Poll: Who’s your pick for Browns at 26? #KRM

While we’re waiting for ChuckKoz to submit the Browns’ pick to the commish, I thought it would be worth a quick poll asking your pick for the Browns if the draft plays out this way.  Because it could play out this way.  I don’t think it will, but one thing you can be sure of is that it won’t play out the way you expect.

  • I doubt the Browns are expecting four cornerbacks to be off the board already.
  • There is CJ Mosley available at a need position.  But do you go defense twice in the first round?
  • Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo are still on the board.  If  you like them, do you take one here or hope one will be there at 35?
  • You’ve got a big receiver (Benjamin) and possession receiver (Beckham) and your maybe double-secret sleeper receiver (Matthews).  Take one of them here?
  • Let’s not forget the hole at guard and the top rated guard is still on the board.

I’m not sure where I go and I’m interested in your pick.  Pick two guys from the (randomized) list below.1 If there’s someone who should be on the list, let me know.  Then if you’re so inclined tell us why in the comments.



  1. The same poll is in the sidebar. [back]
  • jpftribe

    If your QB is on the board here, I think you take him. I really like Garappolo, great release, smart, progressed consistently throughout his career. Not the greatest arm and not proto size. I’d take him here, and I would try to sign Hoyer to an extension. Bring in Grossman and I think the Browns are light years ahead of where they were a year ago at QB:
    – a viable starter that has won games
    – a viable backup that already knows the system
    – a viable rookie to teach the game to without having to throw him at the dogs and ruin him

    There’s going to be a very, very good WR available in R2.

    In the KRM scenario, it’s hard to see where the Brown’s address CB. Might have to wait til 15 for the permanent answer on this one.

    • if you like either carr or garoppolo you should take him here. even though no one between here and #35 figures to take a QB, it’s probable that someone would trade up to snag the preferred pick before #35.

      as far as CB.. you know i’m looking squarely at stanley jean-baptiste and keith mcgill. i highly doubt they’ll be available (because they’re new prototype huge CBs) in the third round but they’d provide a good reason to trade back up into the late second. if they’re both gone phillip gaines could be a nice option who should be around in the third.

  • mgbode

    Okay, this is a tough one.

    Defense BPA:
    Ford / Ealy – finding people have differing views on who is better here

    Offense BPA:
    Beckham Jr.

    Okay, I could mention Sua-Filo (who I don’t like for ZBS though), Morgan Moses (surprised you don’t have listed here), maybe even Bitonio (cat out of bag – I LOVE this kid. seriously, go check out some Nevada games. he is a monster).

    In the end, we need playmakers on either side of the ball with our 1st round pick. Beckham Jr. is explosive and none of the guys we can get in the 2nd round can compete with the possibilities that he would provide (especially given that Gordon will have the bracket coverage). He’d be my pick here and there would be no hesitation if Clowney was our pick at #4.

    For the QBs, I think this is too early for Jimmy-G, Carr wouldn’t be on my board, and there are other QBs I just think are equal prospects that can be had later at this point.

    • i just used that lame cbssports rating list and didnt dig too deep beyond that (exception: jordan matthews). i really didnt like moses’ combine,,, looks slow and stiff, like really slow and really stiff. also dont like kwandijo but he was rated highly. (i still take gabe jackson above either.) anyway, it turns out that once i published the poll i cant add more players so.. that’s the list.

      • mgbode

        no worries. I wouldn’t actually take Moses here anyway (as noted above). He is an interesting one in that at times he looked phenomenal. He would just dominate his opponent at the point of attack with crazy strength and a good first step. He might be too much like Schwartz in that those wide-9 speed DE’s could give him fits as he is slow after that initial step. I don’t harp too much on his combine though as he had a shoulder injury (hard to do much when you cannot use your arm).

        Gabe Jackson v. Bitonio is a very interesting conversation for ZBS. And, I’m really re-setting all of my OL thoughts to our ZBS and it’s hard (as I have pre-conceived notions from watching some of my favorites during the season, but that wasn’t with ZBS in mind. ugh.).

        Gabe – Bigger in the belly, which makes him stronger, but he was also the singular slowest guy at the combine (not just in 40 time, but lateral drills, and pretty much everything). Speed isn’t all that important for an OL, but quickness sure is and he may struggle there. He is stronger though and has a more refined technique.

        Bitonio – The most athletic OL not going in the top10 of this draft. Crazy quick, former top-prep PF, and grew up doing mixed martial arts (dad was a pro), which is likely why he has such amazing balance and is so good with his hands. Mean SOB on the field who is also a noted leader in practice/film off the field. Also, after the season, he decided it might help his draft stock if he learned every position on the OL, which he did by the Senior Bowl (and had a great week). He isn’t the strongest guy, has shorter arms (so OG/OC only) and Nevada did almost exclusive 2-pt stance (though he looked fine in a 3pt in the Senior Bowl).

        Dangit Mike, I’m supposed to save some of this stuff for later 🙂

  • Matt Borcas

    Garoppolo is the only QB I’d be cool with at 26 or 35. Carr’s Weeden potential is off the charts, and McCarron was the beneficiary of CFB’s most talent-laden team. Also, he seems really strange and decidedly un-Brady/Manning-like in his demeanor. Give me Kelvin Benjamin, unless Teddy’s somehow available at 26 (which is looking more and more like a real possibility).

    • i want to do a re-draft or give every mocker a re-do or let everyone tweak one pick and say how that would impact their pick. but i also need to tighten up the concept.

  • trashycamaro

    Go big or go home on qbs. Skip the middling prospects and patch the hole in the o-line or at MLB. Take the WR at the next pick.


    I’ve been on the QB (Teddy) at 4 then best WR available at 26 train for a while now but this WR class is so good and deep, deepest I’ve even seen, that the difference between 26 and 35 is minuscule enough to wait on WR. In my scenario with Teddy at 4 I take a CB or LB here. I’m an OSU alum and in no way, shape or form want anything to do with Roby. I can’t even believe he is going in the top 2 rounds. He is maybe the most overrated top pick from OSU I can remember. Fuller would’ve been nice here. Verett has to be considered with who is remaining. I know it sounds crazy but Id go Borland here. I absolutely love that guy. There is no doubt in my mind he will be a 10+ yr MLB, QB of the defense. This says it all for me http://youtu.be/aUy4kMQobFs

    • DAMMIT! i thought i covered everyone in the selections.

      that is one a persuasive clip. reminds me of the clip that got me on the alec ogletree train last year.

    • mgbode

      Borland is a Gocong-type LBer. He’s great when not in space, but not so great in space. If we are going to go and get an energy LBer, then I would vote for Van Noy over either Shazier or Borland. Really tough call with Shazier, but Van Noy is much better at shedding blockers than either of those 2 guys and was better in coverage. Those are 2 skills I value (he was also used heavily as a pass rusher for BYU, so he could be our Daryl Washington ILB guy for Dansby). However, I wouldn’t draft any of these guys in the 1st round.


      • ok, i’m dumping ward and ASJ and inserting borland and van noy into the poll. also letting people enter their own pick.

      • CLEVTA

        I like Van Noy but I have no interest in turning him into a MLB, especially not at 26. Every time I watched BYU he was used as an edge rusher. He can stay there or at OLB. I don’t care about all the negatives scouts use for Borland. I watched him dominate every game Wisconsin played. Ill take instincts and sure tackling over everything else at MLB. Just like Sean Lee, Lavonte David, James Laurinitis, Bobby Wagner, Navarro Bowman, Paul Pozluzny, Kiko Alonso, etc before him he will go early 2nd or 3rd and quarterback defense for 10+ yrs I’m 100% convinced of this. I have zero interest trying to convert a pass rusher into a MLB.

  • i did garoppolo and shazier and i am not married to those picks.

    i’ve been sailing through this thinking fuller and if he’s gone, roby. having both of the board creates the sort quick-pivot that you sure wouldn’t want to do in fifeen minutes.

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