ Indianapolis

    New England +3.5 at Green Bay

  • AmplifiedEsq

    Just checked out the Spreadsheet and realized there were no Week 12 picks down for me – but looking back at the comments I had made picks for that week. Now, I may be setting myself up for embarrassment because none of them may have covered, but just wanted to see if they could be inputted in, in case there’s a point or two there. Didn’t see a way to link to a comment or I would have. Thanks.

  • HitTheHorns

    Hit the Horns:


  • zarathustra

    Niners (L)
    South Carolina (L)
    Bama (W)

    Patriots +3.5 over Packers
    Cardinals -2.5 over Falcons

    • zarathustra

      The perils of entering your picks piecemeal. I thought I had entered Bama for my all play, but it turns out I failed to ever actually enter the pick. This is the perfect illustration of my day.
      Sorry for the confusion.

      • ouch.

        • zarathustra

          Indeed. Although the reason I hadn’t yet submitted was because I hadn’t decided on my final games by mid-afternoon because I was still considering utah st so at least I missed riding along for that train wreck.
          Either way, it’s not like points are at a premium at this point or anything. Hopefully it doesn’t come back to haunt me.

  • bupalos

    Washington over washington state. A very strong Washington D has handled quick passing spread offenses very well, and the weather will favor their balanced attack. It would be an essay if I wasn’t too late with it.

  • Petefranklin

    AP is Auburn

  • Tim Butler

    AP: Auburn +9.5 over BAMA

    • Tim Butler

      ESSAY: TEXANS -6.5 over titans
      BILLS -2.5 over browns
      cards -2.5 over FALCONS
      patriots +3.5 over PACKERS
      RAMS -7 over raiders

      I couldn’t decide if I was going to use my essay pick against the raiders or titans this week, but Fitzpatrick is back under center (yes, that’s a good thing) so I’m going with the Texans at home this week. Foster is finally back, and hopefully healthy, and the Titans run defense is beyond terrible. It wouldn’t surprise me to see some records broken here – a 275 yard day from Foster isn’t outside the realm of possibility. Snatch him up in fanduel! Along with Josh Gordon, Bills can’t stop elite WR’s.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        Good call! I wish I had known that Fitzpatrick was back.

  • shoseph

    AP: Auburn +9.5 vs. Alabama

    • shoseph

      Giants -2.5 vs. Jaguars
      Bengals -3.5 vs. Bucs
      Colts -9.5 vs. D.C.
      Broncos +2 vs. Chiefs
      Essay (to be written): Dolphins -6.5 vs Jets

  • bupalos

    Michigan State for a point please.

  • oxr

    All-Play Alabama -9.5 over Auburn, I guess.

    • oxr

      Ravens -5.5 over Chargers
      Giants -2.5 over Jaguars
      Colts -9.5 over Redskins
      Bengals -3.5 over Bucs

      Essay Dolphins -6.5 over Jets – another opportunity to pick against starting quarterback Geno Smith, and who knows how many more of those there will be. Miami looked pretty solid against the Broncos until the whole “multiple quick TDs in the fourth quarter” thing and their defense grades out well for the year as a whole; I’m not saying it’s impossible for Geno Smith to lead multiple TD drives in the fourth or any other quarter, I’m just saying he’s shown little or no inclination of doing so up to this point. On the other side, the Jets have been competent against the run but now Muhammed Wilkerson is hurt and Miami probably just wants to throw a ton of short passes anyway. It’s a #5-vs-#28 DVOA matchup. I’ve gotten burned picking against the Jets before and it’s a divisional road game and all that, but I think giving less than a TD here is good value and it’s almost noon, so I’m not suddenly going to start having deep thoughts about the Packers or whoever.

  • zarathustra

    UAB for my essay. Taking my free pass this week.

  • clayII

    Bama (-9.5) / Auburn

    • clayII

      Utah St (+9) / Boise

    • clayII

      Titans (+6.5) / Texans
      Bengals (-3.5) / Bucs
      Saints (+3.5) / Steelers

  • The Iron Sheik

    Mich state

    Oregon is the real deal national championship contender and they will prove it again today. With Mariota pulling out all of his wildcat moves along with using the basics to drop back and pick osu apart. Watch out beavers you are about to get eaten alive by a gaggle of ducks. Quack quack.

  • Not bitching or anything because that’s the worst and we’ve all got our sad stories, but when I sat down to pick an essay for this week I looked at my ‘first pass’ sheet and want you all to know that I had WMU, WKU, Toledo, Neb, Tulsa, Houston, Arizona, UCF, and Akron. Naturally I picked WMU for Cheddar (and Akron for a family pool).

    Boo hoo.

    Welp the rest of the list is Wisco, AppySt, TexSt, Boise, Bama, Laffy, Colts, Raiders, Panthers, Dolphins. We’ll go with:

    3. TexSt
    4. Boise
    5. AP Bama
    6. Essay Raiders.

    Raiders feel like a public-y over-reaction pick, but the public is actually riding the Rams. That’s cool. While you don’t want to go overboard on one win, this is a team that has been progressing but with nothing to show for it.

    –Browns were on ropes until late Q3 redzone fumble;
    –Spread cover at Seattle;
    –Spread cover at San Diego;
    –Of course the dramatic, deserved Chiefs win.

    Now they have some confidence to validate what they’re doing and should come out strong. Hard to see how Mack isn’t the DROY and in some other year where’s there’s not insane JJ Watt, probably DPOY. Derek Carr continues to look the part. In fact, word straight from our correspondent in Alameda is: “Talk is that Carr is the first rookie franchise quarterback for the Raiders, ever!” No Latavius Murray this week but as ever, it’s the line that makes the holes. Donald Penn is grading out high at LT (saving McKenzie from closer scrutiny of his Veldheer-Saffold shenanigans). Kanick favorite and MissySt alumnus Gabe Jackson is doing great. Always like/love Wisniewski. That’s a Utah State, Missy St, Penn State anchor for your line which is never bad. Jeff Fisher continues to get less with more. 4-7 wasn’t supposed to be in the works this year for a team that’s had, what, 10 first round picks in the last three years? I don’t know how many but they’ve had a lot of picks and little to show. Aaron Donald, great but Eugene Robinson is a huge disappointment. Throw in who know what kind of wreck will be waiting outside the stadium (may be nothing, but may be something,, league considered moving the game) and regardless of where you are on the question, it could to cause the Rams to take their eye of the ball.

    • Rob

      Regardless of their “signature” wins over both of last year’s Superb Owl participants, I’m with you on this one. Rams shouldn’t be a touchdown fave vs. anyone, imho.

      • Rob

        The next time I make any comment on a game that is not my essay. Please do the following:

        1. Take notice of my comment.
        2. Run to a desktop computer.
        3. Load http://www.603brown.com
        4. Scroll down to said comment.
        5. Highlight the comment, right click, and select Print.
        6. Take printed out comment off printer.
        7. Crumple up, throw in garbage can, kick over garbage can, and run away screaming like a madman.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    *POTY alert*
    Florida State
    I don’t have alot of stats that are going to blow you away for my reasoning to pick FSU as my POTY. Everyone continues to think FSU is going to lose but it’s not happening! I’ve been pretty good betting for/against FSU (had clemson, BC and FSU vs Miami) and almost cashed that BC ML last weekend. I hate point shaving Jameis and Jimbo but they just have it going on this year. I’ve heard all the excuses as to why people like FL today…the rivalry, Muschamps last game..but you ain’t swaying me! Get on board and let’s cash this POTY!

  • Lucy Lawrence

    be back with POTY later

  • Peter Markos

    Michigan +21 over OSU
    Cincy +3.5 over TB The Bucs are so bad paper bag companies have pulled product off the shelves in Tampa Bay to protect their image. Bucs tickets aren’t just left on the windshields of cars, they are found in recycle bins. Local country bands write songs about the misery of being a season ticket and trying to give away tickets. “Pass the Prozac, the Bucs are home today.”
    Pittsburgh -3.5 over new Orleans
    Miami -6.5 over NYJ
    FSU -7.5 over UF

  • bupalos

    Folks seem to like S Car +6.5, so point me up on that one.
    Auburn for all the Iron and 1 of the cheddars.

    • bupalos

      Took Colorado off, in case you happened to see that for the 3 minutes it was up there before the weather scared me off.

  • Petefranklin

    2) Troy +10.5
    3) S Car +6.5 Spurrier as a dog!
    4) Florida +7.5 over FSU
    All these dogs will win outright !

    • Petefranklin

      Or not!
      AP) Auburn + the points….I really think all these SEC teams are so over rated it’s disgusting, so I’ll take alabama to lose outright and for them to drop to #3 with 2 loses while Auburn moves up to #4.

  • Chris Schroeder

    -2.5 Minnesota vs. Carolina
    -13 West Virginia vs. Iowa State
    -2.5 Indiana vs. Purdue
    -13 Michigan State @ Penn State
    All Play: -9.5 Alabama vs. Auburn

    Essay: -7.5 Florida State vs. Florida

    FSU hosts Florida in Muschamp’s send away party. I’m thinking just that opening line would get a Gator fan to cheer. Florida State like always will keep the game interesting until the 4th quarter. Winston pulls out something miraculous maybe stiff-arming a referee in the process. Tomahawk chop city! FSU advances into the ACC championship game still in the top 4 of the college football playoff.

  • PJD19

    Notre Dame

  • AmplifiedEsq

    1) Alabama -9.5
    2) Denver -2
    3) Indiana -2.5
    4) Michigan State -13
    5) Indianapolis -9.5
    6) Arizona [Cardinals] -2.5

    *ESSAY* & *PICK OF THE YEAR* Denver -2

    If I would have trusted my gut more this year I’d be doing a lot better than the current rankings indicate. Live and learn. That said, for whatever reason, I had such a good feeling about this game that I have decided to make it my pick of the year.

    Honestly, all year I was planning on making my POTY Michigan to cover against OSU – but that spread is right at the point where I could see OSU pulling away in the second half if they play the first half they are capable of. The Game was a two point conversion away from being Michigan’s last year and the OSU defense is suspect enough that last year may repeat itself, but I didn’t have the same feeling about my chances in that game as I did this Denver one.

    Enough about a game I’m not even touching and on to the big one… Denver vs. KC. When reflecting on this pick I don’t feel great about it, but I’ve felt great about multiple wrong picks and refuse to not go with the gut this time. Love PFM, don’t love that Orange Julius is likely out, but love that Denver appears to have found a running back capable of providing them with a spark to keep defenses honest. Also love that they got rid of that awful kicker they had, but who knows what Connor Barth will bring to them (at least more accuracy I would think…).

    On the flip side, always concern with the game being on the road in a tough environment, against a KC team coming off a loss to the dreadful Raiders (though, having it happen on a Thursday has given KC extra time to rest/game plan). They’re going to be out for some sense of redemption by beating one of the AFC’s best and getting a share of the division lead. Ultimately I think Denver game plans to stop Charles and make Alex Smith beat them/keep up with PFM, and I do not see that happening.

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and has plenty of leftovers for the football slate ahead this weekend.

  • zarathustra

    South Carolina and UAB for one pointers. Even with (injured) Watson the SCAR line is so humorous that it gives me pause. Time-permitting I will come back and essay one of these.

  • p_forever

    florida st. -7.5 florida

    auburn +9.5 alabama

    oregon st. +19.5 oregon

    texas tech +24.5 baylor

    south carolina- +4 clemson***

    new england +3.5 green bay

    the fighting irish and I have hit a real rough patch these past couple of weeks, so this year i’m thankful for new beginnings made possible by the support of my family, friends, and fellow cheddar bay-ers. i was going to make florida st my essay pick but ugh – how super gross is it to make jameis winston the foundation for my new beginning? I also tried to make the cardinals/falcons game my NFL pick, but really the thought of watching a game that boring makes me sort of cringe, so I didn’t do that either. I’m going with the old ball coach this weekend. I like underdogs on rivalry weekend (check out my slate), and south carolina is an especially appealing pick. they have an experienced coach, they’ve been underperforming all year, and they own clemson of late (they’ve won 5 straight). this is a team that can come up big when it wants to (see, e.g., the georgia game). spurrier will find a way today to avoid a final blemish on a season that got away from him.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Auburn +9.5
    Mich st -13
    Den -2
    Oh st -21

  • thatsfine

    I’m thankful for a lot of things including family, friends, good beer, and reality football.

    Auburn +9.5
    Rice +7
    Fresno St -11
    Boise -9
    UC -7 – Essay
    This is the first time I’ve essayed a team in consecutive weeks, but I’m feeling that much confidence in the Bearcats right now. Going to let it ride. Everything is clicking on offense, 42 ppg over the last 5 games, and Gunner Kiel looks great. The defense has also stepped up,
    shutting out UConn on the road last week. OK, maybe not the most amazing accomplishment, but they held them to 129 total yards and 10 first downs. That’s dominant. After a promising start to the year, Temple is on a slide. 1-4 over the last 5. And, while the competition has clearly been higher caliber than UC’s recently, the Owls haven’t looked good at all on offense, averaging 14 ppg with shaky QB play. Simply, they can’t keep up with UC.
    Chargers +5.5

  • jdoepke

    Here we go, last week of college football regular season:

    Florida +7.5
    Penn St +13
    Colorado +9
    Bama -9.5 (AP)
    Ole Miss +2

    Patriots +3.5 (Essay)
    Can’t wait to watch this game. Just think NE is playing better than anyone right now and the line tells me GB is giving the obligatory 3 points at home add 1/2 point for Rodgers. If the line was 4 or 5 I would be on the other side but it seems low to me and if I can take Brady getting points, even on the road, I’ll take that every day of the week. NE 33 – GB 30.

    Other considerations:
    Over in GB NE game
    USC -7
    Indiana – 2.5
    Oregon St. +19.5

  • DQuatts

    DQuatts week 14:

    ASU +2.5
    Auburn +9.5

    Back with NFL picks later. Good luck, everyone!

  • Dave Borcas

    Rest of picks……
    UCLA -4.5
    Denver -2
    Auburn +9.5(all play)
    Florida +7.5 (essay)
    Like my gambling season, The Gators football season has not gone as expected. The rally cry for the Gators is “win one for the chump”. With Will Muschamp leaving (caught caught) after this season the players he recruited have a chance to send him out the right way, besides the 6.5 million other ways. Since Treon Harris took over at QB the Gators have played a lot better on offense and continued to palsy fairly well on defense. No one really wants to see James Winston be successful anyway. CHOMP CHOMP win one for the Chump and lets hope he is running the Buckeye defense next year!

  • Dave Borcas

    U of Buffalo -2,5

  • cwonder23

    WMU -7.5
    Kent State -3
    Minnesota +14
    Giants -2.5
    All Play: Bama -9.5
    Essay: Redskins +9.5
    All the drama, noise, frustration, on the road, team and line scream “STAY AWAY FROM THE REDSKINS” and I will pick them as my essay. RG3 shit the bed for the last time in DC and this team is out to prove their coach right. They played well on D in SF and I see them leaving everything on the field in this one. Colt McCoy is going to play damage control and I see Indy having to win late. This is the NFL and anything can happen any given Sunday.

    • cant give you WMU, sorry. 11am kickoff. pick another for #6.

      • cwonder23

        Yep. Just saw it was at halftime and thought “I don’t think I go that in on time.” Stanford +4.5

        • Petefranklin

          I saw that halftime score and was kicking myself for not laying the bad #. It ended up well for us and I just don’t get the Huskies. They kind of suck, at least on paper they do , but they find a way to win the games they need to.

  • Jonathan MacDonald

    Arkansas -3
    Northwestern -8
    Auburn +8.5

    Raiders +7 (The Back to L.A. Bowl)
    Steelers -3.5

    Indiana -2.5 (Essay)

    Indiana played Nebraska tough for three quarters last week. Purdue got demolished by Northwestern. While Indiana may be more well-known for another game involving tossing a ball through a hoop and chairs on to a court, their football program is one which flies below the radar. They’re not very good, and they don’t get a lot of credit when it comes to our friends in Vegas setting lines. For Indiana, this is a chance to grab a conference win at home against an opponent that hasn’t been performing well and a win by a FG or more seems a likely scenario.

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Arizona Cardinals

    University of Buffalo -2.5

    Buffalo isn’t any good but it is a team that has played better down the stretch. UMass is better but has to play a freshman QB due to injury, the coach’s kid, and he’s awful. Just awful. Buffalo is fresh and angry after losing a game due to the snowstorm and should run the ball as much as it wants to while UMass punts, throws picks, etc. Khalil Mack aint walking through that door but Buffalo wins this game by 10+

  • Hoppingh in on WMU -7.5.

  • squeekycleen

    Iowa for a regular. Rest later.

    • squeekycleen

      Alabama in the Iron Bowl for the all play.

      • squeekycleen

        Taking my essay off week:

        Packers (Essay)

        Good luck everyone.

  • Petefranklin

    Was all set to take western but snow/sleet in the forecast along with a bad #(7.5) is going to keep me off of the best team in the MAC!

  • Concierge

    Miami OH +2.5 (Essay) lost already
    All Play Auburn +9.5
    Denver Broncos -2
    Marshall -23.5
    Akron -3
    Umass +2.5


    Auburn +9.5 (all play)

  • ChuckKoz

    Cowboys – already lost

    Colts -9.5 (vs DC football)
    Utah -9 (vs Colorado)
    USC -7 (vs Dame)
    AP: Auburn +9.5 (at bama)
    Essay: UCLA -4.5 (vs Stanford)
    I felt a lot stronger about this game for TCU murdered Texas and further diminished UCLA’s outside chance at a national championship. Nonetheless UCLA is on quite a roll right now, as it look as good as any team in the country. Meanwhile, Stanford has been floundering and not looked all that good this year. They’re already bowl eligible so they’re not playing for a whole lot. It should be noted that Stanford has had UCLA’s number for quite a few years in a row, but that seems like all the more motivation to UCLA finish strong and win their division so they can go ahead and with Oregon next week.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Texas +6.5

  • zarathustra

    Niners for one point please

  • Dave Borcas

    I will take Texas +6.5

  • HitTheHorns

    San Francisco 49ers -1

    Essay: Texas Longhorns +6.5

    Public thinks TCU needs to make a national TV statement to get into the playoffs – this is reflected in 72% of bets on TCU as of 4:15 PM. I’m not sure they can do it. Texas’s defense will keep this game tight and under a TD. TCU has been barely escaping their road games and this will be their toughest road test yet. Line has dropped to 5.5, which is stanky fish territory.

  • I’ll jump in for LSU tonite.

  • Matt Borcas

    Cowboys -3 over Eagles
    Texas A&M +3 over LSU

    • Matt Borcas

      Auburn +9.5 over Bama, mostly for the reasons outlined by Frownie.

    • Matt Borcas

      Well, my first three picks didn’t go so well. Here’s hoping these ones are better:

      Browns +2.5 over Bills
      Bengals -3.5 over Bucs
      ESSAY: Patriots +3.5 over Packers
      Despite all their injuries on defense, this is the most complete Patriots team in years, especially so in light of LeGarrette Blount’s return. Brady looks like his 07 self, Gronk is utterly unguardable, and Brandon LaFell has shockingly developed into the team’s best vertical threat since Randy Moss. Meanwhile, the Packers struggled to beat the Vikings last week and I expect their greatest strength (well, aside from Rodgers), the Cobb/Nelson-led receiving corps, to be largely neutralized by Revis Island and the vastly underrated Brandon Browner. Packers may win, but not by more than a field goal.

  • Petefranklin

    Troy +10.5 over lafayette I also took +330 on the money line
    The Grand Salami is usually for totals in NHL or Baseball…add up all the total goals and put it against the # that is out there which is a derivative of the current #’s on the board. It can also be home team runs/goals vs road teams runs/goals. Sometimes it is a point spread (runs/goals) on all home teams vs road teams in hockey for example with 6 games going the home teams might be -3 goals at -130juice to go with. In this high school case it just looks like they are giving the point spread shown on the right side -120, and -120 if you like the teams point spreads on the left. Now talk about some degeneracy! That is pretty awesome right there folks, I’ve never ever seen such a thing. But you know what? that wasn’t available last week so these mobsters must feel pretty good about their power ratings. Just goes to show how hard this stuff is to beat.

    • Petefranklin

      And how the hell did the Athens Bulldogs become a state power? Residual effect of having Solich turn the Bobcats around? They were terrible 30 years ago from what I remember.

      • my school beat bay and elyria and elyria catholic this year. that.. that would not have happened in 1979.

  • ChuckKoz

    Cowboys -3

  • TCU -6.5. Time to start scoring points like they were a few weeks back.

    COWBOYS -3. I love Chip Kelly and his offense…but Mark Sanchez can’t throw for 300 yards again. Right?

    AUBURN +9.5. Bama isn’t infallible. Close games with Arkansas, LSU, Mississippi State, but for some reason Vegas still has a megaboner for the Tide. When Lane Kiffin is on your sideline, the other team ALWAYS has a shot.

    AKRON -3. Zip Zip Zippy.

    TITANS +6.5. Only because the fanduel guy told me to start Zach Mettenberger. That’s not happening, but hey, this looks good.

    MISSISSIPPI STATE -2. In my opinion, this team got the better end of the deal when they lost a close game to Bama. Kept themselves in the race and took the risk out of having to play another highly ranked opponent in the SEC championship game. Of course I’m going on the premise that Alabama beats Auburn, but avoiding an unnecessary test right before the final college football playoff selection could be a blessing in disguise. The Bulldogs still need to get by their archrival in what is still the best Egg Bowl matchup in memory, but of late Ole miss has just been average. Their season seemed to implode when LaQuon Treadwell broke his leg in the final seconds of the Auburn Game, and Bo Wallace is one of the more consistent turnover machines in the SEC. As highly anticipated as this game was a few weeks ago, and as solid as both of these teams are, I think State comes in and solidifies their spot in the final four with a 10+ point victory.

  • The Iron Sheik

    Philadelphia Eagles
    Texas am

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Cowboys essay
    Cowboys will control the ball with the run and Romo will make enough plays to edge the Eagles by 7. Chip Kellys Eagles are a grossly overrated squad which seems to score most of its points on special teams. I expect Sanchez to look awful and turn the ball over against a good Dallas defense that will apply pressure. Also thanks to kanick for all the hard work to make this contest possible

  • Happy Thanksgiving – May we use this day to reflect on our gratitude for all of our blessings.

    Here’s what I know I know so far –
    All Play – I want Auburn. +9.5. Gimme Auburn. 1. If there’s anyone who I think can ruin the Tides’ day, it’s Auburn. 2. Being #1 is just a big ‘ole target on your back in my opinion.

    Others for today:
    Cowboys -3.
    Seahawks +1.

    And this does NOT count but i haven’t turned the game on yet (sorry, dog show!) but I wanted to pick Da Bears. Just want that on record…for better or worse.

    Cheers! :: takes dramatic sip of Great Lakes Christmas Ale ::

  • mo_by_dick


    Bears +7
    Cowboys -3
    Seahawks +1

    • mo_by_dick

      Auburn +9.5 for the all-play

      • mo_by_dick

        Broncos -2
        Giants -2.5 (ESSAY) (posted in image below bc i’m running too late to re-type)

  • technivore

    LIONS -7 over Bears
    COWBOYS -3 over Eagles

    • technivore

      NORTHWESTERN -8 over Illinois
      Auburn +9.5 over ALABAMA (AP)
      Titans +6.5 over TEXANS

      Purdue +2.5 over INDIANA
      What a phenomenal dumpster fire of a game: two Big 10 teams that between them have one conference win all season and not one single win against anybody since October 4th. Everybody is crapping on Purdue for losing to an up-and-down Northwestern team last week but do you know who Indiana has beaten this year? Indiana State, Missou (which, hey, legit win), and North Texas. Since then it’s been a steaming pile of L’s, including an ignominious beatdown at the hands of Michigan.

      Purdue and Indiana’s overall stats are unsurprisingly even, with Purdue having a slightly better defense and passing attack and Indiana a stronger run game. But let’s be honest here, this comes down to the fact that neither of these atrocious squads should be favored against anyone, so let’s just take the points and enjoy one last afternoon of the majesty and grandeur that is B1G football in 2014.


    First and foremost, I want to wish the Cheddar family a Happy Thanksgiving. It’s been fun and hope everyone can get fat and make money at the same time!

    1) Texas +6.5 (Essay + POY)- Been waiting for this one for a few weeks now. I hope everyone realizes that just like every other single year in our existence, the debate about BCS/Title game participants with 2 weeks left never actually materializes and multiple teams lose. This year it’s going to be TCU and either Baylor, FSU or OSU (pick 1), Night game/senior night to salvage Charlie Strong’s season and Texas has been on a roll of late. Their defense has been legit all season (10th in def yds/play nationally and 4th in pass yds/att) and they’ve done this vs a schedule that includes WVU, Baylor, K St, UCLA, BYU, Oklahoma and Texas Tech (7 top 55 yds/play offenses). In fact, they impressively held Bryce Petty to an astonishing 7-22 for 111 yds and 248 yds and 0 TDs to Trickett of WVU. That’s good news vs a TCU team that really relies on throwing the ball with Boykin and throws the ball on 53% of its plays, 35th nationally, and that includes many times this season where they’ve been up a lot and run it late. They are a pass dominant team and will not be able to throw as well against this Texas secondary. TCU has also shown a chink in its armor lately as in their last 3 road games they’ve lost to Baylor and somehow survived close Ws at Kansas and WVU by a combined 5 points. Based on all of this, Texas should be able to keep TCU under 24 points and its a matter of if Swopes and company can muster 17+. He’s still not a great passer but makes enough plays to move the ball. Personally I’m sprinkling a little bit on this money line as well.

    2) Dallas -3: Philly is a fraud. On the road they struggle. I’ve never seen a team rely so much on non offensive scores in my life. In fact Philly scores an astonishing 3.8 pts/game in non offensive TDs. To put this in perspective, the #2 ranked team is NE at 1.3 ppg and in 2013, KC led the league at only 1.6 ppg. It’s virtually impossible to assume a return/block/def score or two in this game and that’s why every advanced analytic has Dallas winning by 5-6 pts at least. If Sproles can break a return or Romo throws a pick 6 then all bets are off but I’m going with Dallas and that MVP O-line to outscore Philly.

    • texas/tcu just became must watch tv for me.

    • Petefranklin

      I hope this clown doesn’t bring your POY down like he did mine. I think I will tail you small though. G.L.

      Brandon Lang

      Thursday Selection …

      My 60 Dime selection is Texas over TCU. The current line on this game is +6 1/2 to +7 in Vegas and offshore. If your line is +6 1/2 you buy up to +7 and if your line +7 you buy to +7 1/2. Be sure to shop around for the best line available.

      • I’ve been meaning to ask for awhile and I’m sorry if I’ve missed this somewhere else but can you explain why you hate this Lang guy so much? Thanks.

        • Petefranklin

          Well he’s a liar and a cheat amongst other things just like most touts are. And he is stupid as well, as is his telling his “less sophisticated” customers to buy off of 7 to 7.5. Yeah sure it might land 7 which is very doubtful, but it is A SURE THING MONEY LOSER to buy points. In reality the only time to buy is ON TO 3 in the NFL. Buying off of 3 is bad just because IMO you have to lay 125 to buy off of a key #. The Idea is you don’t want to lose your juice that you’ve laid, not necessarily win the bet. I mean you want to win but it is far more more important to not lose juice.
          I don’t really hate him more than any other scumbag, I just try to make sure that I’m not on the same side as him even though he is having a pretty good year in football this year I think. He is documented at about 40% or less lifetime picking games other than NFL(which have lines so tight you might as well flip a coin).

    • CLEVTA

      A swing and a miss! Good lord Swoopes is horrific. Texas D actually stepped up like I thought. Tough to forecast 6 freaking turnovers. Either way gave Cheddarers a big opening here.
      3) Stanford 4.5
      4) Wisconsin -14
      5) Auburn +9.5
      6) Skins +9.5

  • Rob

    Let’s get the AP locked in:

    Auburn +9.5

    • Rob

      OAK +7
      NE +3.5
      ATL +2.5

      BAL -5.5

      BUF -2.5 🙁
      I hate to do this but people smarter than I are putting real American dollars on the Bills to the extent that offshores are dealing past the key number and adding the hook. The only real impressive win by the Browns I’ve enjoyed was the dismantling of the Steelers. Andy Dalton put forth one of the all-time stinkers to hand the Browns that Thursday night win; Matt Ryan had a nice game, but still turned the ball over enough that even Coach Pettine’s drunken misuse of timeouts couldn’t prevent a W, and Hoyer’s “game-winning drive” set them up for the win despite his previous best efforts to leave ATL with an L. I hate to be Danny Downer, but something tells me it’s wont be easy sledding against the Bills D like it was the Falcons. If our line was over 3 I’d be a bit nervous it could backdoor in the last minute, but I think this is an easy cover for the Bills.

  • FTCMikeD

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    AP: @Bama -9.5 over Auburn
    @Lions – 7 over da Bears
    Eagles +3 over @Cowboys
    Seahawks +1 over @Niners
    Bengals -3.5 over @Bucs

    Final pick + Essay TBD

  • Capitalgg

    Coming off my first career Virgin Lobsterita and that red line might as well be in Mexico, in other words, unless something crazy happens, I ain’t seeing it anytime soon. But weekly payouts are real, so let’s play..

    All-Play: Auburn +9.5 @ Alabama: My “fade Bama because they are overrated and public” strategy has been probably my only profitable play for me this year, so we’ll stay with it and take too many points here.
    1. Lions -7 v. Bears: Lions at home, short week, and vastly superior side. Caldwell v. Trestman. Umm… anyway.
    2. Cowboys -3 v. Eagles: Home team, Thursday, short week, superior side. Check.

    … more later…

    • Capitalgg

      Essay: Cardinals -2.5 @Falcons: Quarterback schmorderback. The Falcons are really really bad. Soft, dumbly coached, Matt Ryan is posing like a complete bum. With weapons like Julio Jones and Roddy White that offense should be better despite a lacking running game. On the other side, Bruce Arian’s is a great coach with a great defense.

      On a personal note, I want a 6-10 Atlanta to win the NFCS with zero out of division wins. They’re 4-7/4-0 so fa so it’s possible.

      … Yet more later…

    • Capitalgg

      3. Michigan St. -13 @ Penn St.

    • Capitalgg

      4. UNC -6

  • CleveLandThatILove

    Cowboys -3
    Seahawks + 1

    Time to make the doughnuts. Have a lovely day, everyone!

    • CleveLandThatILove

      And thanks to Kanick!

      • CleveLandThatILove

        Auburn +9.5 I am being told.

        • CleveLandThatILove

          So, nobody picked the lowly Jets this week, huh? They have no chance, and I kinda feel their pain. But strange things happen in the NFL and on Monday nights too, so I think an upset or near-upset special by NY tonight to threaten the Dolphins’ shot at the playoffs would be something better for sports talkers and writers to talk and write about than, say the starting QB in Cleveland. Maybe Miami will overplan for a running game and Geno will shock everyone with some passing numbers. Jets +6.5

  • GRRustlers

    There is no way I should even be wading into the idea of HS Football lines but the idea of Hudson getting 14.5 against anybody makes me scratch my head.

    Toledo is getting a special kid in Guadagni and Hudson is for real.

    Proceeds to bet life savings on Eagles.

    Happy Thanksgiving All…and seriously…people bet on HS games? Like real money? I mean I know they do but people take the time to set lines…for HS kids?

    Enjoy your turkey…enjoy your family and loved ones…and say a prayer for the Bears. (The new Cleveland Browns)

    • Petefranklin

      If it’s on ESPN you can bet it! All the early season high school intrastate match ups are on the board at the offshore books. Heres a tip… lay the 40 or so points that Las Vegas’ Bishop Gorman will be favored by in their last two games, although I think the Championship game may be played with weather in the teens in Reno this year.

      • Petefranklin

        Gorman won 50-0 this week, can you ask your Youngstown connections if they take action on out of state games?

  • trashycamaro

    1. AP Bama -9.5 over Auburn. In Tuscaloosa, this is just about a no brainer.

    2. Eagles +3 over Cowboys. Last year, this would have been my essay, so I could show off my smart take – Philly wins or is very close in every matchup except QB – but yeah, QB is pretty important, so we will keep it to one Cheddar.

    3. Essay Colts -9.5 over Washington. Pretty sure this line was pre-RG3 benching. Even if it was not, it probably did not move much. Things I am thankful for – watching Andrew Luck play football and not watching Colt McCoy play for the Browns. Remember that time he threw the ball in to the ground so his receivers could “catch their breath” in a 2 minute drill? So anyway, beyond the enormous delta at QB, we see the Washingtons are pretty good at run blocking, but pretty bad at pass blocking. Want to guess how this matches up with Indy’s D-Line? Colts are pretty good at rushing the passer and pretty bad at stopping the run. And to finish my hard-hitting analysis, want to guess which QB that is named after the other team (has to be a first right – I mean there are no QBs named Steeler or Raven or Packer) will be throwing all day to catch up?

    For your viewing pleasure: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=colt+mccoy+interception&qpvt=colt+mccoy+interception&FORM=VDRE

    4. Ravens -5.5 over Chargers. I miss my early season Chargers run. Time to run it back the other way.

    5. Bengals -3.5 over Buccaneers. Look, I’d be angry if Andy was the Browns QB. But aside from the occasional bouts of playing QB like me, he gets it done with this team. And NFC South.

    6. Steelers -3.5 over Saints. NFC South. In the cold. And the kind of defense the Steelers randomly hang 50 on.

  • I am so thankful for Kanick, the whole Cheddar gang, and this turkey lobster surprise I’m about to serve up. Gobbling up points with five dogs and one short fave.

    PICK OF THE WEEK: Eagles +3 over Cowboys: So far the Eagles have only lost to really good teams and on the road (at Niners, at Cards, at Packers). I don’t think the Cowboys are that (Dallas has only one legitimately impressive win, a surprise at Seattle, in a 4:00 game where everybody laid points with the Seahawks). Philly’s pass defense numbers look bad (30th in the league) but that has a lot to do with the fact that they score so many points that teams have to throw to keep up. Neither team will hold back today in this battle for 1st place in the NFC East. Don’t love Mark Sanchez, but he can’t be that much worse than Foles. Gotta love Chip Kelly over Jason Garrett, and gotta root for the Cowboys going down on Thanksgiving at Jerryworld. Also, we’re one hard hit away from a Weeds holiday tire fire. Anyway, this is basically a playoff game and in a playoff game you don’t overthink anything you just take the team that you think is better.

    Bears +7 over Lions: Lions haven’t really been the same since Nick Fairley went down against the Falcons in London before their bye week.

    Niners -1 over Seahawks: Don’t suppose the Niners haven’t been looking forward to this one.

    Browns +2.5 over Bills: I’d forgotten how Josh Gordon can look like he did nothing for a whole game and still end up with 8 catches for 120 yards. Also, I think Pettine and Hoyer did a great job with their comments in response to this Gordon “alienation” story: http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/11942348/josh-gordon-felt-some-cleveland-browns-brushed-off None of the typical defensiveness you see when stories like this break, just plainspoken expressions of empathy. It’s refreshing and encouraging. As much as I’m concerned about the advantage the Bills have in the trenches on both sides of the ball in this one, I think the Browns manage to overcome here. NOTE: I picked the Browns to beat the Texans and picked them to lose to Atlanta so I know nothing I mean I am due.

    Texas +6.5 over TCU: Tough spot for the Horned Frogs?

    Auburn +9.5 over Alabama: One set of college kids with nothing to lose and every bit of reason to think they can win no matter how bad things get against another set of college kids with everything to lose and every bit of reason to think that the worst possible thing can and will happen. Gimme the points.

    Happy holiday all!

    • trashycamaro

      For the POTW – got more faith in Sanchez than I do to put 3 points behind it.

      • I think my faith is mostly in something else but yeah. GL to both of us and Sanchise.

    • Wait so there’s 5 more weeks left and I pretty much have to average 6 points a week here on out if I’m to make the playoffs. I do have a plan by which this is pretty much sure to happen but I realize, Kanick, that you have cursed me by removing the “Prohibited Favorite” moniker from the scoreboard. Plz fix ASAP thx.

    • Matt Borcas

      Turkey lobster surprise? Does that mean you’re having Karlos Dansby over for dinner?

  • Dennis Hemingway

    Auburn +9.5 over Alabama (All play)
    Houston -22 over SMU ***
    Florida +7.5 over Florida St
    Mississippi +2 over Miss St.
    Steelers -3.5 over Saints
    Niners -1 over Seahawks

    *** Last I checked SMU had not won a game this year. I’m tempted to think they’ll be mailing in these last few games and probably won’t have much of a home crowd either who cares unless they’re just showing up to the mock the team. Houston actually has a pretty solid defense for once and should shut down SMU. Plus Houston needs one more win to guarantee a bowl spot even though they have 6 wins already. I expect them to roll big in this game.

  • Rob

    The salami, or “grand salami”, is a prop bet involving every game on the board. Popular in baseball for betting the total runs in any given day across MLB, i.e. “Over/Under 136.5 runs”.

    In this case? Guessing you’re picking whether more favorites or more underdogs cover; at -120 juice on either side, save your money for some real salami, maybe a nice soppressata.

  • GRRustlers

    Week 14 Picks

    As is Thanksgiving tradition I have to play all 3 games…

    Detroit (-7) over Chicago
    Eagles (+3) over Cowboys
    Seattle (+1) over 49ers

    AP – Alabama (-9.5) over Auburn – Saban has had this circled on his calendar for a year. It’s an actual circle like on a paper wall calendar. No way that guy has a smart phone.

    Colorado (+9) over Utah – I was going to write an essay on this but then I realized the folly of trying to scan the net to prove the following point: Colorado is the best team in the history of CFB that is about to go winless in conference play. The PAC-12 is a meat grinder and the Buffs are slowly getting better. I thought this year would be the breakout year but their time is coming and MacIntyre is getting it done.

    Essay Pick

    My only chance at getting back to the playoffs is probably to roll off 5 straight essays.

    David Cutcliffe is winning football games at Duke. Let me repeat that. David Cutcliffe is winning football games at Duke. In the last two seasons the Blue Devils have won 18 games. That’s solid and not something you may even think twice about.

    Here is why it’s amazing.

    Duke football from 1999 to 2007 had two football coaches. Ted Roof and Carl Franks. They COMBINED to win 15 games in 9 seasons. They also managed 3 winless seasons which is really hard when you consider they had losses in those winless seasons to traditional powerhouses like Richmond and East Carolina.

    Cutcliffe was hired in 2008 and has everything has changed.

    They are coming off two really bad losses in a row and he will have them focused for a Wake Forest team that is a special kind of awful. Wake Forest has 359 carries this year for 415 yards. Let that sink in. If Tim Duncan had eligibility left they could put him at QB and have him fall forward every single play and they would double their rushing average this year.

    Duke (-19) over Wake Forest

    • Petefranklin

      I’ll have to look up Wakes true rushing stats. NCAA rushing stats include QB sacks as rushing yards(lost) along with fumbled punt snaps etc. That might be an all time low.

  • chuckycrater

    ALL PLAY: Alabama -9.5 vs. Auburn (I feel like this could be humiliating)

    Nebraska PK over Iowa
    Maryland -8 vs. Rutgers
    49ers -1 vs. Seahawks

    Rams -7 vs. Raiders

    ESSAY: UCLA -4.5 vs. Stanford

    This line confuses me. UCLA is at home and only has to win this game to go to the Pac-12 title game. There will be no letdown even after they thrashed USC last week. Stanford can’t score (unless they’re playing Cal’s horrific defense and get a lot of help from the officials) and they won’t even have Ty Montgomery, the only difference maker they have on offense. Maybe this is a trap but I’ll dive in anyway because I don’t know how UCLA can possibly lose this game.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Bama for AP
    Houston -22.5 over SMU
    Neb pk over Iowa
    ****TCU -6.5 over Texas**** essay get out of jail free this week please
    E Mich +23 over Toledo
    Oakland +7 over St Louis.

  • Nick

    picks for Nick Harlow:

    Detroit -7 vs Chicago

    I want essay action with the Turkey is roasting. With three games on the schedule tomorrow, you know there will be at least one blowout, and I’m betting it’s this one. Detroit’s offense has been bad for months now. Chicago’s piss poor defense should be exactly what the doctor ordered. I’m pretty sure Mark Trestman’s IQ is twice that of Coach Caldwell, a terrifying thought if I’m taking the Lions here to cover a TD, but I just don’t see Chicago’s season improving in this spot. Mark Trestman’s seat gets hotter as Chicago’s long term plans unravel in front us on Thanksgiving.

    Cowboys -3 vs Philly
    SF -1 vs Seattle
    Bama over Auburn
    FSU -7.5 over Florida
    Missisippi St -2 vs Ole Miss

  • swig

    AP: Auburn +9.5, always taking the points, thanks for making this decision easy
    Bears +7 o LIONS, Don’t think DET will score enough points for a blowout

    • swig

      Raiders +7 o RAMS, I like STL, but too many points
      Cardinals -2.5 o FALCONS, **ESSAY**
      Patriots +3.5 o PACKERS, I’ll take the hook, as an NFL fan I don’t mind losing this one
      Dolphins -6.5 o JETS, Grasping at straws for this last one

      Standard thinking would say this line is -5 on a neutral field, which I find low. Line shifts between -2.5 and +2.5 carry less weight, viewing this game as a pickem makes the choice easy. People are not buying in on ARI, but their defense has been phenomenal and if Vegas wants me to keep picking them, then I will. Maybe this is deflated because of the poor showing vs SEA, but are people really confusing the Seahawks defense (in Seattle) with the Falcons? Would be tough to find a bigger opponent discrepancy for back to back weeks.

  • swig

    Your PDF is to the week 13 lines.

    • dammit. fixed. thx.

      • swig

        I’m still seeing 13. Can you double check the fix? I tried a different browser just to make sure it wasn’t a weird cache thing.

        • ok i just edited last week’s post, but NOW i think it’s straightened out.

  • Concierge

    Miami +2.5 Essay
    I have to essay my last midweek MACTION game of the year. I have been on it all year and I go with my feeling again tonight. In case you haven’t noticed Miami has what I believe is the best QB in the conference. This is the last game of the year for 5th year SR transfers Andrew Hendrix and Alex Welch. These guys will want to go out on a high note. They just took CMU to the wire on the road last week and I don’t believe Ohio has what it takes to win this battle of the bricks. Oh and in case you are going to watch this game.. Keep an eye on Quinten Rollins CB for Miami. He was a 4 year starter on the BBALL team and just came out to play football this year… HE JUST GOT INVITED TO THE SENIOR BOWL! He’s unreal. Probably going to be a top 2 round corner in the NFL draft and he’s played football for 9 months. Amazing story.

  • Petefranklin

    Ou 2.5 tonight. I might as well essay it. Switch may not be a great coach but he has taken what was a sorry ass program when I was there into a watchable competitive team. They can go to another bowl with a good showing against their arch rivals tonight. Miami is just pretty bad and I don’t see them suddenly playing solid football tonight which is what they have yet to do all year.since QB Vick has come back the bobcats offense has been pretty good as well. OU stretches this one out late for the easy cover.

    • Petefranklin

      Sorry for typos. Stupid spellcheck on my phone is killing me.. should read Solich not a great coach.

    • Petefranklin

      Great news!!!!>>>>…..

      Brandon Lang

      Tuesday Selection …

      My 20 Dime selection is Miami/Ohio over Ohio. The current line on this game is +3 in vegas and offshore. I advise buying the 1/2 point and getting +3 1/2. Be sure to shop around for the best line available.

      • thatsfine

        I got Langed on Ball State a few weeks back. Is this guy some sort of reverse ATM for MAC picks?

        • Petefranklin

          I did too…should have downgraded them as I saw it far enough in advance.
          He’s a reverse ATM for all picks! Well he used to be at least. Now people are thinking that someone else is making Lang’s picks for him since he is having a non losing year. But the guy is an idiot, you never, ever buy points on a college spread. Thats gambling 102. Also, Lang is who the movie two for the money is supposed to be about, the movie is rubbish.

          • Petefranklin

            Gambling 103…if you insist on buying points, buy ON TO a #, not off of it. Reason being is that a tie is worth more than a win when factoring in the 120 that you are laying.

    • Petefranklin

      Never in doubt!!!

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