Cowboys take Louis Nix at 16. #KRM


GRR projects Jerry Jones to make the sensible pick two years in a row. Bold.

Next up is GrandRapidsRustlers.  Did you know the Grand Rapids Rustlers were the original Cleveland Indians?  Now you know.

Dallas Cowboys – 16th Pick – Louis Nix III

Organizational Summary

Owner, President, General Manager – Jerry Jones
The guy pretty much does everything except clean his own glasses.  It’s all his call which makes him a fascinating figure come draft time because no one has any clue what he is doing or thinking.

Head Coach – Jason Garrett
He has three straight 8-8 seasons and I am of the opinion that he actually has some job security since he seems to be completely cool with Jerry Jones being the center of the universe.  Would love to see him get a chance outside of Dallas just for my own curiosity.

Team Summary


The roster picture above makes the needs of the Cowboys pretty evident. Let’s just start with anything on the front 7. Here are some Cowboy nuggets from last year to chomp on for a while:

  • Yards allowed – 6645 (Last)
  • PPG – 27.5 (26th)
  • First Downs Allowed – 388 (Last)
  • 3rd Downs – 43.3 (29th)
  • Penalties – 112 (29th)

Most Surprising Stat – 27/20. The Cowboys are a +7 in Turnover Margin.

The bottom line is this a horrible defensive football team which leads me to a few candidates for them to ponder at #16. Before I do that though let me move in another direction for a second.

We all know how Jerry Jones thinks.  Dollar signs.  Searching for that glory hole.1


Ed. note: I was skeptical but GRR’s anecdote checks out.

The following will not apply in the KRM because this player is no longer on the board.


The Cowboys draft room however will be a very interesting place to be if we get to 16 and Johnny Manziel is still on the board.  Jerry cares about the show.  The dollar signs.  Remember that we are talking about a guy who slapped a Cowboys logo on a pink thong and then thought to himself “WOMEN WILL BUY THIS ITEM AT THE VICTORIA’S SECRET STORE THAT I OPEN INSIDE MY OWN STADIUM” and it worked.

Texas man. Texas.

Tony Romo is coming off a major back surgery and if any owner was ever going to make a crazy splash just remember that Jerry thinks differently than most. Romo would also turn into a coveted asset which he could use to build his defense.


Cowboys fans have Photoshop too.


Top Candidates

Louis Nix III – Notre Dame – DT
Mountain of a man with good feet who suffered last year fighting off some injuries and being the main focus of his opponent. Looking back a previous season he is the guy who freed up space so that we all found out about an imaginary girlfriend. Instant upgrade to the defense who takes up space and will help the run game. Downside is he tends to get emotional which fits right in Dallas.

Kony Ealy – Missouri – DE
If the Cowboys choose to go the pass rusher route this looks to be the best fit for them.  A young replacement for Ware who can use his athletic ability to do one thing and one thing only:  get to the QB and cause problems.  Not going to help you much dropping back or in the run game.  (Pretty much everything that Mingo should have been for the Browns last year, line him up all over the place, blow up the QB)

Timmy Jernigan – Florida State – DT
Helped anchor a line for the National Champs.  Little bit smaller and faster than Nix.  Most reports talk about great hands and struggling with moving off the ball.  This would be a reach here.

The pick.

The audible swearing you will hear in Dallas when Aaron Donald goes off the board will be heard in NE Ohio.  I think he is the top target that the Cowboys have in their sights but now Jerry is faced with two options.  Do the right thing for his football team or go in a total different direction?  Think Marqise Lee or my Manziel theory if he is available.

At the end of the day he does the right thing and selects Louis Nix III and instantly improves the biggest hole on his team.

Thanks GRR.  MGBode up tomorrow with the Ravens’ pick
Pick #TeamSelection
(linked to KRM post)
1TexansBlake Bortlesjpftribe
2RamsGreg RobinsonDave Kolonich
3JaguarsSammy WatkinsClevTA
4BrownsJadeveon ClowneyZarathustra
5RaidersKhalil MackPete Franklin
6FalconsJake MatthewsOXR
7BucsJohnny ManzielPeterM
8VikingsTeddy Bridgewatertrashycamaro
9BillsTaylor Lewanclay
10LionsHa’Sean Clinton-Dixbluedog93
11TitansAnthony Barrkanick
12GiantsEric EbronRod of Disaster
13RamsMike EvansMatt Borcas
14BearsAaron DonaldJRich
15SteelersDarqueze Dennard tmoore94
16CowboysLouis NixGrandRapidsRustlers
17RavensJustin GilbertMGBode
18JetsBrandin CooksZarathustra
19DolphinsZack Martintrashycamaro
20CardinalsCalvin PryorJRich
21PackersJace AmaroClevTA
22EaglesMarqise LeeGrandRapidsRustlers
23ChiefsRa'Shede Hagemanclay
24BengalsBradley RobyOXR
25ChargersKyle Fullertexinottawa
26BrownsDerek CarrChuckKoz
27SaintsOdell Beckham tmoore94
28PanthersXavier Su'a-Filojpftribe
29PatriotsTimmy Jerniganbluedog93
30NinersJason VerrettRod of Disaster
31BroncosCJ MosleyPete Franklin
32SeahawksCameron FlemingDave Kolonich
33 (2nd rd)TexansTroy NiklasMatt Borcas
34RedskinsStephon Tuittkanick
35BrownsRyan ShazierMGBode
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  • mgbode

    apologies if I don’t respond as normal, but I won’t be around much today.

    there are major questions about who is running the GM slot for the team nowadays with many thinking that Stephen has taken a more substantial role (signee Melton never even talked to Jerry, which doesn’t happen 2-3 years ago). I think this picture sums up how it works (Stephen the point-man talking, Jerry watching closely to make sure that he doesn’t mess up, Garrett in the background smiling like a kid with an ice cream cone):

    to see it in the draft, the Cowboys have drafted OL in the 1st round 2 of the past 3 drafts. One of those guys from Wisconsin and the other from USC. of course, sandwhiched in between was a skill guy from a big nearby school (Claiborne, LSU). Jerry always loves getting nearby BigXII and SEC school guys because they help sell jerseys and tickets.

    so, yeah, I agree that Jerry will be pounding that table for Manziel. I think he would pull a Holmgren and force the issue if necessary. I mean, we are talking about a guy who admittedly only brought Parcells onto the team to get JerryWorld built (NSFW – sorry, but you cannot clean up a drunk Jerry):

    in the end, I’m also not sure that Nix is the right guy for the team. he is a Ted Washington type player in that he’ll eat up blocks but not much else. that is valuable, but I’m not sure that this draft doesn’t have better more valuable guys still available especially considering that Rod Marinelli’s defense (yeah, yet another defensive switch for Dallas) requires their DTs to get penetration.

    I do agree that Donald makes a ton of sense for them and that they might move up to get them (Dallas loves to make draft-day moves afterall). The one thing that can be certain is that they will make sure to create storylines to keep the team being talked about. Well, that and they do have a beautiful stadium that Parcells helped build 🙂

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