Browns mock draft round-up.


View of the Kanick War Room here at Berea East.

I’ve been following Brian Bassett, of the for years.  I forget why I started but I do enjoy the Jet perspective and have a good deal of empathy for Jets fans.  Anyways… they did a Mock Roundup for the Jets today.  I thought it’d be fun to do the same for our Brownies while we’re waiting for JRich’s Bears pick.12  UPDATE:  I have Jeff’s piece and will post it tomorrow AM.

There’s 14 mocks here plus the partial of the #KRM.  Six have us taking a QB early (with Kirwan trading us up for Bortles) and six have us taking a QB at #26 (four of those reflecting Bridgewater (2) and JFF (2) sliding to #26).  The most common pick for us at #4 is Watkins; at #26 it’s Bridgewater, JFF, Carr, and Kyle Fuller with two votes each.

******************** Daniel Jeremiah (3/20, v4.0)
First three:  Clowney, Robinson, Watkins.

#4 JAKE MATTHEWS – Matthews has played both right and left tackle in college. He would line up at right tackle for the Browns and give them one of the top tackle tandems in the NFL.
#26 TEDDY BRIDGEWATER – I still view Bridgewater as the top quarterback in this draft class, but he has failed to generate excitement among the personnel executives I’ve talked to. If he falls past the Titans at pick No. 11, I think it’s realistic he could slide all the way down to this spot.3 Bucky Brooks (3/25, v4.0)
First three:  Clowney, Matthews, Mack.

SAMMY WATKINS – Surrounding a quarterback with explosive weapons is never a bad option. GM Ray Farmer could add Watkins to an offensive lineup up that features Pro Bowl-caliber players in WR Josh Gordon and TE Jordan Cameron.
JASON VERRETT – With the top three quarterbacks still on the board, GM Ray Farmer could elect to take another position player and take the best available quarterback at the top of the second round. Verrett would likely rank as the top cover corner in the draft if he was a few inches taller, so the addition of the TCU standout would give the Browns a formidable nickel package with Joe Haden and Buster Skrine on the perimeter. Charles Davis (3/18) v4.0
First three:  Clowney, Watkins, Mack.

BRIDGEWATER – Not the greatest pro day, but three seasons of excellent game tape were not erased. Still, Browns could wait until pick No. 26 to take a QB (Derek Carr?).
XAVIER SU’A-FILO – If they fill their QB need at pick No. 4, this is a player who will really help protect him. Don Banks (3/18) v2.0
First three:  Bortles, Robinson, Clowney.

JOHNNY MANZIEL – When was the last time the Browns had a quarterback with a little moxie and swagger to him? Bernie Kosar? Otto Graham? If I’m choosing between Manziel or Teddy Bridgewater, I’m taking the guy who has won in big-game settings and seems to relish all that comes with the glamor position of quarterback. After thriving in the SEC, and beating Alabama, Manziel won’t be awed taking the field in Baltimore, Pittsburgh or Cincinnati.
BRANDIN COOKS – If the Browns don’t go quarterback at No. 4, this would be the slot to spend a pick on an arm like Fresno’s Derek Carr or Eastern Illinois’s Jimmy Garoppolo (or is that too reminiscent of the Brandon Weeden mistake in 2012 for Cleveland fans?). Alas, we’ve got the Brownies taking Manziel, so they’ll get him another receiving option to go along with Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron at No. 26. Cooks made himself a viable first-round option with that mind-boggling 4.33 in the 40 at the combine. Doug Farrar (4/3) v3.0
First three:  Manziel, Matthews, Bortles.

GREG ROBINSON – The Browns have done a great deal in the last two seasons to enhance and expand their roster, but two serious issues remain — they need a franchise quarterback, and right tackle Mitchell Schwartz gave up 11 sacks last season. It would be wise for the team to avoid reaching for its quarterback of the future, though it could (and should) consider Teddy Bridgewater interesting with the fourth overall pick. If they don’t go that route, Robinson would be an interstellar upgrade over Schwartz at right tackle, and would be able to perform spot duty if left tackle Joe Thomas ever misses an NFL snap — which he hasn’t done since entering the league in 2007. Robinson needs technique work, but he’s a complete and total mauler capable of making any opposing defensive end work hard for any pressure he gets. This makes him an optimal right tackle in any system, and given the importance of outside pass protection (not to mention Robinson’s talent), this isn’t a reach.

DEREK CARR – Carr is in a compelling spot in this year’s draft. He’s not rated as high as the holy trinity of Manziel, Bridgewater and Bortles, but he’s seen by many to be the next best thing, and that probably puts him in the late-first, early-second range. Here’s what we know: The Browns, who didn’t provide a strong presence at some of the more glamorous pro days, recently went to Carr to engage him in a private workout. And new Browns head coach Mike Pettine said at the owners’ meetings that he saw Carr as the best pure thrower in this draft class.  “Very physically-gifted. And a lot of times it’s hard to bet against the family history as well. You’re talking about like a Jake Matthews [where] it’s the old ‘Don’t bet against the genetics.’ I think he certainly falls into that category as well.”  Not that older brother David was able to make much of a dent in the NFL, but that was in part because he was selected by an expansion Houston Texans team that didn’t have much else to brag about. If the Browns are on point with Carr in the first round, he could have better luck — he’s got good arm strength, surprising mobility and though he played out of the shotgun in college, that’s not the NFL handicap it used to be.

CBS Sports Rob Rang (4/1)
First three:  Bortles, Robinson, Clowney.

MATTHEWS – Rather than swing for the fences with a quarterback as his first pick at general manager, Ray Farmer may elect to take the safer route with Matthews, who could slide in at right tackle and push Mitchell Schwartz back to his more ideally-suited position at guard.

BRIDGEWATER – Bridgewater remains my personal top-rated quarterback but he has plenty of critics in NFL scouting circles who will point to his slight frame and disappointing Pro Day as evidence that he’s been overrated in the media. With few teams in need of a quarterback outside of the top eight picks, any passer who begins to slide could be left hoping that an aggressive team trades up to rescue him. In this scenario, Bridgewater’s loss could be the Browns’ gain.

CBS Sports Dane Brugler (4/1)
First three:  Bortles, Robinson, Clowney.

MANZIEL – The Browns will give Brian Hoyer a shot, but is he the long-term option? No, Ray Farmer and his staff weren’t at Manziel’s pro day, but if you think that means they’re not interested, you’d be wrong.

KYLE FULLER – As the Browns begin talks to lock up Joe Haden long-term, they’ll also be looking to draft a worthy counterpart for the No. 2 cornerback spot in Cleveland. Fuller has the instincts and natural athleticism to be an impact performer on the inside or outside.4

#35 DONTE MONCRIEF – The Browns signed Andrew Hawkins to cover the slot duties, but are still searching for a reliable No. 2 opposite Josh Gordon.

CBS Sports Pete Prisco (4/2, Mock #7)
First three:  Clowney, Robinson, Bortles.

SAMMY WATKINS – Speed, speed and more speed. Josh Gordon and Watkins? Wow.

DEREK CARR – They pass on a quarterback with the fourth pick and end up taking Carr here.

CBS Sports Pat Kirwan (4/4)

First three:  Clowney, TRADE, Robinson.
BLAKE BORTLES (trade up to #2)5 – The Browns are working out all of the top QBs and even though some are down on Bortles, he’s a big strong kid who will remind some of Roethlisberger.
#26 ODELL BECKHAM – Beckham is an impressive young man and a perfect complement to Josh Gordon on the other side. Now the Browns offense should be able to score points.

CBS Sports Will Brinson (4/2)
First three:  Clowney, Robinson, Mack.

MANZIEL – The Browns didn’t visit with Manziel but who have they talked to? Quarterback is their biggest need and Manziel’s ability to roll out and hit deep throws would work wonderfully with Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

BRADLEY ROBY – Immensely talented local guy with some red flags, Roby could develop into a steal at this position and with Joe Haden on the other side he won’t have immediate pressure to step in as a No. 1 corner.

Walter Football Walter Chrepinsky (4/3)
First three:  Bortles, Clowney, Mack.

WATKINS – It’s looking like the Browns want to either wait on Marcus Mariota next year – go here for the 2015 NFL Mock Draft – or use their second first-rounder on Derek Carr. I still wouldn’t count out a quarterback at No. 4, but it seems as though Cleveland will go in a different direction. If that’s the case, the only player who really makes sense is Sammy Watkins. The Browns had tremendous problems at receiver this past season outside of Josh Gordon. Greg “Mr. Dependable” Little continued to struggle, while Davone Bess was even worse. Watkins, the clear-cut No. 1 skill player in this class, would give Cleveland a tremendous duo at receiver.

MANZIEL – BOOM. Johnny Manziel has been in the top 5-8 of almost every single mock draft published on the Internet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he fell on Draft Day. It’s happened to other quarterbacks before, and it could certainly happen to Manziel, as there are concerns about many things, including his party lifestyle, the manner in which he plays, his mechanics and his durability (size).  If we had heard this from one team, I might just consider it smoke, but multiple teams selecting early have issues with Manziel. Vikings’ head coach Mike Zimmer also expressed his concerns with Manziel, so that’s another team in the top 10 that won’t pick him.  This is why I could see Manziel take a tumble into the 20s (it’s no coincidence that the Patriots brought him in for a visit). If that occurs, perhaps the Browns will scoop him up at No. 26, or maybe one of the teams in the early portion of Round 2 will trade up for him.

MORGAN MOSES – The Browns have a huge hole at one of the guard slots, so this is an area they’ll be looking to address early in the 2014 NFL Draft. They could draft a right tackle and move Mitchell Schwartz to guard.

Optimum Scouting Eric Galko (3/26)
First three:  Bortles, Clowney (ATL), Bridgewater.

WATKINS — The Browns could look a number of options at this spot, including quarterback, with Derek Carr being a strong possibility. But after Josh Gordon, their receiver crop is quite weak, and with their intention of taking a quarterback outside of the top-five, he’ll need more weapons than the Browns currently boast.
MANZIEL — The quarterbacks are expected to fall on draft day, and Manziel may be the most likely candidate. He provides excitement, but teams worry if he can be a franchise quarterback if he needs to start early. Going this late to Cleveland takes some pressure off of him early.

And what the hell, here’s Grossi and Fedor:

ESPNCleveland, Tony Grossi  (4/4) v7.0
First three:  Bortles, Clowney, Manziel.

KHALIL MACK — The only pro day known to be attended by Mike Pettine and Jim O’Neil.
KYLE FULLER — This pick enables Buster Skrine to move exclusively inside., Chris Fedor (3/26)
First three:  Bortles, Robinson, Clowney.

BRIDGEWATER – I go back to something that general manager Ray Farmer and head coach Mike Pettine said earlier this off-season. They both hinted about how much stock they put in the film, what they see on the field. On film, there’s no quarterback better than Bridgewater. He’s smart, accurate and poised. He has the best pocket presence and movement of any QB in this year’s draft and is polished – having run a pro-style offense since he arrived on campus at Louisville. Along with his leadership, he checks all the boxes that Farmer said he covets. Bridgewater has all the makings of a franchise quarterback. One poor showing at a Pro Day doesn’t eliminate three years of carving up defenses and showing off the best skills at quarterback in the draft.

DAVANTE ADAMS — The Browns have Josh Gordon, who is clearly the team’s No. 1 receiver. But the player opposite him last year, whether it was Greg Little or Davone Bess, stunk. With a young quarterback in the mix, it will be vital for the Browns to surround him with weapons. Adams is a productive receiver who knows how to separate from defenders and snatches everything thrown is his direction.

Hey what the hell:  here’s who I’ve got us down for:  #4 Mike Evans, #26 Jimmy Garoppolo.6
Netting this out we have:
#1:  Bortles (8) or Clowney (6);
#2:  Robinson (7) or JaMatthews (4);
#3:  Mack (4) or Clowney (4);
#4:  Watkins (4), JFF (3), JaMatthews (2), Bridgewater (2);
#26:  Bridgewater (2), Carr (2), Fuller (2).
We’ll keep an eye on these guys going forward.
  1. I know who he’s taking, just waiting for the end pieces. [back]
  2. By the way, like half these mocks have the Jets with Brandin Cooks. [back]
  3. I did not do Jeremiah’s draft first on purpose Bup, honest!  Check the Jets Blog, same order. [back]
  4. Fuller is a Kanick top option at #26. [back]
  5. Kirwin doesn’t give us the particulars in the trade, however we get to keep our other firsty. [back]
  6. I kept going and got to:
#4 Mike Evans WR;
#26 Jimmy Garropolo QB;
#35 Bradley Roby CB;
#71 Antonio Richardson OT;
#83 Phillip Gaines CB;
#106 Brandon Thomas OG;
#127 Craig Loston SS;
#145 Max Bullough ILB;
#180 Jonathan Dowling FS;
#218 Duvernay-Tardif OT. [back]
  • mgbode

    I’m sorry, but I cannot post anything until I remark that someone above actually has Verrett has a 1st round CB? Really? He’s a tiny cover-corner who struggles with taller WRs and with tackling. He’s Buster Skrine but not as aggressive (for good and bad). That type of prospect does not a 1st round CB make.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention. He just had surgery to repair a torn labrum. So, he’s got that going for him too.

    • acto loves verrett so there’s that.
      the only name that jumped out as a miss to me was/is morgan moses. i keep seeing him ranked high, but he had the whiff of ryan miller about him when i saw him at the combine.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        Thank you for remembering jk. However we all make mistakes, here is one of my favorites. I did not remember the exact quotes, but the interwebonline helped.

        “Being away from these receivers and to come back and throw as well as he did shows who he is,” Kiffin said.

        Kiffin noticed how well Russell moved, too. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.8 seconds, which surprised a lot of the NFL observers, as did his weight of 256.

        “He was 265 at the combine,” Kiffin said. “Dropping nine pounds knowing this was a big day shows his commitment and shows that his mind’s in the right place.”

        Jamarcus is available as a free agent, he is no Spergon Wynn, but he has talent, he could be the Browns’ francophile quarterback.

    • hahahhaah. here’s cle-dot-com’s draft expert’s latest:

      Round 1 (Pick No. 4): QB Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville
      Round 1 (26): CB Jason Verrett, TCU
      Round 2 (35): WR Davante Adams, Fresno State
      Round 3 (71): LB Christian Jones, Florida State
      Round 3 (83): OT Billy Turner, North Dakota State

      seriously the only guy i like here is billy turner. that fedor likes him too has me re-thinking him.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      I like Verrett, he may be the best corner in the draft. I like Justin Gilbert too, but Verrett may be better in coverage. Verrett is first round material.

      • mgbode

        I agree that Verrett is great in coverage. The problem is that he’s tiny and (at very least at first) will be a slot-only CB (or CB2 when guys like Boldin are in the slot).

        he’s the type of guy that is a good risk in the middle-to-end of round 2 or in round3. way too risky in round1 IMO.

  • jpftribe

    I think it is going to be really hard for them to pass up Bridgewater at no 4. It is a shame though because Mack, Matthews, Robinson or Watkins would all be significant upgrades for the Browns.

    There is just no way I take JFF at 4, repeat, no way. The guy could be the next Joe Montana or Ryan Leaf. my money is on Leaf, but either way i’m not taking the chance at No 4 with all of the other choices. Hopefully, he doesn’t get past the Vikes and it is a non issue at 26.
    I don’t see Bridgewater sliding all the way to 26. He’s already higher than the 26th rated QB in the league today, someone will get him.

    I like Garopolo in the second round, but I think they may have to move up to get him. With 2 3rd rounders, they should be able to do that.

    • by draft day, i bet garoppolo is 50/50 to be gone before #26.

      man, i think the bengals gotta pull the rip cord on dalton. whether it’s carr or garoppolo, they gotta get someone else.

      • jpftribe

        Interesting column by Pluto. I’d bet some Cheddar that exec was Oz.

        • it is an interesting column and i agree that it’s probably ozzie. if you view the piece through your savvy-GM prism you notice that mike evans wasn’t mentioned as a top prospect,, it was all the same names. i’m sure ozzie would love us to take khalil mack.

          as for mack… great game against OSU early in the season. but BGSU got 490 yds on UB in their biggest game of the season. and while it may be true that BG successfully game-planned around mack, we have to note that BG was wholly unsuccessful game-planning (289 yds) around aaron donald.

          quite frankly, i’ve leaning to like aaron donald more than mack.

  • Petefranklin

    Hopefully Robinson will be there at 4. I’ve always wondered what would happen if Thomas got hurt, who would step in? I think Robinson would make the coming departure of Mack quite less of a hit to the Oline. We shall see if Mack does sign long term. I’m beginning to think a WR @ 26 would work better than Watkins @4 for the Browns.

    • if the browns get in their mind that o-line is a good option, i’ll be really happy if they take matthews. either one (or lewan for that matter) would be a great get.

      • Petefranklin

        Matthews might be a safer pick than Robinson, if only because you know his work ethic is going to be there.

  • Please, no one with “red flags” in the first round, thank you very much.

    I’m starting to like some of the cornerbacks available, perhaps we could see some movement up from No. 26 to grab someone.

    • i think that’s what appeals to me about grossi’s picks.

      • jpftribe

        Which one of the 7 he has done so far? By draft day he will have done enough mocks to claim victory on anyone, then rip Farmer for the pick.

        • i know it’s silly but i like how grossi’s new masters are making him do all the mocks. didn’t he used to be curmudgeonly about them?

  • I went through this and my two favorites, I think, are Farrar (Robinson + Carr) and — can’t believe I’m writing this — Grossi (Mack + Fuller).

    • Nick

      I usually agree with Farrar’s takes. He watches a lot of film.

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