AtoZ //Browns beat Saints.

A to Z Podcast #2.

Andre Knott and Zac Jackson are back to talk the Cleveland Browns, Brian Hoyer, Karlos Dansby and a REALLY big game Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens.

A favor please?

Here is the iTunes link for AtoZ’s feed: .  From there you can get to the iTunes app and play it there and subscribe.  Are all of those functions working okay for you all on Windows and Mac and iOS and Android?

For me (Mac laptop, Chrome and Firefox), I’m getting the episodes in my ‘subscribed podcasts’ link but don’t seem to be able to play the second episode from the browser link.  I won’t bore you with the dark art of massaging RSS feeds for iTunes except to say it’s not totally easy.  Thanks.

  • Don McCarthy

    I know these two guys met them. They are the real deal best buds. Future Tandem on a Network Show IMO the best.

  • humboldt

    Good stuff, just listened over my lunch break. However, how about an “A to B to Z” program, with your perspective thrown in?!

    • lol… yahh.. nah. they do great and they’ve been working their two man rapport for years now.

      most i could add would to be their TWENTY TWENTY SPORTS UPDATE guy.

      [but that’s not to say this podcasting might not be fun to jump in on now that some of the mystery is removed.]

  • CleveLandThatILove

    Love these two, thanks.

    • Aren’t they good?

      • CleveLandThatILove

        So informative, yet it’s like we’re eavesdropping on two buds having a convo at the local bar.

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