Savannah Day.

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Captioned:  #TBT Homecoming my sophomore year. Peep the choker. Lol! #BuchtelHigh #BHS #ManIWasSkinty #ThatWasFromPlayingSoftballYearRound

While I was creeping Savannah’s Instagram for the Why Lebron Comes Home piece written two weeks ago,1 I came across her sophomore Buchtel High homecoming pic.  The tumblers trying to the crack the code of ‘yeah it’s nice Lebron stuck with his high school girlfriend all these years but he can pretty much get anything sooo how come…’ clicked into place.  What a knockout.  It’s not at all hard to see a wonderful first love thing happened and remarkably, quietly has continued to happen while no one was paying attention.

Jamba Juice has blown off Cleveland and Akron but Savannah won't.

Jamba Juice has blown off Cleveland and Akron but Savannah won’t.

And it had to have been incredibly hard for her during the years they were kinda together but reports indicated maybe less than 100% commitment to her.  She hung in.  He grew up.  Things look pretty terrific.

She shows up in Lebron’s commercials while he’s playing with Bryce and Lebron junior, but she’s in the background just being happy and quiet and supporting.  Have you seen her organic, cold-pressed juice bar business?  It’s really the best.

We’ve read plenty of reports indicating that ‘Lebron’s people’ want him to come back to Ohio.  Usually that’s code for Rich Paul.2  But Savannah is the only insider whose ‘agenda’ is identical to Lebron’s and at this point in his life, that agenda seems to be:  create a happy and stable and loving environment to raise our family.

There’s a reason all the Lebron commercials recently have focused on his kids.  You would have to be irredeemably cynical to think the reason is to sell more Samsung Galaxies.

The word is that Lebron’s decision will be announced on his site.  Here’s the header of his site.

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Akron, Akron, Akron.

He’s telling you.  All you have to do is listen.

If you want to hold fast to distinguishing between Akron and Cleveland, you’re really missing it.  Sure it’s different and sure Summit County has its own separate identity.  But all of Northeast Ohio has a bond forged from the failure of the sport teams which is a bit of a metaphor that could describe the decline of its manufacturing-based economy and how the thriving coastal economies has flown over NEO.  How much steel fab is still happening in Cleveland?  Well how many tire plants are still open in Akron?  Area struggles are relatable and shared and sad and bonding.  If you’re from there, you get it.  And if you have the means, you want to help.  ((There’s a reason Bill Gates set up shop outside of Seattle… it’s because he’s from Seattle.)) If you’re not from there, you cannot fathom why anyone would willingly move there and really really don’t get it.

I’ll leave it to others to present the roster comparisons.  I’ll leave to Miami talk show types to suggest that David Blatt is an unproven coach while Erik Spoelstra has two rings.  (lol.)  I’ll leave it to Pat Riley to suggest that it ‘takes guts’ to stay together.3

I’ll just check out the trailer of his feature length film all about what seems to be obviously the most important thing to Lebron James.  Hint:  turns out it’s not nightclubs or rings.  The guy is a homebody and a homeboy at heart.

One other item:  Germany.  7-1.  That is all.

  1. If any other Cleveland media outlet or Cavs blog or any blog has come out and predicted Lebron’s return, I have missed it.  Smarten up gents.  Trust your eyes. [back]
  2. Which also prompted Riley to continue naïvely his strategy of suggesting that moving back to Cleveland would indicate a Rich Paul agenda.  Pretty insulting of Riley/Heat to leak this to Woj. [back]
  3. No really, he actually said this three weeks ago:  “This stuff is hard. And you got to stay together, if you’ve got the guts. And you don’t find the first door and run out of it.”  Tell me again how Pat Riley is genius? [back]
  • 7ryder

    I grew up in Cleveland (Rocky River actually) and left when I was 30, eventually landing in Seattle in 2001.

    While I understand what you’re trying to say with the Bill Gates analogy, I hope more people feel the way you do and don’t move here or even think about it. Unfortunately people visit ( like I did) and fall in love with the PNW. Add to the fact that our economy is very strong, and we have too many people wanting to move here and we’re growing too fast.

    So please keep telling people that it sucks here and I’ll tell anyone who will listen why NEO is the better choice! Seems like a win-win!

  • actovegin1armstrong

    I would rather have Josh Gordon back, this LeBron guy is a small consolation.

    • Petefranklin

      I’ll be at the Browns parade, probably not the Cavs’.

      • actovegin1armstrong


  • nj0

    Congrats on your clear thinking and getting it right.

    • thanks!

      • mgbode

        yes, major kudos. you went out on the limb and were correct on most counts by doing so (and my thoughts on it ended up being about as good as my WC knockout round picks).

        also, your actual thinking through is appreciated as always (rather than the insider parroting that doesn’t have any better odds of being correct that the BW’s of the world prescribe to).

  • zarathustra

    I’m a Pat Riley fan, but wow were those some an incredibly dumb comments. It seems like his cold-hearted killer routine is effective at selling free-agents and motivating teams, but that it wears thin after a while. Hence, when spo was under fire that first year together in Miami and rumors circulated that riley might take over wade was supposedly pretty adamant he did not want to play for Riley again. I can’t believe that macho antagonism is really his strategy here, especially considering they have already antagonize him with the luxury tax last year. Say what you will about Dan Gilbert but Pluto made a pretty good case today for him being preferable as an owner if you were a player looking for no expense spared in constructing a team around you. Now, there is of course more involved in evaluating an owner and more to constructing a team than reckless spending, but I suspect that most star players don’t prefer the blatant penny-pinching approach of the heat this pat year coming off a repeat championship. And to then be told that money was never an issue would be quite insulting.
    I won’t think any less of LeBron if he stays, but I thinking he is coming back.

  • bupalos

    Yeah, unless Lebron is playing some angle here to create some sneak-attack type movement of players, or is somehow needing to hold Riley’s feet to the fire for some behind-the-scenes deal, it sure looks like he’s about to pick up the burning jersey and put it on. Just about all the signs are pointing pretty squarely at it. Almost too many signs.

    I’m half sad I can’t get all that excited about it and half glad I can’t really be disappointed. Pretty interested to see how it plays out on right wing radio 1100 though, which is home of the cavs but all their old white blowhards have gone full bore in calling Lebron every name in the book and vowing to hate the cavs if he comes back. Interesting to see how that goes.

    • maxfnmloans

      maybe if LeBron comes back, Triv will leave? Could we really be that lucky?

  • nj0

    Not related to this but don’t know where else to mention it – Did anyone else notice that while Johnny Manziel was spending his weekend in Vegas bathrooms, Brian Hoyer was in Ohio City hanging at organic cafes and ice cream parlors. You get the athletes you deserve, Cleveland!

    Also know this wasn’t exactly your point, but Goodyear’s global headquarter is still in Akron. Of course, Goodyear was founded by Akronite Frank Seiberling which just reinforces the larger argument.

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