Vote Bronson for Browns mascot.


Looks like the Browns are getting a mascot.

I have two thoughts on this.

  1. Shouldn’t the mascot for the Dawg Pound actually be from a dog pound?
  2. I know just the dog.
Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 12.26.53 PM

Browns’ pure bred Bullmastiff will likely be north of $2000.

I’m not a judgey type but when it comes to getting a dog and paying over $1000 for a pure breed when there are thousands of shelter dogs who need homes… I can’t help it.  I think it’s wrong and a vanity.1 But ok, that’s my issue and admittedly I felt differently before my “conversion.”  I.e., I had pure bred Border Collies straight from the breeder back in the 90s. (And they were great.)

So there’s a right/wrong component to this that you may or may not be on board with. But when you layer on that this dog is going to represent the DAWG POUND. Well for heaven’s sake, get a dog from a dog pound.

Bronson looks like the logo, no?

Bronson looks like the logo, no?

That’s my main point.

Secondary point is that I have the right dog for the job. Bronson is currently one of our residents at the NHSPCA. I believe he was a local stray or a surrender, not sure on that.  (Or he may have been a transfer from St. Mary’s, WV, down by Marietta… which makes him something of a Browns fan by birth.  Need to double-check.)2  When I first saw him I thought: Oh my. That’s a lot of dog. We get a lot of pitties at the shelter but Bronson’s head.. well we think it’s a Mastiff head on a pittie body. Interesting (and intimidating) mix.


Here’s Bronson, ready to go.

But he had a calm temperament, lying quietly waiting for his turn to go out. He’s been with us over a month now, and has learned the drill: PEOPLE ARE MY FRIENDS AND THEY’RE HERE TO TAKE ME OUTSIDE OR FEED ME! Look at how he greets you when you move toward his luxury apartment.

He’s smart and friendly and athletic and catches better than many recent Browns WRs.  This boy gets release at the line of scrimmage.  Or plays an aggressive press man coverage.  Either one.  Or both.

As a volunteer, there’s always a dog that becomes your ‘favorite’ resident. Bronson is currently my favorite out of our ~40 dogs. I vouch for him.

If you agree that the Browns should get a shelter dog, share this post.
If you agree that Bronson would be a terrific mascot, welp we’re on the same page.

Update #1 (7/14): Browns have released a picture of the mascot. No word on his origins.

No offense Swagger, but you look like Mike Homgrum’s dog.  No wait:  you look like Mike Homgrum.3

Bronson is Pettine’s dog.


Addendum (7/16):  The Cleveland City Kennel

[Click here for part one.]

While I remain steadfast that Bronson is the perfect Browns mascot:  the primary problem with “Swagger”4 is the branding — exploitation even, if you like — of the term Dawg Pound while real pounds are in need.

But it’s particularly offensive when you learn that the City of Cleveland itself could use some help with their own dog pound as well as their overall animal control program.

A fellow volunteer here in NH put me in touch with Badges for Bullies, a Cleveland-based advocacy group started by local cops to get rid of dog fighting around Cuyahoga County.  I’ll let them explain:

Click to read Turbo's story.. one of the 'bait dogs' rescued by Cleveland Police.

Click to read Turbo’s story.. one of the ‘bait dogs’ rescued by Cleveland Police.

Badges for Bullies was started in 2012 by Cleveland Police Officers with the assistance of Friends of the Cleveland Kennels. A volunteer organization dedicated to ridding the community of animal cruelty and underground dog fighting operations.

[Badges is an] … organization of dedicated volunteers from your local police departments working side by side with devoted animal rescue agencies to help seek funding, educate the public, create awareness, and ensure that all animals are protected and treated humanely.

BFB’s About Us page describes the genesis of the organization when a couple Cleveland cops serving a search warrant discovered 27 ‘bait dogs’ being used in a dog-fighting ring.  Pretty excruciating and led to the group’s organization.

ClePD officer w his new adoptee.

Hiram PD officer w his new adoptee.

I didn’t even know there was a problem like this in Cleveland.  I contacted BFB and we’re on the same page regarding “Swagger” and that this is a terrific opportunity for the Browns to do a public good just by some simple awareness-building.

But what I hadn’t considered, and what BFB shared, was that the Cleveland City Kennel would be a top candidate for the goodwill the Browns should be looking to provide.  Here’s what BFB said to me:

Here in Cleveland we have a very run down sad city kennel, a real dog pound.   All of our Badges for Bullies board members have rescue dogs from this facility as family members and it is an important place to us.  So we agree, it is very unfortunate that the Browns did not consider rescuing a dog from an actual pound right in their own backyard where there are dogs in need of help that face euthanasia for time and space.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 11.36.46 AM

Click for Google Maps streetview.

Start digging into the Cleveland Kennel and you find:

It is the most overlooked animal facility in the Cleveland area. It is often confused with the APL & Cuyahoga County Kennel, but it is an entirely separate facility.  The Cleveland Kennel gets in over 75 dogs a week from the city of Cleveland alone.  All of the dogs that end up at the Cleveland Kennel have been found as strays on the streets of Cleveland. Most of them have a history of abuse & neglect.

I would consider my NHSPCA a happy place.  Bright, clean, filled with love, always in need of support but generally well-funded at least in comparison to some.  I am not so sure Cleveland City Kennel is the same kind of place.

dog_2 dog_1 dog_3 rows_cages

The City of Cleveland itself issued a press release in April:

The kennel has a maximum capacity of 140 animal cages and currently over 100 of those cages are occupied.  The Division of Animal Control takes in approximately 20 dogs per day; therefore, adoptions are crucial to kennel operations.

Bottom line is you have dogs at the real Cleveland pound who are at risk of euthanasia, now.

I hate to look on this from the cynical marketing perspective but — from that perspective — the Browns would gain infinitely more and more favorable publicity by creating an affiliation with the Cleveland City Kennel than they will get with a live pure-bred mascot named Swagger.

I prefer to view this more simply:  the Browns have a chance to do good by promoting the cause of animal abuse/neglect and doing so is it’s own reward.

So if you’re reading this, do me a favor help bring this to the attention of Alec Scheiner and Kevin Griffin and what the hell, if someone has Jimmy Haslam’s ear or email, please pass it on.

Many thanks.

  1. The fact of our president having two $3000 Portuguese Water Dogs is appalling to me in a wholly non-partisan way. [back]
  2. I checked: Bronson brought to us as stray from Portsmouth, NH. [back]
  3. Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 5.13.56 PM [back]
  4. There is no way I will never not like that name. [back]
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  • Petefranklin

    I’ve been waiting for a new post but I have to get the news out that money is pouring in on the Browns under 6.5 wins this week. Same with the panthers under 8.5. The browns went from -150 on the over 6.5 to -130.

  • nj0

    As terrible as the actual fighting that takes place in dog fighting is, the collateral damage such as bait dogs and breed dogs is just as horrible.

  • Jim Conboy

    Great post Kanick. Covering all the summer bases.

  • NeedsFoodBadly

    Bronson certainly looks like a Brown. Fitting name, too.

  • nj0

    New to dog culture, I didn’t realize how much disdain there is out there against breeders and the customers who frequent them. But then again, I didn’t realize how many people would willingly spend hundreds/thousands of dollars for a dog when you can go get one for free.

    • well not exactly free, they all get checked up, treated if nec., spay/neutered, etc., but the adoption fee for dogs is south of $300 i think.

      our area doesn’t have a big big problem with unwanted dogs/cats but other place do. we get transfers in from alabama, west virginia, indiana, north carolina about every other week. we found homes for about 1000 dogs from other parts of the country last year which points up the problem in other areas.

      but leaving aside that shelter dogs costs less or that youre doing an intrinsic good… youre simply going to find a terrific dog in a shelter. the care and training results in a very high socialization with our dogs. iow.. they like people and know people are their friends.

      • nj0

        Yes, there are fees involved. Should have said basically free. I’m in Houston (plenty of strays and then some) and adoptions are $50/adult, $75/puppies from the city pound with everything included. Spaying/neutering, de-wormed, shots, microchip, hot wax. Basically free.

      • mgbode

        I’ve done it both ways and had success. My yellow lab is from a breeder and my favorite dog that I have ever had. But, my kids’ favorite dog is our rescue golden/setter mix.

  • Dan

    I agree as well. Have two rescue Beagle mixes and they are as loyal as ever, just like a Browns fan. Although, they do not enjoy me watching the Browns all that much, on account of the yelling and all.

  • maxfnmloans

    I vote for Waldo. I got him at a Flea market in Andover, OH back in 2008. A venbdor had him cained to his truck offering him free to a good home. Apparently he had been found by the vendor running the streets of Conneaut, and the vendor took him in but could not keep him, so he brought him to the flea market. I offered him the back of my hand to sniff and he laid down belly up and let me rub his belly and that’s all it took.

  • Dave Kolonich

    Completely agree with the shelter dog take. My wife and I went the shelter route and found the coolest dog ever. We have no clue what kind of dog he is – other than smart, healthy and insanely loyal.

    I can only imagine the Browns could have their pick from hundreds of local shelter dogs available. And really, wouldn’t a “mutt” be more than appropriate?

    However, instead of using one dog, I suggest a rotating cast. Then, since the Browns actually have a PR team now, it couldn’t be that hard to convince one family out of 70,000 fans to adopt the dog.

    If that isn’t some good karma, I don’t know what is.

    • Petefranklin

      Another awesome idea Dave!
      Looks like the Browns dropped the ball on this one.I guess that’s what happens when change gets rushed through the ranks. Hopefully the uni change will be more thought out.
      Jim Bronson definitely looks like a mastiff head on a pit bull body. He would be a great mascot as he is quite red. My wife (and I) love him but we won’t be ready for another for a couple years.I bet he is too smart for his own good!

    • mgbode

      Adding on that if they hire a dog trainer, the dog could be trained and then you could sign up to win the dog during a 3rd quarter break. Because winning always seems better (even though end result is the same) and needing to sign up means that those people will take him/her.

      • Petefranklin

        I don’t know about winning the dog (they ran a lottery for some puppies that was a real shitshow here), but plastering the dog on game and news broadcasts, along with an adoption fee for the “training” would surely lead to some good homes for some pound puppies.

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