Loggains interview, JFF must start now, and power ranks.


Let’s chat about some of the hot-button topics of the week.

The Dowell Loggains interview.

Here’s the money quote in Browns’ QB coach Dowell Loggains’ interview with Bo Mattingly12

“We’re sitting there and they keep showing Johnny on T.V. and Johnny and I are texting and he shoots me a text and he says, ‘I wish you guys would come get me. Hurry up and draft me because I want to be there. I want to wreck this league together.’

“When I got that text, I forwarded it to the owner and to the head coach (Mike Pettine),” Loggains said Thursday on Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly on Arkansas ESPN. “I’m like ‘this guy wants to be here. He wants to be part of it.’ As soon as that happened, Mr. Haslam said, ‘pull the trigger. We’re trading up to go get this guy.”’

Here are the problems with Loggains interview.

1.  Why is Loggains texting the owner?
It cuts out his supervisor (Shannahan), his boss (Pettine), and the guy who is in charge of picking players in the draft (Farmer).  Leaving the content of text and possibly positive end result out of all this:  an owner that allows/encourages back-channel communication is creating a dysfunction organizational structure.  E.g., here’s Loggains in August:  “Oh is that so Kyle?  You think Hoyer is playing better and so should start the opener?  We’ll just see what Mr. Haslam thinks about that… txt txt txt.”  This is not how successful organizations run.  Maybe this was a one-off but if Haslam really wants Bobby Babich giving him updates on the Gilbert-Skrine progress on the down-low, this leads to other problems, in the form of …

Obit Casey Johnson

Dumping Thomas Jones for Ladanien Thomlinson killed the Jets.

2.  The Meddlesome Owner.
If you take Loggains’ mention of Haslam saying to ‘pull the trigger’ on Manziel literally, it reads like the owner has just played his trump card (I paid a billion dollars for this team and I say…) and usurped the GM’s role.  I doubt that’s how it played out.  More likely Farmer and Pettine and the guys in the room were kicking around pros and cons of moving up for JFF and the text pushed over the edge.  But,, what if Haslam did make the call?  What other calls did he make?  When the Browns backed out of the Titans trade at #11 for Lewan, maybe it was Haslam who said, “There is no effing way you’re taking an o-lineman at #11.”  I mean, the deal was apparently done3 and then it wasn’t.  If anyone has veto authority in draft room, it’s the owner.  It becomes a problem when he wields it.  My long held pet theory from last year was that it was Haslam who wanted to plug in a Steelers pass rush immediately and drove the Mingo pick.  While guys like Chud just mouthed the ‘can’t have too many pass rushers’ bromides, Haslam’s eyes lit up like a little boy when talking about how fun sacks are.  This could all be nothing and/or this could all work out fine.  But I just remember Woody Johnson’s dismantling of the promising 2009 Jets core as a case study of what can happen when your owner decides he knows more football than his football guys.


Your Delta Tau Chi name is Flounder.

3.  We got a mo-ron QB coach.  
Last point:  HEY DOWELL LOGGAINS.  YOUR GM AND OWNER AND HEAD COACH HAVE GONE OUT OF THEIR WAY IN THE PAST WEEK TO AVOID REVEALING WHAT HAPPENED IN THE DRAFT ROOM.  WHAT IN ALL THE FUCKS MAKES YOU THINK THAT YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD BREAK THE POLICY?  “Well, it’s just a small radio station in northwest Arkansas.  I dint think anyone in Texarkana would care or nuthin.”  I mean, yes, it’s a great story.  But how about a cup of STFU next time, k buddy?  I’m pretty sure your relationship with the incumbent starting quarterback you’re charged with coaching up was not helped with your musings that ‘We could put JFF on the field now and he’d be the most exciting player in the league.’  Keep that the fuck to yourself.

First rule of Draft Club:  You do not talk about Draft Club.
Second rule of Draft Club:  You do not talk about Draft Club.

I wish I’d have known this doofus was the Titans’ OC last year, could’ve done better4 in Cheddar Bay.

Johnny Must Start Now.

I’ve heard more than one Cleveland radio guy hold forth that Manziel should start immediately.  I mean like, mini camp and training camps … that’s for other guys.  Hoyer got cut by other teams and now has to learn Shanny’s offense and don’t forget he was undrafted.  So Johnny should start.  QED.


Settle the eff down, punditry.

Congrats Messrs. Lull and Fedor; Silver and Breer, your aspirations to become the next Skip Bayliss are on track.

You can actually hear Fedor talking about Hoyer throwing three interceptions against Minnesota as a proof point that Manziel should start here.  Not for nothing but Hoyer had:

  • three days of practice as the Browns #1 QB,
  • was playing away,
  • against a playoff team,
  • the same week face-of-the-franchise Trent Richardson was traded…

and this may be beside Fedor’s point but:

  • Browns won,
  • Hoyer with three TD passes,
  • and 300 yds.5

Lull is spouting the same Johnny must start now nonsense this morning and I can’t tell if it’s a calculated troll to attract callers or if he really means but I turned it off because I just wasn’t interested enough to entertain the premise.

Here’s what’s been completely lost by 90% of the reporting on Manziel:  we have a starting QB.


When JFF comes on field have bar as low as possible. I’m still not sure Belichick didn’t arrange something with Mo Lewis in 2001.

We needed to draft a QB because we literally had no #2 or #3 QB after cutting Weeden and Campbell.  There was never a question that the Browns would draft a QB.  So we drafted one.  We drafted a small QB who has a knack for winning in unconventional ways and that’s fine.  But Manziel remains a small QB whose best plays were made runing out of a pocket against college d-linemen and throwing to an absolute freak top-10-pick WR and behind not one but two top-10 left tackles.  Here is what Nick Saban would say to Lull, Fedor, Silver, Breer and every other, frankly, douche-bag who thinks Manziel should simply come in and start.

The best case for JFF is to work hard, pay some dues, and be ready when Mo Lewis opens a door for him.

Thank god for Joe Haden as I don’t think he’s had an interview yet where, when asked about Manziel he points out that he believes in Hoyer.

Browns’ power ratings.

We’ll keep on eye this foolishness.  Below are the post-draft rankings and pearls of wisdom from paid writers about pro football.  Remember, these are the guys bitching about the Browns not taking a WR in the draft, not having media access, not wanting JFF to remember that he’s a rookie backup.  As Simmons would say:  Yep, these are our pundits.

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 11.13.49 AM


Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 11.15.38 AM


Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 11.14.25 AM


Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 11.16.19 AM




That’ll do for now.  If the national media access drama continues to be a thing, we can talk about that special brand of silliness too.

Wait there is one more thing.  There’s a stud left-footed punter/linebacker over in Wood County still waiting on call.  He’ll be somebody’s good punter.

  1. Mattingly has a fantastic interview with Charles Ramsey up now.  I only wish his site let you link to the individual interviews. [back]
  2. Here’s the snip of audio. [back]
  3. I would have loved Taylor Lewan. [back]
  4. Wait,,, I was regular season first place. [back]
  5. It’s lunacy like this that makes people loathe Fedor and laugh at the places that hire him. [back]
  6. If there are other power rankings I should be watching, please let me know. [back]
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  • mgbode

    I don’t know. on one hand, I think things are getting blown out of proportion like Jimmy’s quote about “hollywood”. On the other hand, the last 15 years of Brown’s management.


  • maxfnmloans

    I have a conspiracy theory for the conspiracy theory. What if the Browns told Loggains to go on the radio show and have some fun with the media? What if this whole story was a grand creation of someone’s devious mind designed to screw with the media and confuse them for a while? I only ask because I have NEVER heard any NFL coach speak so openly about what goes on behind the scenes during a draft. I would think if a coach went off the reservation with such openness, he might find a pink slip waiting for him upon his return, however, it does not seem as though Loggains will face any sort of reprimand…maybe we finally have some people who are actually capable of playing the media’s game and NOT looking like a herd of monkeys humping footballs?

    And re: Fedor- my gawd he is awful. He was awful at KNR, and from all reports he hasn’t gotten much better since (I avoid anything with his name attached). I love it when the kiddies think they know everything, and he certainly has been a “know it all” for quite some time.

    Pinto? Why Pinto?
    WHY NOT?

    • bupalos

      The only problem there is that the way it initially came out wouldn’t serve any Browns purpose and gives the exact opposite flavor from what Pettine corrected it to. Maybe what he was supposed to do was Pettine’s version (which does have a useful purpose imo) and it just came out wrong. I don’t know, but it sure seems like however you slice it, Flounder screwed up there.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        But, 18 minutes of the tape of The Grassy Knoll is missing.

      • maxfnmloans

        yeah, I was digging pretty deep there for sure. I just cant wrap my head around it, especially for a league that makes the NSA look like an open window from the “cloak and dagger” aspect of information sharing

  • Tron

    Terrance West. That is all.

  • CleveLandThatILove

    Thankfully, Hoyer had the chance to make a great first impression, or Manziel would probably be the guy to start by default and what a mess that would have been. If Haslam can just back off and let everybody do their job, I feel really good about our QB situation, however it pans out. And we have Connor Shaw back there soaking it all in, which is huge because we know Acto has an eye for these things. I guess we just have to trust that Pettine has a handle on Loggains, and everything else, too.

    So glad you guys are around to keep things somewhat sane through the summer. It’s going to be unbearable if this past week is any indication.

  • bupalos

    Nearly perfect. Seriously, really good job here and I have no idea why no one else seems disturbed about the potential implications of this loggains angle. My comfort with the Manziel pick has mostly to do with my gut feeling that Pettine knows how to deal with plutonium. And I still do think BFT can and must and will resist any and all pressure.

    But my god. Why? Why would you possibly do this? It’s a fine and meaningless pr move until you reveal that the text was to HASLEM. There was 0 need to do that. Even if you want to tell the story, why wouldn’t you just say he texted “us”? I would drop the biggest ton of bricks I could on that guy. It would be very beneficial for the media to follow this out and hopefully teach Haslem a lesson about how easily tiny little cracks can spread, But as a guy that spends a lot of time denying the law of unintended consequences maybe Frownsian rules of unified karma are destined to play out. here after all. Randy we hardly knew ye.

    Bookkeeping notes, because everyone should read this one and so it should be nice and tighttighttight:

    I don’t think he’s had an interview yet where, when asked about Manziel he points out that he believes in Hoyer.

    We’ll keep on eye this foolishness.

    • thanks and yeah. all i’ve seen are articles leading off by setting up straw-men á la ‘everyone’s upset with loggains but i think…’ but this here is the only post i’ve read outlining the problems with loggains’ interview. the prevailing reporting ive seen is more like this from grossi: “Now that that’s out of the way, the hope is that the rest of the organization will be as candid as Loggains – and that he won’t face sanctions for his honesty.”

      honestly tony.

      it really is astonishing that lane atkins isnt serving a larger audience. he does a great job. by that i mean he actively cultivates sources in berea and throughout the league and manages to disseminate useful info without alienating them. it’s like… real reporting.

      • bupalos

        Just pawed around to see the aftermath here, and boy did Pettine do a great job with it. He first of all ambiguously corrected things to make it sound like the text was to him (which I kind of doubt, probably forwarded on from Haslem with a bullet) and went WAY out of his way to explain that there were two other players they wanted (more?) with 26 or the eagles 22 that went off the board earlier (ie players we liked as well or better that the league obviously liked better…read in as you will). It’s probably just simply true, but relaying it that way perfectly walks the line between saying “we love manziel and love that he wants to be here” and “honestly we’d just as soon have someone else.” It also totally diffuses the idea that Haslem meddled. I’m not totally convinced that latter part is true, but I am convinced that’s what the coach should be saying.

        Anyway, read between the lines on all of that and I think it’s another suggestion that Hoyer is the QB. I’d bet on it.

        I really like Pettine. So far I like him better than any coach the Browns have ever had. Which for a lot of reasons is weird.

        • Petefranklin

          You can bet on it at bovada. Jesus football has a # of 9.5 total starts this year.

          • bupalos

            Correction….I’d bet on it if it wouldn’t interfere with my Sunday viewing pleasure. Kind of tempting there though….

          • all sorts of ‘slam dunk’ props on that board…

  • Mad_Elf

    Flounder. Freakin’ classic! Couldn’t believe my eyeholes when I read that. How anyone could be sooooo clueless is simply beyond even my fevered imagination.

  • RGB

    Mr. Loggains should be looking for a new job.

    • i cant believe he was an nfl oc last year.

      i wanted him at the time, but now i think we dodged a bullet on munchak. (not that it seems he was ever a serious contender.)

      • bupalos

        Why what’s munchak been up to?

        • oh nothing much, just asst coaching for the steelers and their desperately-in-need-of-coaching-up o-line.

        • actovegin1armstrong

          Munchak was a good guard, but mainly because he played next to a fantastic Tackle who both coached him along and covered more than his share of the line. Do you kids remember that player? I will give you a hint, his son should be leaving the Browns’ rookie camp and studying his playbook right now. (Well…. except for that draft error.)

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