AtoZ //Steelers heartbreaker.

The A to Z podcast.  Andre Knott and Zac Jackson talk Browns, a heartbreaker in Pittsburgh, a huge challenge with the Saints and the Ray Rice situation.

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Let’s a get me a better promo pic gents.

I got talking with Zac Jackson last week and yada yada yada,,, I’m hosting the A to Z Podcast this week.

I promise you I’m working to spruce up the presentation and I promise I promised Zac and Andre that it might not be the production standards they’re accustomed to right out of the blocks.  Available in iTunes?  Nope, not yet.  Soon! ((UPDATE:  We are live on iTunes.  Link:


Captured below are 30 minutes of smart sports talk covering the Browns-Steelers game and other topics.  I enjoy the hell out of their conversation; know you will too.

A nice feature in Soundcloud is that you can bookmark within the podcast.  Click the icons in the progress bar to play the starting point (approximately) these sections:

  1. Browns-Steelers review;
  2. Hoyer;
  3. Crowell-West;
  4. Defense;
  5. Whitner-Dansby-Mingo;
  6. Rice/NFL.


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