Combine risers and fallers.


Keith McGill: 21st rated CB pre-combine. Now projecting in the second round.
All hail The Combine!

Combine is over.

I shouldn’t admit this but I love the combine.  (I also shouldn’t admit that I’m that last person on Earth to discover Pharrell’s Happy song1 and if it weren’t for the combine intro music I still wouldn’t have found it.)  It’s great background noise for four days and I think NFLN does a good job with it.  I normally don’t like Mike Mayock, but this setting is his sweet spot.

I get the criticism about how these wonky drills don’t translate to the field and that game play is how to eval players.  I get that and I try to apply the appropriate weighting to the combine data in comparison to ‘is he a football player.’


They questioned Jerry Reese for taking JPP in the first round.
Click for JPP’s combine page and take heed.

That being said… there’s a reason NFL teams want this data:  it’s important.  Just how big and how fast and how explosive are these guys in real life?  The combine measures this and so everyone has good data.

There are correlations between these metrics and predictive success.  Remember when the Giants took Jason Pierre-Paul in the first round after only 13 games of D1 college ball?  While there were a lot of factors in Jerry Reese’s decision, 35″ arms can’t be coached.

Scoff at combine data at your peril, you’ll miss out on important info.

Okie doke, let’s walk through the risers and fallers by position.  As always, you’re the smartest football forum in Cleveland –> share your takes in the comments.  The section headings are hyperlinked to the position table on my super-awesome sortable combine results page.


Garropolo. You know I don’t care about such things but for those who do.. talk about “face of the franchise.”


UP:  Jimmy Garropolo, Keith Wenning, Blake Bortles, Connor Shaw, AJ McCarron, Tajh Boyd, Brian Hoyer.
DOWN:  Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, Jordan Lynch, David Fales.

The QBs who threw were throwing to WRs and TEs in passing drills.  From what I saw, Garropolo was the only QB who ‘commanded the line’ in the drills.  He was making eye contact with his receivers, trying to communicate with them, trying to get on the same page.  Seems a no-brainer, right?  But from what I saw the other QBs were like:  “5 step drop 15 yd out?  Ok, got it.”  Might be nothing, might be something but currently Garropolo is my preferred upper round QB.

Keith Wenning has bigger hands than big handed quarterback Johnny Manziel.  So does McCarron.  If JFF is a surprisingly fast athlete, then Connor Shaw is Jesse Owens.  All QBs who threw at the combines are risers.  QBs who throw at combines are saying:  I got a great arm, here let me show you.  On the other hand…

JFF and Teddy:  no-pass-at-combine.  EFF OFF.  You want to be a top-5 NFL QB and you’re healthy:  throw the fucking football to a fucking wide out.  What is so hard about this?  Will analysts say it doesn’t matter?  Yes.2 Will someone draft them?  Sure.  But we all know the simple truth stated above:  if the NFL Combine is too big of a stage for you to show your passing chops… what the hell do you think happens on Sundays in the fall?  You got agents advising you not to throw?  Grow a pair and take control of your path.  So yes, those two have dropped off Kanick’s radar for #4.

And Bridgewater also opts not to run?  Pfft.  Ok, whatever man.

Fales’ throws looked horrible; Lynch didn’t belong (why were Keith Price and Brett Smith not invited??); Tajh Boyd looked real accurate; Brian Hoyer’s measurables stack up well to all these would-be candidates to take his job.

Mississippi v Vanderbilt

Deadspin reports Matthews is gamer. (Click.)

Wide Outs

UP: Mike Evans, Donte Moncrief, Marqise Lee, Willie Snead, Jeff Janis, Odell Beckham, Brandin Cooks, Philly Brown, Martavis Bryant, Michael Campanaro, Tevin Reese, Davante Adams, Jordan Matthews.
DOWN: Jeremy Gallon.

Holy crap, Jordan Matthews:  you’ve got 32 teams now busily scrutinizing your film.  6’3″, 4.46, 35+” vert, 7th longest arms among wide-outs, and biggest hands.  Congratulations, you are a prototype NFL WR.  If his film shows any competency, I don’t see how he’s not a first rounder.  And if he can’t catch at all, then he’s second round.  Acto, Zara, TA: well played.

Moncrief and Beckham.  Don’t take this the wrong way because I don’t hate Odell Beckham.  But Moncrief is the more accomplished SEC receiver; and this weekend we learned that he’s bigger and faster than Beckham.  So why is Beckham chatted up as a first rounder while Moncrief projects in the third?  I dunno.  Must be Beckham’s big hands.

Mike Evans.  There’s a couple linemen with longer arms but guys:  Evans’ arms are over three inches longer than the AVERAGE wide-out (35.1 vs. 31.9); two inches longer than Josh Gordon and at the same 40 time.  Evans is unique physically.  I’m sure Sammy Watkins is a good receiver but physically, he’s not unique.  Evans is Larry Fitz, Andre Johnson unique.3  So I’m still on Evans, even moreso after the combine, and growing more and more perplexed at the Watkins group-luv.  To be clear:  I don’t dislike Watkins; I just don’t see him as better than Evans; I find Evans’ measurables to be true top-5 stuff.

Marqise Lee flashed good hands; Willie Snead’s big hands have me re-thinking my early down tick on him; Jeff Janis, speed/size.

It really is a great class of wide-outs.  The only guy I thought moved himself down was Gallon because he really is small and didn’t look great in the field drills.


You’re slow as hell Gabe, but I still want you on my team. Zone block, Schmone block: just block.

O Line

UP: Taylor Lewan, Greg Robinson, Corey Linsley, Russell Bodine.
DOWN: Cyrus Kwanjo, Jake Matthews, Cyril Richardson, Gabe Jackson, David Yankey.

Robinson benched 32 with 35″ arms and ran sub 5 40 at 332 pounds.  Add in the tape and Auburn’s run game numbers and that’s your top lineman.  Trying to think of a better prospect and I got nothing.  Anthony Munoz type of shit going on with Robinson.

Lewan won the 40 and still benched 29.  Dig out the Outback Bowl tape where he managed Clowney and he’s a top tackle.

So through no fault of his own, Matthews slid in the combine.  He’s still great — Robinson is sick and Lewan got back on everyone’s radar.

Gabe Jackson was the second slowest guy in the 40.  EXCELLENT!!  MAYBE HE SLIDES!!  I still want him and would love him more in the third round.  If you watched Missy State, you know Jackson made that offense go.  He’s a winner on the line.  Do want.

Russell Bodine, 42 bench reps, the most by six reps.

On the other hand David Yankey with 21 reps.  The last highly touted Stanford o-lineman to whiff on his weight room work:  Jonathan Martin (20 reps).  This stuff matters.  Yankey was mocking in the first round; he can kiss that good-bye.


Good on you Henry Josey; you’ll play Sundays.

Also Cyrus Kouandijo:  21 bench reps AND the slowest lineman.  Hard to see him still in the first round.  Kanick will pass on Kouandijo in any round, does not impress on the field.

Running Backs

UP:  Dri Archer, Jerick McKinnon, Henry Josey, Bishop Sankey.
DOWN: Lache Seastrunk, Antonio Andrews, James Wilder, David Fluellen, Carlos Hyde, DeAnthony Thomas.

Holy crap, Dri Archer.  For the record, I think Chris Johnson ‘rolled into’ his start here and if he had the same d-bag Steelers coach at the starting line as Dri did, he probably runs 4.3.

Anyway.  Add in the 20 bench reps and the 38″ vertical and I want to know why draft idiots aren’t talking up Archer as a top 10 pick like they did with Tavon Austin last year.   If Archer is there at the top of the third I believe I’m diverting from any plan or pre-draft big board and taking him.  He is a baller; you want him on your team.

McKinnon from Ga Southern was impressive and good on Henry Josey, it looks like he’ll play Sundays.  Of the ‘big school, big name’ backs, Bishop Sankey affirmed the positive feeling we had going into the combine.

Dri Archer did more bench than Carlos Hyde and Hyde’s 4.66 is meh.  Seastrunk somehow had the bar set as a 4.3 40 guy, so his 4.51 looks worse than it should.. but still that missed expectation makes him a faller.  DeAnthony (8 reps) Thomas may go undrafted; he’s off my board.


Howard Jones, combine winner.

D Line

UP: Aaron Donald, Howard Jones, Jackson Jeffcoat, Kony Ealy, Stephon Tuitt.
DOWN: Michael Sam, Jadaveon Clowney, Will Sutton

Aaron Donald.  Killed –KILLED– in the Senior Bowl.  Dominated in the GoDaddy Bowl.  Second most bench reps at combine along with 5th fastest 40.  He’s gone from what 4th round? to first round.  Rumor is the Cowboys love him and I tend to believe that one and think they can use him.4

Howard Jones is a specimen (6’2″/34 arms/40 vert/4.6 40) I’d never heard of.  Shepherd University, huh?  He’s this year’s Jamie Collins.  Jackson Jeffcoat showed nice speed.

Jadaveon?  No field drills?  Hip boo-boo??  Cripes.  Diva.  Attitude.  First question is whether he slides as far as Randy Moss or Warren Sapp or Dez Bryant but slide he will.  Second question is whether he bounce back and perform like them.  He’s a crap shoot but unlimited ceiling… yet, I lean ‘pass.’


I’m admittedly a bit of an arm-length snob and don’t think I’d go higher than fifth round on Chris Borland.

Michael Sam’s combine performance was a disaster; Will Sutton 2nd shortest arms.


UP: Kevin Pierre-Louis, Khalil Mack, Ryan Shazier, Kevin Pierre-Louis.
DOWN: Anthony Barr, Chris Borland, Jerry Attao

Well it IS a beauty contest in Indy and so we’ve confirmed Chris Borland isn’t a gene pool winner (shortish, weak vert, slowish, shortest arms).  But we know he can ball and, like Gabe Jackson above, maybe he slides.  Borland in the fifth round anyone?  Getting value with falling stock prices is a huge part of making the most of the combine.

KPL from BC is this year’s Jamie Collins.  Oh I’ve used that personification already?  Screw it, using it again.  I dislike Shazier not running the 40 but with good bench, shuttle, cone and after winning the vert and broad jumps you have to call him a riser.

Is Khalil Mack on the Browns’ radar due DQ’s release?  Well he was good at the combine… but he doesn’t wow me.  These national draft analysts need to move past the OSU film and get back to us after watching the MAC Championship vs. BGSU and THEN call Mack a top 10 pick.


I’d do another Phil Taylor trade (cough up a third round pick to move up in the first) to lock in Justin Gilbert.

Barr with 15 bench reps.  Long-ish arms but still.

D Backs

UP: Justin Gilbert, Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Calvin Pryor, Bradley Roby, Keith McGill.
DOWN: HaSean Clinton-Dix, Marcus Roberson, Darqueze Dennard.

Acto and Bode flashed their Big 12 acumen by nailing Justin Gilbert.  He won the 40, decent height/weight/arms, great bench and has plenty of good film.  Seems a lock to be first CB taken, especially with Darqueze Dennard’s field drills looking so meh.5  Gilbert won’t be around for the Browns’ second firsty; I’d support a trade-up to the late teens to get Gilbert.

Stanley Jean-Baptiste, damn, he looks big, jumped 41.5 vert, and he’s impressing everyone.  Ditto that for Keith McGill.  They’re both probably gone in second round now.  BUT!  Your man Kanick is on the job, check this out:

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 9.25.48 AM

My guy Dowling6 might just be there in the sixth.  Draft him, bury him on practice squad, and hand him off to Mo Clarrett for serious training, check back on him in a year –> et voila!  we have our big, fast, ball-hawking centerfielder.

I’ve seen some first round mocks on Roberson, he didn’t look like a firsty.  Clinton-Dix did not wow in 40, vert, arm length but will still probably go in first round and I’m still interested in him.  But Gilbert is definitely my favorite.  Bradley Roby ran and measured well and he needed to because the guys in the booth reminded us viewers more than once about Jared Abbrederis eating his lunch.

Oregon v California

All about the interview for Colt Lyerla.

Tight Ends

UP: Eric Ebron, Colt Lyerla
DOWN:  Xavier Grimble, Jace Amaro

The vertical is like bench reps for o-linemen or the 40 for wide outs or hands for QB:  simply the position’s most important measurable and a key indicator of success.  Jordan Cameron?  37.5.  Jimmy Graham?  38.5.  So when one tight end jumps four inches higher than anyone else, he wins the combine.  Congrats Colt Lyerla.  I’ve read some scouts still list him as undraftable.  I smell obfuscation in those reports.  Lyerla is first round talent and pre-draft will be rife with reasons not to draft him.  Eff that.  THIRTY NINE VERT PLUS THIRD FASTEST 40 PLUS 10.25″ HANDS AND 33″ ARMS.  Ebron will go before him but Lyerla will have the better pro career if he cleans up.

On the other end of the scale, Xavier Grimble needs to be injured or do 30 bench reps or something because a 26.5 vertical doesn’t scream “NFL Tight End.”

So yeah.  That’s a lot of words.  Combine gives you a lot to look at.  Gimme your takes in the comments.  We got plenty of time between now and May to get this right amongst us.

  1. Now accepting nominations for a “Happy Oscars” or “Happy Olympics” post I’m working.  Current front-runners for Best Picture are Cotonou (Benin) and Krakow.  Krakow favored. [back]
  2. Just remember analysts and broadcasters never say anything bad about players ever. [back]
  3. I’ll hold off on Calvin Johnson comparisons since there has never been one. [back]
  4. No scoffing at Jerry Jones’ unorthodox first round pick after Travis Frederick was a top-5 center as a rookie last year.  Much respect to outside box drafters. [back]
  5. Anyone else find it fishy how the “unofficial times” reported by NFLN for “name brand” players were way the hell off?  They misreported Dennard a tenth faster; Manziel by I think 15 one hundredths. [back]
  6. Dowling is Joe Haden’s guy too.  Haden managed Dowling’s recruiting visit to Gainesville and when asked how his time was with Dowling, Haden said, “He committed didn’t he?” [back]
  • jpftribe

    I don’t get to watch much college football half way around the world in SE Asia, so I am no draft prognosticator.

    However, I read a couple of scouting previews on Clowney that were just gushing about the guy, one even said No 1 to Texans. So I watched full game tape of two games. I don’t get it. The guy did nothing. He pursues out of the play, a lot, quits on plays, a lot, misses tackles downfield, a lot. and get a few QB pressures, maybe a sack.

    Maybe someone here can tell I’m wrong and missing something, but this guy has bust written all over him.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    I love the Browns’ Superbowl!
    The Matthews brothers, Jake and Jordan, Kyle Van Noy and some crazy way to get Justin Gilbert.
    Then Connor Shaw with a subsequent late round pick. Trade ten picks to get 5 players. It could happen, especially here in the twisted jk world.

  • mgbode

    I have shown that the only QB in the past few drafts that was drafted in the top5 who has thrown at the combine was Cam Newton. Agents have taken over “the process” and it is what it is. Hardly something to put such a stake in the ground over.

    Outside of that though, great coverage of the combine on these threads. Thank you for caring so much about the combine so guys like me that want the quantifiable results without actually having to sit through the monotonous combine on TV and sifting through various sites on the internet can do it. I thank you greatly here sir.

    on the QBs, you know I love Connor Shaw. Jimmy-G is of great interest to me, but I honestly did not see him play during the season and have a hard time putting much faith in most random websites. If there was ever a QB for you to break down like you did Hoyer….just saying if you have the time….I cannot stop putting ellipses in my comment…

    • NeedsFoodBadly

      ” Thank you for caring so much about the combine so guys like me that want the quantifiable results without actually having to sit through the monotonous combine on TV and sifting through various sites on the internet can do it. I thank you greatly here sir.”

      I am going to ditto this since I feel like it needs to be said twice. At least.

  • bupalos

    Like in general.

    I’m in on Robinson at 1.4, Mathews at 1.26, and Garoppolo at 2.3. Backers (esp. Smallwood, maybe Skov) & RBs and OL depth and whatever flyer looks good after that.

    In FA I want to grab Daryl Smith off the Ravens and Moats off the Bills, and one of the big time FA corners preferably Verner but Shields or Talib would be OK too. Extend Mack, Ward, and Haden. That fairly well spends it up and I think that’s a winning team this year with flexibility to rotate some money out of the D-line into the QB as necessary in out years.

    • this would be a formidable draft in itself.
      i would love to see the ‘robinson at 4’ talk gain traction.

      • mgbode

        If Mitchell can handle the shift to LG (I think he’d be more LG than RG), then I’d be a fan of such a possibility. Robinson is a monster (and imagine if we get Geoff Schwartz for RG too and you know, re-sign Mack). We could have a nearly impenetrable OL.

        • bupalos

          I was after G. Schwartz for a bit but I’ve decided that’s maybe the best position on a team to draft. A good OL draftee will provide good value for 4 rookie contract years, and they are more predictable than maybe any other position on the field. I’d rather spend FA money on positions that take longer to develop and are harder to predict, like corner and to a lesser degree LB.

          • mgbode

            Put your hands together my friend (draft OL + sign OG — we need both IMO).

          • actovegin1armstrong

            A tackle in college can usually move to be a great or at least serviceable guard, however if a player is a guard in college, then one must wonder why he did not pass muster to play tackle on the junior circuit. Draft centers and tackles!

      • bupalos

        It’s pretty conservative too, as in, we really could probably have all those guys with our picks and money, it wouldn’t take much luck at all. It’s hard not to be excited about ’14. This team is fairly talented as is and is set to add a butt load. Pettine is going to look like a genius going 9-7 but it should be like falling off a log.

        My main concern is I don’t want them to package a bunch of stuff up and only get 3 players or something, like a couple trade-ups and a single high priced FA. That’s the only way I see us bumming out in 14 again, staying kind of thin and then getting a couple high profile injuries. With this ammo we can easily expect to add 6 quality players and suddenly be a deep and talented team. (Well, there’s still that QB question….)

  • RGB

    I’m still sticking with Gallon. He was always open and he always caught the ball. Put away the combine film and watch the game film. A 4.49 was faster than most expected, and we already knew he was small. Pick him late if you want the next Welker, not the next Megatron.

    Did Garropolo play under center at EIU, or out of the gun?
    If he has any experience under center, I say get him.

    • all shotgun that i’ve seen.

      • RGB

        Ugh. NFL coaches shouldn’t have to be expected to teach that at this level.
        I think that’s such a handicap for teams that don’t play the college Xbox offense.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    I have to disagree about Howard Jones, he seems like a one hit wonder to me, but considering the expectations for him Things Can Only Get Better.

    If anyone “gets” that they should be ashamed.

    • bupalos

      wish I didn’t but I do.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Thank you for the music! I am happy too and I am dancing like a drunken monkey!
    Was Joe Don Duncan invited to “The Great Combine of Truth”?
    Why do you like my guy Connor Shaw more now?
    Justin Gilbert is amazing, I also saw that my second DB choice ran well in the 40, (although not my favorite measurable), how did he look at all of the other stuff?

  • zarathustra

    Qb: I was never a huge Connor Shaw fan, but he is still a bit undervalued. Although I marvel at how undervalued tajh is at this point. Definitely intrigued by jimmy as well.

    you are absolutely correct about there being a specific profile for a wr taken top five–this has long been a big thing for me–and evans does indeed look the part, but I don’t know. Mathews catches the ball just fine. The problem is the tape will show a lot screens because there were times that was the only way to get him the ball. Patton robinnette made last year’s vandy qb Jordan Rodgers look like his brother Aaron and of course jordan isn’t even employed by an nfl team. Austin carter-samuels was ok, but still could not truly capitalize on a talent like Matthews.

    My top choice for #4 right now is Robinson

    So I like archer and did not advocate for the browns to take tavon last year, but you need to slow down a bit here. There was a several week stretch–october or november-ish I think–where tavon was the most dynamic offensive player in the league. And he is more sturdy than dri. I agree about taking him in round three and all but let’s not be so quick to dismiss tavon. I still like storm, sankey, and mason more but I do like josey. I had an outgoing argument with a friend all season re: hyde. I have thought he was worth more than a mid-round pick and would be pissed if the browns took him before round five.

    Tight end:
    The problem with lyerla is that there might be some real underlying problems there. I too am intrigued and would LOVE to steal a talent like that, but I fear he will bring more trouble than he’s worth.

    I don’t think clowney slides pass four. Donald will ‘ll be a stud. Too bad browns don’t need him.

    Hope Dennard is there at 26. Would not be upset if the browns took Gilbert at four. And I had forgotten about Pryor. Love him. Have not really followed any mock drafts. He isn’t projected to last until 26 is he?

    • love all of this and yes i took my victory lap early on austin but it came to mind because throughout the combine the talking heads were suggesting the rams take sammy watkins because they need WR help. (update: grossi mocked watkins to the rams this morning.) but looking at his game log and enhhhhhh... one game over 100 yds receiving in which he had one pass for 81 yds. his 10.5 yds/rec avg is #106 and take away the colts game outlier, his avg becomes 7.4 yds/rec which squarely in page 4 of the list.

      the clowney drama will be fun to watch. everyone is saying the right things and that no teams are worried about his attitude but inside conference rooms, it’s an issue. i think he slides. maybe just to oakland or atlanta but maybe deeper.

      • zarathustra

        I would argue that it is a mistake to classify tavon as a WR. He is in fact a wr/RB hybrid who can also be a factor in the return game. It is no surprise that the rams coaching staff could not figure out how to use him. He only carried the ball 9 times all year. Two of those runs went for over 50 yards. (They both came in his last 3 carries of the season.) The rams definitely need a top line receiver so that hopefully tavon can be what he was meant to be–a better version of Percy harvin. It makes more sense for the rams to take a tackle at two and wait for a wr, but I would not be surprised if they go watkins at two.

  • You’re definitely in the right ballpark when it comes to the Combine – while it should not be the most important piece of the puzzle, it can still be an important piece.

    There is value to be found in the whole exercise. No one who played four years at a major program or in a major conference should really be able to improve themselves at the Combine, but rather if they perform poorly it should give NFL people reason to pause and go back and re-evaluate their thoughts/rankings on a particular player. That doesn’t mean you should scratch someone you like off your list if they run slow or don’t bench press several reps, but it should be an alert to do some more homework.

    Conversely, if you are from a smaller program/conference, a good showing at the Combine should make those same scouts pause and say, “what a minute, we need to look closer at this player” – like JPP.

    I think Ray Farmer gets (at least I hope he does) which means those 10 draft picks are in good hands come May.

    Oh, and the Browns definitely need to look long and hard at Dri Archer in the third round.

    • the interesting cases are guys like jean-baptiste and lyerla and archer where we’ll read ‘reports from league sources’ about how there are issues with these players… and then they’re all gone in the second round.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        Definite NO on Lyerla. He is a nut job who could be locker room cancer. Why take the chance?

        • Petefranklin

          Because he’d be great with Incognito as his “buddy”. Only kidding.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            I was about to throw an incognito one liner in there too. Great minds think alike and oddly enough so do idiots like us.

  • Dan

    Nice write-up JK. I am with you on the QB’s not throwing. The only explanation that I can think of is that they were working on their physical attributes leading up to the combine and did not have time to get ready for the throwing part.

    I am curious how Michael Campanaro did (we Wake Forest alumni have to look out for our own). You have him as one of your risers so he must have done well. I think he would be great as a slot receiver. He was basically 50% of our offense last year so he has shown he can produce.

    • Campanaro showed 4.4 speed (4.46), good bench reps (20), big hands (9.75), and jumped through the ceiling. 39″ vert is mighty impressive and really helps offset the short arm (30″, 2nd shortest) issue.

      given that he’s been a such reception machine in college, add in this data and he’s an easy call to be a success in the nfl.

      you’ll miss campanaro but with tanner price and dave clawson, wake shapes up as a team to watch next year.

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