#CheddarBay wk 4; Broncos/Seahawks.

10:50AM, Saturday:  Due to the unprecedented line change in the FSU/Clemson game, the Cheddar line is revised to Clemson +10.5 at FSU. The picks received prior to this announcement (PeterM, Acto***, Chucky, ClvTA, CLTIL, CWonder***, Jmac, Kitty, LLaw***, PeteF.) will be honored at Clemson +20.

And, no ClevTA, Chucky and PeteF, before you ask:  you may not hedge by taking FSU -10.5 now.


Peyton Mannng, K.J. Wright

The all-play is Denver +5 at Seattle Sunday at 4:25 PM ET.  The rest of the lines below and back with some odds and ends later.

Be sure to check the The A to Z podcasts; a new one went up yesterday.  Zac and Andre always have good observations1 and manage to stay on point for their 30 minutes sessions.  Crisp podcasting… this is foreign to me.2

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Clearing the decks:  why can’t refs be fired?


Yeah, same ref. Still collecting checks.

Point of parliamentary procedure, I claim the floor to move that Terry McAulay be fired.

I admit to being peeved at losing last week’s all-play basically on two horrible calls, but check out this guy:

A bettor in the Delaware Sports Lottery picked 14 consecutive NFL winners against the spread over the weekend.  His 15th pick would have turned the $5, 15-team parlay card into a $100,000 winner.

Let’s review how this d-bag ref, Terry ‘Bottlegate’ McAulay, cost one guy $100,000 and me and many others a rightful Cheddar point by pretty much preventing the Colts from winning.

1. The Luck interception.  
It’s 3rd/9 Colts are in FG range (Adam Vinatieri, ok?  A Dawson-like sure thing).  So worst case is that the Colts go up 30-20 with four and half minutes to go.  Andrew Luck throws the ball to the zone his receiver is moving toward.  His receiver is held leading directly to an interception, change of possession, take at three points off the board.  But also, the correct call would’ve given the Colts a first down and certainly would’ve burned a minute or so of clock as well as several Eagles’ timeouts.  Here’s the call and given the ‘point of emphasis’ of holding in the secondary it’s quite odd that no call was made.  It doesn’t look like a big grab but it was a grab and it was pivotal.


2. The no-horse collar penalty.
As bad as the Luck no-call was, on the second play after the [incorrect] turnover, we have Terry McAulay injects himself directly in the action. It’s second and six and Lesean McCoy is getting stopped for a two yard loss; would’ve been 3rd/8. The drive continuing would be no sure thing for the Eagles as they were 5-12 on 3rd down converts Monday. But no… McAulay throws the flag and, I promise this is true, he’s on the microphone announcing the penalty inside of five seconds of throwing the flag. So not only is the call blown, but he actually assists the Chip Kelly hurry-up by getting the ball back in play asap while the Colts’ D is still dumbfounded at the bad call. Even the ref in the booth said it was a bad call. Here it is. Keep in mind McAulay is behind the play with a perfect angle. It’s an inexcusable miss. Frankly it looks corrupt.


There you have it.  Best case, he’s incompetent; worst case McAulay is the NFL’s Donaghy.  He has to go.  If we’re looking for a football-i-mean-football-the-game-on-the-field-related reason to fire Goodell, the non-firing of demonstrably incompetent refs works for me.

  1. E.g., In the Browns’ final drive Andre thought the Saints’ penalty after TWest’s tackle for loss was yet another game changer and Zac was bemused at the full-huddle-look-at-Shanahan-for-playcall start to the epic drive. [back]
  2. By foreign, I mean that if you’ve heard me on Lyndall’s WFNY podcast you know I’m all over the map and Lyndall does well to keep us under 50 minutes. Zac and Andre, on the other hand, speak no more than five words which are not on point. [back]
  • Here’s the pick distro for week four of Cheddar. Gonna start saving these in the threads.

  • mo_by_dick

    Mike —

    Sorry for the twitter nonsense and the ensuing mix-ups this week; I didn’t anticipate how … rustic my accommodations would be this past weekend.

    My full slate should be

    Seahawks (AP)


    You have Saints in the spreadsheet and Colts as essay from my prior tweet, but I cancelled Saints ( 🙁 ) bc I needed the extra day to write an essay. I appreciate the legwork you put in here and I normally try to make it as easy as possible on you, so, again, sorry about that.

    ESSAY: Bears +3

    As acknowledged above, this is my essay pick out of necessity, but this line looks off to me. Like I literally had Bears -3 written until I zoomed in on the .pdf and saw it was a plus sign. Trestman has shown a willingness to go pass-heavy, which I think negates some of NYJ’s strength in the front 7. If Cutler can get the ball to his receivers, this may even get out-of-hand. Really, it comes down to the fact that I was rooting against Brandon Marshall last week and I’m unwilling to go through that again this week.

  • bupalos

    Denizens of the bay. Do not be afraid. You may have heard that merely reading the essay of REKNOWNED BUPALOS can flay the flesh from human ears, which drops in nauseating clumps on shoulders new-slumped with shame. Tis true. OH! Tis too, too true.

    But this is not our greater purpose herein. No, despite there being one particular game the moral implications of which are as clear as has ever been, despite all you moral infants undoubtedly having scrabbled out your your dirty 10 points on picks so shockingly bad in both moral spirit and hard football analysis that Jesus feels like cold-cocking a leper; despite the telltale stench rising from this whole crowd, I will pretend to assume you are all innocent at this point. After all, I myself, I BUPALOS, am guilty of having shirked your moral edification lo these three long weeks, now known in Bay-lore as The Weeks of Depravity. So you get a pass and a chance to make amends.
    And how do you make these amends?

    Turn your eyes, my friends. Turn them to see a single pick so glowingly virtuous that it can redeem all your debauched shenanigans. One one side we have a team born in theft and letchery, steeped in careless slaughter, seasoned with wife beating, and fermented under a dark woolen blanket of conspiracy and coverup. All the gods know the whole black and purple zombie abortion should be crammed in an elevator and sent straight to hell. And for once, even they themselves will have some inkling of their own guilt, which will gnaw their black hearts quarter by quarter. Given all this, the other team could as well be Satan plus 52 Justin Biebers and the pick would still be clear. Suffice to say this is not the other team. Time runs short, and it suffices to say


    Lesser plays:

    The steelers are the shell of a shell of a figment of shadow of a dream. And it’s a dirty hill-person’s dream to boot. All of their eggs are in one rotting 32-year old basket, besmeared with bacon fat and bursting with moral turpitude, perched precariously behind a line that is a seemingly permanent string of temporary arrangements. Meanwhile the NorthANDSouth Carolina Panthers are at least slightly better than the NFL store brand pretty much across the board. It’d be worth an essay if there wasn’t a higher moral calling on the board this fine Sunday morning.

    “Carolina” -3.

    All Play: Seattle Seahawks beat the oversized teeth out of Horseyface’s horseyfaced horseyfaces. Because Horseyface.

    Seattle -5

    Earlier Plays

    Boise – win
    Duke – win
    F-Int – should have been a win

    • shit gotta get this in the post

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  • squeekycleen

    Adding on two my college split

    Essay: rams: I might be the only person in the world who is high on the rams this year. Maybe I am actually high. It is possible. But regardless, this team has he ingredients to win games up front. They are also fast and play hard. Of course, the quarterback situation is not the best, and that will certainly affect the bottom line win loss total at the end of the year, but they will stay competitive and win games. Dallas is not good, and they cannot protect romo. He will be running for his life all game. Rams for our essay.


  • Seahawks



    If only we all lived in Jerry World, life would be so much more sexually inviting. That is, if you’re into the whole “I’m a billionaire with a really small pee pee who has to account for it by building the world’s most expensive stadium and showering you with expensive champagne, while my minions clean my spectacles.” If there’s no weeden sightings, Cowboys by 10.


    Skins +6.5
    Seattle -5 for the all play
    San Diego +2.5
    Saints -10
    Cowboys -1.5 (essay)

    Really struggling this year so far, so trying not to overthink things this week. I wanted to take the Browns as one of my picks this week, but didn’t have the guts. Anyhow, I think as long Dallas keeps the ball on the ground in this game, they are fine. The Romo criticism can be a bit over the top, but yeah, I don’t trust him much either. That said, the Boys still have a lot of weapons for him to use if Murray’s running can open up the passing game. Murray will get 100+ yards on the ground again today. The Rams aren’t a good football team. I do think this could be a higher scoring game than expected. I think that favors Dallas, though.

  • PJD19

    ALL PLAY, Denver +5 over Seattle
    NE -14 over Oakland
    Browns +1.5 over Ravens
    ESSAY Bills -2.5 over SD

    There are a lot of reasons to like the Bills this week and yet the public is riding the Bolts after their win over Seattle. The Bills will for a second week in a row get a huge boost from their home crowd. The forecast calls for rain all day which will favor the better running team, which is most definitely Buffalo. SD is dealing with a ton of injuries and has to travel across the country for a 1:00 PM kickoff. This game means a ton to the Bills. I’m taking Buffalo in a tough game between two physical defenses…..

  • Petefranklin

    Pick 1) Clemson W
    Pick 2) Skins +6.5
    Pick 3) Essay pick Saints -10 Yes this is such a square play(laying DD’s) but sometimes you just have to. Now I really don’t think Minnesota is that bad, even without AP. This is more of a Saints come marching home play. After the saints have played B2B road games in the Drew Brees era they come home and AVERAGE 41.5 PPG. They also win these games by an average of 20 PPG. Now I realize that the Saints looked like shit on D twice so far this year in the 4th Q. They will dial it up at home today, they have to, so the backdoor should get slammed shut on Minny. On offense I don’t think Brees wants to even come close to another late loss so he will have the pedal to the metal all game. Laying DD’s in this spot isn’t worrisome to me because the Saints are playing pretty well and will be super focused today. The dome will be rocking for the home opener and I’m laying it, DD dogs are a late season proposition for me.

    • Petefranklin
      • Petefranklin

        Pick 4) Giants +2.5
        Pick 5) Jets +3 ******CANCELLED*********NO PLAY
        All Play ) Seahawks
        New Pick 5) CMB’s +1.5 vs Ravens Look I like the Jets-2 a lot more this week than the Browns but I had a Froidian? slip when I typed in the spread at +3 instead of -3. Just seems to me that it is too much to ask of a rtun heavy Jets offense to win by 4 points. Soooooo…..I’m going to go with my gut and take the Browns in the last week that they will have great value. Super strong trend working against the Browns as a dog off a SU dog victory but I’ll bite. There was a strong trend in the Saints favor for covering last week and the Browns smashed that one. Home field advantage? Imagine that!!
        On a side note Millman was full of shit this AM on Colin’s show when he said the Browns were the wise guys side. From what I’ve heard and seen there is a strong sentiment in the sharp community for Baltimore, like I said trends, and Millman is guessing. That doesn’t mean the Ravens or the Browns are the right side, just that there is split support on each team in this game. If the game crashes from -2.5 to -1 for the ravens nearing game time then Millman was right, but I doubt it. I’m trying to get three whether I have to buy it or not.

        • Petefranklin

          One more thing …If the Lions /Packers game is low scoring in the first half as I suspect it will be, you can UNLOAD on the 2H OVER whatever total gets posted. I know I will be monitoring that game.

          One more, I posted last week that A.Luck was 10-0 in the 1H after a loss SU. Well he is 11-0 now and in the same scenario this week. PLAY IT! Colts 1H

        • Petefranklin

          I hate to do this but cancel my sea hawk bet and put me on the Broncos.
          Brandon Lang is on Seattle…need I say more.

  • Andy Rhode

    Missed the games today so I’ll lose out on having my one college game. I’ll just pick 5 NFL games for tomorrow and suffer the loss on that front.

    Cincinnati –6.5
    Pittsburgh +3
    Seattle –5
    Cleveland +1.5
    Dallas –1.5 (essay pick)

    ESSAY: I’m going against St. Louis for my essay once again. Despite looking like an idiot last week and watching them come out and beat Tampa, I still believe they’re a horrible football team. We just saw how bad Tampa was on Thursday and St. Louis snuck by them. I don’t have much faith in Dallas, but they figured out their key to winning last week: running the ball. By taking the ball out of INTony Romo’s hands, Dallas looked like a decent football team. They’ll do that once again and have success against this terrible Rams squad. People are pumped about Austin Davis and that’s nice, but until he keeps it up, I’m continuing my anti-Rams essays.

  • bupalos

    Boise minus howevermany. Elevation. Blue grass.GO!!

  • Tim Butler

    okla -7 over WV
    BILLS -2.5 over chargers
    washington +6.5 over EAGLES
    LIONS -2.5 over packers
    SEATTLE -5 over broncos

    ESSAY: PANTHERS -3 over steelers

    For the 2nd week in a row, the panthers are my essay pick. People continue to undervalue the panthers this year. The steelers just got handled easily by a ravens team that isn’t as good as the panthers. The panthers have forced 3 turnovers in each of their first 2 games this year, and the steelers just turned it over 3 times last week. Roethlisberger loves to hold on to the ball and scramble around, against the panthers front 7 that means sacks and fumbles. Finally, the panthers have won 8 straight at home, by an average of 16.6 points. The steelers are not a good enough team to break that trend, and really they aren’t a very good team at all. Panthers -3.

  • oxr

    College game, college game… oh, what the hell, Oklahoma -7 over West Virginia. (Although Clemson is tempting just because of the uncertainty.)

    • oxr

      All-Play Seahawks -5 over Broncos – like the Super Bowl, a tactical pick
      Patriots -14 over Raiders – last week I said “until the lines get silly” and this is unquestionably silly, but the Raiders are horrible, they’re on the road, in an early game… I know it’s a trap but I can’t help myself, that piece of cheese looks delicious
      Bengals -6.5 over Titans – ditto
      Bears +3 over Jets – this line looks backwards

      Essay Colts -6.5 over Jaguars – More Bad Team Bingo and another heavy favorite. I give up; I can’t keep picking the Jags as adorable underdogs and watching them get blown out. I honestly thought I’d struck gold in week 1, and then that whole “34-point second half collapse” thing occurred. Last week they were demolished by a team down to its backup QB, RB, and WR. Marcedes Lewis is injured. They just cut their starting RT. I know it’s a divisional game with the favored visitor on a short week, but environmental factors by themselves can’t fix things when you flat-out suck. Meanwhile, the Colts are 0-2, but both their games have at least featured meaningful fourth-quarter drives. This is a pivotal game for them and I have to hope they’re going to come out looking to score: they have their share of issues but for god’s sake so do the Redskins and they just hung 41 on this woeful excuse for a franchise. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about Blake Bortles coming in and doing something zany, but short of that this is the most rationalizable pick for me.

  • shoseph

    Alabama (-14.5) vs. Florida

    Colts (-6.5) vs. Jaguars

    Saints (-10) vs. Vikings
    AP: Broncos (+5) vs. Seahawks
    Essay: Panthers (-3) vs. Steelers
    Bears (+3) vs. Jets

    As much as I disliked Cam Newton for his laptop-stealing, Oregon Ducks-defeating ways (so close to that BCS national title, so, so close), he is a fun quarterback to watch with his running and throwing abilities. And as much as I dislike Ben Roethlisberger for his sexual assault-y and generally douchebaggy ways, it is also highly entertaining to watch him lumbering around the pocket, trying to dodge linesmen while also having a couple clinging on to him. So, with this matchup, I feel that even if my bet may be ill-advised, this game will at least be an entertaining watch.

  • ChuckKoz

    Oregon -24 (at Wash St)
    San Diego St +10 (at OSU)
    Giants +2.5 (vs Texans)
    Falcons -6.5 (vs Bucs)
    AP: Seattle -5 (vs Broncos)
    Essay: Clemson +10.5 (vs FSU)

    I feel a bit lame for taking this, but he gametime line is going to be under 10. Add in that FSU has not looked that impressive this season even with Winston with a wild home crowd scene, and it has to be at least a 1 score game. And with the “playoff” (not really a playoff) FSU knows it can lose this game and still get in if they win out, I don’t see their desperation closing the gap (unlike the amazing 6 man PHX Suns against the Spurs in 2007, my favorite underdog due to suspension game of all-time).
    – NOTE: I had more essay analysis when the line was 20, but didn’t get it in time.

  • Concierge

    finishing up seahawks, cu marshall, nmst, idaho.

  • Rob

    Syracuse pick’em, I guess.

    • Rob

      All play: Seattle -5

      STL +1.5

      CLE +1.5

      KC +4.5


      NYG +2.5

      Week 3 in the NFL is always “prove it” week. You have the 2-0 Texans, world-beaters who took down some of the most difficult the league has to offer in Washington and Oakland. And then there’s the woe-is-me NY Giants, 0-2 and checking in with Cooper Manning if he’d like to suit up this week. Read around the forums and you’d think the Giants are going to be relegated to the AFL. The public seems to have a slight preference for the road team here as well. Am I at 100 words yet? Almost? Good, bet your mortgage on the Giants.

      • ok just double checking –> Giants +2.5 is your PICK OF THE YEAR for three additional points here, correct?

        • Rob

          Darn tootin’ right.

          • Awesome.

          • bupalos

            We need like a cowbell or something to ring for when people take their POTY!

  • bupalos

    What’s this? A subtly freshening breeze from the southeast? Gee I wonder if a storm is coming….


    Take cover and pray to your god, as the first spritzy sprinkles darken the dry-tramped dust in a curious pattern, seeming to spell
    DUKE minus a bunch

    A curious sign. What can it mean. Surely not that REKNOWNED BUPALOS has tossed his size-infinity hat into the ring. Surely not that…

    • CleveLandThatILove

      We thought you were in jail.

      • bupalos

        Well sure…but jail has its usages, were is not is, and ordinary steel bars cannot hold what is when what is is REKNOWNED BUPALOS!

        • jpftribe

          That and there’s the whole three squares a day thing….

          • bupalos

            I’ve actually been meaning to try prison, but as for jail, those “squares” are decidedly narrow rectangles, slices of the nastiest cheapest shit the Haslam Economy can come up with. Like a little cup of yello jello, something green-but-not-necessarily-vegetative, and an expired ketchup packet. As I ate it I could feel the dollars flowing into some lobbyist’s pocket.

            I have a serious problem with dotting t’s and crossing i’s and one time found myself swept off from my daily commute (to hell) and thrown* in portage jail on a kind of bureaucratic technicality**. I seriously could not believe how bad the treatment was. No shoes. 55 degree concrete. 10 hours. They don’t tell you anything, they don’t talk to you, they get pissed if one of “you” tries to talk to them, and you can’t necessarily contact anyone unless they randomly decide you can. Meanwhile they yuk it up and yawn on the other side of the glass while you start to wonder whether they are really allowed to do this and for how long and what the remedy would be if they are breaking the rules that you’re not sure exist.

            It gets weird.

            That’s for someone imbued with white privilege who didn’t really do anything but fail to pay close attention to the mail. One shudders to think.

            Cue the link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Pz3syET3DY

            *pretty litterally
            **that’s what they all say.

  • Matt Borcas

    Michigan -4 over Utah

    • Matt Borcas

      Seahawks -5 over Broncos
      BROWNS +1.5 over Ravens
      Texans -2.5 over Giants
      Colts -6.5 over Jags

      Essay forthcoming …

    • Matt Borcas

      I will take Bears +3 as my essay. (Mark this down as my no-essay week, as I’m unable to form a coherent paragraph after that Browns game.)

  • for mo_by_dick: mich.

  • Dave Borcas

    Just saw I cannot get Clemson +20 so I will take
    Maryland in a pickem

  • zarathustra

    Broncos +5 over Seahawks
    If this game meant anything at all I would lay 70 with the Seahawks. But this is a September regular season game and such is what the legend of Peyton Manning is built upon. The Broncos will win outright here because that’s what Peyton Manning teams do in these spots. I’m readying for the deluge of drool the national media will flood our great land with Sunday evening. It will make my hate-reading of Peter King Monday morning that much more unbearable. I can’t wait to read about how it was only fitting that Peyton Manning be the one to allow us to forget–however briefly–the nadir the league descended to these past two weeks. Peter will still wring his hands about the morality of covering the league because he is such a thoughtful serious person, but ultimately it is the Peyton Manning’s of the game that make the league worth covering. Not the oodles of money he makes covering the league, nor his website centered around the year-round overage of the league. But Peyton Manning.
    Colts -6.5 over Jaguars
    Experience is the best teacher. Last year, week four, the Colts are travelling to Jacksonville laying a touchdown–or thereabouts I can’t remember exactly–and I was all over the home dog. It was the “smart play.” Colts 37 Jags 3
    Fast forward to today. This spot screams Jags: Everybody is so sure that they suck, their first two games were on the road, they are a home dog, and 75% or so of wagers are on the Colts. But the Colts are 0-2 and have looked decent in their losses. They need the win. Don’t overthink this.
    49ers -3 over Cardinals
    Weird game last week in San Francisco. The Niners completely dominated the first half and were only up 10. Kaep imploded in the second half as I expect he will again a few times this year. The Niners actually lost two in a row twice last year so it is far from inconcievable that would do so here. But they probably won’t against Drew Stanton’s Cardinals.

    Eagles -6.5 over Washington
    Michigan State quarterbacks went 3-0 last week. I fear they will go 0-3 this week. I’ll only wager against two of them though:)

    Virginia +14.5 over BYU
    Let’s put aside that Virginia beat BYU last year and is improved this year. BYU is at home with revenge and they’re just really good. I didn’t do a whole lot of research on this game, but I did see this:
    “We just gotta stay hungry,” receiver Canaan Severin told the school’s official website. “Henry just wanted to get that point across: You can’t be satisfied just by getting that big win. We want more wins than that.
    “We can talk about the win for the whole week, or we can prepare for BYU, and that’s what we did.”
    Doesn’t sound like a team that it is getting blown out to me.

    Florida +14.5 over Alabama***
    I loathe the Muschamp slobbering psychopath act. How can you expect your players to control their emotions in panic situations when you act like that? You are the head of an organization comprised of young men, many (most?) of which grew up in less than ideal circumstances. Since childhood they have battled real stress and faced real tragedy. The primary skill their coach/leader and really the institiution as whole should be instilling in them is how to channel their emotions and deal with adversity, because if they lack that ability when they are gone and no longer profitable to the university they are likely to perpetuate the same negative traits and mimic they same negative environment they grew up in. It really is kind of despicable. But I don’t suspect Muschamp looks at it that way. He is merely acting out the role of football coach as he was taught. Nevertheless, the Gators are underrated. They were legit National Championship contenders in 2012, then started out last year with a tough loss at Miami. Injuries started to pile up and they mostly quit down the stretch. I think the program is back on track. You can point to last week against Kentucky, but Kentucky is not as bad as you think.
    The Gators are constructed to play close games. More than two touchdowns is too much. This game will be close and Gators may win outright.
    FWIW I also like Giants tomorrow and Mississippi St, Minnesota, Mizzou, Middle Tennessee St, and Cal today.

  • Virginia +14.5

  • Dave Borcas

    Clemson +20
    Oregon -24
    Missouri -13
    Broncos +5
    Carolina -3 (essay)
    My essay games have been terrible so far. I got lucky with Ohio State in week 1 or I would be pitching a shutout. So to change up I am going with my heart and a strong defense at home. I very much dislike the Stillers. My dad took me to my first Browns v Stiller game when the infamous Turkey Jones sack took place. I still remember the ambulance driving onto the field to scrape up Bradshaw. As it was leaving the field, if you are old enough to remember Municipal, there was a ramp next to the bleachers that the ambulance had to go up when leaving the field. This ambulance could not make it up the ramp for whatever reason. As it tried, it was being pelted with everything but the seats. It was then I realized a true dislike for the Stillers and have manged to carry it through my life. Yinzers think football started in 1969 and forget that our Cleveland Browns have 8 football Championships. I spent a lot of years going to Three Rivers (taking abuse) until the jinx was finally broken. I remember the days at the Viking Inn taking the sheets off our beds to make signs in the parking lot. Go Carolina -3

    • sorry, clem now +10.5. do you still want? will not book until advised.

  • Chris Schroeder

    Oklahoma -7 @ West Virginia
    Nebraska -7 vs. Miami
    Missouri -13.5 vs. Indiana
    East Carolina -2 vs. North Carolina
    Seattle -5 vs. Denver

    Essay: Florida +14.5 @ Alabama

    Home Team: Alabama Crimson Tide. Venue: Bryant-Denny Stadium Tuscaloosa,
    Alabama. Game Time Temp: 89 & Sunny. Game Day Experience: Way to many mother fuckers sporting a comb overs, tucked in popped collars and Sperry’s. To the game, Alabama has taken the last 3 meetings by an average of 24 points and will continue this tread this week. The game will be tight early with a solid defensive performance from the Gators with a defense that hasn’t allowed a rushing TD and kept the opponents running attack to less then 100 yards this year. It will be interesting to see what team controls the game with both squads holding the ball almost 34 minutes a game. The game will be decided by which QB comes to play. Sims will stay hot while Driskel will fade late with a couple of picks in the second half. I’m looking at a low scoring affair with the home team edging the competition. Roll Tide.

  • clayII

    Michigan (+4) / Utah
    ECU (-2) / UNC
    LSU (-9.5) / Miss St
    Zona (-9) / Cal
    Denver (+5) / Seattle
    Florida (+14.5) / Bama
    I think Bama is over-valued here. Sims will be facing an elite defense for the first time and I have not been overly impressed with him yet. Florida is probably a bit under-valued due to the Kentucky game (they should have lost), but still have one of the most physical and athletic D’s in the country. Expecting low scoring smash mouth and will take the 3 score cushion. I am nervous though because the ESPN guys are all over Florida here.


    Clemson +20

    • sorry, clemson now +10.5. do you still want? will not book until advised.

      • CLEinMPLS

        I am going to switch it to Michigan -4. Was on the fence between the 2 games, so I will go with that now.

  • Nick

    Bucs +6.5 vs Falcons (LOSS) Hester doing Dion was awesome to watch. Sorry Buffalo a few weeks ago, you are not all assholes, and you have great wings. Needed to apologize for my essay two weeks ago.

    Middle Tenn. +12.5 vs Memphis
    UMass +26.5 vs PSU
    Carolina -3 vs Pittsburgh
    Seattle -5 vs Denver
    Phil Taylor’s Revenge Browns +1.5 vs Ravens

    My natural tendency when writing these essays it to get angry. Usually about a team, event, or person related to the city I’m going against. This can be often times be funny, and a winning strategy for some people, but it is not for me. Cheddar Bay is great because it’s an exercise to
    better myself while trying to successfully pick football games. Instead of giving in to my developed talent for disdain in things, I am re-training my conscious mind to avoid negative people and energy. This journey to align my conscious self with my sub-conscious self so that I’m properly connected to the Universal mind must be reflected in my writing.

    As for actual analysis of this game, the fact is Cleveland is now a tough place to play for visiting teams. The Defense can now draw real inspiration from the home crowd. Phil Taylor’s performance at Baltimore last year was one of the highlights of the season for me. He is going to play big. I see victory formation for Browns on Sunday.

    • zarathustra

      “I am re-training my conscious mind to avoid negative people and energy.”
      Well said. I should have read this before I wrote my however many word screed against Peyton Manning and his lap dog Peter King.

      • zarathustra

        Oops. I think I did it again.

  • FSU/Clemson is frozen/off-the-board pending executive committee ruling on the ten point line move.

    • Rob

      Petitioning the executive committee to have all Clemson wagers null and void please?

      • was discussed and rejected.
        there was only one player who hopped on the full game suspension news (lucy) and when she placed her bet i think the line was still +16. so everyone had the chance to get clemson +20 and no one (that i know of) grabbed it when the veags lines were at +10.

  • for hitthehorns — byu and unc.

  • PJD19

    I’ll take:
    Clemson -20 over FSU
    Nebraska -7 over Miami (FL).

    NFL and essay still to come…..

    • PJD19

      I mistakenly wrote Clemson -20, but when I put this in the line on here hadn’t changed. Do i still get in at Clemson +20? Just let me know…thx.

  • My favorite college pick this week is Michigan -4 over Utah. Sort of like with South Carolina against Georgia last week, the Wolverines can do a lot to erase a miserable start with a win this week in the Big House. Again, it’s very common for a college team to look sluggish the week after such a big loss as Michigan did against Miami OH last week after having been pounded by what might be a very good Notre Dame group the week before. As bad as they’ve looked this year, Mich has a lot of elite talent, especially on the defense and in the WR corps. Utah’s only beaten Idaho St. and a Fresno State team that lost 55-19 last week to Nebraska. Their QB situation is sort of a wild card, and a trip east against a Michigan team that will be bringing its best game today is a tall order.

    I’ll take Washington State +24 over Oregon as well because Air Raid in Pullman +24 overrated Ducks defense(?) wheeeee!

    I sort of want to take Florida State -20 even with Winston out, and I think we might want to think about a rule that allows for mid-week line changes in this contest in the event of lineup changes as big as this one (if you got the pick in before the lineup change was announced, fine, but otherwise). Anyway, though, I’ll be back this afternoon or tomorrow with 4 NFLs including my Pick of the Week.

    • Into Cleveland for their first road game of 2014 come the Baltimore Raisins who, apart from everything else (!!!), are a team that’s been running largely on reputation and fumes in the post-Ray Lewis era. Also a team that should have been righteously pounded by the Bengals in week 1 at home (gave up 5 first half scores, lucky they were all FGs), and a team that’s coming off an overrated nationally televised win (again at home) that they absolutely had to have against a declining Steelers group that’s as bad as its been in years.

      And then of course there’s the fact that they come in with the Ray Rice coverup exposed as one of the most spectacular microcosms of everything that’s wrong with everything that we’ll ever see in sports. Everybody has read this, right? espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/11551518/how-ray-rice-scandal-unfolded-baltimore-ravens-roger-goodell-nfl Of course it’s hard enough to win NFL football games without this sort of thing going on.

      I don’t think these Browns are great, or that there’s much hope of them ever being anything but a low-rent Jerryworld on Haslam’s watch, but even that would be a massive improvement and they’re clearly as solid as they’ve been since Mangini was in town. If the first two weeks of the season is any indication at all, they should be able to move the ball on the ground against the Ravens, and the Ravens don’t have the kind of playmakers to threaten this defense.

      And the public is still about 70% on Baltimore here (!!!).

      One of my best friends from college who’s from and lives in Japan is in
      Cleveland this weekend for work and we’re going to his first Browns game
      tomorrow, tailgating with the Borcases and @osuadamr and the “Hold the Pigskin” crew — http://holdthepigskin.blogspot.com/ (who will also have a non-vegan grill running) — among others and whomever else wants to come through (hit me up on email or Twitter re: tailgate rules and regulations).

      While there’s a chance, I don’t have much reason to expect I’ll be personally in attendance at any of my Picks of the Week for the rest of this season. I wasn’t expecting to do this so early but given all the above, it seems foolish to do anything but call this one my PICK OF THE YEAR, CMFBrowns +1.5 over Baltimore Raisins

      For my other three put me down for Bills +2.5 over Chargers (really like this one), Broncos +5 over Seahawks, and Panthers +3 over Steelers, subject to change between now and tomorrow morning.

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zTcpbPtDdw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AlvaroEspinoza10

    Illinois -14 over Texas State
    Duke -16.5 over Tulane– ESSAY:

    As an alumnus of both schools, I’m gonna have to go with the Blue Devils. 3-0 verse the spread already, this is a case of Vegas (and the general public) not yet recognizing how good this Duke team is. Last year, for the first time ever, Duke reached its second straight bowl game. In that bowl game, they almost took down Texas A&M on New Years Eve (up 24 points in the first half before JFF led the come back in the second half). David Cutcliffe coached both Mannings (OC for Peyton, QB coach for Eli… or vice versa) in college and was tweeting this week how Duke has produced (under him) 3 of the top 8 receivers in ACC history (in yards). This is a coach that loves offense, loves to score, loves to run up the score. On the flip side, Tulane is terrible. They are the type of program now that Duke was 5 years ago– minimal talent, no fan support, no momentum. They haven’t sniffed a bowl game in years (decades?). Duke is warming up for its ACC stretch and will be stretching its legs against Tulane, will be scoring a lot. Also, I write this from Durham, and will be at the game today. Go Blue Devils

  • Peter Markos

    BYU -14.5 over UVA
    ALA -14.5 over UF
    CHI +3 over NYJ
    NE -14 over OAK
    BUFF -2.5 over SD
    The Chargers were awesome last week. The 3 TDs Rivers threw looked like they were dropped from the sky by the gods. The Bolts won’t play that well two weeks in a row, especially on a cross country road trip. Expect Sammy Watkins to light it up and makes us wish for a draft day redo.
    Some random thoughts:
    Jamies Winston must be a total headcase. There is something bigger going on here. He is out of control, or the FSU administration is sending a message to the AD. Wait and see.
    The USF- UCONN game was the worst college football game I have ever seen. A high school powerhouse beats both of those teams. Poor talent and poor coaching.
    Did you hear the one that Iraq is just like Germany and Japan?. We just need to stay there a generation or two to teach them democracy and rid them of bad borders, tribalism, historical hate, poverty….They should be making BMWs and Toyotas in no time.

  • 1. Auburn -8.5 at KState — lose.

    ***2. Rutgers +6 at Navy. I started with a thesis on this and worked backward. Thesis: RU lost in the last minute to PSU last week; Navy beat Texas State. RU lost largely because of 5 INTs and it’s doubtful Navy will force anything like that. When Navy went against a large o-line (OSU), the size difference told in the fourth quarter and they failed to cover. So why isn’t RU favored by 6 instead of the opposite?
    I actually like Gary Nova when I’ve watched Rutgers. But I didn’t watch last week’s PSU game and his 5 INTs so I’ll go by what his coach said about the picks: “The first one was a tip. The second one (RB) P.J. (James) didn’t look like he was really ready for the ball when he got it. The third one was the one we just talked about. The fourth one I thought was a poor decision. The last one was in the two-minute drill, really poor protection, fourth down, Gary trying to make a play.”
    Rutgers had 5 turnovers and still got a push. I’d take Nova over OSU’s JT Barrett.
    Navy — good as they started against OSU — did not cover +16 against the now exposed Bucks. Rutgers’ o-line is about the same size as OSU’s and as we saw, in the end OSU’s line was able to wear down the much smaller Navy d-front. By smaller, I mean Navy’s DEs are 50 pounds lighter than any of Rutgers’ o-linemen and their LBs are 207, 220, 223, 213 or roughly 80 pounds lighter. OSU got 194 rush yards and 16 out of the 18 plays in their two TD drives in the fourth quarter for ~120 of those 194 yds. Kyle Flood is all o-line in his coaching and playing background and this data cannot have escaped his notice. He will grind down Navy and there will be no five INTs.
    On defense I see the Rutgers gave up 500+ yds and 5 TD to Wazzu. Is Navy Wazzu? It is not. Wazzu has the #1 pass offense; Navy passes not the ball and is 128th (last). Navy does like to run and are #1 in rush offense. Gaudy numbers racked up against Texas St and Temple (113 and 120 respectively in rush defense). Even OSU is 90th in rush defense and ECU did a much better job on VaTech than the Bucks. All of this is say, I am not sure Navy has seen a defense as strong as RU’s yet.
    Who’s to say that (18 point victors over Navy) OSU is that much better than Rutgers? More importantly why can’t RU grind down Navy with a comparable (maybe better) o-line, better RB (Paul James is healthy) and better QB.
    I’ll take the six points. (But I can’t pull the trigger on this for the essay.)
    Screw it. Walking away from the whole Rutgers pick.

    2. UNM -4 at NMSU. While the rest of you were watching Tenn/OU or Texas/UCLA, I was watching UTEP/NMSU. I was struck by how teeny tiny NMSU is. They’re crafty with a crafty little QB throwing to nimble little WRs. But UNM will run the ball all over like they did last year. (Hell Cal-Poly ran for 259 on NMSU. Old friend Pateslvrblk’s son starts at CPSLO this month and .. and well this is not a football powerhouse.) Too bad NMSU can’t run because UNM is last in rush defense. But they can’t.

    3. at Duke -16.5 Tulane. Tulane is so C-USA and someone here (AlvaroE) correctly noted that the public is still sleeping on Duke. I think that’s right.

    4. Chargers +2 at Bills. Chargers just smashed the Seahawks. THE SEAHAWKS. And they’re dogs at the Ralph? Because the Bills beat the Bears and Dolphins?? Not for nothing but Cutler had 340 yards in the Bears loss;;; Rivers has had to deal with the Cards and Seahawks first two weeks… the Bills d-back will be slow motion compared to the Peterson/Sherman that Rivers has seen in weeks one and two.

    ***5. at Browns +1.5 Ravens.
    * Guess what? Neither Steve Smith nor Torrey Smith are 6-7 former basketball players likely to line up at TE or Y or Z or X positions. Coach Pett move flip Haden-Skrine-Gilbert to cover any and all of the Ravens’ WRs and
    * Flacco is no Drew Brees when it comes to reading the confusing sets both in cover and in Kruger usage.
    * The Browns o-line and RBs are much better than anything the Ravens have seen and will gash. Hell Pitt had 5.5 yds/rush last week,, the Browns will do better.
    * Dont be tricked into thinking the Ravens will run like the Saints did. Browns were scheming with 7 DBs to prevent the Brees air show. Also John Hughes is back this week and is a run game upgrade over Winn (and Taylor and Rubin).
    * Finally the Ray Rice thing hurts many Ravens individually. He likely has nothing but friends in the locker room as being through camps and seasons and a Super Bowl creates a strong bond. Many of his teammates want desperately to speak on his behalf simply as a character witness would in a trial. But to do so is both futile (note the majority of Dolphins supporting Richie Incognito) and a good way to light yourself on fire. It hurts each Rice friend individually to be so powerless. This is at best a distraction and not one likely to create an ‘us against them’ improvement of play on the field.
    * Candidate for pick of the year.

    6. Seahawks -5 at Broncos.

  • p_forever

    and away – we – go:

    e.carolina -2 n. carolina*** the pirates are quickly becoming my favorite non blue and gold wearing college team. last weekend was not some sort of fluke, nor was it merely va tech let down (although va tech letdown is a real deal thing and certainly was a factor). note also that last year east carolina played at chapel hill and won by 24. they might do that again today.

    vanderbilt +21.5 s. carolina

    va tech -8 ga tech

    lsu -9.5 miss st.

    smu +33 texas a&m

    denver +5 seattle (the very best thing ever about this all play is that at the time of this writing, only 4 cheddars picked denver, and 2 of them were cleveland that i love and acto. i think maybe that’s because only cleveland that i love and acto remember the circumstances under which i won cheddar bay? or else it’s just because cleveland that i love and acto are 2 of the 4 smartest people playing cheddar bay. either way, give me horse face, the points, and my 2 cheddar diehards. p.s. this is not an essay. just an aside.)

  • thatsfine

    Cal +9
    Marshall -9.5
    MTU +12.5 – essay
    The Blue Raiders try to make it 4 in a row against Memphis and lay a credible claim to being the best FCS team in Tennessee. This feels like a letdown spot for Memphis after they came close to pulling off a big upset at UCLA, only to lose by a TD. That was probably a quiet ride back to Memphis. Memphis is getting a lot of credit for hanging in there with the Bruins, but the Bruins also let Virginia stay close. I think this is a one TD game either way it goes.
    UNLV +21
    SDSU +10

    Seattle -5

  • Lucy Lawrence

    #1 Marshall -9.5

    #2 Missouri -13.5

    #3 Navy -6

    #4 Panthers -3

    #5 All Play Seattle -5

    #6 Essay Clemson +20

    I am going to be shaddy and take Clemson for my essay after hearing Famous Jameis is out for the entire game. This is one advantage to working night shift..you know of breaking news that comes at odd hours in the night. I hope this play doesn’t come back to bite me but I liked this pick prior to JW being suspended and now I just can’t resist. It doesn’t seem like a team with Clemson’s talent, who has the ability to put up points (avg 47), should ever get 20+ points. The Seminoles are struggling in 2 key areas this season: 3rd downs and against the run and both Clemson RBs are averaging 6+ yrds/carry. Hopefully Clemson comes to town to get some revenge from last year and take advantage of not having to go up against JW.

  • Jonathan MacDonald

    Rutgers +6
    Pitt -6.5
    Nebraska -7
    Clemson +20 (screaming curses atop a table at the student union is highly frowned upon in today’s NCAA)
    All Play: Seahawks +5
    Essay: Browns +1.5

    As a non-Browns fan, it gets lonely sometimes on this board. As I have little rooting interest, I don’t know where to get information or gauge the pulse of the team. However I’m willing to use the Browns to get ahead in Cheddar Bay competition. They’re coming off a big win against the Saints, a perennial contender. Baltimore is not impressing this year, Ray Rice situation notwithstanding, despite the big win against the Steelers. Cleveland can and should win this game, and with 1.5 points of help, it’s a solid pick.

  • GRRustlers

    Week 4 Picks

    AP – Seattle (-5) over Denver – Real funny. Not making that mistake again.

    Michigan (-4) over Utah – It’s easy to hate on Michigan and the Big 10 but I watch a ton of PAC12 football and am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the Utah love.

    Eagles (-6.5) over Redskins – You don’t have 2 QBs Washington. You have none. I don’t know if the Eagles actually have one either but Chip Kelly will find a way.

    Patriots (-14) over Raiders – Lost in all the various conversations about Carr on this site was the clear overlook that he would be leading his team in rushing. That’s good.

    Wyoming (-3.5) over FAU – Because I love when teams go to Laramie for the first time. Good luck breathing FAU.

    Essay Pick

    Today I am going to vent about something that drives me nuts on football broadcasts. When a team starts the season 0-2 they only make the playoffs 12% of the time. I must have heard this 300 times this week on various shows and written in various print. Did it ever occur to you people that maybe the reason for that is that shitty teams start 0-2? How rare is is that an actually good team actually loses their first 2 games? How about a team that has yet to play a home game? How about a team that lost on last second field goals to 2 good teams on the road? Yes. The Falcons and the Browns are good football teams. The Saints are also a good football team. In fact I think they are a very good team that is now a pissed off team that gets to return home to a place they almost never lose and play a Vikings team that just is not that good.

    Love the Saints this week.

    Saints (-10) over Vikings

  • squeekycleen

    Let’s start with these for tomorrow:

    Indiana Hoosiers

    NFL, all play, and essay up Sunday.

  • FTCMikeD

    Falcons (Win!)
    @Mizzou -13.5 over Indiana
    Texans -2.5 over @Giants
    AP: @Seahawks -5 over Broncos
    Bears +3 over @Jets
    *****@Panthers -3 over Steelers*****
    I’ve watched as much of the Stillers this season as the Browns and they are not a good football team. They were good against the Browns for a half, only because the Browns didn’t get the memo there was a football game to be played until halftime. And they looked very tame against the Ravens. The Panthers were a team that everyone was saying regressed this off season. Because they lost Steve Smith Sr? Not exactly a huge playmaker anymore. Not sure there is much evidence of that at this point, I mean they won with Derek Freaking Anderson! Their defense is going to gobble Ben and crew up in North Cackalacky. Losing Hardy is not going to be a factor. Cam is going to create plays the old Steeler defense won’t be able to cover Olsen over the middle. Panthers cover on Sunday night.

  • The Iron Sheik

    Pitt -6.5
    Georgia -40 essay
    Nebraska -7
    Denver +5

    When a giant gets punched in the mouth he with either spit the blood out if his mouth and punch your ass back or rollover and die. In this case Georgia will come back this weekend and knock the lights out of Troy with what they do best- a balanced attack led Gurley. Physically Georgia is clearly the superior team while psychologically Georgia has something to prove to themselves and the pollsters. And at the end of this game they will have beaten Troy to a pulp and be ready to get there season back on track and make a run for a national championship.

  • CleveLandThatILove

    (AP) Broncos +5 Seahawks
    CMU +3.5 Kansas
    Clemson +20 FSU
    Titans+6.5 Bengals
    Panthers -3 Steelers
    *Browns +1.5

    I know less about spread betting than anyone, and it’s no secret that my picks are based a little on facts and a lot on feelings. I do know that I am becoming dangerously enamoured of these Browns, top to bottom. It started in 2013 with Brian Hoyer. I have a special place in my heart for St. Ignatius alums, and the fact that he’s made back to this point has put me hopelessly over the edge. (I almost became CleveLandThatILike after he went down last year, but that’s another story.) I love the philosophy of the FO and our “high school” coach picked up out of the remainders bin. I like that this team is a collection of nobodies that think they can. Superstars don’t fit in Cleveland unless they began here, like LeBron. This is the only way it’s going to happen for us. I don’t really care what the point spread is because those who set them constantly underestimate the Browns, especially at home.

    • technivore

      Uptick from a St. Ignatius grad, although truth be told when I am in the neighborhood anymore I don’t even recognize the place.

    • CleveLandThatILove

      Can I swap Clemson for New Mexico St +4 New Mexico? Thanks.

  • Petefranklin

    Super busy day tomorrow so I’ll take care of my NCAAFupped pick today
    #1)Clemson +20 I liked this picks revenge angle until that fat guy jumped on a table. Seriously, he’s put on a lot of weight stealing all that food. Now that everyone is on Clemson they’ll probably eat shit, but the line value is too much for me to resist.

    Probable play on Hawaii, I’m waiting to see what the line does after all the Islanders players and parents get their bets down. Bigtime COL steam = guaranteed Hawaii loss. If there was ever a down and out team to throw a game this is it, but that NEVER happens right?

    • Petefranklin

      #2 Redskins +6 over philly.Im too old to call them anything else but I’m glad our great Harry Reid can take time out from under Obamas desk to fight the fight and ignore things like corporate welfare. Way to go Harry. That doosh has absolutely the weakest handshake that I’ve ever experienced. Anyway, This line stood out to me before Monday night. It is a rivalry still and taking the points with the visitors used to be an absolute lock. Let’s see if it still plays out that way. Oh and that kid from MSU that our QB guru holmgrin whiffed on looks pretty NFL ready to me, maybe our Shanahan isn’t too bad after all. The only thing that derails DC would be if Jackson can’t play.

  • Concierge

    South Fla -2 Essay

    This is the degenerate in me wanting to get some points back early in the weekend and start this thing off right. So lets start by saying this.. Both teams are awful. South Florida is awful at covering the spread at home too which is exactly why I’m taking them. This thing opened up at USF -5 and has been bet down quite a bit. I see this as a very low scoring game maybe even a 17-13 type of game with USF covering the spread. UCONN’s offense is averaging a putrid 16 points per game and they have also been 1-4 ATS their last 5 road games so fuck it gimme the home team minus the points. GO BULLS!

    • chuckycrater

      stop no what are you doing stop

      – chuckycrater, USF ’02

  • chuckycrater

    I think USF should win this, but we fans are in one of our funks (these happen roughly 20 times a year) so I don’t feel very confident.

    Like I said below, you should stay away from this line. But I will also mention that no one has cracked 20 points in this annual matchup since 2009 (19-16, 16-10, 13-7, 13-10) so the under is a good play.

    • Petefranklin

      Every swinging dick tout there is, is on the under. I missed the early line move so I stayed away but after seeing my boy Lang is also on the under, I almost have to fade and go over at game time.

      • chuckycrater

        These offenses are so freakin’ bad, though. It’s also going to rain tonight in Tampa. Obnoxious as they are, I think the touts are right on this one.

        Over/under is like 44 right now. That number has only been reached three times in 11 all-time meetings, and only once since 2006.

        • Petefranklin

          This guy is the absolute worst, and he played a horrible line. G.L. if you play it.

          Brandon Lang

          Friday Selection …

          My 50 Dime selection is on UConn and S Florida Under the total. The current total on the game is 43 in Vegas and offshore. Be sure to shop around for the best line available.

        • Petefranklin

          Nice win for you, I sat it out.

  • Putting out a call to the Cheddar Crew: For reasons that are deeply personal, I need to choose a side in tonight’s UConn/USF tilt. Anyone got anything? Anything at all?

    • UConn hired for HC a ND assistant coach largely because he won some crazy ‘Assistant Coach of the Year*’ award (that sounds as political and meaningless as Best Short Animation or Achievement in Sound Effects) and ND. The same people who brought you Paul Pasqualoni. USF has Willie Taggart**.

      Taggart >>> Diaco. USF.

      * Pfft —> The Broyles Award. Puh-leeze. The a nice fundraiser for Little Rock Rotary Club and I’m sure the selection process is on the up and up..

      ** Taggart needed a year and three games to get WKU on the right track but once he did they were lights out. I know because I bet against them right after they lost to Indiana State, then they ran the table like 10-2 ATS. Last week’s NCST game was USF’s Indy St.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        WKU 2011 7-5
        WKU 2012 7-5
        Please explain when they were “lights out”.
        I do not mean this as a personal affront Mike, I just hope you can sell me on Taggart. I want to respect him as a coach.

        • it was 2011 and ATS. 7-5 doesn’t tell story.. they were tied with #1 LSU at halftime in november that year. just the transformation of the team over the course of the year AND ALSO i was impressed with how he handled his players. not a screamer but his players clearly ran through walls for him. really put him on my radar. if USF gives him time, he’ll be good (unless he’s a horrible recruiter which would be a surprise).

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Diaco and Taggart have both been sending out very obvious S.o.S. signals. (Stinks of Shurmur)
      Taggart is NOT “the other Harbaugh Brother”. Diaco is in his first roll as a head coach and he may have that Shurmur-esque Entry Level Incompetence, or ELI, (have you seen the Giants lately?), Peter Principal be damned.
      You should play the percentages and take the points, because it is difficult to imagine either team scoring.

      • OK, USF and the over it is. (Not for Cheddar points). Thanks guys.

  • chuckycrater

    This week’s lines are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. It’s like we fast-forwarded to November where all the value has been carefully removed from the board.

    ALL PLAY: Seahawks -5 vs. Broncos. That’s basically the value of Seattle’s home field advantage – seems like Seattle is undervalued because they lost last week.

    Kansas State +8.5 vs. Auburn (win!)
    Clemson +20 vs. Florida State
    Oklahoma -7 vs. West Virginia
    Alabama -14.5 vs. Florida (if it weren’t for the half-point this would be my essay)

    ESSAY: Colorado -7.5 vs. Hawaii

    A perfect storm of problems for the Rainbow Warriors. They haven’t won a game on the mainland since 2011. In fact, the only power-conference team they’ve beaten on the mainland in the last 20 years was a 1-11 Washington State squad in 2009. They barely beat FCS Northern Iowa in Honolulu last week. They’re struggling with some key injuries, including their star running back Joey Iosefa. It’s an early start for them (9:00 am Hawaii time). Now that June Jones resigned, Norm Chow may be the most disinterested coach in FBS. The Buffaloes have more talent, too, and if things start going wrong early it could be a really long day for Hawaii. 7.5 is an appealingly low number here. I’ll take Colorado and the points.

    • No UConn/USF action? I am disappoint.

      • chuckycrater

        Only a total degenerate would put any action on that game. If anything, bet the under there.

  • Capitalgg

    You know it’s going to be a tough week when you look at Army v. Wake and think, “hmm, that looks interesting.” In fact, I did that this week and almost walked away from the competition entirely and sports betting in general. Needless to say, I’m not going to play that game because I believe it to be a moral and ethical wrong that that game is allowed to exist.

    Anyway, that should give some insight into my mindset this week. It’s not good. I’m about to follow up a solid week last week with what feels like imminent disaster.

    Let’s see how this goes…

    All-Play: Seattle -5 v. Denver: The only level of thought I’ve put into this is Seattle at home = give points.

    1. Oregon -24 @ Washington St.: Nobody wants to play in Pullman, but has anyone actually watched the Cougs this year? I was fully expecting this line to be 38.
    2. Chargers +2.5 @ Bills: Still can’t believe the Bills are a good team. Last week including my preseason presumptions before recalibration.
    3. Navy -6 v. Rutgers: I said I was going to ride Navy all year. Panicked off them last week on news that Keenan Reynolds wasn’t playing. Oh and Rutgers, 7 days after losing the biggest game in school history, you get to try swatting at flies using telephone poles. Good luck with that.
    4. Colorado -7.5 v. Hawaii: YIKES! I’m actually doing this. Corollary to the never bet against Hawaii on the big island theorem is bet against Hawaii on the mainland.

    When it doubt, it’s not a bad idea to put your essay against UNLV. They are just a ridiculously bad football team. Their lone win is against something called a Northern Colorado (I think Colorado School of Mines has a higher Sagarin rating) by a single point. That was between a thumping by an Arizona team that still lacks a QB and a Jordan Lynch-less Norther Illinois.

    Houston on the other hand, is a little frisky. They got run over by #CheddarBay’s Road Runners in week 1, but last week looked frisky in coming back against a pretty decent BYU team. So I’ll go Houston -21 in a thumping of the Rebs.

    Oklahoma -7 @ West Virginia
    Virginia Tech -8 v. Georgia Tech
    Wisconsin -27 v. Bowling Green
    Marshall -9.5 @ Akron
    Texas A&M -33 @ SMU
    Central Michigan +3.5 @ Kansas
    Alabama -14.5 v. Florida
    Missouri -13.5 v. Indiana
    Utah St. +2.5 @ Arkansas St.
    Miami (OH) +28 @ Cincinnati
    Browns +1.5 v. Ravens
    Lions -2.5 v. Packers
    Steelers -3 @ Panthers

  • swig

    1) SEAHAWKS -5 over Denver
    2) MICHIGAN -4 over Utah
    3) Texans -2.5 over GIANTS
    4) Colts -6.5 over JAGUARS
    5) BENGALS -6.5 over Titans
    6) PANTHERS -3 over Steelers

    #6 is ESSAY, will ESSAY tomorrow

    • swig

      This line does not make sense to me. Steelers have been extremely suspect except for that first half thingy we do not need to discuss here. Carolina’s defense has been great so far. This line says the panthers are 0.5 points better on a neutral field? I think not. Are the Steelers still a public team? I donno. One could do some research here to provide more coherent factual arguments about teams strengths and weaknesses, but that sounds like a lot of work. If this line was -2.5 I would consider it for the season all-play.

  • chuckycrater

    I’d like K-State +8.5 for one point. Let’s do this, EcoKat.

  • Dave Borcas

    Taking Auburn -8.5

  • DQuatts

    DQuatts Week 4:

    I’ll get Rollin tonight with KSU +8.5. I think this is a tight game tonight. More picks to come, as well as my essay Broncos play.

    • DQuatts

      DQuatts rounding out the week with plenty of Sunday action!

      KSU +8.5 (W)
      Washington +6.5
      Indianapolis -6.5
      Green Bay +2.5
      Cleveland +1.5
      Denver +5***

      ***Redemption time?!? Actually, aside from all the Super Bowl talk, I have a few good feelings about this game today. First of all, Denver has not put together a full game this season yet. For some reason, after halftime, Denver’s gameplay seems to go out the window. They realize that 60 minutes is absolutely required for a chance at a ‘W’ in Seattle today. Also, sorry for being so obvious, but Seattle has a bad offense. They are not good on offense. They stink. They rely on their defense to create opportunities for their offense, and Denver knows that. Peyton Manning knows that. With the opportunity to earn a little bit of respect back today, I have a good feeling that Denver wins this game outright. I’ll take the points and hope for the best!

  • Art_Brosef

    I wrote this in my head today at work, and was thinking of making it my play of the year; but of course i get home to see two people have already written essays on it. Hmm what to do.

    I remember a couple of weeks ago, some vegas-oddsmaker-type-person tweeted people were betting KSU so hard vs ISU it “was if the game was already over.” We all know that turned out.

    So KSU struggled vs an conference opponent. Not a big deal. Fast forward a Bill Snyder bye week, and all anyone can think about is how good Auburn is and that KSU struggled vs a pretty mediocre (at best) ISU team. This = too big of a number. Bill Snyder is such a sniper its ridiculous. Ill take him, coaching at home, off a bye, at night, and getting over a touchdown.

    Plus we’re getting a point and half on the market now. This is not my play of the year, but it is my essay. KSU +8.5

    Will take Tampa +6.5 too, just too many points. And my wife is having a couple friends over, so ill be out and will have my eyes on both games. I wanna care.

    • cripes, i’d forgotten about play of the year –> HEY EVERYONE dont forget you can designate one essay pick as your play of the year and gain three extra points. one shot deal.

      • cwonder23

        Hey, for weekly wins. Is it point based? If so, is the POTY eligible for that? That’s kinda why I was waiting.

    • good win but wouldve have way too nerve wracking to watch as a POTY. i think i just decided to go camping on the weekend of mine.

    • Art_Brosef

      UMass +26.5 – This “Joe-Out” business is so idiotic it makes my head spin. Just shut up about JoePa. Everytime you gain a little momentum in terms of national forgiveness and perception, you do something stupid like this. My hope it was a very small minority, but sheesh. Bad karma from the start.

      PSU was less than impressive vs Akron, and the Rutgers game could have easily been a loss. Not to mention the fact that they almost certainly lose the opener if OLeary actually had his brain turned on and started Holman. Point here is that PSU could EASILY be 1-2, in which case I imagine this number is at least a little smaller. Not to mention the fact that Umass has put up 69 points the last two weeks and should manage a couple scores and to stay within the number despite losing the game.

      A Joe Out. Gimme a fucking break

      • joe-out is a crazy stupid idea. you know it’s gotta be a dozen students tops (right??!) but it’ll be reported like it’s the whole campus.

        • Art_Brosef

          Yeah I honestly dont think its too many folks, save for some drunk college kids and central PA hillbillies.

          • bupalos

            never underestimate the negative power of a handful of central PA hillbillies.

  • AmplifiedEsq

    1) Atlanta -6.5
    2) ESSAY: Auburn -8.5

    Tonight will mark the 14th straight game Auburn has covered the spread. Everyone likes to talk about the fact it is a weeknight game, KSU is a home dog, and Bill Snyder. All that is great and it certainly counts for something… But the fact of the matter is Auburn is just far more talented, faster, athletic, etc. and, most importantly, they love to score – and are damn good at it. KSU’s offense basically relies on Jake Waters. Knowing Auburn doesn’t have the best defense, I still like their chances of being able to contain Jake. They certainly won’t do it every drive – but they will do it enough to build up a substantial lead and not have to look back. As a Big 10 fan I hate it, but the fact of the matter is the elite SEC schools are simply on another level than most other football programs right now. These are the types of games they win, consistently. Some day that will change… Unfortunately for KSU, who seemingly has everything in their favor, today is not the day.

    Rest of my picks will come Saturday morning or Sunday morning

    • AmplifiedEsq

      3) Chicago +3
      4) San Diego +2.5

      5) Indianapolis -6.5
      6) Seattle -5

  • jdoepke

    Kansas St +8.5 tonight, rest to come tomorrow

    • jdoepke

      ok so this is second draft…stupid iPad….

      Navy -6 vs. Rutgers
      West Virginia +7 vs. Oklahoma
      Redskins +6.6 at Eagles
      Seahawks -5 (AP)
      49ers -3 (Essay)

      I read something that Harbaugh is something ridiculous like 200-0 ATS after a loss so that’s as good a reason as any. The less I try to explain here, the better off I’ll be. Must win for SF early in the season after giving game away last week. 49ers 24-17

      • losing a superbly crafted essay is the worst and the replacement never even half as good. seriously, i do my picks on a text editor (Text Wrangler) now, like so.

  • FTCMikeD

    @Falcons -6.5 over Bucs tonight in TNF.

  • HitTheHorns

    Hit the Horns:

    Tampa +6.5.

    **Essay** Kansas State +8.5. After three essay losses to start the year, I need some mojo back. The only way to get some momentum going and give me the moral boost I’m looking for is to essay against the team I’ve picked against (and lost) since week 2 of the college season last year. Auburn will obviously win this game by 10, but at least I will have taken a stand. iOdds shows 72% on Auburn yet the line is down to -7. My local book said he has barely taken any $$ in on KState. ESPN Insider claims this is a kitchen sink game for KState, so let’s ride with Bill Snyder here.

  • The Iron Sheik

    Auburn -8.5
    Atlanta -6.5

  • last thing i want to do is go against bill snyder AND clevta’s essay. but on the other hand, gus malzahn and as crash davis taught us, ‘respect the streak.’

    Auburn tonite.


    1. Tampa +6.5- ATL has the worst defense in NFL ranking dead last in
    pass def yds/attempt by a country mile. Also they have recorded the same
    number of sacks this season as I have. Can’t lay this much with an
    awful defense in the NFL.

    2. K St +8.5 (essay)- K St 5-1 ATS as a
    home dog in their last 6. Bill Snyder, Bill Snyder, Bill Snyder.
    Always, always beware of the home dog on Thursday night CFB ESPN gm. The
    thing K St does well, running the ball, is where Auburn struggled vs
    Arkansas as they ran for 153 yds (5.3 ypc) in gm1. I dont count SJSU bc
    they’ve never run it well. Line has gone from -10 to -7. I’ll take the
    points here

    3. Seattle -5 (All play)- Broncos have proven 3 times
    (1 reg season + 2 preseason) they have no clue how to handle the SEA
    defense. If Seattle had won last week I might’ve changed my tune but
    that loss last week cements this one for me. Russell hasn’t lost a game
    when favored by 6 or less at home in his career.

    4. Clemson +20- bc math
    5. Fl ATL +3.5 bc nobody else will

    6. Browns +1.5- Flacco on road

  • Its Only Money

    My essay plays have been saving me the past two weeks. Maybe this week I can continue with the essays and expand with some better college picks. We shall see.

    Duke -16.5 v Tulane
    Texas A&M -33 @ SMU
    Missouri -13.5 v Indiana
    South Carolina -21.5 @ Vanderbilt
    All Play Denver +5 @ Seattle

    Will be back for my essay tomorrow or Saturday.

    • Its Only Money

      Essay Pick Cincinnati v Tennessee -6.5
      I think Cincinnati continues its early season roll this week. They are clearly one of the top teams in the AFC this year and will continue to show that this week against the Titans. Dalton showed last week that even without AJ Green he has plenty of weapons to spread the ball out to. Their defense continues to prove itself to be one of the top units in the NFL. I think they still don’t get quite the respect they deserve due to their underwhelming performance in the playoffs the past couple of years. Tennessee just can’t match up with the Bengals in any facet of the game. I think the Bengals will wrap this one up early.Looking at some stats too, the Bengals are a lock at home over the last year plus going 10-0 in their last 10 I just don’t see that changing this week.

  • technivore

    FALCONS -6.5 over Buccaneers

    • technivore

      SEAHAWKS -5 over Broncos (AP)
      PANTHERS -3 over Steelers

      FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL +26.5 over Louisville
      EAST CAROLINA -2 over North Carolina

      PITT -6.5 over Iowa

      I put as much time and effort into researching my Pitt/BC pick as I have any non-Browns game ever, but I failed one very simple task: actually watch some highlights of the teams. If I had I’m sure I would have seen this highlight reel of James Conner from his freshman season last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qi_u20_elI and then maybe I would have avoided the most traumatizing loss of my young #CheddarBay career. Well if it’s all about what we learn from the losses, here is what I’ve learned:

      James Conner is the truth.

      I rode Pitt last week and lost because they came out flat on the road and gave up 16 points in the first quarter. They dominated the rest of the way, outscoring FIU 42-9 in the final 3 quarters, with Conner himself getting 3 TDs against a tired FIU defense in the second half. But I don’t that disappointing start happens again because they are at home and going up against a B1G opponent, and if you can’t get up for humiliating a B1G “power” like Iowa, you shouldn’t be suiting up anyway. The Hawkeyes D will get tired just like everyone else does trying to bring Conner down and so far he looks like Hyde did last year: an unstoppable freak of nature who simply wears the other side out. Voytik and the underrated Pitt D need to just not screw up, because Rudock isn’t going to beat anyone on his own and he has no weapons and no offensive identity to rely on.

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    ALL PLAY: Denver + 5
    Tampa Bay Bucs +6.5 at Atlanta
    St. Louis Rams +1.5 vs. Dallas
    Tennessee Titans +6.5 at Cincinnati
    AZ Cardinals + 3 vs. San Fran

    Akron Zips +9.5 vs. Marshall

    Everybody knows Marshall’s QB by now and how many pegged Marshall to go unbeaten, and that might happen. Everybody knows Akron has stunk and hung around most of the game at Penn State but didn’t get it done. Well, IMO Akron is much better, good enough to win here and really wants to considering Akron is at Pitt next week for another game it probably can’t win. Marshall is coming off a waxing of a terrible Ohio team. Akron is off a bye week. This will probably be a money line play come Saturday and it’s my essay play. Bowden F’ing Ball.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Auburn -8.5 I really suck at college football and this line was the only one to jump out at me. So I’m closing my eyes and throwing my dart.

    Essay:Atlanta -6.5…Atlanta reminds me a lot of Saints teams of the past. I think their offense at home is going to be almost insurmountable. They are going to light up the scoreboard and their crowd is going to go bananas helping their defense become average, and it looks like an average defense is more than enough to hold the bucs to 17 points or fewer. Dough Martin has a bad name meaning Rainey is going to get the majority of the carries. Yup thats the guy the Browns cut last year and he doesn’t scare me. The Bucs also have Evans but he’s a rookie and shouldn’t help the bucs put up anymore than the paltry 17 pts. So far this year the bucs have manage 14 points against carolina at home (good defense) and 17 vs the Rams at home (good defense). I wouldn’t expect in better on the road in a dome.

    Some may say but the falcons only put up 10 vs the Bungles last week, I say throw it out they were on the rd. Again this is a dome team that is completely different at home. The bungles also have a great defense with a great defensive backfield. Tampa does not. This is going to get ugly folks. I love the falcons lost last week, their going to play pissed and paste the bucs. I’d sprinkle in some 1h ATL -3.5 if you’re in to that sort of stuff.

    PS: If you’re looking for a reason to watch tonights game tell your wife Kroy Bierman plays for the Falcons and hes married to a Real Housewife. works like a charm.

    Back with the rest Sunday.

    • Harbaugh Handshakes

      Here are the rest of my picks:

      Auburn -8.5 L (Damn you college football)

      Essay: Atl W

      New Orleans -10…The saints are 0-2 after two tough losses on the road and coming home to play a very distracted and bad vikings team. Saints are going to destroy the Vikings Sunday. This is easy money folks. Saints at home and pissed off playing a bad football team 42-7.

      Browns +1.5 A lot of essays on this thread have nailed this game and I really have nothing more to add. I’m going to continue my magical ride of the Browns.

      All Play: Denver +5…I’ll take Peyton and the points here. Nice selection by the executive committee, tough game to cap. I just like Peyton in the reg season getting points.

      I’ll be back tomorrow with my last pick…debating between Carolina/Cin/Indy/Philly. until tomorrow.

      • Harbaugh Handshakes

        Carolina -3 over the steelers bc the steelers stink and the panthers are good and at home. Pretty simple.

  • cwonder23

    Bucs +6.5 for one cheddar point please. More picks to come.

    • cwonder23

      Other picks:
      Kansas State +8.5 vs Auburn
      NIU +14.5 @ Arkansas
      OU -7 @ WVU
      All Play: Seahawks -5 vs Denver
      Essay: Clemson +20 @ Florida State
      I liked this line before Jameis was suspended for the first half and like it even more now. After getting shellacked last year, Clemson should have a chip on their shoulder this year. Florida State hasn’t looked like the juggernaut everyone expected this year and hasn’t covered yet this year. With Jameis out for the first half, I expect the Noles to have some initial growing pains on offense out the gates. While I think the Champs ultimately win this game, I think Clemson puts up enough points to cover here. 31-17 Noles.

  • Dennis Hemingway

    Florida +14.5 over Alabama
    Bills -2.5 over Chargers
    Giants +2.5 over Texans
    Saints -10 over Vikings
    Broncos +5 over Seahawks (All Play)
    North Carolina +2 over East Carolina ***

    *** East Carolina was in a great spot last week since Virginia Tech was coming off of a big win against the Buckeyes and due for a let down. The Pirates jumped on them early and held on just enough for an out right win. North Carolina meanwhile hasn’t played anyone decent this year and they’re under the radar. However they are returning 15 starters from last year though so have a veteran group who will be poised for revenge after losing last year to East Carolina. While I don’t have any meaningful stats or analysis on this, I just think North Carolina will win this out right against an over-hyped Pirates squad.

  • trashycamaro

    AP: SEA -5 over DEN

    NYG +2.5 over HOU

    STL +1.5 over DAL

    Essay: SD +2.5 over BUF Not really excited about any of the games this week, but this is the closest for me. In case you were wondering how the Chargers beat the Seahawks (I was) and didn’t buy the “Richard Sherman: Exposed!” narrative, I found this essay really instructive (http://www.footballoutsiders.com/film-room/2014/film-room-philip-rivers). So, how is Buffalo’s defense in comparison to the Seahawks? Well the D-Lines are simlarly strong, but the rest of the defense is not quite there. The Charger’s defense is pretty weak, but their rush defense is pretty average (14th in DVOA). With SD getting points, I’m going to run with Rivers over Manuel in this matchup.

    CIN -6.5 over TENN

    Wyoming -3.5 over FAU – I know I am going against the line move here, but you do know a Fort Lauderdale football team (avg. temp this week 90+) is traveling to a state where it snowed this week (http://www.weather.com/news/weather-winter/september-summer-snow-montana-wyoming-south-dakota-colorado-20140912) (yes, this is the depth with which I examine college games) (disinterested me would have taken Florida +14.5 over Bama, but I would have had an aneurysm if either UF won outright or did not cover)

  • ChuckKoz

    Falcons -6.5 (vs Buccaneers)
    More to follow in this post….

  • 1 a.m. central (now 2:30…) and I’ve decided to write my Cheddar essay early. I like to consider myself a punctual person and last week I was a mess. You’ve got to get your life together when you’re at a cabin in the middle of nowhere Illinois, shouting obscenities over Sunday morning breakfast because you (I) just deleted the first draft of an almost well crafted Cheddar submission.

    So now you get my late night ramblings. I’m going to stew over the all play as this goes on. Usually I treat the all play as a 50-50 coin flip because I was forced to choose from it and I’ll either gain a point with other Cheddarers or lose a point with Cheddarers. This one is not so easy. When given the choice to choose Peyton Manning, I feel obliged to choose Peyton. He’s funny, has aged handsomely, and being an underdog is a great look on him – but then there’s who they’re playing. Seattle. Of course. At Seattle. Hm. I’ll continue to pontificate and make a decision by the end of this.

    **Essay** Wisconsin -17 over Bowling Green
    My first pick is Wisconsin -17 over Bowling Green. Yes, Bowling Green beat Indiana last week but as I was camped out with two different Hoosiers, this didn’t seem to be a tough feat. The poor little Falcons are going to be bussed up to Wisconsin. Admittedly, 17 is a big spread, especially for me, who prefers underdogs in big spreads. I’ve read Bowling Green’s book a few times, though.

    Once upon a time there was state university that lie on flat land. The flattest of lands. Land so unobstructed by wind that all of its scholars walk around with their eyes winced; always appearing to be in pain or profoundly disgusted. This university was a resort for those who attended their last-resort. After accepting over 70% of the applicants, the freshmen flock to BGSU, a school without a specialty outside of education. Because where else do I want the training ground to be for the people who will be shaping the minds of our youth beside progressive, diverse, rural Western Ohio?!
    They bond with other freshmen on their floor, drink, and skirt through classes. This is before they realize they still don’t know what to do. And they find themselves going to Toledo for fun. Then, they begin to drop like flies, contributing to Bowling Green’s glowing 31% 4-year graduation rate. Don’t worry though, for those who stick it out another TWO years, the graduation rate jumps up to 61%. The moral of the story: Bowling Green may seem promising at first, it was there for you when you needed an extra point last week. Or perhaps you think you can get you MACtion fix with them. The Falcons ultimately blow out, like trying to light a black’n’mild on that cold, dark plain.
    Wisconsin has a very different story to tell – I’ll give the abridged version. After accepting only 50% of applicants, one might notice the average applicant has an ACT score of 26, versus Bowling Green’s 19. Wisconsin retains 93% of freshmen, compared to only 70% of Bowling Green’s freshmen sticking it out. 53% of the Badgers walk across the stage in four years and 83% in six. I can’t blame anyone who would want a victory lap or two in lush Madison (cheese curd, all the fresh cheese curd.)
    The numbers have only confirmed my intuition. Badgers -17 over the Falcons.

    Other Picks – Because I’m still not ready to pull the trigger on the all-play

    Kansas State +8.5 over Auburn: This is the pick I’m making because there isn’t a line for North Dakota State over Montana. There’s a messy love triangle, or hexagon, or whatever, in my head involving all of these characters plus Iowa. I’m a sucker for a great coaching match-up. Plus, I have a girlfriend who is K-State fan, and she’s smokin’. And that’s how I picked Ole Miss over Vandy. She also happens to be a Broncos fan that recently moved to Denver…hmm….

    Houston -21 over UNLV: The outcome lies solely on the Cougs. To play all four quarters or not? That is the question. I have favored UNLV before, mostly because their mascot should have been in Saturday morning cartoons, but they’ve always left me high and dry. I also like this game because of the fluff piece rivalry between two best friends, a wide receiver for UNLV and a UH linebacker. Nerves are a double-edged sword, and I think they’re most likely to work for the linebacker, but against the WR.

    Carolina -3 over Steelers: Should I not be surprised that this spread is only -3? This will be the first time Pittsburg will face Newton, and his performance last week was as dazzling as his smile. Roethlisberger, well, they’ve met. I’m having a hard time imagining the Steelers’ defense manage the Panthers’ O, especially if DeAngelo Williams is back in action for the rush.

    Clemson +20 over Florida State: I’m pretty sure I took Clemson in this match-up last year and was sorry for it. Call me a glutton for punishment. I just know that Clemson can put the points up. 73 points against South Carolina State. They’ve got a taste for the endzone. Lots of endzone. I’m not asking them to win. I’m just hoping they keep it interesting.

    All Play = Denver +5: I’m taking Denver as an early apology for the trail of glitter I’ll be leaving after my bachelorette party and all of my aforementioned musings. Old school versus new school. I want to be blotto at bar close in Denver and be able to say I took them in this game; that I knew the Broncos could kick the Seahawks while they’re down.

    • #facepalm Please replace “17” with “27” everywhere in my BGSU vs. Wiscy essay. I got nothin.

      • Petefranklin

        You got the “flattest of all lands” CLASSIC!!
        We just called it the frozen tundra when we had to play lacrosse there. #windburnfordays

    • ok this was written like a miamio grad? from a parent’s perspective let me say that the mitigating factor on bgsu is the 17.5K tuition for out of staters on their 73% acceptance rate… ive got one at a 77% acceptance rate school for a cool 50K/year. [hot button alert.] [do not ask what his major is.]

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Sons of Horseface +5 over Seahawks
    Browns over the Grackles
    Clemson over Florida State of Confusion, nothing to do with ½ game suspension, I was going to play this anyway, too many people on the Seminole/seminal bandwagon

    ****Auburn -8.5 over KSU****

    I like Jake Waters, but he has been a bit of a one man gang for KSU and putting all of your eggs in one respective basket is generally a bad idea, especially for teams in purple, please see Adrian “The Child Torturer” Petersmacker. Bill Snyder brought the KSU program back from the dead, but he is living on his legacy, by hanging on past the retirement age he is Shurmuring himself and the KSU football program. KSU has terrific, seasoned players on defense, but they oftentimes look like the are running in quicksand, they show a glaring lack of team speed on the important side of the ball. Last season Auburn played over their heads, they won a few games they should have lost, but they were also “in” many games I expected them to get blown out of. I call that a win for coach Malzhan. Auburn has more speed on defense and a better coach. (Better today.) This is an easy pick for Auburn even in Kansas. Turnovers have been the big knock against Auburn and they are most assuredly the reason that this spread is not in double digits, but with a few exceptions, turnovers are a nebulous beast that may strike either team. I do not like Auburn in general, not just because of their long standing litany of cheating excesses, or because of Cam “JACKASS” Newton, or because of their penchant for illegal chop blocks, my strong dislike for Auburn harkens way back to a situation in my days as a young ape man where an inebriated Auburn fan twice my age and half my size jumped in my face, pushed me and screamed “War Eagle”. Are they Auburn Tigers, or Auburn War Eagles? I do not care and because this game is such a “gimme” for Auburn, I shall disirregardlessly ignore my dislike for Auburn just as I merely pushed aside the “War Eagle” man instead of breaking a few of his ribs. WAR TIGER!!

    Wisc -27 over BG

    Illinois -14 over Tx State

  • Petefranklin

    Browns look like they are still getting no respect from the early birds, who are usually pretty sharp. Bets coming in at an 80/20 split on the ratbirds. Cleveland does not qualify as a “stinky fish” though as the line is moving in the same way as the bets are coming in.

    • browns gonna be my next auburn.
      (although auburn remains my auburn until they fail.) (which wont be thursday.)

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