Browns beat Saints recap.


There was no way they would lose this opener.

Jumplinks to quarter recaps:  First; Second; Third; Fourth.

I’m still at a loss for words to describe yesterday’s epic win so I’m just going to live blog it from the game film.1 Before I dig in, three notes:

1.  The migration to is non-trivial.  We had about a 50% hit rate on moving image files from the old site to the new one.  So I have to go back and manually check ~200 posts.  Or I can start fresh with a ridiculously cool new theme.  I’m attempting to go with “B.”  Concept is a home page leading to three main landing areas:  Posts, Cheddar, and TheAtoZ.  But it’ll be a week or two before ready.


Winner’s Circle in Salisbury, MA — dead to me.

2.  An enormous eff you to The Winners Circle in Salisbury, MA.  I’ve been watching the Browns games there since the (perfect and lovely) Riverside Lounge in Amesbury shut down.  Pretty good customer if I do say so.  Have to do the ‘what TV are the Browns on’ dance with the bartender every week which I dread but for a bar that has about 40 TVs and whose business is built on the people who come to watch out of town games, you’d think they’d have this drill down and games would be fixed prior to kickoff.  Anyway the convo goes like this:

  • What TV for Browns/Saints?
  • I dunno.
  • Welp, I need to find a place to sit.
  • Uhhhm… [looks at paper]… it’s not going to be in the main room.  Maybe you should get a booth?  [Booths offer 9″ CRT TVs in Keno area and are full anyway.]
  • [Quizzical look.]
  • Ok it’ll be on this one.  [Points to TV facing behind you if youre sitting at the bar.
  • Really?
  • I don’t know what to tell you.
  • You tell me the Browns will be on one of the decent TVs and I tell you I will give you $50.

And so began my day yesterday.  Dicks.

3.  But closed doors and open windows and and such as and after striking out at several other options I hiked up to Portsmouth and found a Buffalo Wild Wings … AND…  THE SEACOAST BROWNS BACKERS CLUB.  More on them later except that in a full BWW, the Browns Backers owned the place.  At least 30 Ohioans age range from 5 to 70.  I can’t imagine a better place to watch yesterday’s transcendent game outside the 216 area code.

Now let’s get to the game.

First quarter.

14:40 — Browns in all-whites on sunny September day. SMART! Seal brown is a heat absorber… let the Saints play in the black jerseys. Kruger disrupts first play; Desmond Bryant almost beats Brees to the fumbled snap on the second play; Sheard makes play in the flat on third play — the d-front playing on another level.  When they bring the energy they are definitely a top 5 d-front.

Helmet on helmet.

Helmet on helmet.

13:00 First play West running behind Greco and Schwartz and pile is pushed four yards.  A small play maybe but shows Browns winning LOS against a good run defense.  Hoyer’s overthrow of Hawkins on third down not nearly as egregious as my twitter feed led me to believe.

11:00 — Ok I guess it wasn’t a safety but damn.  Kruger coming from 9-tech beats two blocks to make the play.  This is exactly what Mingo is supposed to do but can’t because he doesn’t have Kruger’s strength.  GREAT to see Kruger in the form that won him his contract.  Dansby is a punishing tackler like Jackson never was.  3rd/12 four man rush had Brees throwing a duck off his back foot which he’s lucky not to have picked off.  Another 3-out.  What a start.

9:00 — Sweep left, line seals edge, West turns corner sweet.  Next play Hoyer seems to go through progression but I think it was a planned swing pass right executed perfectly.  Next is the seeming risky duck that Hoyer throws to Dray under pressure — I actually don’t think that was bad gamble, Dray was open and should be able to out-muscle d-backs if need be.  The value throwing jumpballs and letting receivers make plays is shown on the next play where the Browns get a pass interference call on another duck ball.  (Manziel sideline shot #1 pre 3rd/12.  Dickish, Fox.)  Fourth and one conversation all Terrence West.  Great cut.  Every back from last year would have been cut down for a loss.

Touchdown to Austin, too easy.  Nice touch throwing ball into stands.

6:00 — Hah!  Brees comes out of huddle, gets under center… WHERE’S KRUGER?  Jabaal Sheard is on left end in Kruger’s SAM slot.  You’re not going to rattle Brees but it’s a wrinkle.  Throwing wrinkles is good.  For all we know, Brees checked down to a run play at Sheard because he’s had enough Kruger. (He will learn that Sheard is no bargain.)  And Kruger is back on the left side next play.  Love that work Coach Pet.  Saints convert a 3rd/1 but Dansby fills middle like a boss there and on next play.  Second and six, Kruger is back on the right side.  The Kruger movement seems to be throwing off Brees as he’s force to burn another timeout for 3rd/6 and then a false start by the tackle assigned to Kruger.  Sheard gets in to block the third down attempt.  Defense is crushing it.

3:00 — Watch West set up his blocks.

Yeah, ok next play Hoyer’s big feet trip up West.  Price you pay for a QB with big hands.2 Nice 3rd/12 conversion to Barnidge.  Barnidge was a late release from pass protect and Hoyer knew where to find him when the pressure came.  Next is the rolling pocket which I like.  Hoyer got some heat and in my opinion Benjamin needs to break his route and help his QB in those cases.  3rd/4 saw the Austin drop (painful), FG miss, lackluster three plays (although Vaccaro makes TD saving tackle on Dray), FG make, 10-0 Browns.

Second quarter.

Saints run game getting ramped up.  This will present problems for the Browns the rest of the day.  I’ll try to identify the culprit(s) on our side.  On the first two good runs, it looks like they’re double/triple teaming on Sheard and then running over him.  DBryant getting sealed off.  Will check back on this later.  But note the Evans and Grubbs are a stud (and expensive) guard tandem.  Saints _should_ be good run team.  Gilbert’s long arms allow him to breakup a good pass on the edge; secondary give zero YAC on a third down attempt, punt Saints.

It was there.  Benjamin damn fast.

It was there. Benjamin damn fast.

Run, run, Hawk; first down; move to hurry up, audible.  This is like a real offense.  Hoyer tries to get to Benjamin, under thrown.  Hoyer will learn that it’s physically impossible to overthrow Benjamin.  Expect more long passes to Benjamin in future games.  3rd/4 swing to Crowell; Jairus Byrd shows why he got paid, nice open field tackle on a huge back.  Punt.

Rubin and Winn line up for next Saints drive.  Brees has to be like who are all these guys.  Good play by Brees throwing to zone Kruger vacated to blitz.  Veteran play and why you can’t blitz the Manning-Brady-Brees echelon of QBs.3 Kirksey gets sealed; Haden crushed 20+ run by Ingram.  Followed by a crisp end around to Cooks.  Two runs, 50 yards.  Sean Payton, ladies and gents.  2nd/2 from Browns 9 — great tackle by Tashon Gipson on Ingram saves TD sets up 3rd/1 no gain.  Payton kicks FG on 4th/2; Brees pissed.  10-3 Browns.

Scary moment as Rob Ryan has had enough of the naked bootleg rollout moving pocket shit and dials up a weak side corner blitz.  Perfect play call, probably should’ve been grounding on Hoyer, lucky wasn’t injured. (Cut to Manziel #2 and #3 on 3rd/9 with Hoyer dinged.  Fox is DYING for JFF.) Third down pass batted down; first three and out.  Now comes the shaky Hoyer for the next quarter or so.  Punt.

Hoyer sits next to Shanahan on bench.  Manziel not near them.  I don’t think those two are getting along super just yet.

Saints running game still working on the edge; again running away from Kruger.

PICK SIX.  (Missed PAT.)

Kruger again.  Kind of a bad play by Graham I think because it was catchable.  Pivotal play (obv.) because the Saints’ offense is starting to click.  Gipson probably should’ve stopped at the one yard line and let offense kill some clock.  Haha, j/k.

Jimmy Graham now discovered.  Mixing the run game and Graham and giving the Browns D fits.  Even without timeouts, Saints march 85 yards in two minutes.  Six targets of Graham, five catches including the TD.  Whitner pretty sketchy in pass cover.  I loved the timeout by Pettine once the Saints came out in their offense for the TD bid with eight seconds left — smart TO.  Of course, Payton plays chess so he probably saved his GOOD play for after the Browns’ timeout. Also Pettine must’ve forgot to emphasize not to let Graham get off the line and/or don’t let him get single cover and/or whatever happened to ‘are you ready to play some press man?’


Pre-halftime set before Pettine’s timeout…


… and after.

Anyway nice play by Graham with the strong hands to hang on when Haden goes for the breakup.  16-10 at halftime.

Third quarter.

Browns get ball to start. Penalty on return. West running first down. Blown pattern. Second down, MANZIEL HANDOFF. Hoyer back out for 3rd/8. Actually converts by Thomas is called for a very sketchy holding call. Very sketchy. 3rd/18, incomplete punt. Who is calling for the Manziel nonsense? Haslam? Goodell? Chris Berman? Mary Kay Cabot? I sure as hell hope Pettine was pressured into that because it’s asinine. (Cut to Manziel #4 slow mo shot going to commercial.)

Gilbert's face plant.

Gilbert’s face plant.

Browns pass rush stuffed; Armonty Bryant in particular looked ineffective. Justin Gilbert face plant. Harmless play but Gilbert lands hard, is out immediately, and I think I spied a fencers pose. Would not be surprised if he’s against Ravens.  Billy Winn with a nice pressure on but Brees finds Ingram on a Brees-like play.  Ingram gashing.  And another Graham TD.  It’s 3rd/goal from the 2.  Don’t let Graham beat you; don’t have a 5-9 CB defending Jimmy Graham.  Actually a pretty good play call putting Graham in motion and actually Skrine lays a good hit on Graham stopping him with 0 YAC but all they need is 2 yds.  Saints up 17-16.


Don’t have to be a mind-reader.

Browns ball.  Run, run, first down.  MANZIEL PACKAGE!!  Loss of two; dropped pass by Agnew; Hoyer gets to run out and try to pick up 3rd/12.  And he gets it!  Great job by Hoyer; stop that nonsense Coach Pett.  (Sideline shot #5 of Manziel.  What are they hoping for a money sign?)  Illegal substitution, 2nd/12.  No rhythm with these QB rotation shenanigans.  (Sideline shot #6.) Hoyer manages to get another first down.  Crowell with two PUNISHING runs.  Hoyer at this point 12/24, 94 yds and those stats tell none of the story.  Run game clicking don’t gaudy numbers.  Nice rollout pass to Hawkins, first/goal at 10.  Cut back run, TD West!

Watch 77-Greco cut and 72-Schwartz wash their men setting up West’s cut back and 10 yard untouched TD run.  Beautiful.  BEAUTIFUL!!  Our line is going to make this season.4 23-17.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.13.02 AM

This is a good look.

Nice to see Hoyer and Manziel sitting next to each other after that TD.

Saints ball.  Haden really isn’t the guy for run defense, Saints convert 3rd/1.  Dansby drawing Graham in coverage and let’s be real — Brees to Graham is a tough cover for every team in the NFL.

Fourth quarter.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.24.08 AM

Yeah nah, no grounding here…

Saints still driving.  Whitner and Gipson called on to make plays as Ingram is getting to the second level consistently now.  DBryant and Robertson will great pressure and Brees grounds ball.  But no penalty.  Just.  Whatever man.  Completion to Graham to the three against good coverage by Haden; TD Ingram.  24-23 Saints.  Three TDs in last three Saints’ possessions.  But make the grounding call, k?  Thx.

Browns ball down by one in the fourth quarter.  3rd/1 run play converted by Crowell.  This is so different from past Browns’ teams.  Browns were 7-16 in 3rd down converts (2-2 on 4th down) but seemed better.  Punt on 4th/3 from Saints 48.  Fine.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.39.32 AM

… or here.

Saints ball and Payton’s got things figured out going into this drive.  Graham gets his 10th and last catch with seven minutes left.  Another grounding non-call leads to a first down convert and the Saints have ball in Browns territory with lead and six minutes left.  Holy fuck.  Run play, ball on Browns 36, five mins left.  Ball on Browns 31, in FG range, four mins left.  3rd/5, timeout Saints, 3:36 left.

Play of the game candidate #1:  Dansby sack!

Blown assignment at the line?  Pierre Thomas supposed to pick up blitz?  I duno but Dansby is all over Brees and fast and FINISHES.  No chance for Brees.  Absolute game saver, forces punt.

Browns ball at four yard line, 2:46 and let’s just take each play.  Bad opening incompletion, 2nd/10.  Loss of two for West but HORSECOLLAR.  Wait, no it’s offsides.  Either way, breaks going Browns’ way.  2nd/5, West gain two.. wait spotted as gain of four.  3rd/1, quick out to Austin for first down.  TWO MINUTE WARNING.  1st/10 at 20, another bad incompetion pass-to-nowhere.  Ugh.  2nd/10 Browns 18.  Swing to Gabriel, 3rd/3 and another clutch crisp out route to Austin to pick up first down.  Swing to Gabriel, no gain, 2nd/10, timeout Browns.  Offense not really moving here… but still on the field.  Hoyer sacked, 3rd/12 from 32.  Slant to Gabriel, FOURTH/SEVEN.

Play of the game candidate #2:  Barnidge fourth down convert!

When everything was on the line Hoyer throws a rocket perfectly on target and Barnidge makes catch.  Clutch.  Big balls.  But then while the clock is running down under 30 seconds Hoyer does NOT spike ball but instead gives us.

Play of the game candidate #3:  Austin sideline catch and out of bounds to stop clock!

Clock’s running, Hoyer rolls out fires strike.  Austin.  Buddy here is your vet WR.  He creates his own space (ok he pushes off a little), does NOT step out of bounds, makes clutch catch.  And THEN!  And then we have a coach who keeps his head and makes sure his team gets seven precisou seconds put back on the clock!  This is not the Shurmur-Crennell era!!

SHIT.  Still a 56 FG attempt from here.  Still work to do.  Pass batted down.  I’m nervous watching the replay.

Play of the game candidate #4:  Hawkins catches pop-up without incident!
Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.23.55 PM

So many ways this play could’ve been what we’re talking about today for all the wrong reasons.

Second and ten and Hoyer hit wide open Hawkins.  Flag on the play.

Let us pause and reflect:

  1. Our QB didn’t miss the wide open receiver.
  2. Our receiver didn’t fall on his ass.
  3. Our receiver didn’t drop the balloon pass thrown to him.
  4. The penalty flag was not against us.

Can you freaking believe that shit??

This sets up Cundiff.  Here’s how Coach watched it and who he watched it with.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.43.20 PM

You two are tougher than me because I couldn’t watch.

But here it is.

Glorious.  Simply glorious.  I can’t think of a better win since Ohio State beat Miami and I’m serious.

I suppose there will be more to say later but for now, ,, for now I’m still in the afterglow.


  1. Yeah, you got me a for Game Rewind subscription NFL, of course you did.  Gonna try to go without the Coaches Film though. [back]
  2. Hoyer has respectable 9.5″ hands. [back]
  3. And why the 4-3 is unbeatable. [back]
  4. If they stay healthy because it’s also a very thin o-line. [back]
  • mgbode

    Didn’t want to dirty the pool with all of this positive energy in the thread, but it needs to be placed here for posterity. Hoyer needs to start stepping into his throws. Far too often he was either going backwards (big no-no) or not moving his feet when he threw. He loses accuracy and speed on his passes when he does either. I suspect it is a remnant of playing at NFL-speed coming off his ACL injury, but hope that Kyle is pointing it out and showing how Brees always steps.

    • absolutely correct that it was bad habit seen last year. i didnt notice it in this game but i wasnt looking for it either. a couple of his picks in the minny game were of the duck variety and even though he didn’t have interceptions against cincy, he should have.

    • jpftribe

      I tweeted that Hoyer’s deep throws were horrible during the game, and they were. He’ll have a chance to redeem himself this week. Ravens will put 8 in the box, play press coverage and dare Hoyer to beat them on the outside deep. will be the difference in the game.

  • Petefranklin

    Don’t forget about this with 2:37 left. sean-payton-arguing-with-rob-ryan-during-cleveland-game.gif

  • jpftribe

    Great write up Mike.
    One observation I had during the game no one has pointed out yet, including the TV crew (which was pretty good BTW). Just before the Graham touchdown play the Saints had a third down. Browns had (i think it was) Meachem stopped short and he wriggled his way towards the third down. If they stop him short, it is half over. 4th down and no way they get the FG unit on with no timeouts.
    It was close enough to have measured, but if they measure they stop the clock and let them get the FG unit on. Refs signal first down and Brees quickly went down and spiked the ball. After the spike, the refs were having a conference, and I bet they were getting a call from replay about the previous paly, but since they already allowed the spike had to carry on.

    • Petefranklin

      I was kind of wondering about what exactly happened there. At first I thought they might replay or whatever until I realized that the whistle had not been blown until after Brees spiked it.

    • humboldt

      That’s the stuff bottlegates are made of…

    • it was close and the announcers damn sure did not take note.
      (whitner needs to make that tackle.)

      i have been noticing this a lot in both college and nfl — refs are granting some liberal spots that result in first downs. it’s a trend.

      • jpftribe

        Yes that missed Whitner tackle is a 4-7 point swing.

        • bupalos

          I think the early returns on Whitner are bad. That’s completely outside being the kind of person that taunts a loyal fanbase with potentially losing their team.

          • there you are. not too late to jump into cheddar… plenty of time left for you to just miss the playoffs again. !!

            no srsly, we could petition the exec cmte to look into giving you late entry gimme points.

          • bupalos

            Ugh I just got sandbagged and now it’s hard for me to justify even trying when I already missed 2 big Brownie essay covers. There are only so many of those floating around in the aether, and I have a moral qualm about earning my supper any other way than long rants ending in !!!CMFB!!! Tempting though. If the powers that be credited me with those 6 I’d go ahead and fire up The Machine.

          • 4.5 points going into this weekend has been green lighted.

          • bupalos

            I will accept those 4.5 points ONLY on the stipulation that the formula for arriving at them is recognized thusly:

            Credit for 2 correct imaginary CMFB essay’s = +6 points
            Debit for too haughtily embarrassing the field with the righteous fire blasting from those imaginary essays = -1.5 point

            If there is ANY mention that it’s rationally just as well for the field if people are always allowed/tricked to join in last place at any point in the contest, then I will quit and sue everyone. You have to pretend to be afraid of me and act like I’m a mad hermit that knows the future but that justice simply dictated you had to let me in. As long as we’re all clear on that, we can proceed.

          • Agreed.
            I shall prepare your slots in the scoreboard.
            (Frowns will be very excited!)

          • I am so damn excited about this.

  • zarathustra

    This was so very well-done. The best recap I read today. I’m sure it took some time to put together so maybe it would be too much hassle to do these every week, but if you could it would be awesome.

    • i can do these as long as they’re winning. (but i will explore some other way to get the videos up.. page takes forever to load.. know there’s a better way.)

  • Mad_Elf

    Shame about the Riverside Lounge being shut down, that looked like a paradise. Nice find on the Backers, though, looks like a good crew! Man, please let this momentum ride into next Sunday, pleeeeeaaaaaaassssssssseeeee!!!

  • Dave Kolonich

    Great Write-Up. Love the positive energy now. Having said that, here’s a way for the FO to capitalize even further:

    Why not put a feeler out for a Manziel to Dallas trade? Sure the Cowboys won yesterday, but Romo is not going to last the season. You know Jerry Jones wants the sizzle and Hoyer is the best bridge QB in the league right now. Manziel still looks like a lost Big 12 QB and next year’s crop is far better (Winston, Mariota, Hundley).

    Take a couple 1st rounders from Dallas and enter 2015 with potentially three top-15 picks: Grab your tackle of the present/future (Thomas is showing some small decline), a big time WR and your future QB and this team is primed for a 3-4 year run.

    Does this make too much sense? Ultra-competitive in 2014, then ready for a real run next? How severe would the fan backlash be coming off such a great win?

    • NeedsFoodBadly

      Would do

    • Petefranklin

      My dream scenario that I mentioned earlier is that Romo gets hurt and the Dallas fans get to see weeds up and close. That would leave us holding all the chips with position for an all in hand.

      • Dave Kolonich

        Exactly. I don’t hate anybody, but I have a weird schadenfruede thing going on with Weeden. It makes me so happy to see his rock head fail.

    • tap into your inner sonny weaver: two first round picks for manziel.

      • Dave Kolonich

        That’s what I’m implying. Just wait for Romo’s back to go out. Jerry would probably throw in a 2nd rounder as well.

        2015: Take a top Tackle, QB of the future and WR

    • Matt Borcas

      All the downvotes.

      • Petefranklin

        Why? You JFF’s coke dealer?

        • Matt Borcas

          Well, that, and the fact that it’d be incredibly shortsighted for the Browns to give away the unprecedentedly talented QB for whom they traded up in the first round.

          • Petefranklin

            If we get lucky, maybe we can draft that guy from Texas A&M. I heard he’s the real deal.
            C’mon man JFF is lacking too many tools, ahem, arm strength, ahem ahem, speed, and most every player in the NFL who isn’t a Brown or ex A&M team mate would love to break him in half.
            I guess if you want to run a kind of dink and dunk offense JFF would do. I prefer a pocket guy who can throw downfield with solid mechanics and pull up and throw after he has to escape a collapsing pocket.
            I really don’t see how trading a “system” QB when his value is at the absolute highest it probably ever will be could possibly be a bad or shortsighted decision. It would mean a solid starter along with a “free” flyer on another “system” QB if they really miss Johnny that much.

          • bupalos

            If’ it’s give away, then yes, agree. If it’s get value equal to 22, then no. I like his potential, but he’s not the only fish in the sea and he’s awfully young (in every way) to have his contract tolling.

          • i’d swap manziel for zack martin right now. the depth at o-line is my biggest worry; one injury and we’ll go down like mangini’s 2010 team –> remember billy yates’ injury?

          • Dave Kolonich

            Love the Billy Yates reference – but now you’re thinking like Tom Heckert. The Manziel move only makes sense if Jerry Jones throws a couple first rounders (which will be top ten picks) the Browns’ way.

          • Dave Kolonich

            Manziel is a mess right now/his value will never be higher. Plus, can you really peg Manziel as better than the 2015 QB prospects?

    • bupalos

      That makes all the sense in the world to me, as long as they’d give #22 or better value I’d do it. But the question is do we have the kind of owner that lets their football people take advantage of the Jerry Jones types, or do we have the type that is the Jerry Jones type?

      • Dave Kolonich

        Our owner (sounds ominous….) doesn’t have half of Jerry’s marketing savvy. At this point, I’m just hoping he doesn’t fire Pettine after one year.

        • bupalos

          I think he showed a ton of marketing savvy with that innovative rebate program, and filching a hundred mil off a broke municipality wasn’t a bad follow up. Give the guy credit where its due!

  • maxfnmloans

    I was at the game. It was awesome. People literally seemed to not know what do do once the game ended and we had won. Lots of people just stood there for a minute, either stunned or waiting for Dwayne Rudd to toss a helmet and give the Saints one last miracle chance. What a great day and a great win. Hopefully this will end up being more than a mere footnote at the end of another disappointing season.
    For the record the Browns have won 2 home openers since 99. I have been to 2 home openers since 99 (both wins). Maybe we should start a kick starter so I can go to the opener every year?

    • i still cant believe hawkins didnt fall down on that final catch. still.

  • Matt Borcas

    Check the shot of Hoyer and Manziel celebrating (very end of the Game Rewind footage) for proof that they don’t TOTALLY hate each other.

    • yep.

      • bupalos

        Well I can see Johnny’s face anyway….

        I’ve actually felt like the shot’s I’ve seen Hoyer generally has a kind of healthy “yeah, hi, come talk to me when you’ve done something other than booze and blow” kind of vibe.

    • humboldt

      Indeed, we have to be careful not to manufacture or buy into the insidious narrative that our two QBs don’t like each other. Anyone who has a job has to work with people they don’t like/love, but this doesn’t imply active dislike.

  • NeedsFoodBadly

    Great win, great write-up. Dansby made me a sure fan this game, and I feel a lot better about the Browns defense overall, after last week’s first half.

    The Manziel packages/sideline shots/whatevs were driving me crazy, and I’m glad that Hoyer is so far rising to the occasion. This win does feel different from years past. Not fluky. Real, functional football.

    EDIT: Also as an afterthought, props to whoever was at the game. The stadium sounded crazy loud on TV and it seemed to have an effect on the Saints O. Great stuff.

    • bupalos

      Dansby is worth 3.725 D’Qwell’s. Which is fantastic. I really think he’s the spoon stirring this drink. He’s got a handful of really great plays already. Check out his recognition on the last screen the Steeler’s ran. That play came close to saving us. His mix of coverage and recognition is really what the Browns have been missing.

      Unfortunately I think he’s probably worth 4.2 Whitners too.

  • Pat Leonard

    Can’t even tell you how much I identify with your weekly dance at the local bar just to get a Browns game on the TV. There are a bunch of places to watch the game in Richmond, VA but every one of them will relegate the Browns to “unimportant” status. If they have a choice of showing 8 out of the 9 games that are on, the Browns will always be the game they’re not showing.

    The Browns backers meet at the only restaurant in town that is like 95% smoking area, 5% non-smoking (and the Browns game is always on one of the main screens in the large area). I’m not even sure how they can get away with it in a non-smoking state. At any rate, my choice is to fight with a BW3 or Quaker Steak to get the game on, or to come home reeking of smoke for the rest of the day. I usually go with the first option.

    • i loved my place in amesbury so i didn’t need to seek out the browns backers but yes a great resource. the thing that bugs me about their attitude is that i know damn well there was no one there asking or caring about say.. jags/skins or falcons/bengals (other than fantasy types). why not take care of a fan? meh, they’re dead to me. but the panic of finding a new bar 15 mins before kickoff i wouldnt wish on anyone.

      i’m no stranger to browns backers. when i moved to boston in 87 we met at who’s on first (on yawkey way) for a year or two then had to move to the bus stop pub in allston and then somewhere else. the nfl kept shutting down the pirated satellite feeds. (and of course the cease-and-desist letters that the bars received were signed by art modell.)

      • Petefranklin

        I had forgotten about those days of a full bar missing kickoff while the “satellite guru” worked his magic to come up with a feed. Now all our club has to deal with is getting some sound that you can actually hear out of the TV’s. I listened to the national radio feed on my old school radio headphones and they did bring up a good point at the end of the half before the play. They said to line up all the defenders on the goal line and make the saints throw in front. I think that man defense we played was rather weak in that scenario because Brees was guaranteed at least two plays. If the Browns could have baited him to throw underneath, we could have possibly ended the half unscathed. If that is the only fault of mine with Petine, we’re in store for something special this year. Oh and you forgot, we actually had three timeouts to start the last drive right? Has that ever happened to us before? Ever? I say never!

  • Rob

    If you are a Cleveland person who finds yourself on vacation during football season, I highly recommend seeking out the local Browns Backers Club. For two straight years (2011 and 2012), my wife and I found ourselves on vacation in Myrtle Beach during the opening NFL weekend, and both times we joined the North Myrtle Beach BBC; they were more than welcoming to an outsider (the case of Dortmunder Gold I brought down, before GLBC starting distributing to the Carolinas, was a help) and it was a fun atmosphere to be a part of while hundreds of miles from home.

    • i sat with a 64 year old woman who sold her house in toledo and is just road tripping around the country last two years. total toledo accent and a classic woe-is-me browns fan. lol, it was GREAT!

  • Apologies on the hit/miss loading of those video clips. There’s probably a better way for me to load them.. checking into it. In the meantime, I think we’re just straining the server so bear with it; they’ll load eventually.

    • Petefranklin

      That Dansby sack video was INCREDIBLE! Does a Browns linebacker of the past ever make that play even if he’s untouched? I love the fact that he had the strength to not let Brees get away and also bring that right hand around to try to force the ball out as he is already in the tackling motion. You can’t teach that stuff. Playmaker. I can’t wait until Kirksey grows enough to trust so that Petine can turn Dansby loose on 3rd downs all the time.

      • bupalos

        I’m not sure I ever want Dansby to just be a sack robot. He’s incredibly savvy and I like him too much as a patrolman. But that’s how he can be so effective rushing too. Pick his spots.

        • mgbode

          I agree. Dansby is good in coverage as long as he’s not left alone on Jimmy Graham (noone should have to cover Graham alone). I wouldn’t want to lose that ability by turning him loose each time. Gotta pick your spots.

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