#KRM: Titans at #11, Anthony Barr.

CSM Shots Of The Week 2013: SEP 01


Beast Titan.

Intended to lead off this post by suggesting Tennessee take the Beast Titan, a clever reference to the not-yet-televised later mangas of Shingeki no Kyojin as well as a play on their nickname/mascot… but it just became too strained and I gave up.  Instead, I have dropped a humorous Cat-themed Attack on Titan opening sequence at the end of the post.  Enjoy.1


I was all set to deep dive into the Titans’ wants and needs for our reader mock but about five minutes into the research I came across this in The Tennessean:

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.21.53 AM

(Hahahahaha… Horton defense talk:  “Impact.”  “Dynamic.”  “Hybrid.”)

So.  Like.  Ok.  Barr it is.  You’re up Rod-O, who you picking for the NY Football Giants?

If Barr is on the board here, the Titans are able to upgrade their (possibly) greatest position of need – ILB – for their new Aggressive-Atttacking-Horton-Hybrid defense whose linebackers are being coached by former UCLA Defensive Coordinator with his former star player at UCLA who is an All-America prototype NFL linebacker/athlete.  Easy peasy.

But dull.  So let’s work through a methodology on this.

Titans’ pick-ups, releases.

Added:  Ken Whisenhunt; Ray Horton.  Woodyard ILB, McCluster WR(RB), Oher OT, Whitehurst QB.
Lost:  Mike Munchak.  Stewart RT, Britt WR, Verner CB, Fitzpatrick QB.  Can probably add Chris Johnson to the ‘lost’ list too.

Coaching-wise the new guys are Whisenhunt and old-friend Ray Horton.  I forget all the mumbo-jumbo he talked about little guys who hit hard or fast guys who something something… words words.  What is consistent is the need for Ray Horton to install his system.  My God:  THE SYSTEM.  All bow to THE SYSTEM.  Whatever man.  Just words.  However we also know first hand that Horton can be persuasive in lobbying for resources to be spent on his system2 and that’s something to keep in mind in predicting their pick.3

Free agency wise, pretty meh off-season.  One would think the Verner loss is the biggest, but David Stewart was steady tackle for a long time.  McCluster figures to be a Darren Sproles back.  Woodyard will help at ILB but will not solve the problem.


Click to enlarge.

Titans’ strengths, weaknesses.

Gotta love the PFF color-coded depth chart.4  It shows bad colors (orange and gray) at CB and ILB.  As mentioned above, Woodyard starts to address ILB but there’s still a hole.  Although Verner was a big loss at CB, BWWilson has good size and was highly regarded coming out of UConn.  We cannot say CB is for sure a hole.

On the whole, Tennessee’s defense graded out considerably higher than its offense.  In particular, the Titans’ pass offense was suspect.  Much of that had to do with Jake Locker playing in only seven games.  Some had to do with a pedestrian receiving corps (KWright, NWashington, DWalker).  A lot had to do with rookie Chance Warmack’s mediocre transition to pro ball at RG.

But new coaches look at decent performance of the previous guy’s system and say FUCK THAT.


Easy pick for me if I’m drafting.

Thus it is probable that extravagant draft resources will be lavished upon the new SYSTEM.

What I would do.

I’d give Jake Locker a kick-ass freak of nature WR to throw to.  Delanie Walker is really a blocking TE.5 Kendall Wright is notable as the slowest, shortest, small-handed-est WR ever taken in the first round.  Nate Washington (Toledo!! Tiffin!!) is their best WR but he’ll be 31 this fall.  Yes I know the Titans traded into the second round to get local favorite Justin Hunter last year and he figures to take some of Washington’s snaps this year.  But dammit… you don’t get a Mike Evans falling into lap at #11, ever.  So you take him and tell Horton to make do with later round picks.

What I would do if I were looking on defense.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.29.42 PM

Justin Gilbert outside the top 10 tells you how strong this draft class is.
Clink for link.

But that’s not how Horton’s system works, we all know this.  So ok, if I’m looking on defense, I’m looking squarely at Justin Gilbert.  Just a 6001 CB running 4.37 with 33.25″ arms.  In short:  another athletic freak and the top rated cornerback in this year’s draft remarkably available outside the top 10.  Cornerback is an expensive position.  Gilbert’s measurables are top 10.  No offense Blidi Wreh-Wilson6 but… Uneeda CB.

Justin Gilbert is another no-brainer pick for the Titans.


What they will do.

New DC Horton asks new LB coach Spanos, “Is Anthony Barr is a fit?”  LB coach Spanos (aka Barr’s college coach) shows Horton this:



I mean right?  And sure enough, Barr is scheduled to visit with the Titans.


Barkley yet to recover from this.

I loved Barr in 2012 but last year it seems like Myles Jack was the story and I want to say I saw more Jordan Zumwalt big plays.  Maybe the Barkley hit affected him (as well as Barkley).  All I know is that I like my first round picks to have a positive trajectory coming out of college.  Not sure we can say that about Barr.

But regardless of my opinion, with the eleventh pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans select Anthony Barr, linebacker, UCLA.

Next up is RodofDisaster picking for the Giants.
Pick #TeamSelection
(linked to KRM post)
1TexansBlake Bortlesjpftribe
2RamsGreg RobinsonDave Kolonich
3JaguarsSammy WatkinsClevTA
4BrownsJadeveon ClowneyZarathustra
5RaidersKhalil MackPete Franklin
6FalconsJake MatthewsOXR
7BucsJohnny ManzielPeterM
8VikingsTeddy Bridgewatertrashycamaro
9BillsTaylor Lewanclay
10LionsHa’Sean Clinton-Dixbluedog93
11TitansAnthony Barrkanick
12GiantsEric EbronRod of Disaster
13RamsMike EvansMatt Borcas
14BearsAaron DonaldJRich
15SteelersDarqueze Dennard tmoore94
16CowboysLouis NixGrandRapidsRustlers
17RavensJustin GilbertMGBode
18JetsBrandin CooksZarathustra
19DolphinsZack Martintrashycamaro
20CardinalsCalvin PryorJRich
21PackersJace AmaroClevTA
22EaglesMarqise LeeGrandRapidsRustlers
23ChiefsRa'Shede Hagemanclay
24BengalsBradley RobyOXR
25ChargersKyle Fullertexinottawa
26BrownsDerek CarrChuckKoz
27SaintsOdell Beckham tmoore94
28PanthersXavier Su'a-Filojpftribe
29PatriotsTimmy Jerniganbluedog93
30NinersJason VerrettRod of Disaster
31BroncosCJ MosleyPete Franklin
32SeahawksCameron FlemingDave Kolonich
33 (2nd rd)TexansTroy NiklasMatt Borcas
34RedskinsStephon Tuittkanick
35BrownsRyan ShazierMGBode
  1. ♫ ♩Trampling over corpses, swine who mock the will to advance… ♫ ♩


  2. **cough**Mingo-at-sixth-overall**cough** [back]
  3. The new Offensive Coordinator is Jason Michael who coached tight ends for Whisenhunt at San Diego before this.  Notable is that he was a WKU QB under Jack Harbaugh just like Kanick favorite Willie Taggart (who is about to have USF explode all over The American). [back]
  4. PFF’s chart looks eerily familiar, no?  Sincerest form of flattery, etc. [back]
  5. Eric Ebron could also make a lot sense with this pick. [back]
  6. If Wreh-Wilson’s kid marries Rogers-Cromartie’s kid are their kids going to be Wreh-Wilson-Rogers-Cromartie?  IOW, isn’t the hyphenated last name thing both narcissistic AND stupid?  Ok, that observation had been pent-up for a while, good to let it out.  Back to football. [back]
  • Nick

    FWIW, I enjoy Ross Tucker’s weekly podcast w/ Greg Cossel. This week’s pod was focused on o-line prospects. Thought this was worth sharing.


    Not surprisingly, their discussion backs up everything Acto has said: Matthews by far most polished, he’s already a good nfl player; Robinson has highest upside but makes lots of mistakes, no guarantee he’s going to be great; Lewan and Richardson are a mess, the kids from Notre Dame are solid.

    • good podcast, thanks. (i dont really listen to him or cosell much; you vouch for them?)
      also interesting was his comments on what is being whispered by TAMU coaches about JFF’s work ethic. that’s pretty scary if rumors like that are out there.

      • Nick

        hmmm well I don’t vouch for them. Not a devout fan or anything. I follow Cossell on twitter and catch his interviews from time to time. Tucker does a show on sirius nfl radio. I think it’s ok? I don’t listen to it often.

    • jpftribe

      I like Cossell as well. You can say what you want about him, but the guy watches A LOT of game film.

    • mgbode

      you know I prefer Connor Shaw in the later rounds. of the small school, later round QBs, I have Jeff Matthews at the top, but would definitely prefer Wenning over guys like Boyd, Brett Smith, Logan Thomas, Morris, and I’ve seen some sites suggesting Gilbert will get drafted?

      • hah. garrett gilbert stories make rodofdisaster’s head pop off so that’s fun.

  • mgbode

    this is the point of the draft where if it falls as it does above, I will be screaming at the top of my lungs for the Browns to trade up for Gilbert before he gets snatched up. also, that if we fail to trade up for him that we should be looking at trading up to get whoever falls furthter between Evans/Lee (or if we get a good enough offer, then get them next).

    there’s another player I would love for the Browns to get that won’t last until 26, but I’ll keep a lid on that for the moment.

    • Bluedog93

      Really, however the draft falls there’s going to be good reason for the Browns to trade up from one of their top three picks. I know this was covered yesterday over at WFNY, but there’s just so many draft picks currently held by the Browns that it doesn’t make sense to keep all of them and probably end up cutting some of the late round draft picks when you can consolidate and move up. A move from 26 into the late teens makes a lot of sense to me — somebody they want will be there, whether it’s Gilbert, Evans or someone else.

      • mgbode

        yes, I would not be upset with that at all. or, if they prefer, getting another top50 pick with those later picks works for me too.

        • Bluedog93

          So many options… so many ways to mess it up.

          But yeah, moving up into the middle of the second round sounds good, too.

          • mgbode

            yeah, I know. so often it feels like we are trying to decide whether to repeat past mistakes or create new ones.

    • if ever there was a year to pull a quinn trade and give up next year’s first rounder for a late firstie, this is it.

      now then. i’ve got my bodie thinking cap on and i’ve narrowed your mystery pick down to three: shazier, roby, fuller. fuller isn’t projecting before #26, shazier is not specifically need filling… i will say … oh wait a sec, you want darqueze dennard to slide to 26 don’t you?

      • mgbode

        it wouldn’t be a teaser if I gave it away here and it’s noone that you would suspect (none of the above and especially not Shazier or Roby). I’ll have it in my Ravens write-up.

        • i suspect more than you suspect.
          you’re saying he won’t last till 26. that narrows the field. good god if you’re getting us another interior d-lineman slash edge rusher (jernigan or ealy) so help me… wait i got it: su’a-fila. that would be fine though i’m still in the gabe jackson camp and the prevailing slide that he seems to be suffering is not deterring me.

          • mgbode

            strike 2

            also, I prefer Sua-Filo overall and was big on him during the season. But, his main weakness is his first step (great leverage, hands, and speed), which, of course, is the most important attribute needed for the ZBS. So, for the Browns, I also reside in Gabe Jackson’s camp and hope he is bringing s’mores.

  • bupalos

    The hyphenated last name is the stupidest thing since… the patriarchal misogyny of requiring ladies to identify themselves as appendages.

    • i don’t care if you use a hieroglyph. just don’t act like hyphenating your kids’ names is anything other than a superficial statement of faux-enlightenment while simultaneously doing your kids and grandkids the embarrassing disservice of memorizing your incapacity to think beyond yourself.

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