Breaking: Cabot and Grossi non-plussed by Browns’ absence from Bridgewater’s Pro-Day fail.


One less QB to talk about. But don’t tell that to the Browns’ beat reporters.

You can’t win with Browns beat reporters.

Teddy Bridgewater took himself out of consideration for the Browns at #4 yesterday but that’s not the lead from your Browns’ beat reporters.  Oh no…  after investing heavily in the must-take-one-of-three-QBs-at-#4 narrative for the last three months, Grossi and Cabot won’t give up their poor analyses without a degree of pissy-ness.  Here’s what they had to say this AM.


These two are angry at the Browns for their correct surmise that Teddy Bridgewater’s pro day would be a waste of their time and resources.

Grossi:  Dubious diligence: For a team whose head coach labeled quarterback as the team’s “obvious” priority, the Browns have had a funny/bizarre/dubious (choose one) way of scouting the top quarterbacks in the coming draft.

  1. They did not devote a single one of their 60, 15-minute interview sessions at the NFL Combine to a first round-caliber quarterback. The Browns decline to say why.
  2. They did not send their head coach, Mike Pettine, nor their offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan, to Teddy Bridgewater’s pro day at the University of Louisville on Monday. The Browns decline to say why.

According to Tony Pauline, publisher of, Browns General Manager Ray Farmer did attend Louisville’s pro day. But it appears Farmer’s attention was riveted on another player. Pauline reported that Farmer “met extensively” with Preston Brown. Who is Preston Brown? An inside linebacker projected for the late rounds of the draft.


Cabot:  CLEVELAND, Ohio — If the Browns like Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, they have a funny way of showing it.

Browns coach Mike Pettine, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains all skipped Bridgewater’s Pro Day Monday, league sources told In addition, the Browns didn’t interview Bridgewater or any of the top quarterbacks at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis last month.

The Browns were one of the 29 teams represented at the workout, but they didn’t send three of the most important people in the evaluation process. However, Browns general manager Ray Farmer attended the workout, according to Tony Pauline of

Not for nothing but the Plain Dealer and ESPNCleveland also didn’t sent their top people to the Bridgewater Pro-Day.1

Isn’t that… (irony alert) … DUBIOUS DILIGENCE ON THEIR PARTS?!!


“Browns correct to ignore Bridgewater.”  << fixed that headline for you.

“I thought it was very average at best,” NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock said.

Does it strike anyone else that maybe, just maybe, the Browns actually did solid work on Bridgewater and that’s why they didn’t sent all of Berea to Louisville and that their pre-work was nuts-on?2

Here’s what McShay says:

That said, I was underwhelmed coming away from Teddy Bridgewater’s pro day workout on Monday.  He was surprisingly inefficient and erratic throwing the football, seeing as he’s the most accurate QB in this class that I’ve studied on tape, and by weighing in at 208 pounds — down from the 214 he weighed at the NFL scouting combine — he did nothing to ease the concerns of teams worried about his long-term durability due to his lean frame.

Check out McShay and Jaworski.  You never hear ESPN types this critical of a draft prospect.  Here’s a snip of their piece complete with a Bridgewater fluttery incompletion.

Lost or missed in all the bad throwing bad Bridgewater was that he’s also not fast.  4.78 40.3 So we learned he’s considerably slower that 280 pound Aaron Donald.

The lesson as ever:  when players don’t perform at the combine, they’re usually hiding something.

Bridgewater thinks he had “great day.”

Bridgewater didn’t help himself with a remarkable display of cluelessness after the workout.  He thinks he had a great day and isn’t worried because… and then he spouted some nonsense about “learning processes.”  Lol.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 8.59.46 AM

Teddy ain’t worried. Brandon wasn’t either.

In the grand scheme, life itself is a learning process and we’re all constantly learning/evolving, so in a way he’s right.

But Teddy, at your pro day the “learning process” of throwing a tight spiral accurately was supposed to have been completed.

When a QB either wants to spin me or if flagrantly clueless… he’s off my draft board.  We’ve been down the road of faux-poised, polished, say-the-right-thing-in-the-face-of-the-obvious sort of QB (see right).

Next up?  Bortles (Wednesday), Carr (Thursday), and Manziel (3/27).

Anyway, that’s one less QB to worry about.  Next up is Blake Bortles tomorrow, Carr on Thursday, and then Johnny Football next week.  After not passing at the Combine and not passing at the Texas A&M pro day… well… we think he’ll pass at his own super-special-JFF-workout day.  I think he’s put way too much pressure on himself here and/or he’s trying to hide the fact that he flat doesn’t throw a great ball.

Anyway, here’s the schedule:

Monday, 3/17: Teddy Bridgewater @ Louisville’s Pro Day
Wednesday, 3/19: Blake Bortles @ UCF’s Pro Day
Thursday, 3/20: Derek Carr @ Fresno State’s Pro Day
Thursday, 3/27, Johnny Manziel @ his own very special Pro Day.  He did not work out at A&M’s Pro Day on 3/5.

Garoppolo had his day with Northwestern at the beginning of March; feedback was mostly good.

  1. Unless Tony Pauline is a top person for both the PD and ESPNCle. [back]
  2. And the corollary observation is that the failure to recognize and report same is simply another proof point of agenda-driven imbeciles covering the Browns. [back]
  3. Likely in the 4.8s. [back]
  • jpftribe

    Having spent the last 90 minutes thoroughly engrossed in Bleacher Report and YouTube, I am completely convinced that Jimmy Garoppolo is the answer to our QB prayers.

    • we’ll need to circle back to this because this is my lean too upon first take. (have him pencilled in at #35.) but i and haven’t dug into supporting the premise yet.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    I certainly feel foolish bringing this up, but since the Browns have extra picks….
    What about Seastrunk with a very late pic? Or, perhaps Sankey, or Jeremy Hill with a third or 4th round pick?
    Storm Johnson has terrific talent and he may go near Mr Irrelevant, or be a great pick up as an UDFA.
    Henry Josey will be a great UDFA prospect as well, if his injuries are behind him he could have a terrific NFL career.

  • fwiw, i saw a post that may cause me to re-eval my mike evans preference at 4:
    “… however there is a “but” here. Evans doesn’t run crisp routes, nor does he have the short area quickness separate from NFL cover men. As big as he is, a QB doesn’t have space as an asset when throwing the ball to Evans. Corners won’t have a hard time sticking with him all over the field. The A&M/LSU game this past fall was the tape I really put a downgrade on Evans. He was matched by their Tigers’ corners physically, who really made the effort to push him around in press coverage.”

    • actovegin1armstrong


  • Nick

    I thought Teddy Bildgewater’s biggest positive was he lives, breathes, studies football. Like the anti-Weeden. Based on his pro-day, are we suggesting this isn’t the case b/c he may have been unprepared? I’m not sure why a pro-day changes a narrative like that. Pro-days are silly if you’re a top QB Prospect right? ESPN is the worst.

    Is anyone else from Louisville’s offense even going to get drafted?? Teddy didn’t impress me like Manziel did when I watched, but I buy the fact he didn’t have much to work with.

    My vote is for Greg Robinson at 4. Because of Kanick’s lineman theory, and it’s stupid to pass on a can’t miss prospect at Tackle. But if Teddy falls to 4, and Browns took him, I would be OK with that.

    • the thing about pro days is that that where you go to do GOOD. i’m thinking Joe Haden: 4.52 at combine; 4.43 at pro day. locked him in as a tep 10.

      when you’re a healthy player who won’t do certain drills at the combine it simply attracts attention to the drills you’re not doing and thus gives puts that drill under higher scrutiny when you actually do it.

      i don’t think the scouts on site care so much about completion rate as much as they do release point, quick release, weight distro.. ie does he have natural good mechanics? take my guy keith wenning for instance. in that game at akron in nov/dec he was throwing tight spirals on out patterns that just cut through the wind. awesome right? but the more i watched the more i thought i saw him throwing off his back foot. if i’m going to his pro day and he’s making 75 throws, on 50 of those i’m watching his right heel.

      i dont think robinson gets to 4. im thinking bortles and robinson are sure to be gone.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        If Robinson is gone, could there be another good tackle?

        • remember a couple years ago when decastro was touted as a top 10 pick and through no fault of his own slipped to the 20s? i wonder if that could happen to matthews.

          if you say robinson and lewan* are in front of matthews and then consider that 5 OTs were taken in the first 19 picks last draft.. that’s like 7 bottom feeder teams who theoretically wont draft jake matthews…

          anyhoos, i estimate dealing one of our third round picks might turn #26 into ~#19. swooping in to grab matthews (or gilbert) would be a stellar draft day maneuver.

          *i have no great basis for liking lewan better (combine and cap one bowl performance v clowney), but i do.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            That sounds good.
            Gilbert would be an incredible pick at 26, or 19.
            I would however take him with the 4th pick too.
            Why is Matthews dropping? He is a great candidate for the 4th pick.
            Gilbert and Matthews are better choices than Clowney or any of the quarterbacks. If the Browns could get both of those guys I will be very happy, they would do wonders for that scoring more points than the other team thing. Perhaps they could collaborate on a few Operettas as well.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      “and it’s stupid to pass on a can’t miss prospect at Tackle.”
      Jake Matthews!!

      • Nick

        Lol sounds good Acto. Matthews would be great, I just didn’t see him pancake 3 guys in his last game like Robinson did.

        Here’s a good article on Pett:

        • actovegin1armstrong

          I am not a big fan of pancakes. When I take the family to Magnolia Cafe, they get pancakes, I get Eggs Benedict Modell.
          I would rather have a tackle who consistently, for 47 years, contains his assignment for 4.5 seconds than a guy who plays farther inside and gets a pancake block a couple of times for a few years.

          • Nick

            Savory over sweet any day of the week.

          • just as long as we get the third stud.
            oilers blew it by not finding the third to go with munchak and matthews-the-elder.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Only draft centers and left tackles. Most of the best NFL guards began playing tackle.

  • GRRustlers

    Wait a second…he is wearing a watch?

    What in the name of Reggie Roby is going on here?

    That alone would drop him off my draft board.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Inexperienced head coaches oftentimes have problems with time management, perhaps this is Mr. Bilgewater’s attempt to rectify that issue.
      In all actuality this could be construed as yet another piece of evidence to my “lack of preparation” hypothesis.

      • GRRustlers

        Now…if he was preparing to get drafted by the Raiders and had his watch set to go off 2.5 seconds after he received the snap he is my new favorite player.

        But for now he remains off my draft board and simply just a Cheddar Bay god to me.

        • bupalos

          Cheddar Bay devil. He’s the devil.

          GOD DAMN IT!!!!!

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Dog man it!

          • GRRustlers

            I may have this is the room where I pick Cheddar Bay games. I may not. I just hope you remember his greatness. (or the awfulness of Florida that night)


          • that sugar bowl cost bup a miracle berth in the playoffs that year. it was quite a dramatic run he was and and to lose it thru lville winning outright as a 2TD dog will leave a mark.

          • GRRustlers

            It just started a trend…death, taxes, and me grabbing the last playoff slot.

            (Never should have been in that spot anyway due to worst beat in Cheddar history…thanks Duke!)

  • I know a player’s Pro Day is not the end all/be all of the evaluation process, but Bridgewater doing so poorly has to raise questions because almost no one ever does poorly at their Pro Day. Everything is so scripted and organized it is almost impossible not to look good.

    As to who was in attendance, the Browns had someone one there so I’m not sure why the faux outrage from (mostly) Grossi and MKC about Pettine or Shanahan not being there. I thought Nate Ulrich at the ABJ took a much more reasoned approach:

    And I really don’t get the hysteria over the Browns not talking to a QB at the combine. Are those 15 minutes really so crucial? Is there really anything they could have possibly missed that they won’t find out if/when they invite the QBs to Berea to have actual real football conversations?

    I don’t know, maybe they could have used those 15 minutes to ask about dynamic new uniforms.

    • lol, i know right. only the g-d GENERAL MANAGER. cripes.

  • bupalos

    Dead on with the Grossi/Cabot non-sequitur, but horses and fishes and barrels etc. And I dunno. QB isn’t my first option at 4, but I have to think this bagging a guy because of a practice may be overdone. I watched 4 of Teddy’s games against good opponents and have a hard time believing he’s not a viable top-10 candidate. There is such a thing as a gamer. Maybe when he gets overly focuses on trying to look technically proficient for scouts (vs playing–you know–actual football) something goes wonky. Dunno. Do know I would rather have him than Carr by about 10 billion jillion percent, and I’m pretty sure Carr will look just great at his workout. Almost as good as Weeden, or someone of that clay-pigeon caliber.

    • >>>hard time believing he’s not a viable top-10 candidate. There is such a thing as a gamer.>>>

      Sounds like me about Brady Quinn about this time of year in 2007.

      Besides: don’t you have a bad-bad-bad history with Bridgewater? 😉 That Lville/UF Sugar Bowl? You gotta be like me/McCarron except the exact opposite.

      • bupalos

        The alternative of analyzing guys by how pretty their ball looks on their pro day gets you Weeds and Gabbert and Leaf and every 1st round QB bust you’ll ever see. To me the #1 quality of a QB is football intelligence followed closely by vision and the kind of game-brain that allows vision to work for you. You can’t realistically measure that in practice, and you’ll have a hard time convincing me TB doesn’t have an elite dose of it. His line was overmatched that cotton bowl game and he consistently found the right place to go with the ball while dancing for his life. I don’t think he’s any kind of sure thing, but for a guy pimping hard on Hoyer, aren’t you being a little rough here?

        • i think youre missing the point: mcshay, jaworski, and mayock all killed him. (ie, it’s not me, it’s them.) that simply doesn’t happen in the hype factory that is the NFL-ESPN sports industry promotional cartel. they all did their caveat dance about the good film etc., but if speed and throwing drills aren’t important why did 100 paid talent evaluators fly into louisville to see him run and throw.

          pimping hoyer? he won games in the nfl and shows a high probability of continuing to do so. bridgewater was afraid to throw passes in front of other qbs at the combine. these are facts. but i don’t see how the two relate.

          and i don’t know what to tell you about bridgewater’s line. four of them were over 310. louisville’s o-line was always bigger. if anything, the line superiority in favor of bridgewater has been ignored so as to promote him higher than he should be.

          here’s the depth chart: . they go 350-321-312-282-319 across the front. perhaps the cotton bowl is the first game he had where his line didn’t outweigh the other team by 50+ lb/man and so he was exposed. he surely won’t enjoy such an advantage in the pros.

          pretty spirals? yes, actually they are important. haven’t seen a billy kilmer or joe kapp find success in several decades.

          sorry bup, i think i’m being fair in this.

          • bupalos

            >>>bridgewater was afraid to throw passes in front of other qbs at the >>>>

            That’s silly. These guys and their agents just try to set themselves up for the best marketing. It’s like saying McDonalds is “afraid” to keep the shamrock shake all year. As for the line, great, they’re fat. Are any of them getting drafted? I really don’t know the quality of that line, I just know he was harassed and consistently escaped and delivered and put up tape that was miles ahead of anything Brady Quinn ever did.

            He does often throw a sloppy ball. That could kill him in the NFL. On the other hand, Brees throws some slop from time to time (including as I’m told by the internet) a terrible horrible combine. And it seems to work out ok.

            I don’t want the Browns to take him. He does have holes and question marks that scare me off at 4, and Garropolo early 2 is my QB draft target. I’m just questioning to this “off the board” reaction. We’re talking about practice man. Practice. I mean what are we talking about? Practice?

          • afraid afraid afraid afraid afraid. afraid keith wenning would make him look sick if anyone were allowed to see them throw side-by-side. which, indeed, keith wenning would do.

            you know what’s good marketing? not marketing. isn’t bortles a qb with ‘a lot to lose?’ and didn’t he throw at the combine? why is that? BECAUSE HE THROW GOOD FOOTBALL SPY ROLE.

            what’s silly is that bridgewater has been talked up to be a top 10 prospect and wenning could go undrafted. that’s silly.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Also guys, in the correct enviornment, Brady Quinn could be a very good NFL QB.

          • correct environment being in notre dame’s qb in south bend versus purdue?

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Or, 487 yards and 5 TD’s against Michigan State.
            Brady Quinn is better than RGINJURY.
            Brian Hoyer may be better than both of them.
            Keith Wenning may be a good choice as long as he is 3rd round or later.
            Everyone is trashing Jordan Lynch, he may be a great late round pick up.

        • actovegin1armstrong

          Sorry Bupa, My most humble apologies for the recurring them, but we need to see what Gabbert does next before we can evaluate him. The guy can throw. The real “QB class” this year is once again with retreads.
          Of course I agree with your emphasis on intelligence and vision, that is of paramount importance. Do you think that someone with no experience in the NFL will be better in this respect than a person who has been through the ringer of NFL preparation? I would prefer Hoyer for 2014 to anyone in this year’s draft.

          • bupalos

            That’s a point too, but as a counterpoint, whether Gabbert can retread or not, you can currently get him AND Brady Quinn AND Colt McCoy for an Oneil Cousins rookie card. If there’s magic to be performed upon them, that’s where the value is, not in themselves, because they are pretty near zero-dollar assets right now.

            I tend to think an NFL “football brain”–that being the opposite of whatever festering collection of delay-and-panic-inducing viruses Weeden has between his ears– might just be a built-in, you’ve-got-it-or-you-don’t kind of thing. The theory that this or that guy is a good physical platform and we can “fix” his head doesn’t seem to fly all that often. How many really solid “retreads” can we point to? Maybe Vinnie Testaverde? Dunno.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Weeden is going to take the Cowpatties to the Superbowl.
            Retreads are a tremendous value. Weeden is slightly less immobile than Romo and he has a much better arm.

          • jpftribe

            LOL, yeah he can make all the throws too. Even the underhanded ones to DB’s.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Please stop pointing at me, it is a bit frightening.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            “whether Gabbert can retread or not, you can currently get him AND Brady Quinn AND Colt McCoy for an Oneil Cousins rookie card.”
            My beloved Bupa you are arguing my point for me. There are very valuable QB’s and also RB’s available for a song. ( I can really sing too.)
            Why not pick up a first round pick, or two, with UDFA from The Little Sisters of the Poor State University money?

          • actovegin1armstrong

            “How many really solid “retreads” can we point to?”
            Bupa, there is a game on tv on Sundays, it is called football, please watch a game or two.
            Retreads?? Horseface Elway, Brett Favre, Steve Young, Drew Brees, Alex Smith, Sonny Jurgensen, Fran Tarkenton, Bobby Lane, Eli Manning and I know I will remember 10 more after I hit the “Post as Acto the Idiot” button.
            Of the 140 QB’s taken in the first 2 rounds since 1970, only 50 ended up being solid starters, and of course, not all with the team that drafted them.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Bupa, I would be very concerned about Teddy Bilgewater. For most things in life and especially football the victor was better prepared. I will always take intelligence and preparation over talent. I am not doubting his intelligence, but to look underprepared for one of the most important days of his life makes me question his ability to do the necessary work required every week and throughout training camp in the NFL. Talent may or may not translate to the next level, but work ethic always does.

      • bupalos

        That’s a point.

        • actovegin1armstrong

          “a point”
          That appears to be yet another insult. I challenge you to a wrestling match at the Superbowl/draft party. We never get along well Bupa, I am certain it is because you are so much smarter than me.

          • bupalos

            No. Word on the street is you are some kind of super-slovak ape-man that could kill a little ankle-biter like me with half of one of your eyelashes. I will enter no competition with you based on physical strength, general mental abilities, hygiene, political philosophy, or anything else valued by polite society.

            Juggling. Juggling contest.

            And I WILL continue to insult you in this same vein, and devise even nastier insults if only I can think of them. Like it or not.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            You cannot win any of those contests. My physical strength is legendary, I know 2 Generals, I take a bath once a month whether I need it or not, and my political philosophy is beyond reproach.
            Cat juggling it is. My cat juggling skills are rivaled only by the great cat juggler Steve Martin.

    • Matt Borcas

      Re “There is such a thing as a gamer”: I agree, generally, but that by itself is not a compelling enough reason to draft a quarterback in the first round. One gets the sense that Josh McDaniels used similar logic to talk himself into picking Tebow at no. 25 overall. Same goes for Holmgren/Heckert with Colt, although that was somewhat more forgivable because it was the late third round, but still. Now, anyone with six brain cells and/or access to YouTube can see that Teddy’s a better pro prospect than Tebow/McCoy, but a failed pro day is pretty concerning when one considers that its express purpose is to showcase the prospect’s strengths. Also this is the first pro day for a top QB prospect that I can remember where scouts/media/etc. didn’t come away drooling over said prospect.

      Still, like you, I’d rather have Teddy than Carr (and Bortles) by 10 trillion jillion percent. Let’s just hope the upshot of all this is that Johnny Football becomes a Cleveland Brown.

      • bupalos

        I’ve come around to the idea that it’s a valid concern. I’m just saying no, you don’t take this guy OFF YOUR BOARD because he threw the ball crappy in shorts and a t one day in practice. I don’t want him at 4 anymore, but if he was somehow there with the 2nd? Aw hells yes. Manziel really is the only one I’d spend the 4 on in theory, but it’s still speculative and I don’t really want them to do that either– mostly because I think it would make a muddle of next year and be throwing away a potentially decent asset in Hoyer. Just hit some solid doubles in the first 5 picks and let’s see what these so-called playoffs are all about.

      • jpftribe

        Wrong Johnny. I want the one from EIU.

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