#CheddarBay week 13, Cards at Seahawks.

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We’re going with the potential NFC Championship game preview this week:  Cardinals +6.5 at Seahawks.  Rest assured we looked at a bunch of other games and UCLA/USC was at the top.  (Personally I think we’re missing out on too much Pac-12 football and to our detriment.)  We settled here though in large part because we expect to have college all-plays rampant in the coming weeks.

Three winners in last week’s Cheddar — ClevTA, DWhalen, Kitty Pryde.  Way to go.  They have been paid.  BTW, I think we’re almost fully current with remittances, thanks ladies-gents, that was easy.

Speaking of bookkeeping, please bring scoring errors to my attention via email.  Twitter is hit/miss and if I were 100% sharp transcribing the comment section you wouldn’t have to be bringing something to my attention in the first place.  Ya dig?

Also, do please try to get your picks in via the comments section.  Tweets, DMs, email to me work, but I want to avoid any controversies coming down the homestretch.  There will be an instance where I receive a pick that is timestamped pre-kickoff but I’m not able to log it pre-kickoff and it will create a stir.  I hate enforcing our rules so please follow our rules.  (E.g., Concierge intended for Akron to be his essay last night but his post both wasn’t clearly ID’d as his essay pick and it was submitted inside of 60 pre kickoff.  So he only got point for what turned out to be a nuts-on essay.)

Will be posting the Ohio high school lines if/when I get them.  Say what you will about Steubenville, but,,, round of applause for Steubenville because the high school lines we posted here last week had to have originated there.

Still not seeing a line for BGSU/Toledo tonight, stay tuned on that, will tweet and update this post when we can lock it down.

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Have not settled on the all-play for this week.  First glance says Cardinals at Seahawks to me, but we’ll announce the official pick tomorrow along with the official lines for the rest of the games.

Tonight (Tuesday)
UMass +6.5 at Akron
NIU -3 at Ohio

Tomorrow (Wednesday)
Kent +7 at UB
BGSU at Toledo — no line.

Ohio High School Playoffs lines!  (No Cheddar action.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 7.56.31 AMA9zF29XJ.jpg-large

Looks like Big Red’s line has moved.  Would love to know what Steubenville is favored by at kickoff.  Oh christ, the game is in Zanesville.  Bet the house on Big Red.


  • Petefranklin

    #MACTION. Ou bobcats -1.5 over miami o tonight

  • Matt Borcas

    I’ll take the Jets -4.5 over Bills as my essay. First, the obvious reasons for doing so: This isn’t really a Bills home game, and they weren’t even able to practice for most of last week. Additionally, the Jets are coming off a bye week, so they’ve had a lot of time to prep, and they should be highly motivated after being curbstomped by the Bills in late October. NYJ’s defense was also really impressive in its last showing, a 20-13 win over the Steelers, and I would expect this trend to continue against Kyle Orton and a Boobie Dixon-led running game. ALSO, who hasn’t enjoyed rooting against the Bills this season for 2015 draft purposes? Let’s go Jets.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. Boston College (winner)
    2. All Play: Seatlle (winner)
    3. Browns +3 (winner)
    4. Tampa Bay +5.5 (loser)
    5 SF -9.5 (loser)

    6. Essay: Ravens +3.5

    I hate to bet against Drew at home on primetime but the points were just too tasty. The Saints haven’t had any luck blowing out teams this year and I don’t think that will change this week.We all know primetime games have been high scoring and I foresee a shoot out that ends with a Tucker 60yd field with no time left on the clock. The Saints are banged up and the Ravens are coming off a bye. I think the AFC North clean sweeps this week continue its dominance amongst all other divisions.

  • Petefranklin

    Jets (i’m putting this one in now in case I go to jail or forget, but I have another game that I may change to)

    • Petefranklin

      Leave it…J-E-T-S

      • Petefranklin

        uh Ohhhh…tout count is 10 – 0 on the Jets, Glad I didn’t put real cheddar on them they are destined to lose.

        • HitTheHorns

          Are you on twitter? I feel like I need to be following you.

        • actovegin1armstrong

          Happy that your parole officer was feeling kind.

          • Petefranklin

            Parole LOL,thats for guys who get ratted off and didn’t stash any attorney money. I would probably be an instant felon though, if I ever run into dumbshit Akron coach Bowden. He cost me a great start to my season, a cheddar point, a lot of muhlah, and I owe him a punch to the face.

  • PJD19

    Arizona +6.5 **Essay
    Baltimore +3.5
    Washington +9.5
    Miami +7
    Dallas -3.5

    Too many points in a game that i expect to be a low scoring affair. Seattle’s offense has looked off in the few games I’ve seen and they’re facing a touch AZ defense. AZ has the talent and physicality at wideout to get open against Seattle’s defensive backfield. On neutral turf I’d pick AZ to win, is seattle home field advantage really worth a TD? I guess we’ll find out….

  • Andy Rhode

    Missed the college game again this week.

    Arizona +6.5
    San Diego -4.5
    Dallas -3.5
    Baltimore +3.5 (essay)

    Denver -7

    I like Baltimore as my essay pick today because I have no faith in the NFC South. Baltimore come in playing as physical as ever and I just don’t think the Saints are going to be able to handle it.

    Baltimore is coming off the bye this week and will be well-rested to take on a 4-6 Saints team. Justin Forsett is establishing himself as a feature back and the Saints are pretty terrible against the run. This week, the Ravens will make them pay. And by opening up the run game, Flacco should be able to throw the ball a bit (hopefully to Torrey Smith, who I’m starting in fantasy this week.)

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. Boston College (winner)
    2. All Play: Seatlle
    3. Browns +3
    4. Tampa Bay +5.5
    Back with more later

    • Lucy Lawrence

      5 SF -9.5

  • Petefranklin


  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Jets -4.5
    Seattle -6.5
    Cowboys -3.5
    I really like the cownoys in this spot coming off a much needed bye to get romo healthy, This team is reall good with a 90% romo and Murray running all over defenses. Romo keeps the defense honest with Dez over the top Murray punishes you on the ground. You get tired of getting your ass kicked on the ground Tony drops a bomb into Dez for 6. Cowboys gonna roll.

  • bupalos

    Also let’s see if the other bad rookie qbs can also get glowing headlines for bad games and keep their teams close enough to cover acc-style lines in the NFL. Bottles +14 and Bridget .+9

    Seattle in the ap. Hope this posts

  • bupalos

    Only have the phone and its freaking g on me. Cmfb +3 for the essay. The internals don’t matter its the browns season and bupalos season both in the balance together. That carries weight with the universe. Do hate hate the loss of dansby, but love the return of jg. Let’s save two seasons at once here.

  • bupalos

    Phone essay so no chance to save all of your cheddar souls. Its just picks. Crunch time picks, as renowned bupalos is a bit on the …bubble despite the 60% pick rate. And in crunch time, you go back to your roots. CMFB +3. Couldn’t hate dansby being gone more. Couldn’t love jg coming back more. But really thIt the browns and bupalos’ season boteih in the balance at the same time, and that carries weight with the universe.

  • DQuatts

    DQuatts continued:

    Browns +3
    Minnesota +9.5
    Seattle -6.5
    Cowboys -3.5

    Back with my $$ pick soon. Good luck everyone!!

    • DQuatts

      Essay Pick:

      Ravens +3.5

      This is a very difficult one to choose but I am going to stick with the better team getting points. I am still not convinced how good of a team the Saints really are. Yes, they handled the packers at home on a Sunday night game, and yes they are a championship caliber team, but not this year. Baltimore has two targets to key in on….Jimmy Graham and Mark Ingram. Tough task, but stopping those guys and keeping the ball out of Brees and Payton’s hands will be key. I think the Ravens control the clock in this one and stay on pace with the AFC North. Ravens handle business. 31-27.

  • HitTheHorns

    Redskins essay +9.5…I couldn’t figure out how to upload screen shots of twitter, so please see @rapsheet Ian Rapaport if you want to know why I am essaying Washington. These stories coming out today are just stupid. RG3’s family no longer allowed in the facility; Gruden is allowed to bench RG3 per Daniel Snyder; Gruden gets support for RG3 comments; No more special rules for RG3; Gruden has a license to bench RG3.

  • Guest

    worthless, narratives-driven, NFL spokesmen wrote my essay for me today.
    Give me R3III, give me the Redskins, give me 9.5. Also 20% on
    Redskins yet line has dropped to 9. I’ll
    bet if we did a search of Ian Rapoport’s computer there is a word document
    saved titled “The Redemption of RG3”.

  • HitTheHorns

    Seahawks -6.5
    Chargers -4.5

  • zarathustra

    Changing my jets pick to:

    Browns over Falcons

    Still like the Jets tomorrow, but instead of my normal degenerate Sunday camped out with the Sunday ticket the browns are likely the only game I’m going to be able to see today or tomorrow so I’ll go with the frowns philosophy and take a side in the game I’ll be watching anyway.. Also like Vikings, Texans, and Ravens

    • Petefranklin



    San Diego -4.5


    Titans +11
    Jets +4.5
    Arizona +6.5 (All Play)
    Broncos -7 (essay)

    I am not a believer in the Dolphins ability to hang with Denver. Peyton going back home after the disaster in St. Louis last week, so he will probably be super focused and ready to roll. I know Julius Thomas is questionable, but the reality is that Tamme can probably come in and get open. I really dislike Denver for obvious reasons, but they are a completely different team at home. Peyton has to know that they won’t be able to go on the road and win a playoff game, so working to get home field advantage is a must.

  • 1. ArkSt, huge lose and this after watching Texas State play will heart last two weeks. I mean I actually watched the Bobcats lose to GaSo and SALA and they played hard.

    So since I’m not connecting the dots even when I watch the games, it’s time to say screw and take another swing at divining trends from numbers. Yes the the 603PWR ratings are being consulted but with a twist: who cares what some team did in early September when we’re looking at games here in late November? Eff that. So I’ve taken the straight 603PWR index (LOS-dom only, no QB rating considered) and checked the delta between when I first started tracking this — week 7 — through last week.

    Here’s the teams who have bumped their ranks up (number of slots increased): Bills, Pats, Niners (8); Texans, Vikes (6); Jets (5).

    Here’s the teams falling off the table: Dolphins (-5); Titans (-6); Bears (-8); Colts (-9); Giants (-15).

    Top five: Ravens, Eagles, Broncos, Cowboys, Niners.
    Bottom five: Raiders, Bucs, Jags, Panthers, Chargers(32).

    Based on this what matches look interesting?
    3. *at Texans -1.5 Bengals
    Jets +4.5 (at) Bills
    4. Bucs +5.5 at Bears
    Rams +4.5 at Chargers
    at Broncos -7 Miami
    5. essay ***at Niners -9.5 Skins
    Cowboys -3.5 at Giants
    Ravens +3.5 Saints

    Add some art to the science: who’s a soft team? who’s a bad ass team? Niners, Ravens, Jets, Texans seem bad-ass to me. Bengals are soft and Skins are in tatters. Can’t bet against Saints at home on MNF so that game is out.

    Sprinkle in some inside dope: chatted with old Cheddar friend Pateslvrblk yesterday. She moved back to her ancestral home in Alameda over the summer and she wanted to share what she’s hearing out there. In addition to being cheerful that her Raiders have broken through the wall, she was extremely high on the Niners this weekend. She’s calling it a four TD romp. And she hates that Niners. I’ll ride with the Niners and giving lots of points.

    6. Allplay Cards +6.5 at Seahawks. Imagine a 9-1 team that no one believes in.
    2. CMU (lose. diverted from the plan to go with five pro picks. why?)

  • squeekycleen

    Rest of my stuff:

    ESSAY AND ALL PLAY: Seahawks -6.5: When a 9-1 team is getting a td, you know which side they are looking for action on. I know the Seahawks are the defending super bowl champs, but they have been money burners this year, and the Cards have made plenty of friends. This really is a must win game for Seattle and I would expect they will have their A-game in this one. Not to mention if Zona gets behind, it will be tough sledding with Stanton on the road in Seattle. I’ll take my chances that Seattle takes a stand and gets it done here.


    Minn Vikings
    Tampon Bucs
    Miami Dolphins

  • PJD19

    ucla -4

  • oxr

    Random college game time: USC +4 over UCLA. NFL picks tomorrow.

    • oxr

      All-Play Cardinals +6.5 over Seahawks – Cardinals are a mystery to me but Seattle just hasn’t been scoring enough, even at home.
      Packers -9.5 over Vikings
      Cowboys -3.5 over Giants
      Colts -14 over Jaguars – lots of points, but the Jags recently lost by 14 at home to the Dolphins and Cowboys; they are certainly capable of losing by 14 on the road to the Colts.

      Essay Niners -9.5 over Redskins – Coming off two close road wins, San Francisco doesn’t exactly look like an offensive powerhouse, and picking them to win by 10 realistically means I need them to put up at least 24 points and not give up any random big plays. Nonetheless, I am doing this on the basis of my old philosophy, which is to pick against the team you think most likely to collapse altogether, and right now that’s Washington. Griffin just hasn’t looked all there, and if they’re going to put up any points it will probably require an uncharacteristically sharp performance on his part, together with maybe some replacement offensive linemen. If the Redskins get the ball early and score then I will be ruing this pick by the end of the first quarter, but I’m hoping for a lot of good field position for the Niners and quick strikes against what has been an ineffective pass defense. I’m also hoping not to lose three essay picks in a row, but you know what they say about regression to the mean.

  • Petefranklin

    upgrading my Virginia play to essay status:
    UVA +5.5 Besides this being the ultimate letdown spot for Miami, UVA matches up rather well with a Miami team that is just 1-3 both SU and ATS outside of South Florida this year. It is senior day for the Cavs who are still bowl eligible if they win this one with two weeks to prepare for the Canes.UVA has been a money grabbing 5-2 ATS as home dogs the last couple of years to boot. I can’t find the exact #’s but this has also been a series that the underdog has covered like 75% of the time if memory serves. Virginias coach may be out the door but he has outclassed Miami’s coach in their meetings at least in yardage gained including close to a 200 yard advantage in last years 19 point loss

    • Petefranklin

      USC +4 pick 4

  • Peter Markos

    CHI -5.5 OVER TB
    SF -9.5 OVER WASH
    I cant see a Mark Sanchez led team cover an 11 point spread.
    RG3 is officially a bust. Did he have a Snickers ad too?
    Seattle needs this game desperately. I think desperation and home field will make the difference. Aaron Rodgers is on fire. He will burn the Bridgewater down.


    Notre Dame -4

  • Tim Butler

    arizona +4 over UTAH

    • Tim Butler

      browns +3 over FALCONS
      jags +14 over COLTS
      GIANTS +3.5 over cowboys
      AP: cards +6.5 over SEAHAWKS
      ESSAY: EAGLES -11 over titans

      Currently 49% of the public is on the Titans, who I think are the 2nd worst team in the league, besides Oakland. The Eagles were embarrassed last week, and will be looking to rebound at home where they have yet to lose this season. Zach Mettenberger is not Aaron Rodgers. Hell, he’s not even Mark Sanchez. The titans are on a short week, coming off what was probably their best game in 2 months in a loss to the Steelers last Monday night, and are feeling just good enough about themselves to get smoked by the Eagles.

  • PICK OF THE WEEK: Arkansas +3.5 over Mississippi: It’s like Mangini said: “First you work. Then you compete. Then you win. And then you win consistently.” Bielema’s Hogs lose in OT to A&M, by one point to Alabama, by 7 points at Miss St., then finally break through v. LSU last week. They need one more win to become bowl eligible, better to get it on Senior Day at Fayetteville than to have to count on winning at Mizzou next week. Really tough spot for Miss here looking ahead to the Egg Bowl. Gotta love the hook here.

    Will also take:

    Utah -4 over Arizona; and
    Florida State -19.5 over Boston College.

    Back with 3 NFLs before Monday.

    • Falcons -3 over Browns; Cardinals +6.5 over Seahawks (you know it’s a good All Play when the action is split 50/50 per VegasInsider); and the 603POWER pick of the week: Vikings +9.5 over Packers

  • shoseph

    Starting this off with:

    Cal +5.5 vs. Stanford

    • shoseph

      AP: Cardinals +6.5 vs. Seahawks
      Broncos -7 vs. Dolphins
      Essay: Cowboys -3.5 vs. Giants
      49ers -9.5 vs. Wash. DC
      Bills -4.5 vs. Jets

      The last time the Cowboys played the Giants this season during week 7, they won 31-21 and covered a 4.5 spread (or something close to that number). The Cowboys are 6-4 ATS, while the Giants are 3-7 and 0-5 ATS (and 0-5 SU) in their last five games. Despite an injury to Romo, the Cowboys keep on trucking along. Eli and the Giants look to be doing the opposite, giving up 34 points per game before their loss to San Francisco, in which the defense played well, but the offense didn’t put anything together. Really, the Giants look terrible, play terrible, and have terrible odds. Of course, since I’m picking the Cowboys, this means the Giants will win by 7 points; but, at least from looking at the numbers, this is the pick to make for this Sunday.

  • thatsfine

    Just realized this one is an early kickoff
    NMU +22

    • thatsfine

      Finishing with
      Boise -13
      UC -9 – Essay
      The Bearcats are coming off a big win over East Carolina, and playing their best football of the year. They’ve won 4 in a row (averaging 42 ppg) after falling off the radar during a stretch
      that saw them lose to Ohio State, Miami(FL), and Memphis – all fine teams with winning records. UC held it together and is peaking at the right time, still in contention to win the AAC. Connecticut is still a bad football team. They managed to pick up a win over a FBS team (UCF) afew weeks ago, but returned to form last week while getting run over by Army. I just don’t see any way UConn can keep up with UC.
      All Play: Seahawks -6.5

  • CleveLandThatILove

    Wisconsin -10
    Ole Miss -3.5
    AP Seahawks -6.5

    • CleveLandThatILove

      Texans -1.5 Bengals
      Lions +7 Patriots
      **Packers -9.5 Vikings
      The Pack are picking up steam and leading all the NFL in total points and TDs. I saw that tweet floating around that Rodgers’ worst performance in the past 4 years (80 rating, really?) was against Mike Zimmer when he was a DC with I think it must have been the Bengals. So the Vikes will double down on the D to try and slow GB’s roll, but their unit is about on par with GB’s defense, nothing special. They are playing only for pride here as they look for just their first division win 11 weeks in. 9.5 is a lot of points on the road, even for Rodgers, but this is not their first rodeo and there will be no relaxing even against a team still trying to figure out who they are offensively, especially since GB is antsy sitting in a tie for first place with Detroit who will have their hands full tomorrow with the hot Pats in NE.

  • WISCONSIN -10. Run Melvin Run.

    CANES -5.5. Run Dukie Run.

    MIZZOU +3.5. They win today. They lose next week when they need it most.

    CARDINALS +6.5. I think Seattle wins this game, but in order for them to cover, they’ll have to score a defensive touchdown. Depends whether or not Drew Stanton wants to give them one.

    COLTS -14. a lot of points here, but hey…LUCK!

    PACKERS -9.5. Green Bay can score a lot. Minnesota eh, nah. I’ve been watching the Pack lately, with their ultra-cool QB who is unflappable and cocky-in the coolest way cocky can be. They’ve got as many weapons on offense as anybody, and Mr. Rogers knows how to use them. Even knowing the guy can do so much, I’m continually more impressed every time I watch him play.

    On a side note, I want to talk about the term “franchise QB” and what people think one looks like. This is a term that is used all the time on radio shows, in articles, on Sportscenter and in barroom conversations. The problem is that people are spoiled by the very few great QB’s they watch and have no fucking clue what it takes to be that great. Therefore, and I think I’ve listened to enough of these conversations to assert correctly, in the eyes of most, “Franchise” QB means “Championship” QB. This is absurd and irrational. 48 Super Bowls have been won by a total of 31 Quarterbacks. 11 of those quarterbacks have won multiple. 6 of them never had any business being near a Super Bowl, let alone winning one. 12 of the 48 games have been won by guys who only have one ring-but whom I’d consider “all-time-greats.” Yet we sit here and call everyone from Andy Dalton to Tony Romo to Andrew Luck to Joe Flacco a “Franchise QB” with the unconscious expectation that over the life of their NFL career, they will win their team (read: your team) a Championship. This is undeniably true, it’s the reason they get drafted, it’s the reason they get $60mm contracts, it’s the reason they sell jerseys, and it’s the reason we sit here and debate whether winning rings or throwing touchdowns puts you ahead. Take a look at the list below of Super Bowl winning QB’s. The majority of them aren’t great because they won a championship. They won championships because they were great. Fans seem to think Super Bowl wins, and therefore Super Bowl winning QB’s grow on trees. But the truth is, it is extremely fucking hard to make ONE, let alone win it, and get a chance to do it again. Think of all the great QB’s over the years who you’d salivate to have on your team who don’t have a Championship. The names Fouts, Tarkenton, Kelly, McNair, Moon, McNabb, Rivers, Marino…THESE GUYS DIDN’T WIN ONE…

    Names like Dalton, Ryan, Stafford, Palmer, Kaepernick and hell even Cutler, ARE franchise QB’s. Who can argue that? (Even you, MikeB can’t fight that Dalton belongs-even as a Ginger who sometimes plays like he’s lost). Franchise QB and Championship QB are entirely different things, and the main point perhaps, is that if we stop using them interchangeably and temper our expectations, we will start to see the difference. And we will start to enjoy the moment a little more and be grateful that we finally have a semblance of an NFL team (and QB)-and therefore are completely fucking out of our minds if we start calling for Johnny fucking Manziel to start in 2015. Cleveland has literally BEGGED to be relevant and enjoy winning football, and that has been delivered to us this year with a 6-4 team through this point and yet, STILL, we have no goddamn clue how to handle success other than to create chaos (because chaos feels normal to Cleveland fans) by talking about who will be starting NEXT FUCKING YEAR. My point? 31 QB’s have won 48 Super Bowls. Look at the case study below and you tell me what my point is.

    2011 Draft: Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder chosen in the top 12. TOP 12!! CLEARLY, with each team expecting that their guy will win them a Super Bowl. Do you disagree? If you do, then you’d have to explain why in fuck’s sake, would a team spend millions trying to draft the right guy, millions to sign him, and millions more to market him as their “Franchise?” Because they expect a championship out of the deal. Tell me when the fuck any of those guys would have had the chance to win one, even if they turned out to be great? THERE AREN’T ENOUGH SUPERBOWLS TO GO AROUND. Manning, Brees, Rogers, Roethlisberger, Brady are all defending that fortress. Not to mention the other 5-6 QB’s clawing to get there who are light years ahead of these fucking guys. In the meantime, guys like Wilson and Luck-who are true greats-have come along and torn the league apart, shitting on all four of those first round picks from 2011. 3 of those 4 guys may never start another NFL game, just three seasons later. Literally.

    And so what do we learn from all this? Go ahead and do it all again in 2012: Luck (Great), RG3 (Shit), Tannehill (Franchise) & Weeden (Downs Syndrome).

    Since then, Manuel, Bortles, Manziel and Carr have all been drafted early. Of those 12 guys mentioned who were drafted in the top rounds of those three drafts, only one is likely to win a ring. One. But you bet your ass I’d take a Newton or Tannehill for 8-10 years knowing that one 1 of every 8 Super Bowls is won by lucky some ass clown who should have never been there in the first place.

    QB’s and their wins:
    Starr Starr
    Staubach Staubach
    Griese Griese
    Bradshaw Bradshaw Bradshaw Bradshaw
    Plunkett Plunkett
    Montana Montana Montana Montana
    Aikman Aikman Aikman
    Elway Elway
    Brady Brady Brady
    Roethlisberger Roethlisberger
    P Manning
    E Manning E Manning

  • The Iron Sheik

    Maryland Essay
    Laying 5.5 points means Michigan must score six to win and that has been easier said than done this year. The Wolverines scored 10 points against Northwestern, 11 against Michigan State and 18 against Penn State in three of the last four games. Look for a low-scoring affair in Ann Arbor

  • Lucy Lawrence

    Boston College +19.5

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Notre Dame -4
    Ole Miss -3.5
    back with the rest tomorrow

  • #2 pick: at CMU pk WMU.
    i think i have to hop on the chippewas here.

  • bupalos

    Not falling in love with anything this morning, but let’s go get some points a potentially sloppy field. Kansas +25.5 @ Oklahoma.

    Kind of like the cut of Minnesota’s jib too. Golden Gophers +10 @ Nebraska

  • squeekycleen

    Regular play: Tennessee Volunteers

    Rest tomorrow

  • HitTheHorns

    Nebraska -10 for 1 cheddar.

  • Petefranklin

    early Cheddar action…
    1) OSU -34.5 Don’t be scared by the large # that Indiana has crawled through the backdoor in weach of the last two years. Urban knows he needs to make a statement the last two regular season games and 8 men in the box should heel the Hoosiers to about 220 yards including garbage time. Might not be easy but the bucks prevail. BTW I have kind of warmed up to the bucks this season for whatever reasons.
    2) UVA +6.5 over the U. I got 7 early(had to buy it though) Cavs aren’t as bad as people think. two weeks to prepare and they play well at home. Oh and there was a game last week that probably none of you watched…….

    • Petefranklin

      Shoot I just saw the line in 5.5 on UVA. Please hold off on that one for now, although I will probably stay with it.

      • Petefranklin

        Nevermind…leave it and add Baylor -28 as pick 3

  • Nick

    Raiders (w)
    Browns +3 – Hash Gordon makes everyone better. Ewing Theory applicable to Ben Tate.
    Bucs +5.5 vs Bears
    Jets +4.5 vs Bills
    AP: Arizona +6.5 vs Seattle
    EP: Vanderbilt +29.5 vs Mississippi St

    Coming off a tough loss to Alabama and looking ahead to Ole Miss next week, this is a trap game for the bulldogs. Factor in Vandy has had two weeks to prepare for this game and I love the points here.

    Yes, Vanderbilt has quarterback issues. They have a rookie head coach, Derek Mason, who’s picking up the pieces left over by James Franklin’s successful run. I like Mason and believe he will do a good job for them down the road. Vanderbilt might not be good, but they play hard. Vanderbilt’s defense is above average and will have success at points stopping Miss. St. Prescott is taking a beating as the season wears on and I have to think Mississippi St. pulls it back against Vandy to save it all for Ole Miss.

  • The Iron Sheik

    Ohio state

  • AmplifiedEsq

    1) Seahawks -6.5
    2) MSU -21.5
    3) Marshall -20
    4) Wisconsin -10
    5) Cleveland +3
    6) Denver -7

    *ESSAY* (MSU -21.5)
    I’ve been offered more tickets for this game then any previous MSU game this year. Usually I don’t even get the offers because I’m an Ohio State fan. People here just don’t want to go to this game today and I don’t blame them. The weather is certainly playing a role in that, but also playing a role in it is how uncompetitive I expect this game to be. MSU bounced back well last week against Maryland after their loss to Ohio State and I expect them to come to play again. I don’t know enough about the team to know who the seniors/draft ready prospects are, but they’ve been good enough these last couple years there are certainly some there looking to give what fans showed up a farewell show. They also have a chance of making one of the major Bowl Games that are not semi finals, so there is some motivation to go out and have an impressive all around showing (resulting in the covering of this spread).

  • **All Play** Cardinals +6.5 vs. Seahawks

    Denver -7 vs. Dolphins

    Tulane +18 vs. East Carolina

    Indiana +34.5 vs. OSU

    Notre Dame -4 vs. Louisville

    Tried to ask my Grandma for picks this morning – “oh, I like Ohio State and um, that Notre Dame.” Face palm. She picks picked the two teams with fan-bases I gently try to avoid. I will compromise and take the Hoosiers to cover and The Fighting Irish to take down Louisville. I don’t consider it a vote for Notre Dame, it’s a vote for Rudy.

    But what to essay?

    Let’s go somewhere warm. Where, according to Katy Perry, the girls don’t mind sand in their stilettos, and the Beach Boys claim the girls are the cutest in the world, to boot. Yes, I’m referencing sunny California. Berkeley to be precise. After arriving home for the turkey-day holiday, I’m none too pleased at this 32 degrees and raining charade. While 60’s and raining isn’t exactly the epitome of fantastic weather, I’d sure as hell rather be there. When I look at records and schedules, I can understand how Stanford is favored, having the same record paired with a tougher schedule. Whether or not this can be considered a home game for Cal is dubious considering the travel is a smidge less than an hour’s worth of time. Looking at these two teams though, I see one glaring piece of information, Cal is putting up points, lots of points, points for days, and consistently. Sure, against lesser teams, but they’ve gotten in the reps of being in the endzone far more than Stanford. I like teams who have had the taste of 35+ points in their mouth, week after week. As proven this year, the transitive property does not apply to football in general, however, I would be amiss not to take note of the overlapping competitors these two teams have faced – just a surface observation, the Golden Bears put up the points while Stanford turns it into a nitty gritty defensive game which seems less than inspiring to their own offense. Gimme Da Bears. I mean, Da GOLDEN Bears.

    **Essay** Cal Golden Bears +5.5.

  • Its Only Money

    So now my picks here and in real life have taken a turn for the worse. I’ve gone to the Association to try to changemy luck and that has not helped. I’m vying for a weekly win at this point because we are not playing in the NFC South so here goes:

    Michigan State -21.5 v Rutgers
    Purdue +1 v Northwestern
    UCLA -4 v USC
    Cleveland +3 v Atlanta (another showing like last week for Hoyer and it might Johnny time)
    All Play Arizona +6.5 v Seattle

    POY Essay: Ohio State -34.5 v Indiana
    Giving up 5 TDs for your pick of the year might be a scary proposition but I’m going to do it. I would really feel a little bit more comfortable if this was a half-time line but I’ll take it none-the-less. I see the Buckeyes jumping out early in this game and keeping their foot on the gas into the 4th Q. Urban knows that the style points count and he is going to show that off today. I expect the Buckeyes to put close to 60 on the board today in what will rival some of the scores that the SEC powers will put up against their JV opponents this week. JT Barret will emerge as a shoe-in to go to NYC in a couple of weeks, while I don’t think he will win, he will surely be a finalist. Indiana doesn’t do much of anything very well, they gave over 40 to BG so the Buckeyes will have no problem scoring. Bosa will be in the backfield all day and the Hoosier offense will not be able to move the ball. So gladly give up the points and basically print your own money. Or if you take a look at my track record lately pull a Costanzo and do the opposite.

  • Matt Borcas

    Maryland +4.5 over Michigan
    USC +4 over UCLA

    • Matt Borcas

      Browns +3 over Falcons
      Seahawks -6.5 over Cardinals
      Lions +7 over Patriots

  • Chris Schroeder

    -20 Marshall @ Alabama-Birmingham
    +34.5 Indiana @ Ohio State
    +3.5 Missouri @ Tennessee
    -21.5 Michigan State vs. Rutgers
    All Play: -6.5 Seattle vs. Arizona

    Essay: +40 Georgia State @ Clemson
    You know what I’m taking this game solely base on it’s the biggest point spread of the week. Sometimes you gamble being stupid and win. So yes that’s my thinking here.

  • trashycamaro

    1. AP Cardinals +6.5 over Seahawks

    2. Essay Bengals +1.5 over Texans First injuries – Starting CB Kareem Jackson and Arian Foster did not practice this week. Mallett is on the injury report with a “chest”. Bengals have Burfict and Hunt out.

    Both teams have middling offenses, but the Texans offense is consistently middling, while the Bengals have been a high variance offensvie team (I suppose that Thursday night mathcup with the Browns had something to do with that). Same story on defense, though the Bengals D has been a little less volatile than their offense.

    With AJ Green fully back and not listed on the injury report, I think he tips the scales in the Bengals favor here. Jeremy Hill has been great, and aside from a couple complete bombs – which were truly inexplicable – Dalton has been slightly above average to well above average.

    Just a head’s up – my essays have been on fire (9-3 on the season and 5 straight) but I am nowhere near as confident on this one as I have been on the others. I would probably essay Card over Seahawks, but I do not want 1/2 my ched points for the week in one game.

    3. College Ole Miss -3.5 over Arkansas

    4. Jets +4.5 over Bills Value. Taking the free 3 points from the neutral field.

    5. Browns +3 over Falcons Hate playing the Browns, but this line seems way off. Should be pk?

    6. Ravens +3.5 over Saints When Graham is hurt the Saints just are not good (not on the injury report, but only 3 tagets last week in a bad loss).

  • ChuckKoz

    Essay: Washington -6 (vs OSU)
    Probably skip week due to travel.

    UCLA -4 (vs USC)
    Arizona +4 (at Utah)
    Colorado +32.5 (at Oregon, based on yahoo, please confirm, as line was off)

    Saints -3.5 (vs Ravens)

    AP: cardinals +6.5


  • Capitalgg

    Essay punt week:

    Cowboys -3.5 v. Giants (essay)
    Cardinals +6.5 @ Seahawks
    Wisconsin -10 @ Iowa
    Baylor -28 v. Oklahoma St.
    UL-Lafayette -10 v. Appalachian St.
    Marshall -20 @ UAB

  • Jonathan MacDonald

    Penn St. -6.5
    Ole Miss -3.5
    Texans -1.5
    Bears -5.5
    Cardinals +6.5
    Northwestern -1 (Essay)

    Strange things happen in college football. Unranked teams beat national powerhouses in dramatic fashion. Is college football so strange, so wildly unpredictable that an unranked team destined for the CarQuest Bowl will then lose to a rival having a meh season the week after beating a national powerhouse? I’m betting my essay on this not happening, so I’ll take the party line that Northwestern is up to the task of beating Purdue by more than one point.

  • FTCMikeD

    @UVA +5.5 over Miami of Florida
    @Colts -14 over Jags
    AP: Cardinals +6.5 over @Seahawks
    @Chargers -4.5 over Rams
    Ravens +3.5 over @Saints
    I feel like this is deja vu all over again. Browns just got rid of their ‘marquee’ RB. Browns are coming off of a loss where everyone is dismissing them for the season. Josh Gordon is coming back from a suspension. This situation reminds me of the Vikings game last year. We have an addition by subtraction situation (Tate) and our star WR coming back (Gordon). Hoyer knows how to rally the team when they are in a bad spot. The loss last week was a bad spot. Bad spots all around. Bad game plan. Bad coaching. That loss will refocus the team. No distractions as they have a singular mission. That mission is refocus the running game on the TWO talented RBs and throw in a mix of play-action to Josh Gordon and they’ll keep the Falcons guessing all day. The Falcons don’t have the type of player like JJ Watt to disrupt their game plan on Sunday. Browns with the ‘upset’ win as they are 3 point dogs in the ATL.

  • jdoepke

    Week 13 already. Here we go…
    Cal +5.5
    Virginia +5.5
    Ole Miss – 3.5
    Lions +7
    Seahawks -6.5 (AP)

    USC +4 (Non Essay – Essay)

  • GRRustlers

    Week 13 Picks

    AP – Seahawks (-6.5) over Cardinals – I’m not saying 58-0 Part Two. I am saying a statement will be made.

    OSU (-34.5) over Indiana – This is not a pick for the Buckeyes. It is purely against the Hoosiers.

    Packers (-9.5) over Vikings – Pretty much instituting a double digit rule for the Packers going forward. If I see single digits give me the MVP of the NFL.

    Eagles (-11) over Titans – Short week for a bad Titans team visiting a good Eagles team equals disaster.

    Browns (+3) over Falcons – The things that Josh Gordon is going to do for the running game.

    Essay Pick

    I am a big fan of finding teams that need to bounce back. After the Arizona State loss by the Irish one could say that Coach Kelly threw his QB under the bus. We could go round and round if he was simply stating facts or if he went a little too far. Coach Kelly then went out and delivered one of the worst coaching performances I have watched in a long time. Northwestern had no business even being on the same field with a team that beat Florida State*

    The Irish defense was horrible and couple this with the insane play calling down the stretch and the simply insane concept of going for 2 up 11 and Coach Kelly is probably looking forward to Saturday as much as anyone. The Irish are a good football team and I think they right the ship vs a good but not great Louisville team.

    Senior Day is a big deal in South Bend and this group looks to finish strong under Kelly

    Notre Dame (-4) over Louisville

  • p_forever

    My picks-

    Tennessee -3.5 Missouri
    ***Ole miss -3 Arkansas
    BC +19.5 Florida St.
    ND -3.5 Louisville
    UCLA -4 USC

    Cardinals +6.5 Seattle

    ***essay to follow

  • thatsfine

    SDSU please

    • thatsfine

      And Utah state

      • thatsfine

        And Alter

  • chuckycrater

    ESSAY: Georgia State +40 vs. Clemson

    I don’t see where Clemson has the motivation to cover this number. They can’t win their division and they have South Carolina to look forward next week, so their top priority in this game will be not getting anyone hurt. Not to mention that Cole Stoudt is just a terrible quarterback who completely went to pieces against GT. He literally threw away the game. I’m not convinced Clemson can score 40 points against anyone with Stoudt out there, and that’s before considering what the Panthers might do during the extensive garbage time this game will see. Taking the big number here.

    Louisiana Tech -12.5 vs. Old Dominion
    Missouri +3.5 vs. Tennessee
    Vikings +9.5 vs. Packers
    Rams +4.5 vs. Chargers
    ALL PLAY: Cardinals +6.5 vs. Seahawks


    1) Purdue +1
    2) Wyoming +13
    3) FIU +2.5
    4) UAB +20
    5) Seahawks -6.5 (all play)
    6) Jets +4.5 (essay)- just taking advantage of the stale line after the move to Detroit. Vick in a dome is a bigger advantage than having to play in the cold of Buffalo. No practice all week can’t be a good thing for Buffalo and Orton needs all the help he can get. Also, a little revenge here for the Jets after getting drilled at home vs Buffalo a few weeks ago.

  • technivore

    Northwestern -1 over PURDUE
    EAST CAROLINA -18 over Tulane
    NOTRE DAME -4 over Louisville
    Ravens +3.5 over SAINTS
    Cardinals +6.5 over SEAHAWKS (AP)

    TEXANS -1.5 over Bengals
    I’m probably a huge recency bias victim here but man, the Texans were impressive in beating the Browns. JJ Watt didn’t even have a great JJ Watt game and he still disrupted the Browns offense. Mallett though is the real reason I’m high on the Texans this week: there still probably isn’t enough game film on him for the Bengals to really gameplan for him, but his obvious strengths give the Texans a much more balanced and dangerous attack than they had earlier in the year. The fact is Mallett makes deep outs look easy and that means Cincy can’t keep that safety up to help against the run. Foster is still likely out but I think Blue did just fine last week.

    The rest of the league is going to be watching Mallett closely to find the weaknesses he surely has, but it’s going to take some time to find them. For the time being I’m riding with a great coach, a great defense (with an MVP ready to destroy Dalton), and what I think is a very undervalued team.

  • Dave Borcas

    Wisconsin -10 What will Gordon do for an encore?
    Notre Dame -4 Anytime the seat gets hot, Kelly cools it down.
    Baylor -28 No one is giving Oki St a chance, can you say sucker bet?
    Arizona +6 (all play) Cards D has been solid all year.
    Denver -7 Back at home Peyton makes the fish pay for last week.
    USC +4 (essay)
    USC is a couple of plays from being a one loss team in the hunt for a playoff position. The best thing about this game is the beautiful uniforms playing on a beautiful grass field. Both of these teams are in my top five of college football uniforms, joining Ohio State, Oregon and Texas. I also miss the days that this game annually followed Ohio State v scUM at noon and Oklahoma v Nebraska at 3, but that just shows my age. Both these teams feature shaky D’s and Outstanding QB’s.I am not sure because of the location there is much of a home field advantage here. USC plays well when they can stop the run, and I believe they will, keeping alive their chance for a PAC 12 championship with a little help. All the numbers point to a USC win (close) straight up.

  • Dennis Hemingway

    Seahawks -6.5 over Cardinals (All play)
    Giants +3.5 over Cowboys
    Bucs +5.5 over Bears
    USC +4 over UCLA
    Boston College +19.5 over Florida St
    Virginia +5.5 over Miami, FL ***

    *** The Hurricanes are coming off of a brutal loss to Florida St after winning for most of the game. Virginia on the other hand is coming off of a bye and should be amped up for this home game. I expect a let down from Miami. Plus Virginia has actually won 3 of the past 4 meetings which may seem surprising. Virginia, playing at home, already beat Louisville and could have beaten UCLA if it wasn’t for 3 defensive touchdowns. Virginia could easily win this game out right so I’ll take the points.

  • Concierge

    Central Michigan PK essay
    Something has to give in this great MAC west battle. This game features the leagues best offense in WMU vs the leagues best D in CMU. I’m going with the Chippewas in this one. They are still alive for the mac title game and they need a lot to happen but I believe Dan Enos will have the chips fired up. Thomas Rawls was held out last week just so he could play in this big game. I expect a monster game out of him. Also people don’t realize that Freshman Devon Spalding has been averaging almost a first down per carry. This will be a game that features a lot of running but favors the leagues best D at home. I love what coach Fleck has done in Kalamazoo but his team is still too young for a game as big as this. He plays 18 freshman on that team. Love Jarvion Franklin and Corey Davis but this one goes to older brother Titus.

    Seahawks -6.5

  • Rob

    AP: SEA -6.5
    NYJ +4.5

    rest this weekend.

    • Rob

      Boston College +19.5

    • Rob

      SD -4.5
      MIN +9.5
      IND -14

      And now, we’re upgrading SEA from coach to 1st class essay status.

      SEA -6
      It seems that the only people remembering that SEA is the defending Super Bowl champ are the oddsmakers, and me? A 6-4 team is nearly a TD favorite against a 9-1 team currently in the driver’s seat for the #1 seed in the NFC and nobody thinks that stinks. The public looks at the records and the spreads and yells “GIMME THE POINTS”; meanwhile, I yell “ARIZONA HAS HAD FORTUNATE LUCK IN RECOVERING FUMBLES THIS YEAR AND THAT IS NOT A SUSTAINABLE STRATEGY FOR WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES” and then I run out of breath. This bunch, coach included, seem like the kind that enjoy making statements, and while it’s not easy to score at will in the No Fun League, I don’t expect Pete to take his foot off the gas until there are double zeros showing on the clock.

      • Rob

        SEA is -6.5, obvi.

  • zarathustra

    Kansas St*** (W)
    North Carolina (W)
    Cardinals +6.5 over Seahawks

    WMU (pk) over CMU
    Nevada -7.5 over Fresno St
    Jets +4.5 over Bills

  • swig

    Thought about taking the Raiders tonight, bummer (results oriented, no way I thought it would be this dominating early)

    All Play: Cardinals +6.5 o SEAHAWKS, too easy, two weeks in a row
    2) ILLINOIS +6.5 o Penn State, if I end up missing the playoffs it will be my refusal to research college picks. Please keep making college the all-play, I’ve been ok on those. Besides college is more interesting ***cough*** ***cough***
    3) Titans +11.5 o EAGLES, nom nom double digits
    4) VIKINGS +9.5 o Packers, how are they getting so many points at home with Ben Tate!??! (jokes, but serious about fading the hot public team)
    5) Jaguars +14 o COLTS, 2 TDs, yes please
    6) Ravens +3.5 o SAINTS, hope the saints win by 2

    I am leaning towards taking every single last underdog in a pick every game league, and I am only wavering on two or three. Such a weird week, but just the kind of weirdness I like. I get why the public hates the loser, you feel pretty stupid taking six points and having a team loose by thirty. Jags are competent, if not spectacular and are not quitters (hopefully they can hear me). The Colts are not a dominant team (my passive aggressive finger to MikeB hating on stats). To meet my quota, a big aggressive finger to the Steelers.

    • i got the jags as your essay pick? let’s keep the essays more in the spirit of the contest. when in doubt, remember: “I hate enforcing our rules so please follow our rules.” especially with a playoff contender.

      • swig

        Yes, Jags essay pick. I usually tag it, will be more careful in the future.

        I’m sorry Essay:
        I apologize for this essay not living up to the CheddarBay standard. I am not a great writer and did not have much to say this week, but I will take your comment to heart. I need to always bring my 110% A+ game. Caveat: Nobody should be following my picks, I do not have special insight and no track record. Six wins over expectation is less than one standard deviation away from being 36-36 on coin-flips. In a pool of 50 people you would expect 15 people to be there if we were all just flipping coins.

        Bonus Essay:
        My picks are based on some combination of accumulated sports betting “rules”, understanding of math based randomness, watching as many games as possible, and consuming miscellaneous media. Conventional gambling wisdom says professional football teams are not that different talent wise. The Jaguars have not quit, in fact they have been playing more competitively recently. Andrew Luck is very good, but the running game is a mess, and the defense is not overpowering. I will “never” pick a team giving 2TDs, and would need to see something egregious to be scared of a 2TD dog. Learn to love the backdoor cover.

  • im in for Ark St tonite.

  • Nick

    Put me on Oakland tonight because Tony Sparano’s approach this week seems very buddha

  • concierge is in for the raiders.

  • mo_by_dick

    I’m jumping on Chiefs -7 tonight, please. no trap no trap no trap no trap

    • mo_by_dick

      Georgia State +40

      • mo_by_dick

        Thanks to chuckycrater for the Georgia State pick — nothing like rooting for one side all game and then celebrating when the other side wins by 4 touchdowns. here are the rest:

        Seahawks -6.5 (AP)
        Jets +4.5
        Colts -14
        ***Packers -9.5

        Rodgers and the Packers offense has gone full nuclear, and while I don’t think this is going to be another Matt Flynn Mop-Up Special, I’m having difficulty imagining a scenario in which the Vikings hang around. With the Vikings move outdoors this year to a smaller capacity venue, it makes me less worried about home-field advantage, and I think Rodgers is the type of dude who will want to throw a bunch of touchdowns on this field just because he hasn’t played on it. This is the part of my essays where I usually address the glaring weaknesses of my essay selection and try to talk myself into it but I’m just gonna R-E-L-A-X and put on the cheese hat.

  • Petefranklin

    Bay Villiage, Desales(of Columbus), and Mentor for a dollar parlay please, Thanks. You can just run my line of credit up another 600 next week after it wins.

    A friend of mine knows Jimmy Vaccaro (Stuebenville)personally. I need to have him send a link to him but I’m afraid of what might happen to Cheddar. I’m sure Jimmy would get a kick out of these, hell he probably knows the guys who set these lines!

    • HitTheHorns

      does your friend hang out at the spot bar?

      • Petefranklin

        Born again!

      • Petefranklin

        Jeez, I thought that was one of the many dive bars in Vegas that I had a memory lapse of. Took me a while and a going over of the 12 best dive bars in vegas article but I finally see that the Spot is in Stuebenville. I’m totally Vegasised now , Jimmy is the head cheese for Southpoint sports book, and I lost .09 cents multiplied on my parlay trying to remember the Spot…oh well, Raiders and under!

    • Petefranklin

      I guess I should actually be in Ohio before trying to bet on Ohio high School football.
      Here’s a tip, Lay the points with Bishop Gorman the next two games even though they play the Championship game in Reno in the cold to try to keep the northern boys in the game.

  • HitTheHorns

    Raiders +7 – if it looks like a trap game, and smells like a trap game, but then PTI does a segment asking if its a trap game, does it then not become a trap game? Gotta trust the process I guess…79% on KC yet line dropped a half point. One cheddar.

    • Petefranklin

      Well you are certainly betting into some overwhelming numbers in your favor but Oakland effed me out of the Cheddar playoffs last year and I’m not doing it again this year.
      I will take a dip in the hot tub with you though on a parlay with the under which is a total lock. Public is on the over but division games don’t go over in this subset.

  • zarathustra

    For tonight I will take:

    Kansas St over ‘Neers
    North Carolina over Duke

    I hope to have the time to come back and essay one of these later, but wanted to get them in for one-pointers now in case I’m unable to get back here.

    • zarathustra

      Kansas St (essay)

      One of my favorite autumn pass times used to be to “sharpen me mustache” and watch games on mute. The sidelines of a college football game can provide quite a fascinating study in strange human behavior. Close games in particular are useful in viewing the variety of ways our species handles stress–I really wish I would have collected these in writing along the way, but hands down the most bizarre off the top of my head was gary Patterson against texas tech (last year or the year before) when he honestly looked like an escaped mental patient on the sideline with (no exaggeration) a Gatorade stain on his shirt because he was quite literally frothing at the mouth. I mention this because I think the ability to remain calm under pressure should be a prerequisite for a college coach charged with the development of young men and none is better in this regard than Bill Snyder. I truly hope that he coaches another twenty odd years and when he is in 90’s sitting in a wheelchair on the sideline speaking few words and smiling as only the wise do that that k st goes on a dynastic championship run if only to prove that you don’t have to be a screaming psychopath to be a successful football coach. I used to not be able to stand phil jackson and thought him overrated but on his last laker run I developed a true appreciation for his style. They may be different in all sorts of ways but the underlying philosophy is basically the same. Fortunately for bill snyder one need not be a buddhist to be a zen master, it is only necessary to be a buddha.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        I was behind buddha in line at a hot dog trailer and when the vendor asked him what he wanted he said, “Make me one with everything”.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Oklahoma State +28 over Baylor

  • actovegin1armstrong

    BC +19.5 over FSU

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Please replace my Kent pick with UCF -28 over SMU

  • concierge text transcript..

    Can u give me BGSU +6.5
    I’m not near a computer

    Michael Burgermeister:
    woodside out?:

    I think

  • cwonder23

    Ok, so I’m completely out of this thing after scoring 3 loints total the past two weeks so I literally looked at these spreads and just picked the first name I saw. Here goes.
    UMASS (loss)
    Old Dominion +12.5
    Rutgers +21.5
    Minnesota +10
    All Play: Seahawks -6.5
    Essay: Northwestern -1
    Purdue sucks. For some reason, this Northwestern team lays eggs vs bad opponents but finds a way to beat Wisconsin and Notre Dame. It seems as though Pat Fitzgerald has motivated his team to work to getting into a bowl game. Purdue hasn’t played a meaningful game in years and I think Northwestern handles them. Although, this isn’t a “sexy” pick, I expect NW to cover handedly. NW 35 PUR 14

  • Late line: BGSU +6.5 at Toledo.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    ****Love this All Play, so let’s make it an essay****
    Cards +6.5 (did I read that correctly), over the Seahawks
    Hard to believe that the team with the 9-1 record is getting 6.5 points. They replaced one journeyman quarterback for another. Is that the reason the Vegas sharps are not giving them the respect they deserve? The story is that The Legion of Boom will destroy the new quarterback who must pass because his team cannot run the ball. Any journeyman running back can run the ball enough to keep the vaunted Legion honest and this year’s rule changes have done a good job making The Legion of Boom, The Legion of Excuse Me Sir,I Shall Be Gently Lowering You to a Soft Place On the Turf. The Cards have Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, and Ted Ginn as receivers. Stanton will have targets to throw to.
    Their secondary includes Patrick Peterson, DRC, and The Honey Badger. Please remember, “The Honey Badger does not give even a modicum of concern”. I saw that on an LSU t-shirt.

  • clayII

    NIU (-3) / Ohio

    • clayII

      BGSU (+6.5) / Toledo

    • clayII

      Ark St (-5.5) / Texas St

  • Concierge

    Akron -6.5
    No Frohnapfel. No Chance for UMASS. They have weapons but I’m sorry with Mark Whipple’s son starting this game on the road there is zero chance for a cover here. Zips will roll in this game. Yes I see it as a low scoring game and as HIT THE HORNS points out below everyone has declared AKRON dead. They will won’t quit on Terry Bowden. There are some other injuries to consider.. Abrokwah is banged up as well as Trey Dudley Giles on the defense. GO ZIPS


  • DQuatts

    I’ll get started tonight with MACtion.

    Zips -6.5

  • HitTheHorns

    Akron -6.5. Akron has been favored in four consecutive games, and they have not only failed to cover they have lost all four straight up. 61% of picks on UMass according to iOdds, yet the line has gone up to 7.5. The weather is going to be terrible for this game, and I’d guess the public is grabbing the points in what should be a low scoring game. Twitter declared Akron dead last week, as well as an embarrassment to #maction, so I assume that means they’ll take care of business tonight. This is for one cheddar point for now, but I may be changing to essay pick closer to kickoff.

  • technivore

    What about USC/UCLA for the all-play?

    • was strongly considered. out of
      ravens at saints, dolphins at broncos, cards at seahawks, bengals at texans, lions at pats, usc at ucla, arizona at utah
      it got the most attention.

      • Petefranklin

        The LA game would have been a much tougher decision than the cards/hawks

      • ChuckKoz

        its okay kanick, keep the pac 12 games to my domain.

  • cwonder23

    UMass +6.5 @ Akron

  • actovegin1armstrong

    The all play is the only one I pick correctly. I think I am in the top 25 on the All Play picks.
    U Mass +6.5 over Akron
    NIU -3 over Ohio
    Kent +7 over UB

    • Petefranklin

      Save your money on the huskies Acto

      • Petefranklin

        I’m done with Maction…GOY loser is going to kill me.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        I am glad I did not see this, I would have changed my pick.

        • Petefranklin

          The YPP#’s totally supported the cats for the right cap. Once again turnovers do them in. Glad you didn’t see that one

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Mike, may I please ditch the Kent pick? They are having a bit of a difficult time shuffling off.

  • Petefranklin

    How about no AllPlay? just 6 picks, may the best man or woman win.

    • [checks pete’s all-play record. gets it.]
      nah we’re going to keep the all-play, start thinking about whether seattle at home should give bruce arians a touchdown.

      • Petefranklin

        Western vs.central?
        I like the UCLA idea, why the hell are they playing that game already?
        Browns always work, and theres a chance I might not lose (if it ends in a push)

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