Team draft grades? Sure why not.


If the knees are okay, then Belichick is smarter than everyone else. Again.

Before diving into the Browns’ draft I was looking through what the other teams did and jotted some thoughts down.  (After reading DBN’s superb breakdown on the Browns’ draft I hardly need to write one.  Chris nails just about every point I will make.)

In no particular order, here they are.


Jets.  Yuck.  Pryor over Clinton-Dix?  No I don’t buy that not at all.  Dumb.  Besides was defense a problem?  Zara gave the Jets Cooks in the KRM and considering the Saints traded up to 20 to get him and considering Stephen Hill is a starting WR for them, the Pryor pick seems way off.  Amaro is fine.  Dozier might be good.  Tajh Boyd might be their starting QB which says more about their incumbents.  If I’m a Jets fan, I am not stoked.  Another team who used twelve picks.  D.

Pats.  C.  Knees Easley.  Two blown ACLs goes in the first round?  Maybe the surgery has evolved to be like Tommy John and maybe they didn’t think Easley would last until #62, but geez.  Apparently the Kelly-Wilfork situation is not one Bill is comfy with.1  Of course I like Garoppolo but that seems a luxury pick on team that actually is not stacked and actually is thin and old at several positions.  Good thing they got Brandon LaFell as a FA because I don’t think Gallon will help what really is a lackluster receiving corps.  And they did tend to the line with sleeper types in Fleming (OT), Halapio (OG), and Stork (C).  I take the Pats eschewing WRs as an indicator that this WR class was not, in fact, all that.


Explosive.  Bills will explode to a 3-13 record and the Browns gain a top five pick.

Dolphins.  Everyone laughed at Travis Frederick last year with the Cowboys in the first round and he wound up one of the best o-linemen in the class.  So I won’t kill the Dolphins for James even though it seems reachy from the outside.  In fact, James has a good McGinn write-up and if it came down to James or Kouandijo, they made the right choice.  Not a Landry fan.  But I like Billy Turner and two of their top three picks were on the o-line, that makes sense.  B.

Bills.  I’d give them an F except I like Preston Brown and Ross Cockrell.  Seantrel Henderson is an utter waste of a pick.  Kouandijo is a do-not-draft player they took high in the second.  But cripes, the trade with the Browns was inexcusable.  Ask any Bills fan if they liked the way they fleeced the Rams for Tavon Austin last year.  Be assured, they liked it.  Well then how could their GM allow the same fleecing to happen to him.  But but but SAMMY WATKINS IS A GREAT PLAYMAKER.  Man where did we hear that sort of breathless hype for a WR most recently.  Oh yeah.  Tavon Austin.  D-.  Non-fail for Preston Brown.


Steelers.  I know they’re getting high marks but they got an athletic non-tackling linebacker and an athletic specimen DE who slacks.  I love Dri Archer, not worried that he’s not a need, that was smart.  Like Zumwalt.  McCullers is huge.  Bryant has major upside.  Give em a B.

Browns.  A+.  The only team with two (maybe three) starters, possible franchise QB, AND two first round picks going into 2015.  But yet, NoWRGuy is not happy.  I think NoWRGuy is also CantHaveTooManyPassRushers guy.  Kirksey is the only one of the picks I’m not up to speed on and after reading this from Hawkeye SBNation, I’m in.  We’ll drill into the elegant perfection of Farmer’s first draft soon (Tues/Wed).

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 7.01.03 PM

My twitter draft highlight was McCarron-to=Bengals.

Bengals.  Table broke their way with Dennard matching up with a position of need.  Newman is 35.  Good on them for getting ready to bail on Kirkpatrick; make or break camp for him.  Ok, I guess with a RB in the second but why would you take touches away from Gio Bernard.  Just goes to show how stacked their roster is.  If only they had a QB.  This led to the twitter draft highlight of the weekend:  the AJ McCarron pick.  I like Bodine.  C.

Ravens.  This is pretty solid draft.  B+.  You got Mosley and Brooks who figure to start and Jernigan has fair chance to beat out Brandon Williams.  Crockett Gillmore seems a waste as he’ll sit behind Pitta and Daniels… but hey maybe Ozzie really likes him.  I suppose he knows tight end play better than me.  Inevitably, Keith Wenning will make us pay for passing over him just as The Last QB Drafted From Northwest Ohio has.  Campanero is a rock solid late round pick.


Titans. B.  Love Lewan.  Apparently the Browns had a deal to move up to 11 for Lewan and backed out.  Still unclear on why.  Potential three-stud o-line with Levitre, Warmack, and Lewan.  Sankey has a chance to jump into the starting lineup.  (If he can’t beat out Shonn Greene, I’ll be shocked.)


Jags lay claim to Orlando.

Jags.  B+.  This is the draft Cleveland sports media wanted.  A QB in the top five and then two WRs.  I like Farmer’s draft more.  Much more.  But back to the Jags, I for one think Bortles will be a good QB in the NFL for years.  A good and bold pick to stick to their board in the face Sammy/Khalil mania.  Haven’t liked some of what I’ve heard on Lee, but haven’t heard anything but goodness on Robinson.  Considering they had Shorts and Sanders at WRs, the need at WR was definitely there.  Linder is a sneaky strong prospect.  Late pick of Storm Johnson is good both because he’s a good RB and also, through picking another UCF guy, the Jags are claiming Orlando for their market.

Indy.  Leaving the Richardson trade out of it and just looking at their picks.  Just two picks in first four and half rounds.  Mewhort brings some depth to a thin o-line.  Moncrief … I like Moncrief and I think finding him at the end of the third is a steal.  B-.

Texans.  Clowney better be everything he’s supposed to be because this team is going to war with Ryan Fitz and Case Keenum and TJ Yates and Tom Savage.  I think they set their asking price too high and may regret it.  Bortles was the better fit.  Regardless, Clowney is quite amazing and could be devastating opposite JJ Watt.  Su’a-Flio ought to start immediately.  McGinn report on Fiedorowicz includes, “He’s not a starter. He’s just a guy.”  C.


Chargers.  Blah.  C-.  Jason Verrett at #25… you just know there were sad faces when the Bengals took Dennard with the pick before and Verrett smells panicky but he should start.  Not an Attaochu fan, not a Grice fan, don’t know the rest.


Too soon.

Raiders.  B+.  Pete Franklin got the Mack pick right so it makes sense on some level.  But Donald Penn shows as their left tackle after the draft and Mack sits behind Justin Tuck on the depth chart.  Soooo.  I like the Carr pick and of course I love Gabe Jackson in the third.  If McGill becomes a bad-ass with the black jersey on, he could be great.  Nice OU Bobcat selection of TJ Carrie; great snag of Jonathan Dowling with their last pick.

Chiefs.  C-.  Way too early on Dee Ford and not a need (he’s behind Tamba Hali on the depth chart).  Like Gaines, hate DeAnthony Thomas, like/love Murray.  Total mixed bag.  Like the frenchman in the sixth.

Broncos.  Roby figures to start as a rookie on a Super Bowl, so good pick.  Really like Schofield in the third.  Still don’t quite understand the big deal on Latimer, but they got him.  For getting contributors on a strong team drafting late… gotta be a B, no?


Washington.  Meh.  C grade.  Not a Morgan Moses fan but like him better in the third than the first where many projected him.  They got cute with a second round trade-down and it cost them KRM pick, Stephon Tuitt (take one by ahead of them) and were forced to settle for Trent Murphy.  Breeland seems good in the fourth, Seastrunk good in the sixth.


Reese schools Ozzie with Richburg.

Eagles.  C+.  Marcus Smith is a pretty athletic guy; #26 seems high for him and he figures to backup Trent Cole so.. wtf.  I like Jordan Matthews, but the follow up with Josh Huff?  I suppose Chip would know best, but his measurables were very average, third round seems high.  Two backups for Maclin-Cooper seems excessive.

Giants.  B.  I like the Richburg pick.  I like it because Ozzie didn’t see it coming so the Ravens are looking squarely at another year of Gino Gradkowski.  Beckham rose in my eyes after the McGinn write-up.  Andre Williams I don’t get.

Cowboys.  They were right to take Zack Martin.  He’ll start and the mess that was the Cowboys’ line now sports Tyron Smith-Martin-Travis Frederick.  Three first rounders and as we all know, that is the surest way to the playoffs and super bowl and dynasty.  Will Romo be a turnover machine when he’s not running for his life?  They owe to him to find out.  Demarcus Lawrence, I like.  Five seventh round picks reflect lethargy or spotty cell service.  Gotta use those chips, gents.  B.


Vikes.  Don’t love the top of their draft.  I soured on Barr over the last year and adding Bridgewater to the Cassel-Ponder mix just makes a hash out of their training camp.  But I love the Crichton pick in the third and am a fan of McKinnon.  Yankey in the fifth (with our pick) seems about right.  Give Spielman a B.

Wisconsin v Ohio State

Most popular draft pick: Abbrederis to Pack.

Packers.  Clinton-Dix an absolute steal.  The top safety at a position of need.  Went heavy WR:  Adams, Abbrederis (how popular will he be?), Janis.  They didn’t draft a tackle and Bakhtiari is a nightmare at LT … that seems a miss from here.  I like Corey Linsley.  B.

Lions.  Ebron, Van Noy, and Swanson all could be starting the opener.  That’s an A draft right there.  But is Ebron’s upside that much higher than the surprising Joseph Fauria to the point where you bypass Dennard/Fuller and figure to start Slay/Houston?  Because I love Ebron, but damn, CB is a huge need.  B.

Bears.  Kyle Fuller and then a bag of shit.  KaDeem Carey?  David Fales?  Ego Ferguson in the second?  Then followed up with another DT (Will Sutton)?  Jordan Mills graded out -31 at RT and they addressed that need in the seventh round — wholly Banner-esque.  But at least they took Kyle Fuller.  B-.


Tampa.  B+.  Evans plus ASJ plus Vincent Jackson equals instant red-zone offense for McCown.



Saints.  C+.  Don’t like Cooks but on a carpet in a dome.,, maybe.  I like Jean-Baptiste maybe he can learn from Champ Bailey and take his job by mid-season.

Panthers.  Just not a Kelvin Benjamin fan.  Wonderlic of seven?  You’re investing a first round pick on a Wonderlic seven?  I do like Kony Ealy.  When you look at the holes on the line and supposed depth at WR, the smart move was prescribed by JPFTribe in the KRM — get Xavier Suo-Filo here, pick up a WR in the second (Allen Robinson was there.).  Trai Turner might be good.  D+… borderline fail.

Falcons.  Matthews seems like the right pick at the right place.  Hageman’s scouting report is not great but that’s why prototype 5tech DEs are available to you in the second round.  Southward a great pick at a need position.  (Still lol-ing that Lamarcus Joyner went before Southward.)  Freeman looked good in every FSU game I saw (but so did Wilder). B.


Rams.  B.  How could they miss with #2 and #13?  After Robinson and Donald they just started throwing shit at the wall though.  Joyner in the second round?  Garrett Gilbert?  Lol.  But Mason was a good pick and so was Christian Bryant.  Kinda bit off a problem with Michael “Judge me as a football player but/Scuse me while I kiss this guy” Sam.  Problem being how do you cut the first openly gay NFL draftee?

Seahawks.  C.  But who cares, their roster is still stacked.  Open season on Doug Baldwin with the Richardson and Norwood picks.  No projected starters from draft.  Interested to see how workout warrior Kevin Pierre-Louis fares.

Discover Orange Bowl - Clemson v Ohio State

Niners a good spot for Hyde.

Niners.  B-.  If you’re in the NFC Championship and you select twelve players in the draft, you’re doing it wrong.  I’m not on board with the Jimmie Ward fuss, so I don’t love their firstie.  This _is_ actually a good place for Carlos Hyde to land and #57 is fair value.  Some thought Martin was the best center and the Niners need a center, so that’s smart.  They’re stacked so why not grab ACL-recoverer Brandon Thomas.  Hate Ellington but at least they didn’t take another soft  DeAnthony Thomas.  Maybe Borland earns a spot and contributes, would be good story.  People loving on the Niners’ draft way too hard.

Cardinals.  I have a real hard time with Logan Thomas in the fourth unless they’re seriously looking at him for tight end.  He’s just not a QB and it’s a waste of coaches’ time and Thomas’ development window to chase that.  But I like Bucannon, he will start, and Niklas might win a starting role too.  The WR taken in the third from Pittsburg State is, wait for it, EXPLOSIVE.  Kareem Martin will have roughly five years to develop sitting behind Calais Campbell.  Cards’ o-line is a disaster and the draft didn’t help it.  Carson Palmer is old and the draft didn’t secure a developmental QB.  C-.


Thems my quick and dirty takes.  What say you?

  1. As correctly noted in Bluedog’s Jernigan pick in the KRM. [back]
  • Bluedog93

    My grades:

    Bills: F. The Bills will be lucky to finish third in their division this year, which means they will probably have a losing record, which means they gave up a top-16 pick, with a very good chance of being a top-10 pick, along with a top-10 pick this year, to get the fourth pick in the draft at a position where a good player could have been found by staying put.

    George Kokinis: F. If this year’s Browns can get a future #1 for letting a team move from 9 to 4 to pick a WR, how is it that you can’t net a future #1 when the Jets are moving from 17 to 5 to get a QB? How could you value a bunch of role players above the future #1 pick that should have been the centerpiece of that trade? I’ve never understood it and will never stop complaining about it.

    Everybody Else: Too Soon To Tell. What I like about the Browns’ draft is that it can still be a successful draft even if Manziel fails, but the other players (Gilbert, Bitonio, West, and the future #1) have to pan out. We’ll see.

  • bupalos

    I really trying to figure out where a WR or two is supposed to come from for this team. Are we seriously just going to wait for cuts? I could see them parting with Rubin or maybe Mingo (to some team that has an idea what to do with him), but is there even anything out there?

    • Alex

      Not much out there. There’s other teams that needed WR’s too, notably Carolina and the 49ers. They’re probably more pressured to make moves since they’re Super Bowl contenders. The 9ers obviously felt 4th rounder for Stevie was best route. Carolina has Jason Avant and Jericho Cotchery… so that should tell you what the market is like.

      I really think he meant it when he brought up UFA and cited Victor Cruz and the Seahawks. Obviously no one will come close to Gordon. So hoping for a surprisingly productive UFA, then having Hawkins, Burleson (if healthy) and Jordan Cameron in the receiving game. I’d be more surprised if we got more production out of Little than a UFA that makes the team. Focus will be on a very productive and creative run game. And then hopefully that opens up play action to take off pressure of poor receiving game.

    • if anquan boldin is worth a sixth rounder then i’d be happy to give a fourth for andre johnson.

      no seriously, if he’s a possibility it has to happen.

      • bupalos

        Think I’d give up to a second. I know he’s got a huge contract, but if the later part of it isn’t guaranteed, taking him this year would have near 0 cap implications. Just HaslemDollars, which I’m happy to spend.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Move barky to receiver. He is as fast as anyone else they have and he may have a bit of an advantage in basic physics.

  • bupalos

    So I’ll take Garoppolo on the Carr side of the QB bet. Actually couldn’t have planned it any better draft-wise. All 3 involved went to nearly perfect spots for me as far as I’m concerned.

    • no. i like garoppolo better than both.

      • bupalos

        I get my pick of anyone drafted later than Carr. You’re stuck hoping Carr is better than him and that Bridgewater can’t stick in Minnesota. No backsies. Might as well send me the money now.

  • Alex

    Hey Kanick,

    I know you have limited time on your hands but I would love to see your take on this article and if you have an alternative argument/narrative. I’m in the camp for keeping Hoyer and having him start, but this article makes some compelling points. I can think of my own counterpoints but value your take. Thanks!

    • he makes more realistic points than I’m comfortable with.

      • Alex

        Lol, wasn’t expecting that response but understood. Let’s say Hoyer and Manziel stay on the roster going in to the season, Now let’s try to imagine the absolute best case scenario..?:

        Hoyer plays well, wins some games, doesn’t have a wretched game that causes fans to pound the table for Manziel. (Even though they will with a mediocre game probably). Meanwhile Manziel learns from practice, sidelines, being around the NFL game, etc. So we end the season around .500, plus or minus a couple games. Hoyer plays well, not outstanding, but makes us competitive and doesn’t lose games. Maybe Manziel even gets some gametime due to minor injury to Hoyer. But if he does get game time, doesn’t play extremely well to cause everyone to think Hoyer doesn’t get to come back the next game.

        So in summary, Hoyer plays well enough to keep job whole season. JFF learns from the sidelines and practice and coaching. Maybe he even gets a little game time b/c minor injury.

        In my mind that would be the absolute best case scenario. But it’s also probably the least likely. There are a zillioin other scenarios that could happen and are probably more realistic and could cause real issues.

        • best case is brett favre aaron rodgers. prob is manziel=favre and hoyer closer to rodgers. i think hoyer will keep the starting job and do well but hysterical media will look for any misstep to jam in manziel. it’s really unfair to hoyer.

          but he’ll have the last laugh if the browns fail to sign him before camp.

          • bupalos

            I’m kind of wondering if they did this partly to force him to sign a high end backup contract. Like, if we can’t work out a contract for you, maybe we need to go with Mr. Hotcakes here.

          • mgbode

            are the Texans really going into the year with Fitzpatrick/Keenum/Savage/Yates???

            wondering if Trader Ray is on the horn with them about Mr. Hoyer. sell-high may be nigh.

          • nj0

            If only the Texans had a bevy of receiving talent. They do not.

          • mgbode

            yeah. I doubt they would even consider giving up DeAndre Hopkins in such a trade (though the actual value would likely net higher than him, they need him if they go all-in with Hoyer in such a trade).

          • actovegin1armstrong

            I actually like Savage. I wonder if the talent I saw in him will transfer to the next level? My top three QB’s were
            1.) Connor Shaw
            2.) Tom Savage
            3.) Derek Carr
            I also like Wenning and Renner too.

          • mgbode

            I like Savage, but he’s really raw and I think is going to just need time to develop. I wouldn’t be comfortable if we thought he might be our starter for 2014.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Savage Smavage the Browns picked up CONNOR SHAW!! WOO HOO!!
            Did I read that correctly, Did Shaw sign with the Browns?
            I am so excited, I just cannot hide it
            I am about to lose control and I think I like it

          • mgbode

            yes, we are both excited on that one. we signed Connor Shaw and immediately cut Vince Young and Alex Tanney. Thanks for playing guys, but we have


          • AlvaroEspinoza10

            Best-case scenario is JFF going Russ Wilson 2012 preseason and dominating all pre-season, forcing the team to start him.

    • bupalos

      I think in the context of a new regime preaching competition, this is one of the more mind-numbingly dumb things I’ve read on DBN. And that’s saying something.

      • you had a beauty of a reply in the comments.

        but his point about farmer using a first round pick on a qb thus a vote of no confidence in hoyer has the ring of sense to it in spite of how much i want not to accept it.

        • bupalos

          I think we as fans probably transcribe our own sense of certainty into coaches and GM’s. My guess would be that they are simply being realistic. It’s clear from the int’s that Hoyer threw that he needs to gain something that he hasn’t shown yet in order to consider the position solved in any real sense. Specifically, don’t jump the read, and as a quick read-and-release guy you have to make the defense pay for baiting you. I think they plan to give him a chance to show that, but don’t really know whether he can. At the same time, it’s the most important position on the field, and absent Hoyer showing that growth, you’ve got nothing if you stand pat.

          You can’t let a great value at QB go by the board when you might have basically nothing. They were convinced Manziel was that value in the latter 3rd of the 1st. They passed him up twice. That alone should remind everyone that this isn’t the slam dunk that 90% of fans seem to think.

          I don’t think anyone is giving a thought to the idea that Hoyer may start and show growth and not turn the position over for years. But I think the administration really does entertain that as a significant possibility. I don’t think he’s going to get a long leash, because he’s not getting any younger and hotcakes there is a lottery ticket I’m sure they’ll want to scratch off if things go significantly south. But nothing about Pettine, Farmer, or even Haslem makes me think this is all pro-forma. I think its going to be a real competition, and I think Hoyer will be given the advantage of more 1st team work and will be starting in Pittsburgh with a chance to show himself to be the better value.

      • jpftribe

        That article makes MKC seem, umm…. lucid.

    • nj0

      “ANSWER: Brian Hoyer played great last year, why get rid of him now?
      For that exact reason.”

      Too much WTF to go around… So the answer is a question and the question is an answer?

      And we’re cutting guys who admittedly played great!
      A.) You don’t cut (edit: sorry.. “LOSE”) quality players.
      B.) QB controversies are bullhockey. Browns fans are just prejudiced against them because ours ALWAYS involve two guys who suck. Give me Young and Montana every day and let me cry myself to sleep every night. Which BMW do I keep?!?!
      C.) Cream rises, whoever deserves to play will.

    • Trading Hoyer could be one of the worst moves the Browns could make. Even if Manziel wins the starting job, a somewhat fair assumption, the last Browns quarterback to make it through an entire season as starter was Tim Couch in 2002.

      Everyone talks about how QB is the most important position on the team, so why would you not want a viable backup at that spot? If Manziel starts and gets hurt, why would the Browns want to down the Ken Dorsey, Bruce Gradkowski, Thad Lewis route again?

      Hoyer isn’t a burden on the salary cap, doesn’t come across as someone who makes waves, and I would certainly feel better knowing he is on the sidelines in case something happens, as opposed to relying on Tyler Thigpen or someone like Rex Grossman.

      Worse-case scenario is Hoyer sits the entire season and leaves after the year as a free agent. The Browns invested nothing to acquire him other than money, so they are not losing anything if he walks in free agency.

      Hoyer is also insurance in case Manziel simply isn’t ready to start Week 1. It’s not the end of the world if Hoyer opens the season as the starter; the Manziel pick was not made for Week 1 in Pittsburgh, it was made and will be judged over the next 10-12 years.

      • second worst. worst is not signing him before camp.

        • bupalos

          Seems to me the likelihood here is a longish term escalating deal without much guarantee or bonus. Like 4 years, 3-4-5-6. That would be a contract he could sign with a pay bump for the year that is definitely going to happen and numbers that could keep him as a starter with good play and wouldn’t totally rule him out of a backup role.

          Hoyer has to be concerned he’s looking at the end before it even started, I think he’d definitely sign something like that.

  • nj0

    Not knowing anything about any college player, I liked our draft because:

    A.) Every pick filled a hole
    B.) In a pass wacky league, we got guys to defend against the pass
    C.) We acquired another 1st round pick for 2015
    D.) I believe passing the ball is on the way out
    E.) The draft itself was entertaining
    F.) We drafted a “name” player
    G.) There were no stupid, wasted picks

    Yeah, E & F are sacrilegious to SERIOUS FOOTBALL people, but this is still entertainment to me.

    D is controversial and contradictory to B. But I think smart teams are realizing that throwing it 40 times a game may put up big numbers, but isn’t the best way to win games. Didn’t anyone notice that the two teams that threw the ball the least last year were the 49ers and Seahawks? Yeah, the numbers get skewed because they played from ahead, but the Broncos and the Saints won a lot and threw it a ton.

    Sure, if you have a Manning or Brees, go crazy. If you have Megatron or Johnson, go ahead and throw it to them. But if you don’t, maybe conservative/balanced offense with a badass defense is the way to go? Maybe if you’re a GM and you’re putting together a team you realize how hard it is to get a top tier QB? So maybe you play it smart, build a great roster, and implement an offense that makes sense for the personnel you have?

    All of which is to say, I’m not that worried about having zero WR depth at this point. Yes, it’d be nice, but (since I’m making lists today):
    1.) I think there are very few WRs who are true difference makers
    2.) I don’t think it’s that hard to find decent WRs that can work in an effective system
    3.) I didn’t expect Farmer to solidify every position in his first off-season
    4.) The additions we made outweigh the holes he left unattended

    • actovegin1armstrong

      “A.) Every pick filled a hole”
      It may be difficult not to draft to “fill a hole” when the only solid positions are one corner, one tackle and center.
      I really wish they would have taken Jake Matthews at 4th then moved up to take Jason Verrett.

      • nj0

        We could have taken a long snapper.

        • actovegin1armstrong

          I saw Ryan Pontbriand on a motorcycle recently. He is available, and he would probably be less expensive after a few years out of the league.

  • mgbode

    really, care most about our division.

    Bengals – really upset that Dennard dropped to the Bengals as they could not have asked for a better outcome. after him though, what were they doing? Jeremy Hill is an okay RB, but they took him so early. Same for Clarke as DE. I do really like Bodine as a pick, but he may take a year to develop.

    Steelers – first smart draft from them in years. Shazier was taken too early, but they desperately needed speed in their LB corps. Tuitt was a value pick as were Archer and Bryant. That’s a solid draft by itself and they picked up a couple decent guys late too: Johnson and McCullers.

    Ravens – Mosley went about where he should have, Jernigan and Brooks were pretty good value picks. But, none of their other picks should wow anyone. And, they have a pretty massive hole on their team that is more important than WR.

    Here’s what I said in the KRM and it still holds after they ignored OL:

    That leaves just one opening at OT, but a lot of questions for how they will function as they helped Flacco have a career worst season in 2013 with career-highs of 22 INTs and 48 sacks (and many more QB pressures) to go along with the fourth worst rushing attack in the NFL at 3.8YPC.

  • Petefranklin

    I hope Bittanio is the real deal. Remember MW defenses sucked terribly this year. Total of 4 MW defensive guys(all DB’s) taken in the draft, none earlier than the 4th. I’m very curious if any MW D linemen get picked up as UDFA’s.

    • mgbode

      He is. You can watch him against UCLA (Barr) if you would like confirmation against better competition.

  • jpftribe

    I say the rich get richer and the poor are poorer because they have shitty GM’s. 2014 sneak preview:

    The only bottom half teams I see making a big move this year is Tampa and maybe the Browns. Overcoming the Gordon thing and a QB controversy is a real problem. Falcons are a maybe as well. Titans could be a big surprise, I am not as down on Locker as most.

    Saints, Niners, Broncos, Packers, Ravens all helped themselves in a very good way. You’re right, Seattle is stacked so who cares. Giants were so so.

    While Shazier was the Big 10 leader in missed tackles, he has the I’mfromOSUandnowIplayfortheSteelers thing going for him. Couple that with a Kent State alum, and this will turn out to be a good draft for the bad guys down the turnpike. Even if Shazier is a bust, LeBeau will have some UDFA LB starting the Pro Bowl in two years. Let’s face it, the Steelers just manufacture LB’s.

    Rams look great on paper until Bradford drops back to pass. Ditto for Bungles, substitute Dalton for Stafford. Cowboys have bought Romo more time to find the open defender late in the game.

    Patriots will look like hell warmed over all year long and make the playoffs with a 10-6 record, lose in the second round. Three years from now, maybe two, Garappolo will be the next Aaron Rodgers. LaCanfora will get to leak Brady’s retirement from ‘a league source’.

    All the rest are interesting fodder, but ultimately irrelevant.
    Texans – I’m sorry, but I watched the Capital One bowl last night to check out Conner Shaw. I just don’t see the hype surrounding Clowney. He made two nice plays, and on one of them he was not blocked, blown assignment. Gave up a TD dropping into coverage on a TE on the goal line. WTF?
    Jets – Ryan factor, last year, unless Vick has a comeback.
    Dolphins – LOL!
    Bills – Browns could have the no 3 and 4 pick in next years draft if it weren’t for the Dolphins playing in this division.
    Panthers – Plummet back to earth and blame it on Newton.
    Washington – New offense for RGIII, same result
    Eggles – Chip will score a bunch, and give up a bunch, just like in Oregon.
    Vikes – Ponder, Cassell, Bridgewater, all three will start in 14
    Bears – All Jay, all day, can’t get past the Pack and now they’re in cap hell.
    Lions – See Eggles above
    Cards – Carson Palmer in that division? What are they thinking?

  • Petefranklin

    A for the Clowns?? No way. Not after trading Campanaro to the ratbirds for future considerations. It must be nice having such a deep roster that you can trade away all the extra middle round picks accumulated last year just to move up for a couple guys that have definitive flaws and would have probably been there anyway without trading up. I thought Heckart had left the building. The trade down was awesome though. Maybe Jesus Football can throw it to himself when Cameron gets double covered.

    • jpftribe

      “Maybe Jesus Football can throw it to himself when Cameron gets double covered.”

      That my friend is the quote of the year.

    • i want to get into this at some point but trading out of the late rounds is usually smart. only sometime make the team, very rarely make an impact. better use late picks as chits move around in the top. (eg, vikes got a 5th to let us take gilbert. used it on yankey. lol.) the jets used twelve pick in their draft. maybe five make their team. that’s bad/dumb draft mgt, imo.

      in the case of the ravens pick, yeah i do like campanero and yeah a WR would be nice and i suppose a slot backup for hawkins is needed and this year’s #218 should be worth more than next year’s ~#200. (what was i going to say?)(oh yeah.) but i’m just not in mood to kill farmer about trading out of the 7th rd after plugging 2, 3, 4 holes with the first four picks. the memory of banner tending to the miller-lauvao-pinkston guard situation with 7th round gilkey after pluggin NO HOLES in the whole draft and selling it with a straight face fresh off the heels of selling the jamoris slaughter jive is too fresh. farmer gets some leeway here.

      is it me or did banner get more positive press on last year’s fisasco than farmer is getting for his homerun?

      • maxfnmloans

        locally or nationally? If you’re talking national…welp, you know who used to be football writer with a national forum who might have an axe to grind and friends in the media, dontcha?

        • national media i expect to get it wrong. i’m more surprised at the local media. they were plain hostile to toward farmer friday or saturday night and seems most are so fixated on the ‘NoWR’ story that they couldn’t tell what school justin gilbert came from.

    • the more i think about and seriously, this is the best draft ever.

      • Petefranklin

        So I read DBN and see the point of the trades now. I do like Farmers picks, but it might be hard running the ball without a #1 and 8 in the box.
        If this is the best draft ever than Banner gets an assist(which he originally got killed for)
        So the total on the opening day game is up to 41.5, I like it under, any thoughts? BTW the juice on the over 6.5 wins for the Browns has come down from -165 to a more reasonable -145

  • maxfnmloans

    I can’t believe the Lions took Ebron. The last thing they needed was another TE, since they already have Pettigrew (who they are apparently losing faith in) and Fauria. Their secondary was atrocious last year. Dennard made too much sense for them I guess. You miught argue that maybe they are going to try some 2 TE sets like the Pats used to, but I don’t remember Caldwell being all that dynamic of a X and O guy in Indy and Baltimore.

    Logan Thomas going ahead of Savage, McCarron, Mettenberger shocked me. I have to assume that he isn’t going to get much more than a courtesy shot at QB before they try to make him a TE. His athleticism is off the charts, so I can see the appeal, but his throwing mechanics are horrendous, so he’s a project either way (whether at QB or TE). I would say that maybe they figure they can put him on the bench behind Carson for a year or two to work on his mechanics, but if that was the case, I dont know why they would have already talked to him about switching to TE.

    A few of my friends are #NoWRGuy and while I mostly disagree with them, there is one point for which I have to agree with them- The Bills traded Steve Johnson for a 2015 4th rounder. I think I’d rather have Steve Johnson this year than a 2015 4th rounder. I wonder what prevented this from happening? Full disclosure- I don’t know Johnson’s contract details, so perhaps that was the limiting factor.

    As for Ray Farmer- it’s a breath of fresh air after the stagnation of last year’s draft, and the utter disappointment of the 2012 draft. I hope Bitonio becomes the meanest, nastiest SOB this side of Conrad Dobler, because if not #NoWRGuy is going to be harping on that pick ALL year.

    • i wondered where pettigrew went because he wasn’t on ourlads depth chart, but youre right, they just signed w 8M gtd. and fauira wasnt horrible. and houston/slay at CB *is* kinda horrible though slay should get better in his second year.

      on stevie johnson and ‘why didnt we take him’ — our head coach is uniquely qualified to say whether he wanted to go after a WR he saw in practice all last year so i dont worry too much about that. if pettine says meh, i say meh.

      • maxfnmloans

        good point on Stevie

      • The_Real_Shamrock

        Although Johnson would have fit perfectly in the Washington type WR offense. Either way it wasn’t a huge loss especially since they never used a draft pick on a WR.

  • zarathustra

    This looks mostly right by my eyes.
    Quibbles: I think B+ is way too generous for the raiders. Mack may be decent player, but you spelled out as well as anybody why he didn’t belong in the top five. Also, I hate the Carr pick. A C would be generous in my mind.
    The Garrett Gilbert pick was awful, but the rams walked away with Robinson, Donald, and mason. That is an A if there ever was one.
    I also think c- will prove to be a little too tough on the cardinals. I am by no means a logan thomas fan, but I think it is fair to say that just maybe va tech isn’t the place you go to learn the art of the qb position. In fact, i’m sure his college coaching did more harm than good. I doubt he will ultimately develop into an nfl qb, but by 2015 he may be one of the best young tight ends out there.

    • i think my curve got tighter as i went on. (see bucs write-up.) i deferred a bit to pete f’s mack pick in the KRM and gotta say, i like carr in the second at 36. (a hell of a lot more than bridgewater at 32 bup.)

      the rams should have a great draft but … lamarcus joyner at the top of the second is a fail grade. he’s five-freaking-eight with anger management issues. perhaps the worst pick in the draft. who’s he going to cover, tavon austin? oh wait. ej gaines not much better. then add in christian bryant and that’s three dback taken under 5-9. FAIL. and then… michael sam is already proving to be ‘the issue.’ he’s now saying he should’ve been drafted in the third round? no,. you we’re lucky to be drafted at all but what exactly are you implying mr. sam? you wouldnt think that a draft that starts with robinson and donald could be less than A but the rams managed it.

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