New themage.


Laptops are going the way of the desktop. The troops on Pandora demonstrated this.

If you’re reading this, you’ve noticed: I have a new theme going here.  This theme falls into the ‘responsive’ category of web-design.  Go ahead and resize your browser. Yeah. Better, right? I can’t tell you how much time I spent trying to figure out how to make my pictures not spill into the sidebar area, but it was way too much.

Aesthetics are definitely important but more important was to get more friendly to mobile devices. I *hope* our friends on tablets will be able to find the Cheddar standings in the sidebar now, apparently it was not easy before.  I haven’t tested it, but if you turn your iPad to horizontal/landscape, the sidebar should still be present and you won’t have to scroll to the bottom to find its content.

I’ve also cleaned up some broken links.  I had about a dozen posts from the that didn’t migrate. They still haven’t migrated, but now if you’re looking for Redemption for Quentin Groves, it’ll show a URL but I’m passing it through to the old site which it why it has the old page design.

While we’re at it:  check the better access to old posts.

As long I was at the housekeeping, I spruced up the tagging and now that it’s easier to find… I don’t mind saying there’s some gold in the archives.  There’s 27 posts in the “Browns Punt 2013” category and I assure you, all are on point.  Admittedly, the “Best Of” category reflects my judgement of  ‘best of’ but nonetheless, there are some sleepers in there that I’m happy to stand by.  “How’d I’d Renovate Berea” deserved more play than it got (IMO) and the NFL player safety item is pretty comprehensive with respect to a problem that NFL continues to try to bandage.  And it’s an enduring disappointment that the video at the head of “Why Cleveland is Great x3” didn’t go viral.

OH!!  I’ve also updated a quasi-history of Cheddar Bay page so that now you can who won in earlier years and what their records were.

But my prefs aren’t really the point.  The point is that there’s now a functional, usable menu in the sidebar where it was neither before.

So that’s the update.  I hope this will be the last change for fair amount of time and I hope that makes everything easier.

  • Look at you getting all high-tech with the responsive design. Just in time, too, as we are on the dawn of the next great era in Cleveland sports now that the Browns and the Cavs (sort of, kind of) have their business straightened out.

    • well the next great era of cleveland sports blogging anyway.

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