#CheddarBay wk 2; MSU/Oregon.

The 100th Rose Bowl Game - Stanford v Michigan State

The all-play is Michigan State +12 at Oregon.

Surprised?  Relieved?  Me too.  From here Sparty’s trip to Eugene is the most interesting game of the weekend but I thought we’d just go with Browns-Steelers.  It turns out the rest of the Exec Cmte felt the same way so the Cook-Mariota throw down is on.

As a matter of fact, we hope to ratchet back on the Browns/OSU all plays and go with more objectivity in making these picks.  In addition to being better games, it also spares many of us from the conflict emotions of betting against your own team.  Don’t know about you, but I hating betting against my team because I don’t want to be rooting against them.  So this policy change should be an improvement on several fronts.

We’re going to tackle the line presentation differently this week using a Google Doc Viewer plug-in. This should be easier to view and also doesn’t add 10,000 words of code to be post. Let me know if you have problems.

Second, the Vegas Insiders matchup page didn’t have their lines up this morning.  So we’re trying the Las Vegas Hilton lines as reported by covers.com.  The format displays the opening line first and then the current line. USE THE CURRENT LINE.

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The line is applied to the home team and the home team is below the visitor.  Thus UTSA +7 vs Arizona on Thursday; Penn State -14 vs Akron on Saturday; Army -3.5 vs UBuff; Nevada +3.5 vs Wazzu; Packers +6 at Seahawks; etc.

May be back with some other thoughts for the week.

It is NOT too late to join.  In fact, that’s one of the reasons week one was worth half points:  to encourage late entrants by lowering the obstacle of missing a week.

Oh and I’m looking for suggestions on a new URL and twitter handle.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 6.44.33 AM

That’s the price of progress… can’t say I blame the Kanick family.

Anyway I’m stumped and leaning toward a simple ‘mburger22.com.’  CheddarBayFootball.com has been suggested but… ennh.  I might could do ‘cheddar22.com’…  well you see the problem here.  Suggestions welcomed.

UPDATE:  How do we like 603brown.com?  603 because I’m in NH and brown for the Browns but it’s also broader and more abstract than a capital B “603Browns” would be.  (But I keep calling it 360browns.)  Still working this…


  • via email from Art Brosef:

    Will add giants tonight. Phone died too soon to get in Cincy yesterday while I was tailgaiting. Damn.

  • Petefranklin

    Real $$$ plays today

    JETS over 40 big play
    Broncos under (Im waiting for 56.5)
    Browns under 41.5(I played this in may as it was the highest total in the world at the time) Sharp money has come in on the over to get it back to 41.5 and above. If it gets above 41.5 it’s probably public money and a good fade. You could parlay correlating the browns plus the points to it and probably come out OK.

    • Petefranklin

      One for tomorrow to save petey’s weekend…CHARGERS OVER I got 45 I think, should be 47.5 by game time.

  • What a week so far…below are the remainder of my picks – including my essay. I’ve also tried really hard to use the CURRENT line this week, so HittheHorns doesn’t have another heart attack.

    *Essay* Cleveland Browns +6.5 over the Steelers

    I expected my head to bemoan my heart when I began debating taking the Browns in Cheddar this week. Much to my surprise, my head was like, “yeah, I think this makes sense outside of your crazy little Browns fantasies.”

    The head coach saga of 2014 is a huge preliminary win in my book. 1. We “ended up” with Pettine, who I irrationally already trust and believe in. 2. It exposed Banner and Lombardi for the pointed-toothed clowns they were and now we can move on to a better place without them. Better places include Heinz Field today, where the Steelers don’t really have any idea what they’re up against because the good ‘ole Brownies kept our secret weapons on lockdown during preseason. At least that’s what I’m betting on. Seriously.

    As I review the lineup today. I think it’s a pretty fair shake. Roethlisburger has a great receiver in Antonio Brown but I believe our CBs are better. Hoyer will be able to find Cameron and Hawkins. I also think Mingo is ready to put on a big show.

    Taking a sip from my Southern Tier Pumking at my kitchen bar at 9 a.m. (central) is a very different start to the season than my tea and bourbon at 6 a.m. on our way to tailgating in the Pit, but this feels like a new chapter in my life that I’m going to enjoy very much. I hope today signals as much for the Browns.

    Other Two Picks:

    Saints -3
    Pats -5

    • HitTheHorns

      I struggle with OCD, my apologies.

      • Haha – no worries! Just giving you a hard time. Someone’s got to keep me in line 😉

        • HitTheHorns

          Seriously tho, double check those point spreads.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Browns +6.5 essay

    I’m not sure how we got here with the Browns. We went from challenging for a playoff spot to only winning 4 games again (1 if you read espn). It’s crazy how a few ugly preseason games send everyone heading for the exits before the season starts. Anyway the Browns will win today here’s why:
    The Browns have IMPROVED on offense. We got better on the offensive line, added a very good rb and I love hawkins. Losing gordon hurts but hoyer will exploit the Cameron mismatches and hawk will create space. What’s that you say, the preseason. .. WE TALKING PRESEASON MAN (Allen Iverson voice). Listen what looked good were our rbs. Our passing game looked like poop but we are going to be a run first team anyway. Coaches were trying to see what we had at qb, and will not put hoyer in that position today. I expect us to look a lot like those jets teams that went to the arc championships. Run run run. Play great defense. Win the game by 3.

    The Browns have also improved on defense. Dansby will make a big difference in the running game and Whitner is at least an even trade for ward. We have arguably the deepest and best defensive line in the league just ask big Ben after the game. I love skrine in the nickel with Haden and Gilbert outside. Going to be tough day for the steelers.

    Oh and the Steelers are just not the steelers. They’ve lost Woodley and Ryan Clark on Def and had to bring keisel back half way through training camp. Also Troy p. Is a year older and a step slower advantage browns. The steelers also lost Emanuel sanders and cotchery to free agency. So with Haden locking down brown whose big Ben going to throw to. That’s right nobody. Also Todd haley is just an awful offensive cord. Hopefully he’s calling the shots today.
    Last point. I think the Browns defense is going to be great this yr. They didn’t look good without Haden in the preseason but they played a bland Def. I expect an aggressive scheme today from coach pettine and a suffocating defense.

    Browns win 17-14.
    Ps. Today will mark the first time in 3 yrs the Browns will leave Pittsburgh and not immediately fire their coach.

    Also I typed this on my phone so I apologize for any typos.


    Vikings +3.5 (essay)
    Cowboys +5
    Jacksonville +10.5
    Dolphins +5
    Colts +7.5

    Hey Kanick, using this week as my essay skip week. Really think Vikings – Rams is a 13-10 game no matter who wins.

    • am i right in thinking that you, our MPLS correspondent, have never taken the vikes on your essay in the four or five years we’ve been doing this before?

      • CLEinMPLS

        haha! Yeah that’s true. Not a vikes fan at all, but in this case I felt I had to. Glad it worked out. Loved the all-play this week even though I whiffed on it. I am glad you are not going to be using the Browns and Buckeyes as much this year for the all-plays.

  • Petefranklin

    I’ll try not to be a dick on my essay pick but forgive me for what comes naturally. While you all are watching THE ohio state U lose to Va Tech I am composing this rather drunk, rather rough essay. If it doesn’t work for you well you can meet me in Detroit, more on that later.
    Look , my second biggest bet of the offseason was the BENGALS UNDER 9.5 wins. In order for that to work there is no way they beat the Ravens in the ratbird hood. Give me the Ratbirds for my essay!

    Well I don’t think those were a hundred words so givr me a mulligan. thanks.

    So in a pre preview of the Cleveland Charley Browns I will give you what you won’t believe.
    Browns OUTRIGHT over the snot towels.
    Look I can see everyones reasoning on why the Browns still suck and I agree. Buttt…the guys who do this for a living seem to think that the Clowns have value this year. That is not strange in itself, it happens every year. ??? I can’t figure it out and a well known tout from Clark high scratched his head when I asked him about it???

    Whiskey break T.O., I make better decisions and I think OSU made a game of it T.O.!!!!!!

    • Petefranklin

      All right I’m sure I have made no sense so far. I guess I have that going for me Gungalaa gungalaa. So it turns out that I have to be in Cleveland on Tuesday. I fly into Detroit on Monday with my son. I’ll be really close to Pittsburgh on sunday. It may make no sense but Peter J Franklin is 1-0 on Browns opening days. I;ll be close enough to make it 2-0.

      Early on I asked you guys what the opening day spread should be. The input back was that the Clowns should be at least a 7 point dog. People were surprised when I too;d them that the Browns were only a 5 point dog. They never got above 6 from the wise guys. I’ll take 6.5 just because I hate the Clowns from what they have shown and they aren’t as terrible as we think.

      I took the Clowns this preseason like I never had before. Never bet the Browns!

      At least I’ll have peace of mind!!!! GO CHARLEY BROWNS!!!!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=X48G7Y0VWW4

      • Petefranklin

        NOT THIS YEAR BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Petefranklin

          Oh year pick 5) ravens
          essay) CMB’s

          KICK SOME ASS!!!!!!!

          • Petefranklin

            Uh Jim, I managed to chew my arm off this morning and look at the standings. I really need an essay win so can I change my essay to the Ravens and keep the Browns for a single?
            You see there is this thingy in the NFL that some teams have called “home field advantage”. Baltimore has a really good one. In fact I consider it to be the BEST in the league unless you want me to consider those cheating dome teams and piped in crowd noise seattle. Three years ago I think most guys who crunch these #’s for a living would have adjusted for home field at least 3 if not 4 or more points in Baltimores case, when most teams give about 2.5 points for a home game.
            For some reason the Bungles are overrated this year. I don’t know why the bettors haven’t figured this game out. It seems clear to me.
            Bengals are 0-4 their last 4 in Baltimore. Bengals are a lowly 2-6-1 ATS in their last 9 on the road.Baltimore had a Super Bowl hangover last year which also keeps this # low. The Ravens looked good and crisp in the preseason so I’m gonna roll with the Ravens for a much needed three point essay.

          • Nick

            Pete whatever you are on I would like some. I also need a big essay win and am rolling with heavy public bears over bills. F

          • Petefranklin

            Well if makes your Bears pick feel any better, I got blasted today. Just killed!

          • Reading this series of comments has been the highlight of my morning. Many thanks.

          • Wait you’re going to be here on Tuesday? What time are we meeting at Map Room?

            Also, you should stick with the Browns for your essay. It’s gonna be a bad day at M&T today.

          • Petefranklin

            I really want to see the tribe on tuesday if time permits. I’d love to go to the maproom too, but I doubt that my 11 year old will be allowed in. Do you have any hookups on tickets for Tuesdays game? Not comps or anything, I’ll buy if the seats are good and we get the time.

          • Art_Brosef

            Your 11 year old will be allowed in. If youre interested, Ill make sure…….

          • Petefranklin

            Thanks, but we just couldn’t come up with the time.
            We will take you up on it pre browns in the future. Junior is all about the Browns, thankfully he doesn’t care about the recent non success.

          • In related news, the Ravens will only have 3 active CBs today. https://twitter.com/AaronNagler/status/508639782503989248

            Switch back to the Brownsss mannnn. Or be really smart and take Cincy.

  • PJD19

    OK final three…

    Cinci +1.5 over Baltimore
    TB -2 over Carolina
    Bills +7 over Bears (ESSAY)

    Looks like it’s me, CLEVTA and the Bills against the world, which I’m fine with. CLEVTA astutely points out that this is actually a good match up for bills. People that know sports, know that identifying favorable match-ups that the public might miss is a good way to pick games. As opposed to what’s happened here IMOP, where 90% of people are saying “the Bills suck and the Bears are good, give me the Bears”. I am fully confident that the bills will move the ball against the bears D. The outcome of the game will all come down to Buffalo’s ability to score in the red zone. If that happens and the bills are able to get Cutler out of his rhythm with their strong pass rush, then it could easily be an interesting game.

    Side note & prediction – I have a gut feeling that Jerry Hughes is going to have a monster contract season. Don’t be shocked if he comes off the edge and lays the wood on Cutler, in a potentially game changing way.

    Plus how can the public almost unanimously like any game without the benefit of seeing one single regular season snap? That alone is reason enough for me to pull the trigger on this one.

  • i’m going to ride with cook and dantonio. and mariota’s sprained MCL (thx acto). MSU for my all-play.

    • CLEVTA

      Mcl sprain is factually incorrect

  • thatsfine

    SDSU +16 essay
    An underrated team getting 16 against an overrated team. Using a two QB rotation, UNC combined for 3 INTs against Liberty last week and the offense put the ball on the ground an additional 4 times. The Tar Heels were sloppy, and trailed Liberty by 4 in the third quarter. Liberty’s athletic director had probably started writing a press release about how they had defeated the Sodomites and fornicators in Gomorrah’s evil Research Triangle. Too bad we will never get to hear that one. SDSU has not done well historically on the east coast, 2-10 All-time, but they don’t need to win, just cover, and I think 16 is enough.


    Fwiw I have no clue what will end up happening in MSU/Oregon game but I keep reading and hearing about this comparison btw Stanford slowing down Oregon and how MSU could do the same. Just remember, before Stanford “figured out” Oregon the last two seasons, the Ducks put up 52 and 53 points in Luck’s final two seasons blowing out the Cardinal both times. It took Stanford a couple of times to see and get used to Oregon’s tempo. This is easily the only time MSU has played against an offense like Oregon. And its 90 degrees today. I just don’t think the MSU/Stanford comp is remotely fair

  • Jonathan MacDonald

    Ok… I checked for my entry to see what games I should rudely check on my smartphone every 20 seconds, and my comment seems to have gone poof like Nebraska’s top 20 ranking did today..

    I think my picks were:

    Ole Miss
    Michigan State
    Chicago Bears
    NY Jets (Essay)

    Why the Jets? Oakland is in perennial disarray, they’re traveling to the East Coast for a 1:00 kickoff, and they’re starting a rookie QB. The Raiders may come together later in the year, and they usually turn out to be not as terrible as the pundits predict early in the season, however the deck is stacked against them for week 1.

  • Jonathan MacDonald

    Test comment…. something’s not right with my settings

  • You guys, while we’re missing quite a few notables from previous years, I think this is clearly our best Cheddar Gang yet. So much good energy in this thread, and last week’s. It’s going to be a great season. Like ClevTA said last week about a tear in his eye. Damn it, I love you all, can I just say that? Thanks.

    With that out of the way, the All Play will be the only college game I’m playing this week, and I’ll also make it my Pick of the Week: Oregon -12 over Sparty. I can’t remember that we’ve ever had so much consensus on an All Play as there is here. But the whole Sparty >>> Stanford >>> Ducks thing is way too easy. This shit doesn’t work like that. And it’s last year’s news, anyway. Mariota is healthy now and Oregon’s offensive line might be the best in the nation. As fine as Sparty’s defense might be, the Ducks are loaded with elite talent on both sides of the ball. I hear what p_4 is saying about how important this game is for the B1G, but why should the B1G have a playoff team anyway? I read something recently where someone called cities like Akron “museums of a time when this country had a middle class.” That’s pretty much exactly how I feel about the B1G. This is the America we live in, as much as we’d prefer it wasn’t so.

    Also, I think Brosef’s Western Kentucky essay is excellent. Too bad that was a noon game.

    OK, will be back with 5 NFLs tomorrow (Hooray! as much as Chucky’s points are well taken).

    • Thank your lucky starts that WKU was a noon game. Go Illini!

      • Dang! Whoever has the Couch bottle, pass it to Brosef.

        • Oh, Kanick too. For some reason I didn’t see his WKU essay before I posted this.

          • mo_by_dick

            errybody got they cups but they ain’t chipped in

    • Will just add re: Oregon/Sparty that they say beware of the public underdog.

    • Add San Diego State +16 over UNC for one point per Thatsfine’s essay.

    • Petefranklin

      That’s exactly how I feel about the midwest except for Chicago. Time has passed it by. Don’t want to insult anyone, it’s sad but true. I still have a soft spot for NEO but the BIG really is over rated. Oh and while I’m ranting EFF THE ZIPS and BOWDEN! Effer won’t kick a covering FG to draw his team within 2 scores? WTF? I hope you lose every game from here on out until you get fired you sad sack POS! I didn’t get to watch the game so correct me if the kicker got injured or something.

    • 5 NFL picks to round out the slate, along with a few futures recs:

      First, the futures:

      Niners to win Super Bowl at 13-1.

      Bears to win Super Bowl at 25-1.

      Bengals to win Super Bowl at 32-1.

      I think there are seven teams that have a legitimate chance of winning it, these three as well as the Broncos, Pats, Saints, and of course the Seahawks. The latter four are way overpriced, IMO.

      The Niners, on the other hand, were one play away from being the Super Bowl champs last year (they surely would have shredded the Broncos much like Seattle did). This year they look like a better team, with some question marks on D offset by improvements to the offense. Also, of course, Mangini. With the Seahawks Super Bowl odds at 4-1, 13-1 for SF is big value.

      But in case there’s an earthquake or something out there, the Bears are a more than decent long shot. A bonkers passing attack and major strength in the trenches on both sides of the ball thanks to some big offseason upgrades to the defensive front. Brandon Marshall, as great as he is on the field, is additionally as legit a leader in the locker room as there is in the league. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/page/hotread140707/chicago-bears-brandon-marshall-spreads-awareness-nfl-mental-health-crisis-espn-magazine Also, Marc Trestman mad scientist potential. I can see something like the 2011 Packers unfolding here.

      Finally, the Bengals are a bit of a longer shot, but worth a small play at such long odds because it’s far from out of the question that they represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, which would present an excellent hedge opportunity. They’ll miss Zimmer but this defense is much healthier than it was last year and should be one of the best in the league with as much talent as is here. The return of Atkins should be gigantic (his loss just killed these guys last year) and a secondary that was shortly ago a weakness looks to be a strength now with the emergence of Kirkpatrick, the return of Leon Hall from injury, and the addition of Dennard (as much as young DBs take time to come along). Whatever Dalton’s problems, the offense will be able to move the ball.

      OK, here’s the picks for today, generally based on the idea that defenses are ahead of offenses at this time of year.

      Bengals +1.5 over Baltimore Raisins: M&T Bank is a really tough place to play but I don’t buy that these two teams are this close right now and think that tradition is overinfluencing this spread. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed aren’t walking through that door. The
      Bengals, on the other hand, are pretty loaded loaded. I’m really surprised to see so much of the public on Baltimore here. This would be my pick of the week if I hadn’t gone in on Oregon last night.

      Rams -3.5 over Vikings: The Vikings might have a decent offense, but this Rams defense is shaping into a legitimate powerhouse and should be, maybe by far, the most dominant unit in this game. Zimmer will surely be good for the Vikings D but it doesn’t look like he has a whole lot to work with there just yet. I know the Rams offense isn’t great, but they have a very strong o-line, a good running back, and Shaun Hill has a few guys to throw to. Also, Matt Cassell is the Vikings QB. This feels like one of those games where fantasy football values (AP, Cordarelle, Rudolph) are warping the line.

      Texans -3 over Washington Cornball Brothers: Always be fading the Cornball Brothers. Also, like with Rams/Vikings (OMG RGIII, Morris, Garcon, Desean): reality football >>> fantasy football.

      Giants +5 over Lions: This Giants defense might be as underrated as any unit in the league coming into this season. This team had a lot of bad luck last year, and a lot of injuries. Expecting things to even out for them, generally, so it’s a natural week 1 play when the public is all over a team of fantasy football darlings like Detroit.

      Browns +6.5 over Steelers: Sometimes the snow comes down in June. Sometimes the sun goes round the moon. DRIIIIIIIIINK.

      Happy football Sunday, errbody! Anyone seen my lobster bib?

      • Also major Jay Gruden Ewing Theory potential re: the Bengals offense.

  • oxr

    Game I Was Really Hoping Wasn’t Going To Be The All-Play: Michigan State +12 over Mighty Oregon

    Rooting against my pick harder than I have since the Super Bowl, or last year’s Stanford game, both of which it was no consolation whatsoever to have picked correctly. Go Ducks.

    Back later/early tomorrow with five NFL games.

    • oxr

      Never been happier to lose a point. Honestly, I thought that one was in the books after the first couple of drives in the third quarter.

      NFL still pending while I vacillate over which game is the essay pick.

      • oxr

        Here we go:

        Chargers +3 over Cardinals
        Giants +5.5 over Lions
        Bengals +1.5 over Ravens
        Jaguars +10.5 over Eagles – I hate this pick but by gosh it’s a double digit week 1 NFL spread and a man must have a code

        Essay Saints -3 over Falcons – I don’t exactly love this pick either, but it’s the one I can rationalize the best to myself (whereas picking the Jags is basically saying “hey, I guess something odd might happen! It usually does!”) I don’t think the Falcons are as bad as they looked last year and I like Matt Ryan, but the theory goes that this is a good team against a better one, and unless the Falcons’ young CBs have suddenly made a leap I like the pass defense matchup better for the Saints, especially with Atlanta’s line already down a starter – Jake Matthews may be awesome but he is still a rookie and he can only play one position at any given time. The Saints looked dodgy on the road most of last year, but at least this is in a dome and on a fast track. And, the final objection, it’s a division game and anything can happen – but that (and the line movement) gives me less pause this week than it normally would, as that applies to the whole slate this week.

        • oxr

          Update: as of the 2nd quarter, I no longer hate the Jaguars pick.

          • oxr

            Welp, now I hate it again. Also: Drew Brees.

  • DQuatts

    DQuatts Week 2 Action:

    Sparty +12
    Colorado State +11

    Back with $$ pick and other NFL action soon. Have a great weekend, everyone!

    • DQuatts

      Browns +6.5
      Dallas +5
      Jets -5.5
      Bears -7***

      ***Chicago is an underrated team for one reason…the lack of public confidence in their defense. In a division like the NFC North, defense is absolutely critical to making the playoffs. Against a Bills team who struggles to find an identity, defense is not as necessary. The Bears will take advantage of this game to tweak an already incredible offense (one of the best) as well as a defense that needs a little help. I think Chicago scores plenty of points in this one, and the Bills struggle to keep up. 31-10 Bears.

      • DQuatts

        Sunday morning SWITCHAROO!!! The Bears are getting 91% of the action and the line hasn’t moved a bit. Something strange is going on in Buffalo….I’ll sit out and watch what happens. My final slate is:
        Sparty (loss)
        Colorado St. (loss)
        Browns +6.5
        Dolphins +5
        Bengals +1.5
        Broncos -7.5***

        ***For maybe the first time in Cheddar history, I am going to talk about the Broncos and their defense. A team that has made numerous upgrades without sacrificing much, this team took a page out of Seattle’s “defense wins championships” book this offseason. Everybody knows the offense, even missing Welker and having Ball returning from surgery, is going to put up plenty of points. This is more about the Colts not being able to keep up. Broncos cruise to victory behind a wild crowd in the Mile High.

  • p_forever

    hi i’m back – here’s the full slate –

    navy -3 temple
    ND -4.5 michigan
    msu +12 oregon***
    va.tech +11 osu
    stanford -2.5 usc
    chargers +3 arizona

    A lot of people in this thread have already said a lot of smart things about why msu is the pick of the week, which is part of what convinced me to make this my essay
    pick. I was worried that I was just exhibiting big 10 bias, which I still might be doing. But even if everyone on cheddar by has big 10 bias, I feel fairly share the universe shares that bias, at least for today. That’s because if MSU can’t at
    least keep this game close, then not just MSU but the whole big 10 is going to
    suffer. One conference is going to get shut out of the playoffs, and it’s going to be the one that can’t beat elite teams from other conferences. Already the perception is that the big 10 is the conference on the brink. To keep the race exciting all season long, MSU has to prove that it’s too early to count out the big 10. I think they will, because of MSU’s defense (I will not repeat here what the rest of you have already said on that topic). I actually find this double digit line fairly ridiculous, and I’m with those that believe it is only so high because there would be an unmanageable crush of pro-Oregon action if it were single digit (where it belongs).

  • jimlipnicki.com

  • Peter Markos

    SF -5 over DAL
    CHI -7 over BUF
    PHI -10 over JAX
    DEN -7.5 over INDY
    Maryland -12.5 over USF
    USF is ready to compete in the AAC, but they are not ready for a Big 10 powerhouse like Maryland. Maryland brings too much size, speed and Tradition to this matchup. I can remember as a young boy watching Maryland go 8-4 and qualify for a bowl. Five similar seasons in the last 30 years makes a team Big 10 worthy. Sadly, USF cant compete today. QB play is suspect and the defense gave up 30 points to a glorified high school team.

    • I think I know what you meant but let the record show that you just called Maryland a “Big 10 powerhouse.”

      Thank you.

      • Peter Markos


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  • Dave Borcas

    Oregon -12 (All play)

    Hawaii +12

    Indianapolis -7.5

    Chicago -7 (essay)

    At a very young age the Bears became my favorite NFL team after the Browns of course. Dick Butkus and this commercial were a big part of the reason.

    The Bears always had some characters over the years, who could forget Bobby Douglas at QB, The “Danimal” and Dirty Dent. Today’s Bears are led by Jay Cutler, who’s career has resembled Jeff George without the diabetic pump up till now IMO. Mark Trestman will pull a Helen Keller and get Jay to lead the Bears to the playoffs. Bears roll and help the Browns get a high pick from the Bills.

  • HitTheHorns

    All Play: Oregon -12

  • Its Only Money

    Let’s see if I can improve on last week, hopefully I don’t get worse:

    Toledo +4.5 v Missouri

    Akron +14 v PSU

    Florida -38.5 v EMU

    Chicago -7 v Buffalo

    All Play: MSU +12 v Oregon – Is it just B1G homerism on my part, I just don’t get this line really. Is the B1G really that down that the best team in the conference is almost a two TD dog. I hope Sparty proves me right.

    Essay: San Diego +3 v Arizona

    Playing a road dog in week one of the NFL may not be the
    best move but what the hell. I think
    Philip Rivers of 2013 is the Philip Rivers we will see this year, 2102 was the
    aberration not last year. The Chargers
    really came on at the end of the season last year with some very quality wins
    in the second half of the season and played two great playoff games. This will
    carry into the start of the 2014 season and beyond. I like the Chargers to challenge the Broncos
    this year. I think the opposite can be said about Carson
    Palmer, I look for a drop off in him and the Cardinals overall in 2014. The brutal schedule from 2013 continues in
    2014 for the Cardinals and week 1 will
    set things up for a longer season than most are expecting. I definitely will not be staying up to watch
    this one, it’s just one I’ll collect the money on Tuesday.

  • MSU +12 over Oregon
    Missouri -4.5 over Toledo (now)

  • PJD19

    USC +2.5 over Stanford
    MSU + 12 over Oregon

  • AmplifiedEsq

    1) Oregon -12; Live/work in Lansing – can’t wait for Oregon
    to light it up

    2) Kansas St. -12; KSU looks good, ISU does not.

    3) Auburn -31; Auburn can and will put points on the board.

    4) Minn. Vikings +3.5; Not worried about Cassel playing a
    tough defense when he has AP to hand it off to and Patterson to dump it to on
    short routes. Saints defense may be
    good, but not sold on any offense yet.

    5) N.O. Saints -3; Usually a close game between these two
    teams, but think N.O. defense is improved enough to take it.

    6) Missouri -4.5 (ESSAY)

    I’m probably missing something, but a good SEC team favored
    by only 4.5 over a MAC team… I’ll take that all day. I get that it’s at Toledo
    and it’s not often a non-major gets to make a statement at home like this. Toledo scored
    at will last week, but that was against New Hampshire. Mizz won last week as
    well, though not as convincing. I think Mizz was working out some cobwebs and
    jitters last week – as their third down conversion percentage was super low. I
    expect them to have calmed down and worked out issues over a week’s worth of practice
    time (which is all day/every day in the SEC, as they don’t actually have
    classes to go to… right?).

    I see the difference in this game being at the QB position.
    Toledo has an Alabama transfer (Ely)… But when was the last time an Alabama quarterback
    looked good without the best athletes available around him? Saban likely didn’t
    recruit this kid originally because of his individual playmaker ability,
    instead his ability to make smart plays and not play his team out of a win were
    more sought talents. Nationally televised game, knowing points are going to
    have to be put on the board… On the flip side, Maty Mauk is coming off a day
    where he completed a career best 62% of his passes. He’s only going to get
    better the more reps and game time he gets with this team. Consistency is needed
    and lacking at the moment, especially on third down – but some different play
    calling and the fact that it’s not the opening game anymore should help erase
    some of the problems seen last week. Plus, I don’t think Mauk is going to be scared away from looking for the big plays down the field. In the end I think Mauk makes more plays
    than Ely and probably gets aided by a big special teams play or two from Marcus

  • Art_Brosef

    Will start off with my essay and go with Western Kentucky +6 over Illinois. I dont know if yall watched Illinois (hopefully you didnt) but their 28-17 win over Youngstown state isnt really even as mediocre as it seems when you consider they only led 9-7 heading into the 4th. WKU was much more impressive last week in their romp of Bowling Green, in which they amassed 702 yards of offense. Theyre getting an extra day of rest and are an impressive 20-7-1 ATS in their last 28 road games. 6 points should be plenty against this Big ten bottom feeder.

    Secondly Ill go with some reverse line movement and snag Toledo +4.5. This line is down to 3.5 now despite 75% of the action on Toledo. SEC SEC SEC I know, but we arent talking Alabama here and Toledo gets to play at home in some lousy Ohio weather.

    Continuing on the “beating the market” trend, lets add Utah -11 in a game where the line is currently -13.5. Derek Carr isnt walking out of Fresno States tunnel, and on defense they let USC run 102 offensive plays last week. Second straight road game for Fresno, this one longer and into a higher altitude. Utah beats them while they’re down.

    Finally Ill lay 12 with a Colorado St team which playing much better, after scoreng 24 unanswered points last week for a what turned out to be an easy win. Boise got steamrolled last week, so this has the potential to be a bounceback spot, but Peterson is gone and this is a team lacking an identity. Too many points here, and if youre into trends Boise is 6-14 ATS in their last 20 home games while Colorado St is 7-1 ATS in their last 8 road games

    Oregon for the all play.

  • I wouldn’t have touched this game if I didn’t have to. Love Michigan State and thought they had enough of a resume last season to earn the spot opposite FSU in the BCS title game last year, but not sure how that factors into 2014. Oregon has all the speed, as usual, but I’m going with Dantonio and the boys to cover in a nail-biter. Hoping they can even pull the upset. MICH ST. +12

    UTAH -11
    IRISH -4.5 Irish win by 6 in a shootout. I’ll be in attendance.
    BENGALS +1.5


    Not sure I understand the line, and maybe that’s a Me Problem. A fill-in QB who used to win in Europe throwing to Brian Quick, Kenny Britt and Jared Cook (A couple of Jeff Fisher re-treads), and handing off to a few guys most people have never really seen carry a football are favored by more than a field goal in an NFL football game? Against a QB who’s been to the playoffs (and who doesn’t turn the ball over), one of the top running backs ever to lay hands on leather, a pair of solid wide receivers, and the best tight end to come out of Notre Dame (TE-University) in years. Something isn’t adding up for me, and I suppose it comes down to defense. St Louis has a defense that is built to win-a strong D line and linebackers who can run horizontally to attack the football. But I think they lack strength in the defensive backfield, and if Minnesota’s offensive line can get to the second level on their run blocking schemes, Peterson will run for 200 yards. The greatest show on turf this week won’t be the home team. I’ve got VIKINGS +3.5.

  • mo_by_dick

    I’ll take Oregon -12 for the All-Play, please.

    • mo_by_dick

      Bears -7
      Browns +6.5
      Vikings +3.5
      Bucs -2
      ***Lions -5.5 (ESSAY)(forthcoming)

      • mo_by_dick

        MNF in Detroit, with a new coach and a dynamic offense that added Tate and Ebron to take the load off of Megatron. It’s Week 1 so Reggie Bush should be fresh and ready to roll. Suh & Friends will get to Eli, and when Eli gets hit, it’s ELI MANNING IMPLOSION time. Love Odell Beckham for the Giants, but he’s injured, and their other major addition has been a member of the Jaguars and Raiders.

        • mo_by_dick


  • Concierge

    picks today

    WKY +6
    Oregon -12
    Purdue -3.5
    Buffalo +3.5

  • 1. SDSU +16 at UNC; Liberty was beating UNC with a minute left in the first half last week. Liberty is Jerry Falwell’s college. I’d prefer to avoid UNC, but SDSU is a ‘bet on’ team so I’ll roll with that.

    2. KState -12 at ISU; Sure NDakSt is a really good team but a FCS school just outgained you 2-1. Also team turmoil brewing, injuries are happening. Bad to have a demoralized, distracted team when Bill Snyder comes to town.

    3. NO BET NOW. MSU +12 at Ore; Every impulse wants to go against the current 23-8 Cheddar Sparty bias. But Acto is bringing the insider info here; the mind boggles at how PeteFranklin has been using this data in the past 24 hours. NO BET NOW.

    4. Browns +6.5 at Steelers; The real Hoyer was seen in his two games last year, not in the ridiculous competition circus that happened in August. Shazier and Jones underwhelm. Brown/Wheaton don’t present length matchup problems for Skrine. Even Miles Austin can separate from 34 yr old Ike Taylor. The Munchak effect on the Steelers o-line doesn’t mitigate Kelvin Beachum at left tackle. Pettine is going to show Cleveland how a coach preps a team for opening day because seriously we’ve forgotten.

    5. Raiders +5.5 at Jets; where’s Bup? I want to get a read on when I can claim my ‘Derek Carr will be better than Teddy Bridgewater’ bet because the clock starts ticking this weekend. (No srsly, where is Bupalos? He loves Cheddar.)

    6. ***WKU +6 at Ill.
    Lookit, I respect YSU as much as anyone and they did go 8-4 last year with wins over UD, Morehead, Duquense, SIU, IndySt, IllSt, and SDak. But the Penguins were beating Illinois 17-14 with ten minutes to go and that was even after spotting Illinois this butt punt. It was no flukey turnover-fueled close game either. YSU had more first downs (19-14), more yards (380-363) and an incredible time of possession delta: 40 mins for YSU to 20 for Illinois. Illinois drew 36,234 for their opener and indifference is building in anticipation of WKU’s visit. And what about WKU? They murdered Bowling Green’s whole season. BG’s new offense-first head coach Dino Babers was exposed as a possible fraud. He obviously dismantled Dave Clawson’s hard built cultural commitment to defense that made BGSU unique in the MAC and replaced with all that is wrong with C-USA. Net net Babers seeems to have implemented last year’s UTEP offense/defense and that’s not good… and then WKU knocked Matt Johnson out for the year. Game over BG. But back to WKU, they showed that continuity matters as new coach Jeff Brohm was Petrino’s OC last year and transitioned easily to HC. It showed because WKU’s offense knew what it was doing with their 700 yard performance. Plus, when the Toppers got the lead, 21-0, they stepped on BG’s throat answering all BG TDs with one of their own. Nah, WKU is legit. Illinois is not. They got this spread backwards.

    Also: Fla, SALA, UTEP, Saints, Dolphins, Cowboys, Chargers.

    • Petefranklin

      WKU= a Langing

    • Petefranklin

      You got Langed….Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you!

  • Dennis Hemingway

    Nevada +3.5 over Washington St. (Already submitted)
    Steelers -6.5 over Browns
    Missouri -4.5 over Toledo ***
    Oregon -12 over Michigan St.
    East Carolina +16 over South Carolina
    Ravens -1.5 over Bengals

    *** While I love MAC schools and how they’ve grown into national competitors over the past few years, this isn’t one of Toledo’s better teams and Missouri is typically under-rated in their own power conference. The line moved down in favor of Toledo but not over significant #’s. Missouri’s
    coach, Pinkel, spent several years in Toledo and knows the lay of the land even though it was a while back. Now him & his squad are quietly under the radar in the SEC. I expect them to put up a lot of points today and not look back in the 2nd half.

    • Petefranklin

      RAS, Dr Bob, Phil Steele and some other significant services are on the Rockets, which explains the move. I banged the opener UP in Vegas on Sunday. We shall see, I love M Mauck being back in western OH, especially with the rockets 2 starting CB’s out.
      Richie Baccheleri, a sharp guy, is on Toledo as well which is why I’m passing for contest purposes.
      Go Tigers!!!!!!

  • Petefranklin

    All Play Mich St. Something tells me that this is a trap game for the bettors and Oregon goes on to win it all
    #2 Vandy +20 over Missy Miss, Franklin didn’t empty the cupboards when he left did he?

    Macaction that I played earlier but not for the contest…Army -2.5 -3, Purdue -2.5,Akron +17+16.5 +15.5,Ball St +17 +17.5,Mizzou -5.5 -6…there are a ton of sharps on Toledo, I got bad #’s

    • Petefranklin

      #3 E Carolina +16 over S Carolina…I hate betting a team after a beatdown that they incurred but the loss of the next Browns starting QB after Hoyer has hobbled Spurrier. The Pirates will leave it all on the field today.

    • Petefranklin

      #4 Tampa-2

  • p_forever

    one early(ish) pick and the rest later –

    navy -3 temple

    also this – i truly don’t want to (and won’t) pick against ND this week but i will say that a 4 point spread is tough to swallow – final game of a great rivalry – it’s going down to the wire.

  • The Iron Sheik

    Penn state -14
    Oregon -12
    The ohio state buckeyes -11
    Kentucky -13
    ***Steelers -6.5

    So why the steelers- it’s easy the browns suck. It was hard for me to say that but I feel it is true for yet another year of my existence. Let start with the qb’s we have the hometown boy and a gimmick then give it a few weeks we will have a qb controversy ending with yet another crappy season. We have an overall offense that could only put one decent drive together in the preseason against a practice squad defense. And last a group of unproven coaches in there various roles. We all know the positives on defense but if they are on the field the whole game how effective can they be.
    All that said here we go brownies here we go. Woof woof

  • thatsfine

    Sparty +12
    MTSU +16
    SDSU +16
    Mich +4.5
    Penn St -14
    Cowboys +5

    Will get my essay up in a bit. May need to take my mulligan this week.

  • shoseph

    Stanford -2.5 vs. USC
    Michigan State +12 vs. Oregon (All Play)
    Hawaii +12 vs. Oregon State

    Bears -7 vs. Bills (Essay to come later)
    Buccaneers -2 vs. Panthers
    Cardinals -3 vs. Chargers

    • shoseph

      If it’s not too late, I’d like to take a pass on my essay (suffering/enjoying post-game hangover after attending the Mich St./Oregon game).

      Instead, I’ll pick the Cardinals -3 vs. Chargers as my 3-pointer.

  • jdoepke

    Back from vacation and I need a rest more than I need a big bounce back week after going 1-5 last week. Thank god only 1/2 points last week. More prep went into week 2, I’m actually excited for a lot of NFL games and I typically don’t take a whole lot of NFL action. Here goes…

    Akron +14 vs. Penn St
    Central Michigan +3.5 vs. Purdue
    Ohio U +13 vs UK
    Titans +3.5 vs Chiefs
    Sparty +12 vs. Oregon (AP)

    Toledo +4.5 vs. Mizzou (Essay)
    My friend FlyHighCharlieFrye would be proud of me for taking all #MACTION outside of All Play and one NFL. I don’t have a ton of good reasons other than the line opened as high as 6.5 and is now down to 3.5 most everywhere. I will take the extra point that comes with locking in these lines on Wednesday. 75% of public on Mizzou (and why wouldn’t you be), but 90% of money on Toledo, which I’m guessing is what drove this line down. Toledo outright 31-30 in a doozie.

    Unofficial picks from a guy who went 1-5 last week:
    Bengals +2
    Panthers +1
    Colts +7.5
    Saints -3
    Vikings +4
    Iowa St +12.5
    Michigan +3.5 parlay with Over 55.5
    BYU +1
    Kicking myself for not taking ATSU Thursday and really liked Nevada tonight but chose to stay away from it.


    msu +12 for the all play

  • Dennis Hemingway

    Sorry for the late notice but I’ll take Nevada +3.5 over Washington St. tonight. Kickoff in 10 minutes. One time for the Wolfpack.

  • chuckycrater

    ALL PLAY: Michigan State +12 vs. Oregon
    BYU -1 vs. Texas
    Notre Dame -4.5 vs. Michigan
    Stanford -2.5 vs. USC
    Tampa Bay -2 vs. Carolina

    ESSAY: Denver -7.5 vs. Indianapolis

    Picking NFL games this year is going to be a real challenge because I plan to watch as little of it as possible. I’m tired of the bullshit, the cynicism, the misogyny, the total lip service paid to anything other than maximizing profits. It is the pro league for blithering, light-beer-swilling, anti-union, law-and-order, war-on-drugs, military-worshipping, Hannity-loving idiots. On top of that, my hometown team is coached by acolytes of a man who thinks an openly gay player is a “distraction” in the year 2014. I refuse to buy what the NFL is selling me for at least this season.

    But I still have to pick NFL games, so I plan to fall back on tried-and-true gambling methods and hope for the best. Like this one: Always take Peyton Manning in a night game at home. I sincerely doubt the Colts can keep up and Manning could make me look good catching passes.

    • chuckycrater

      Incidentally, I really like the VT-Ohio State under.

    • p_forever

      ditto re the nfl

  • FTCMikeD

    Here are the rest of my picks:
    @Seahawks -6 (Win)
    Mizzou -4.5 over @Toledo
    AP: MSU +12 over @Oregon
    Saints -3 over @Falcons
    @Dallas +5 over 49ers
    *****@Broncos -7.5 over Colts*****
    The runner up to the Super Bowl got better in the off-season, way better. Huge additions to the defense which was already pretty good: Ware, Talib, Ward while jettisoning Champ Bailey. No net loss on offense with Decker leaving and Sanders signing. It doesn’t even matter than Welker is suspended for 4 weeks with this team. Peyton F’in Manning will have his guys ready to go. A key offensive lineman also returns this season after being on injured reserve last year: Ryan Clady.

    Yeah, Luck is on the rise, but not against this team. DQJ was a good player, but he’s not going to be the difference maker in this contest. T-rich still a non factor. Reggie Wayne’s a year older. Last season the Broncos won 7 games at home by an AVERAGE margin of 20 points. The only loss at home came against the Chargers in the regular season. The Chargers had more talent than this Colts team. Plus, they are out to avenge their bloody loss to the Seahawks last year, and the first victim is the Colts. Broncos cover the 7.5.

  • GRRustlers

    Week 2 Picks

    AP – Oregon (-12) over MSU

    Colorado (-17) over UMass – Longest road trip in Colorado history. Trust me when I told you UMass is the team this year. Anyone watch Boston College play tonight? I rest my case. I am irrationally excited about Eastern Michigan vs UMass later this year. That just screams all play.

    Florida (-38.5) over Eastern Michigan – Florida currently building a lego wall in front of the EMU tunnel. Good strategy.

    Bears (-7) over Bills – Marrone asking to be fired before Week 1 is probably not a good sign.

    Eagles (-10.5) over Jaguars – I LOVE the Jaguars. Just not this week. I’ll be watching sobbing over what could have been with Chip Kelly trying my hardest to get Joe Banner to block me on Twitter.


    A friend of mine at work who for some reason values my football knowledge (probably all the damn money I made him with Idaho football tips) asked me what I thought the best case scenario was for Mike Pettine. Without flinching I looked him in the eye and said best case is Jim Schwartz. First he laughed…then he realized I was not laughing. The first 3 years under Schwartz the Lions went from 2 to 6 to 10 wins and a playoff spot. He changed the culture. Were his teams out of control? Yep. Did they cross the line from time to time and harm themselves? Yep. You know what else happened in Detroit? They stopped getting pushed around. They stopped getting laughed at by opponents. They were no longer another bye week. Was he the right coach to make the adjustments and take the team to the next level? No. Jim Caldwell is probably the perfect hire after Schwartz and it’s time for Stafford to make the leap. I love the Lions this year and think they are the North champs all because a coach most of us just view as a douche changed the culture.

    Lions (-5.5) over Giants

  • CleveLandThatILove

    The balance of week 2 Cheddar picks: (thank you, wise ones, for the UTSA green, I needed that)
    Oregon-12 MSU (AP)
    Eagles -10.5 Jags
    Raiders +5.5 Jets
    Ravens -1.5 Bengals
    *Broncos -7.5 Colts

    They are loaded again. They were denied after a great regular season. They are opening at home against the one team that HE has not beaten. I happened to catch the last installment of NFLNetwork’s top100 players of 2014, and for the first time HE was voted #1, meaning of course that HE is universally respected and feared most by the best active players. Love him or hate him, for Cheddar purposes that is good enough for me. HE may or may not admit that being 0-1 against his former team sticks in his craw (what exactly is a craw, anyway?) but it’s time to check that item off the list, in dramatic fashion. And TJ Ward likes to be in highlight clips.

  • Dave Borcas

    Washington State -2.5 tonight

  • Matt Borcas

    Sparty +12 over Oregon: This should play out like a Stanford-Oregon matchup, which is to say don’t be shocked with a MSU win.

    WKU +6 over Illinois: Youngstown State outplayed Illinois last week; Tim Beckman is horrendous.

    • chuckycrater

      Yes, this is exactly my reasoning for taking Sparty. You would never lay 12 points in an Oregon-Stanford game.

    • Matt Borcas

      Bucs -2 over Panthers: DA time, baby!
      Bengals +1.5 over Ravens
      Pats -5 over Dolphins

      Essay forthcoming.

    • Matt Borcas

      Alright, let’s try to even this week out with a winning essay: Chargers +3 over the Cardinals. That Cards defense that was so dominant last year is missing Darnell Dockett and Alex Okafor, and Tyrann Mathieu will be a game-time decision. (Even if he plays, he’ll probably be limited/hobbled.) On offense, the Cards’ most dynamic playmaker, Andre Ellington, will also be a GTD, and the dropoff between him and backup Jonathan Dwyer is huge in terms of how much it’ll curb Arizona’s ability to do anything remotely creative. Plus, my general opinion on Carson Palmer this year is that he’ll be unseated by Logan Thomas by November, so I’m not really feeling the Michael Floyd breakout hype. As for the Chargers … 2013 was Philip Rivers’ best season in forever, and there’s no reason to think he won’t improve after another offseason w/ Mike McCoy. Also, we should probably capitalize on Ryan Mathews’ good health while we can, and Keenan Allen is primed to morph into one of the league’s ten best receivers (if he isn’t one already). ALSO, Ladarius Green! To the extent that Antonio Gates’s hamstring injury means more playing time for Green, I think it may actually improve SD’s chances of winning. And of course you can’t put a number on Danny Woodhead’s grit. That shit’s priceless.

  • Iowa -17 vs. Ball State
    BYU -1 @ Texas
    Pitt +4 @ BC
    Kansas State -12 @ ISU
    Notre Dame -4.5 vs. Michgan
    All Play: Michigan State +12 @ Oregon
    The setting: Autzen Stadium capacity 53,800 expecting a sellout. Climate: Game time temperature 90 degrees. Side party: Game Day atmosphere. Pathetic Whimper: Decibels reaching the mid 120’s. Equals: Big times call for big guns and flashing lights! Don’t bring your side chick to the game as she might get swooped up in the excitement and end up in the wrong brothers bed. As for most of us that 60 inch high definition television will try and recreate the atmosphere as well as what everyone has eluded to in the past week one heck of a performance. With all the chatter and side show in Eugene this week there will be no let down by the Ducks, but MSU will keep it close. The ability of MSU defense to make quick adjustments to the sneaky fast Duck offense will limit the run away. The Ducks take the victory but MSU weathers the storm to beat the spread. I’m sticking firm to this stat and hopefully it prevails for me. Dantonio’s Spartans since 2007 have lost by 11 or more points only six times.

  • Tim Butler

    BC +4 over pitt – A desperate attempt to get something resembling action on a Friday night game. I don’t know anything about either team so I’ll go against the public, plus I liked technivore’s essay.

    CARDINALS -3 over chargers – Last year the Chargers played a soft NFC east, leading to them (and RIvers fantasy value) being overrated heading into 2014. This year they play the NFC West, and the pain starts Monday. I’ll take the Cards to cover at home in the last game of week 1.

    vikings +3.5 over RAMS – Someone once said never take a public dog, on the road no less, but I think the vikes are going to be the surprise team of 2014. (Plus I need to get shamed once and learn my lesson before I go back to betting strictly against the public). I think Mike Zimmer knows his shit on defense, and with Norv running the offense, this team is poised for big things. However, with games against the patriots, saints, falcons, and packers in weeks 2-5, this almost becomes a must win for Minnesota, which is exactly what I think they’ll do. Give me the 3.5 points.

    BUCS -2 over panthers – Cam Newton’s ribs.

    All Play: msu +12 over OREGON

    ESSAY: BEARS -7 over bills – The ONLY way I see this result being in jeopardy is if Manuel doesn’t finish the first half, for any number of reasons. Maybe he throws 4 picks in the first quarter. Maybe he sprains his knee running out of bounds 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Perhaps the coaches will actually review the tape of his 4 preseason games and decide that a sleepy Kyle Orton actually gives them the best chance to win. His play has me romanticizing the days of JP Losman and Trent Edwards. He reads defenses the way my 2 year old nephew reads music, which is to say, not at all. Defensive backs have the jump on nearly every one of his passes. EJ locking onto his primary receiver is like when Roger Rabbit sees Jessica. Give me the bears laying 7 all day. At absolute worst, it’s a push.

  • Petefranklin

    Non cheddar action tonight…Wazzu over 67.
    Still don’t think the lines makers and public has caught on to the Air Raid over Reno tonight.
    I think I was 5-1 on the totals that I mentioned here last week. G.L. if you play it.

    • Petefranklin

      Also we are all holding our breath for your Browns preview, or at least I am, after betting on them to win the division and at least 7 games. I could use a ray of hope after this preseason and sunday’s loss.

      • fuckin i am sticking to the browns 10+ wins deal.

        as you can imagine, such a post does not exactly write itself.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        The Browns could win the division at 7-9.
        Pitts-stink is aging and Tomlin is overrated.
        The Grackles have Flacco as their bright spot, no help from Ed Reed, or Stabby Lewis, and the Wizard of Oz has fallen back to earth. Give your complete attention to the man behind the curtain.
        The Bungles are still the Bungles and Andy Dalton is just another ginger QB, Weeden is better.

        • Petefranklin

          That would be so Brownslike.
          I just want to see Romo go down soon so that we can hold up the Cowboys when they want JFF after enduring a game or two of Weeden.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            I hope the Browns would be able to get Jer-rah to give up an RGINJURY type deal.

  • Rob

    AP: Oregon -12

    also! if you’re able to change my entrant name to my twitter handle, rolub, in the standings, that’d be great. it’s so much more exotic than plaini ol’ Rob.

    • Rob

      Essay pick: Colorado St. +11

      I’ll be completely honest; I don’t follow college football that much. Players I can name? Jameis Winston and Braxton Miller, and apparently only 1 of them is playing this year. What I do know, is that a train powered by a steam engine has left the hub in Boise State and is headed straight to Colorado State. I’m assuming that the field there is still blue, which should match the mood of anyone backing these sad sacks of potatoes at -11. I might not win this game all the time, but I’ll win it close to 60% of the time.

    • Rob

      And the other 4 since there’s no guarantee I’ll get to a computer before kickoff tomorrow:

      TB -2
      DET -5.5
      HOU -3
      SD +3

  • Tron

    You should just not change the name.

    • aww. no can do.
      srsly i felt like a dick for some time for hijacking a quiet minor celeb’s name.

  • clayII

    Packers (+6) / Seattle

    • clayII

      Sparty (+12) / Oregon
      Mich (+4.5) / ND
      Stanford (-2.5) USC
      Texas (-1) / BYU
      essay later

      • clayII

        sorry, have to bag my essay this week, but I like the Cardinals (-3) in late game as my essay pick.

  • trashycamaro

    GB +6 over SEA
    Oregon -12 over Michigan State

    rest to come…

    • trashycamaro

      Finally got a game right! We can build on this!

      Dallas +5 over SF
      Atlanta +3 over NOLA
      Minnesota +3.5 over STL
      Miami +5 over NE

      Essay Minnesota +3.5 over STL. Well, that is a frightening all underdog week, but THREE of them are home dogs. This being the first week of the season that seems a little egregious. We know Dallas is not very good, but they still have Romo and SF is missing two of their top 3 players on D and don’t have much of a pass rush without Aldon Smith. Meanwhile Dallas HAS been beefing up their o-line. Atlanta is going to bounce back some this year and Matt Ryan has his toys back.

      Miami always plays NE tough. Well, actually pulling up the history on PFR, this is not actually true. Going back to 2002, the Fins are 5-7 at home against the Pats with the average score MIA 18.5 – NE 25.8, which means the Fins lose on average by just over a TD in the Brady era. However, since Tannehill has been in town, the Fins are 1-1 at home against the Pats, winning by 4 and losing by a TD. With the Dolphins new line in place and helping the line move up from its 30th ranked pass protection (sack rate), having all their receivers back, I see Tannehill having enough time to make the right decisions and keep the game close and getting the ball to some combination of the Claymaker, a rejuvenated Mike Wallace, and the rest of the WR corps that missed most of the season last year. And home dog.

  • squeekycleen

    Just the essay for now, rest coming:

    UTSA for essay pick: Even if this misses, its a must play for me. I know UTSA looked good last week, but they weren’t even FBS a few years ago. This is a no name team. They know how to hang in games and were a cash cow last year, but were huge anti-pub plays every week despite repeatedly covering. Zona on the other hand has been hyped up. Rich Rod! Anu Robinson! Awesomeness! I’m not buying it. UTSA for the essay.

    • squeekycleen

      The rest:

      St. Louis Rams
      Central Michigan

      And the all play on Oregon.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    I’m going to jump on
    GB +6….I think this Packers team is going to be good this year. Sounds like GB is going to go with an uptempo attack and I expect the defense to be better. Seattle lost two of its defensive backs from last year and I don’t expect Lynch to be as effective.

    Arizona -7 Liked what I saw from last yrs runner up write up. So I’ll ju,p on.

    All play: MSU +12

    back with essay and others on Sunday

    • Harbaugh Handshakes

      Notre Dame -4.5
      Chicago -7
      Cleveland +6.5 *ESSAY* I’ll type it up tomorrow.

  • zarathustra

    On Monday I looked at the lines to pick out the dozens or so games that I would consider this week and this was on the “no-play” list, so I’m likely just a degenerate chasing action here. There is so much to like with the roadrunners and it is really cool that some around here were hip to them so early. This year they are taking another step and we saw the beginning of it last week. But…I keep thinking about the mean green. I started to become a believer in the North Texas program last year and and earmarked them as a team to follow this year. Last week I was oh so tempted to take them and the 24 points at Texas but luckily sat it out. Texas was simply in a different class. Now I understand this is far from a perfect analogy–Texas has far more talent than Arizona and they were playing at home. Moreover, I have to lay 7 on the road here which is really can only incite the wrath of the gambling gods.
    The Roadrunners are on the rise. They aren’t yet ready to take out a decent major conference team though. I’ll take my chances and lay the points.

    • zarathustra

      Yep. I’m definitely chasing a Thursday night fix. Let’s make this my essay.

    • omg beware of UNT. i know texas’ defense has athletes and etc. but mother of god look at these passing numbers.

      [confirming– this is zona -7 essay?]

      • zarathustra

        Whoops. I should have mentioned that. Indeed it is.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        That is why we call Texas DBU.

    • zarathustra

      Oy…Watching that Solomon kid for Arizona was painful. Almost as painful as watching Kaya for the canes last monday. It’s almost as if one shouldn’t wager on freshmen quarterbacks in their first ever road start. Who woulda thunk it?
      The rest of my picks:
      Colorado St
      Ladies and gents if there were ever a legitimate lock in these things the ravens are it. Why? I had them pegged as my essay for this week then prematurely splooged all over the frickin’ Arizona Wildcats for all the wrong reasons. A ravens cover will only complete my punishment.

      • zarathustra

        I’m not so sure about northwestern anymore so I am pulling that one and replacing it with:
        Purdue -3.5

  • The Iron Sheik

    Packer +6

  • Concierge

    One more for tonite — Packers +6.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    Pick # 1 Seahawks -6 (Essay)

    Im taking the Seahawks as my essay for one reason: The Legion of Boom. I believe they will be able to keep Jordy & Cobb at bay and I dont see the rest of the D allowing Lacy to rush for more than 90 yards. That being said, along with the Packers starting a center for the first time, I think things will be rough for Mr. Rodgers. Now to the other side of the ball. I love the maturity the Seahawks have in Russell Wilson. That along with Beast Mode and no improvement for the Packers D gives the home team the ability to score efficiently. The 12th man will be loud tonight and I will be cheering along with them. Ok I think I am out of nicknames so thats all for now folks. Will be back with more picks later.

    • Lucy Lawrence

      #2 MSU +12( All Play)
      #3 Stanford -2.5
      #4 Saints -3

      Will add pick 5/6 later

      • Lucy Lawrence

        #5 San Fran -5
        #6 Notre Dame -4.5

  • CleveLandThatILove

    UTSA +7 it is.

  • AlvaroEspinoza10

    Stanford -2.5 vs USC
    Saints -3 @ Falcons (No idea how this is the line. Saints are stacked this year on D and improved on O)
    Duke -18.5 @ Troy (Vegas still sleeping on Duke)
    Oregon -12 vs MSU (this one makes me nervous)
    Arizona -7 @ UT-San Antonio
    Eagles -10.5 vs Jags- ESSAY:

    Presumably because of Joe Banner, Chip Kelly is not the coach of the Browns, but instead, in a sick twist of fate, the Eagles. Now they are scoring points while the Browns… don’t. I see why many people are jumping on the Jaguars for this line: Jaguars as a 4-4 team to end last season with some pick-ups on defense and Marquise Lee in the draft. Cecil Shorts is nice too. But I’m just not buying into Toby Gerhart and Chad Henne in a shoot-out against Chip Kelly’s offense. How many points is that Jags offense really capable of putting up? Especially if they get down 10 early? Eagles scored at least 24 points in 12 of 16 games last year (30+ in 8), while the Jags D gave up 27 or more points in 10 games. Guessing there are still some holes in that D. Chip Kelly having a year under his belt for prep and building his system is bad news for the rest of the league, not for the Eagles. I look for the Eagles to score big early, then sit back and force Henne to throw (or dump off short to Toby G). If this were a Jacksonville home game it might be different (does that pass the laugh test?), but the Eagles have high expectations this year, the Phillies suck, and the 76ers suck. Philly is all about these Eagles and the adrenaline will be pumping for game 1 at home and Chip will run up the score to throw some red meat to those fans.

    • “.. because of Joe Banner, Chip Kelly is not the coach of the Browns, but instead, in a sick twist of fate, the Eagles. Now they are scoring points while the Browns… don’t.”

      Early essay of the week nominee and fair truth bomb.

      (Which maybe should become a thing around here?)


    1. UTSA +7- As if I wasnt going to take my team tonight. 74% on Zona on covers tonight. Home single digit dog on Thursday night in a potential program making game on ESPN. I knew UTSA was good but to go to a good Houston team and win outright by 20 is impressive while holding them to 21 rush yds on 22 carries and 3.5 yds per play. Turnovers are typically flukey so I am not going to count on 6 tonight like last week but it does show the aggressive defense.

    • CLEVTA

      2. Pitt -4
      3. Oregon -12 All Play
      4. USC +2.5. I documented last week that Im all in on USC. 30-1 to win the title is riding on it. Line smells fishy being so low at Stanford and falling the key 3 number is a green light.They proved how good they can be last week destroying Fresno. Kessler turned the corner once Lane was fired last year. Once they beat Stanford it’s smooth sailing till late Nov vs UCLA. Title run starts Saturday.
      5. Dolphins +5
      6. Will be back for essay on Sun morning

      • CLEVTA

        6. Bills +7 (essay) . 20-0 Bears picks vs Bills picks in Cheddar right now. LOLz!! I liked the Bills even before this but this just locks it up for me. Yes I understand all the Marone turmoil but come on, these are pros who are starting the season. A couple of things to note. This matchup is the #1 ranked rush offense last season in Buffalo vs the worst run defense by a long mile in the Bears. While I do think Chicago will improve in defending the run, it’s still a great matchup for Buffalo. In addition, yes Chicago can score but last season as favorites of 3 pts or more and with Cutler as the starter, the Bears were 0-3-1 ATS. As a favorite in general the Bears were 1-4-1 with Cutler as starter. There is no way Im laying 7 points with such a terrible defense no matter who the Bears are playing. The fact that the public (87%) loves the Bears and it’s a 20-0 ratio on cheddar just makes this a no brainer.

  • Concierge

    UTSA +7 tonight

    First off I hate Dick Rod. So any chance I can get action like this against him I will be all about it. UTSA was dominant in their win last week against Houston. They had 6 takeaways in that game and I expect that defense to be all over first year starting at QB for Arizona Anu Solomon. Solomon threw for 400 yards last week against an awful UNLV team but 92 of that came on one play. Heres the deal. UNLV sucks and even they played with Arizona. Zona runs uptempo spread offense and if UTSA can get some stops it will kill the momentum of Arizona.. GO ROADRUNNERS!!

    • Concierge

      (This is my essay.)

    • Got it.

  • technivore


    BOSTON COLLEGE +4 over Pitt

    Both teams are going to want to run first, run second, and run third and they’ll both be good at it too. Pitt’s running game was dominant against weak sister Delaware last week (James Connor had 4 rushing TDs in the 1st half) and BC QB Tyler Murphy put up 118 yards on 13 carries against UMass. What would be a slight advantage to Pitt in their receiving corps is negated by the injury soph WR Tyler Boyd suffered last week. A dislocated pinky doesn’t sound like a bad injury but for a young kid in a hostile stadium after a short practice week, I see some drops and gator arms in his near future. Neither QB is especially accurate, but BC had a pleasant surprise from converted senior WR Josh Bordner last week against UMass (81 yards on 4 receptions, including a TD) which further closes the gap in the passing game.

    Pitt’s D-line is still utterly unproven without Aaron Donald and while they annihilated Delaware last week, that still leaves them unprepared for a much, much tougher road opponent. I actually like what I’m reading about BC’s defense (experienced secondary that excels against the run, surprisingly big D-line) as well. So to me this looks like a pick’em but you’re gonna give me 4 points to take the home squad? Deal.

    • technivore

      STEELERS -6.5 over Browns (until proven otherwise…)
      Northern Illinois +6.5 over NORTHWESTERN (ditto)

      All Play:
      Michigan State +12 over OREGON

    • technivore

      Michigan +4.5 over NOTRE DAME
      New Orleans -3 over ATLANTA

  • cwonder23

    All Play: MSU +12 @ Oregon
    Vandy +20 vs Ole Miss
    UMASS +17 vs Colorado
    KSU -12 @ ISU
    Bears -7 vs Bills
    Essay: Jaguars +10.5 @ Eagles
    I feel like this line is still based on last year’s teams. This is a much improved Jaguar team on both sides of the football in my opinion. This is a team that went 0-8 in it’s first 8 games (with Blaine Gabbert taking the primary snaps through the first three games) and finished 4-4 over their last 8. With the understanding that Joe Montana Chad Henne is not, he should be an adequate QB while warming Bortles’ seat. The Jags have an improved OL and added a few FA pieces on defense, not to mention a could be impact player in Marquise Lee in the draft. Cecil Shorts III appears healthy and showed last year he can be a good WR2. Toby Gerhart should be a classic grinder who can control the clock in a close game. I love Chip Kelly but am not completely on board with Foles at QB and Maclin is coming off a major injury. Riley Cooper caught lightning in a bottle last year and lightning usually doesn’t strike in the same place twice. The departure of Desean Jackson may be felt more earlier in the season as Kelly tries to find his deep threat. Ultimately, I think the Eagles win but think it will be closer than 11 points. Feels like a TD game to me.

  • FTCMikeD

    I’ll take @Seahawks – 6 over the Pack tonight.

  • HitTheHorns

    Hit The Horns:

    Miami Dolphins +5

    Dallas Cowboys +5

    Baltimore Ravens -1.5

    Atlanta Falcons +3

    **Essay** Tampa Bay Buccaneers -2

    All of these picks have some things in common: all of these teams are at home, they all missed the playoffs last year, and they all are playing a team that made the playoffs last year. In the case of Tampa, `Baltimore and Miami, they are division games. There used to be a twitter account
    @beyondthebets that used to speak about teams opening at home that missed the playoffs vs. teams that made playoffs in previous year. His twitter account has since been retired, but the premise remains.

    Last year, this went 4-1-1: Bills covered vs Pats, Saints covered and won vs Falcons, Lions covered and won vs Vikings, Chargers covered vs Texans; Bears pushed vs Bengals; Panthers just missed a cover vs Seahawks ,losing 12-7 in a game they were +4.5.

    For all the reasons stated above, we will be picking all of these home teams. Tampa gets the essay nod based on the fact that Lovie is going to have this team ready to play. In addition, I know Mr. Barnwell isn’t very popular around these parts and the Colts shoved it up his ass last year, but
    Carolina is the obvious choice (along with the Chiefs) for regression this year, Cam is not healthy, and he has nobody to throw to. I fully expect a Chad Millman tweet on Sunday morning that says Sharps: Bucs.

    Arizona Cardinals -3 also fit this model, but I had to remove them so I could pick the all play.

    Will check back in with all play pick later.

    • Petefranklin

      Chad Millman LOL! The sharps pretty much stopped betting the Bucs after it got past them being a 1 point favorite(when the rib injury was announced, before they took the game off the board for a while). Plus points were available all summer and it was quite obvious which way the money was going to come in(TB). Millman is as sharp as a bowling ball from what I’ve heard from him on Cowherd’s show.
      None the less the Bucs will be on my Cheddar card in some way.

    • CleveLandThatILove

      Oh, you brought out the good cheese.

  • Dave Borcas

    I will take Seattle -6 tonight

  • Nick

    Pack +6 vs Seahawks
    MSU +12 vs Oregon
    SF -5 vs Dallas
    Chargers +3 vs Cards
    Texas +1 vs BYU (had a different game, saw Acto sneak this in his picks, will abide)
    Bears -7 vs Bills

    I’d like to say I feel bad for Buffalo but I really don’t. They bused a bunch of fans down for the Thursday night game at Cleveland last year and they were all assholes. The Bills lost talented coaches in Mike Pettine and Jim O’Neil along with a guy named Jarius Bryd who’s supposed to be really good. Their shining beacon last year, Kiko Alonso, is out for the year with a torn ACL, which is sad because he is actually really good, tough replacing his range and tackles. I’m pretty sure there have been more injuries but I can’t recall them at this moment. Management pushed all in during the draft trading for Watkins and that strategy never works. It’s simple minded and should never be rewarded. They started camp before anyone else which was weird, but it allowed Sammy Watkins to make one handed catches in July; meanwhile Jim Kelly is fighting cancer showing up at camp motivating players. You can feel the pressure building and weighing on this team. It’s an impossible position for a coach, especially without a QB. Manuel looks so bad that Kyle the beard Orton just took the Bills to the cleaners at the negotiating table by signing a 10 Million two year deal. I’ve always had a soft spot for Orton so I actually think it’s a good move, but I’m pretty sure Orton was ready to hang it up. Buffalo doesn’t stand a chance rolling into Soldier Field against a loaded Bears O and revamped D.

    • Dang. Brutal.

      • I will just submit that I hung out with some Bills fans at that game who were far from assholes, including one of the new Cheddar gang PJD19. The rest sounds terribly right, though.

  • Capitalgg

    Couple of early picks:

    All-play: Michigan St. +12 @ Oregon: What teams does Oregon typically struggle with? Teams that bring a big physical defensive front. Michigan St. brings arguably the most dominant front in college football in recent years. Dantonio and Narduzzi are secret ninjas at building defenses. I worry about the MSU offense scoring enough to win outright, but not for that D to keep this one close.

    1. Saints -6 v. Packers: Seattle’s home field advantage + Super Bowl banner raising + Thursday opener = take the home team and the points.

    … more to come …

    • Capitalgg

      Let’s get the essay out of the way also…

      The Arizona (-7) Fighting Rich Rods @ #CheddarBay darling UTSA. Talk about 2 teams I love. Love. Love. LOVE! I mentioned last week that Zona is a team I like to win the Pac12 South (everyone loves UCLA, I’ve seen some recent and understandable love for USC). UTSA has all that experience play decisive games including that absolute dismantling of Houston last week. Typically, I’d shy away from this game, but I would also expect a line in the 12-14 point range. I think Vegas has UTSA slightly overvalued here and Arizona is a team that can and will pile up garbage points to pad the spread in a game that is, of course, “closer than the score indicates.” I watched Rich Rod’s boys last week, and while the freshman QB is a little shaky, he’s uber athletic and there is some talent there. Oh and Arizona brings a better defense than Houston had last week. So I’m going to ride my Wildcats here for another week.

    • Capitalgg

      2. Missouri -4.5 @ Toledo: SEC v. MAC venue irrelevant, how the hell is this less than a 10 point spread? Maty Mauk will put on a show for the homestate crowd at the Glass Bowl. Biggest threat to Mizzou in this one is disinterest in playing at UT, but I think that will be taken care of by the fact that South Dakota St Jackrabbits gave them more of a game than expected. Pinkel’s boys will be ready and win BIG. And this is coming from someone who is still bitter about Pinkel’s coaching performance against Marshall in the Byron Leftwich broken ankle game (blitz dammit! he can’t even walk!).

    • Capitalgg

      Please switch my essay to Mizzou and make Arizona a regular pick.

      3. Central Michigan +3.5 @ Purdue: Purdue is still terrible. Central should still win the MAC. Purdue struggled to beat Western, I expect similar struggle and probably a lose to the Chippewas.

      • Capitalgg

        Last pick…

        4. Buccaneers -2 v. Panthers. Bucs are a team I’m up on because of Lovie. Said before I’m down on the Carolina. I think they regress this season.

    • HitTheHorns

      Think you meant Seahawks here.

      • Capitalgg

        Sure do. Seahawks -6, not Saints. That’s what happens when you type faster than you read. Thanks for the catch.

  • ChuckKoz

    Seahawks -6 (vs Packers)
    Patriots -5 (at Dolphins)
    DC Football Team +3 (at Texans)
    Buccaneers -2 (vs Panthers)
    AP: Oregon -12 (vs MSU)
    Essay: Arizona -7 (at UTSA)

    At first glance, I assumed this line was some sort of mistake. Not the line itself, but that there even was a line. I didn’t even know UTSA was a D-1 school, so didn’t expect any line. Then to see its a one TD line, I immediately committed to making it my essay. Even thought about making it my super/mega pick. But after some digging, it ends up UTSA is an FBS school after joining the WAC in 2012 and just became a “full FBS member” this year (meaning they are now eligible to go to a bowl) and former Miami coach Larry Coker coached them to 7 wins last year (and they return almost all of their starters). So enough to scare me away from the super/mega essay. However, among their losses was a beatdown in Tuscon, where UTSA was losing by 32 points in the 4th quarter. And while I don’t expect U of A to be as strong as last year’s team, Rich Rod’s offense just put up a 58 point show against UNLV (a bowl team last year). Moreover, I just can’t see U of A taking this game lightly, knowing how hard conference wins are going to be to come by. So we will bank on a the Wildcats by more than 7.

    • Capitalgg

      How could the defending runner up not know about UTSA? They have been a #CheddarBay favorite for 2 seasons now. I think a couple of guys have put kids through college playing them these past 2 years.

      • ChuckKoz

        Well, I see your concern. I guess my defense is my specialty last year was Pac 12 and mountain west.

        • Capitalgg

          Obviously you are doing something right for contest purposes, the results speak for themself. I’m just pointing out that the CheddarBay community has a collective knowledge on UTSA that’s been remarkable and remarkably profitable.

        • I’m more mad about the DC football team pick.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        I received a very nice commission check thanks to UTSA buying fiber 7 years ago! Romo is all on this football program and he has built a fantastic campus. He is a “just get it done” kind of guy. They managed to bring Coker in for minimum wage in “coach dollars” too. The rest of the world is finding out about our little Central Texas secret, but I got some more mileage out of them last week and I shall keep on riding this horse.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      The like was for the “DC Football Team”, that should be their league mandated name. DC Football team should not offend anyone and the NFL needs to at least sound more like futbol if it is ever going to be popular in this country. Double “like”.

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Arkansas St +16.5 at Tennessee
    Ohio +13 at Kentucky
    BYU +1 at Texas
    Miami Dolphins +5 vs New England
    All play: Sparty

    Pittsburgh Steelers -6.5

    The Browns are the Browns. And even if the Steelers kinda suck, too, how do the Browns score more than 13? Strange things happen in the NFL, but that’s not a real strategy for Pettine and what looks to be just an awful roster. I see the Steelers just having too much gas late and the Browns trying to play it close to the vest but getting blitzed a la the early Mangini days. the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Green Bay +6 over Seahawks
    Jags + 10.5 over Eagles
    UTSA +7 over Arizona
    Florida -38.5 over E Mich
    Texas +1 over BYU
    ****All Play and Super Terrific Happy Fun Essay****
    Mich St +12 over Ore
    Michigan State has talent 7 players deep on the defensive line and Marcus Mariota has a sprained MCL, so the vaunted “read option” shall be less of a threat. Despite the magical innovation of the 400 plays a game offense and the variety of new rules added almost every year to help put points on the board, defenses are now and will always be catching up with offensive geniuses like Chip Kelly. Also, Chip Kelly is not going to be much help for Oregon.
    Michigan State’s main weakness is their lack of depth and talent in general on their offensive line, but Oregon is not strong enough on defense to capitalize on Sparty’s Achilles’s Heel. (Mixed metaphor intended.)
    Oregon’s read option offense will be limited with Mariota hobbled, the Michigan State Secondary has a couple of smart and talented safeties who will be able to to read when the Ducks are crossing or stretching the defense down field, and if the Michigan State linebackers even show up, the combination of defensive line pressure and a ball hawking secondary should give Michigan State the turnover edge.
    The line in this game is influenced 10 points by the generally accepted opinion that the Pac 12 is on par with the SEC and the Big Ten is about three steps below The Pioneer Football League, the other 2 of the +12 points can be attributed to home field advantage. There is no way Oregon should be favored by more than 3 points.
    Ekpre-Olomu is the only guy on Oregon’s defense that I like and he is injured.
    Michigan will patch their offensive line together and run over a very weak Oregon defensive line. Oregon will be hampered by their undersized defensive tackles and I am especially anticipating watching the tackle who looks like a less talented version of The Mad Stork Hendricks get blown off the ball by Travis Jackson,(if he is healthy), or whomever replaces him.
    Another important point, although it is difficult for me to admit that quarterbacks can occasionally be important, is that Marcus “Gimme My Heisman” Mariota is not better than Connor Cook.
    Since I have the stage for a moment I would like to throw in that Generalisimo Francisco Franco is still dead and RGINJURY still sucks.

    • CLEVTA

      sprained MCL? What? Unless your google search bar only retrieves info from November 2013 that is 100% completely false info

      • actovegin1armstrong

        Heard he hurt his knee again, I stand corrected. Or, perhaps I am a clairvoyant. He sat out the second half, and that was most assuredly because they had a huge lead on S Dak. Although I did not see it, I heard he was limping after a play and walking a bit gingerly. This was attributed to the same MCL.

  • AmplifiedEsq

    Newbie just looking for some quick clarification: the rules state: “At least one game must be college; at least one game must be pro.”

    Is the one college game taken care of by the all play (MSU vs. Oregon) – or is it one game of the games you get to pick must be college as well?

    • correct. if the all-play is college, then you can pick all pros for everything else. and vice versa if the all-play is a pro game.

  • Could always be the Meisterburger.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      TRR88, beat me to it. The Burgermeister Meisterburger, “I hate toys and toys hate me”!

      • yoyo.com? damn, taken.
        tonite’s lean is toward 603brown.com…

  • PJD19

    Gotta take the first NFL game of the season to kick things off. Give me:

    Seattle -6 over GB

    Rest to follow….

  • swig

    All Play: Michigan State +12 over Oregon

    1) Vikings +3.5 over RAMS
    2) Bengals +1.5 over RAVENS
    3) BUCCANEERS -2 over Panthers
    4) Lions -5.5 over GIANTS

    *** ESSAY ***
    5) Jaguars +10.5 over EAGLES

    Double digit points are too many week one points. I dig the Eagles but am not this far down on a professional team that has not given up on the season, which should be true in week one (super insightful, I know). These picks come from the heart. This half point line move makes me feel good that my heart is on the right side. If I was a professional I would want to cry, knowing deep down that I am not good enough. Fortunately, I am not a professional and will be laughing all the way to Red Lobster.

  • Petefranklin

    Jay Kornegay at the LVH(west gate)has to put out the sharpest lines in Vegas, and these are super tight.
    I will guarantee that the collective group rate is under 55 % this week picking with these #’s.

  • HitTheHorns

    you can still go by Kanick, just not Jim Kanicki. Be @Kanick22 or @22Kanick

    • i like this. but .. i think i gotta leave kanick behind. i mean.. it would be kind of creepy if some internet dude i’d never met started running a jackburgermeister.com site.

      • HitTheHorns

        But that’s not what you’d be doing. Kancik22 is no different that Kentucky Fried Chicken going to KFC, Federal Express going to FedEx, Pacific Sunwear to PacSun, and so on. Its a brand refresh. Rovell would be so proud. What if you named your dog Kanick? Do you have any idea how many dogs are named Crosby in Pittsburgh? They are EVERYWHERE. I doubt he minds.

  • FTCMikeD


    • CleveLandThatILove

      Or @cheddarmeister.

      • yeah nah, i dont think i want to be pigeon holed either as the cheddarbay guy or the cheese/cheeseburger/baconcheeseburger guy…

        see this is a whole thing that you dont think about when you’re just farting around on the cle-dot-com browns forum after a 12 pack.

        • CleveLandThatILove

          Understood. You probably should just be original and go with a variant of your name.


    @notjoebanner is my suggestion lol

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