#CheddarBay 2013 Super Bowl.


1. A little snow would do the Super Bowl good, and,
2. Brown pants don’t improve this uniform; this uniform can’t be improved upon, and,
3. We miss you Joe Jurevicius.

So we’re down to the wire for Cheddar Bay 2013.  The Super Bowl is here and it is worth 25 points.  Thus we have three men standing:

  1. Frowns, 148.0;
  2. GrandRapidsRustlers, 135.0;
  3. ChuckKoz, 127.0.

Everyone1 else is eligible for non-inconsequential second prize.

I will update this post around 6pm tonight with the final point spread.  Picks will be posted 24 hours before kickoff and are due at 630pm Saturday.

Super Bowl line:  Broncos -2 vs. Seahawks.

Thinking about trying out the ‘anti-public’ betting strategy?

I haven’t researched the public play percentages on the last several Super Bowls, but our Cheddar playoff pickers have had a tendency to favor one side in two of the last three Super Bowls.  In the three that I’ve tracked, the minority viewpoint has prevailed.

Last year (2012):  Slick, CLTIL, MPLS, Dennis, Moby, ChuckKoz, JeffRich, PeteF, Nick, and GRR all went for Niners -3.5; Harbaugh the lone Ravens picker and Cheddar Champ.

2011, fairly even split:  Zara, Sneeda, CapGG, me, Frowns hopped on the Pats -3; CLTIL, FlyHighChazFrye, and Dood grabbed the Giants and Dood grabbed first place.  (Thanks Asante Samuel.)  (Wrong Super Bowl.  I mean, thanks Wes Welker.  Tougher catch than Collinsworth makes it out to be but still...)

2010, just four players:  Peter, Cuuugs, TomRR88 rode with the Steelers; P4EVA took the Packers and the cheese.

It looks like the bets are coming in 2:1 in favor of the Broncos.  You trust the public?  You trust the Seattle O?

And what about weather?  Was anyone else hoping for a blizzard like this one?

(Witness archetypal Phil Dawson awesome-ness at 0:31 and 1:54.)
(As bad as things are for the Browns, never forget the Bills… they’re always right with us.  See early beast mode Lynch at 0:52 — traded by Bills for 4th round and conditional draft picks.2 )

Fun with mock drafts.

The Browns now have a head coach (God help him.) and a defensive coordinator and maybe there will be an OC soon too, who knows?  What we do know is that it is time for three months of over analysis of draft prospects and of course posturing.. oh the posturing.  Here is where your CheddarBay time pays off, because you’ve been watching and betting college football since August, right?  BAM.  You know more that 90% of your twitter feed on the talent available.  Embrace it!  I know I have.

And while obviously I’ll have some opinions to share on the subjects of draft and free agency, it’s not too early to start playing around with mock draft scenarios.  Toward that end, here is a fun toy that let’s you play out a draft based on what other teams might be taking.  I can’t quite vouch for it’s algorithms but it is fun.  For example, here’s what I got after plugging in my current preferred top pick for the Browns.


Swear to god, Sunseri in the 7th.  And that’s right, I took ANOTHER edge rusher in the second round because he was still there and Ealy is going to be very good and of course because you can’t have too many pass rushers.  You really can’t.
Alrighty –> tune in here Saturday evening to find out what a group of 54% ATS pickers has to say about the Super Bowl.
  1. Everyone but Oxr and me that is. [back]
  2. Chris Hairston and (!)Tank Carder [back]
  • bupalos

    So it’s the Frowns-hawks v. GRRoncos for all the marbles here, right? That makes it tough to root, as both of these senior circuit Cheddar Mensch deserve any and all of whatever they can get. I guess the straw that tilts it is that I could never in a million billion years root for Horseyface and the Great Orange Race War.*

    *I’m just kind of assuming the Broncos have a racist tinge, both from spending my summers around Denver when I was young, and from the incredibly ridiculous anti-Richard Sherman nonsense.

  • Capitalgg

    By my count that is 7 Seahawks to 4 Broncos. TPF just beat the deadline.

    I think this means I’m done for the season, I don’t think we’ll have more controversy in the Super Bowl.

    Congrats to everyone for making it this far and good luck!

    • Thanks, Cap. As far as controversy, I just want to know where the “2” line came from because it hasn’t been anything but 2.5 anywhere I’ve looked since last Tuesday.

      • It’s even 2.5 at Scores and Odds right now.

      • Capitalgg


        Moved from -2.5 to -2 01/22/2014 7:59 PM EST

        Moved back to -2.5 01/31/2014 3:01 PM EST

        • Thanks. I suppose it doesn’t really matter for this game but I think next year we should use VegasInsider, who just reports numbers from the actual books and has traditionally been much more consistent than what we’ve been getting from ScoresandOdds.

          • Petefranklin

            I second that!! VI has a great free live odds screen by the way, I let Sports options go because they have the same wrong #’s that the paid services do. VI consensus line is pretty accurate for our #’s. Also totals, we need totals! I switched gears this year and bet a slight majority on totals(mostly overs) and had pretty good success

          • it will be done. whether VI or some other, way too much discontent with scoresandodds.

            fwiw, before posting the line, i actually checked the ‘vegas odds‘ link and most of the books had it a 2.5. but since we’ve been going with the front page, i had to take the front page.

            as to why i didn’t pdf it? shit, it wouldn’t a playoff week if i don’t have a brain cramp at least once. srsly, no idea why it didn’t cross my mind.

      • I posted the 2 last night at 630p. It was fluctuating but was at 2 at approx 48 hrs pre kickoff.

  • Capitalgg

    The Prohibitive Favorite

    70+% of the public and all of the racists firmly on the Broncos’ side against a Seahawks team that plays defense about as well as any team that’s made it to the Super Bowl in my lifetime. The public loves a high-powered offense, of course, and Peyton Manning, but the wrong team is pretty obviously favored here (the books opened this one up at Seahawks -1). When I look at this matchup, I wonder what makes the Broncos much different from the Saints, who were beaten by the Seahawks twice, each time rather handily. I suppose Manning has more weapons than Brees did, but not by much, and he’s less mobile, while the Saints defense was probably quite a bit better than Denver’s, especially given the recent injuries the Broncos have suffered. In addition to the two wins over New Orleans, Seattle beat the Niners twice, as well as the Panthers. Denver doesn’t have a single win that’s as impressive as any of those five. The best the Broncos did was a couple over the Chiefs and the Chargers, and the one in the Divisional Round against a decimated Patriots squad playing with literally no front seven and not even Aqib Talib for most of the game. This will be a big step up in class for them and I don’t expect a Peyton Manning statue to come off well tomorrow against this Seattle D. On the other side, I haven’t seen a player back up talk with play the way Richard Sherman does since Ray Lewis.

    Seahawks +2 over Broncos, and I will humbly accept the greatest honour of the Cheddar Bay crown.

    • harbaugh handshakes

      Man I was hoping you’d be on the Broncos… Needed that extra push to go all in on the Broncos… I just don’t see how the seahawks score…the Broncos will sell out against the run and count on drc and champ to shut down a mediocre Wr core. Peyton won’t make the mistakes Kap made last week which is why sea scored as much as they did sf should have won that game.

      I 100% agree that sea’s defense is great but Peyton only has to put up 21+to win this game. Den has huge wrs that can get off the line against that def backfield and knowshon and ball are more than enough to keep the def honest… And sea defense has only played, 1qb in the same stratosphere as Peyton away from home that was a loss to Andrew Luck at indy.. He put up 34 and won… Think den wins 24-17

      Good luck buddy

      • I’ve tried to save you from bad plays several times this year, haven’t I? Go out like a winner, man. Take the Seahawks.

        The more I read from folks handicapping this game, the more I see this idea about Seattle having a hard time scoring today. I think this is quite a bit of nonsense. Yes, the Seattle offense hasn’t done a whole lot since Dec 2 when they blew out the Saints (in a game that was more impressive than anything the Broncos have done all season, btw), but that only includes two games against the Niners, one against the Cards, complete blowouts of the Rams and Giants (where they really didn’t need to score), and the playoff game against the Saints in the rainstorm that Seattle had under control the whole way until NO pulled close late. If this Broncos D is even as good as the Saints D at all (I have my doubts) it’s certainly not by much. And more to the point, it’s really nothing close to what the Niners and Cards brought on that side of the ball. Broncos are missing half their starting secondary and half their starting D-line.

        To your point about mistakes that Peyton will or won’t make, I think there’s a good possibility that Bronco backers will be wishing that he was Kaepernick by the end of the day today. Or Luck. Or anyone who can move out of the pocket. Would not read too much into Seattle’s loss to the Colts back in Week 5. Two 60+ yard TDs for Indy in that one, plus a gift PI call that kept a 4th quarter touchdown drive going, plus, Seattle was adjusting to recent injuries on the OL (playing without 3 starters), plus, regular season. Oh, and the Colts beat the Broncos, too.

        Anyway, mostly I’m pretty sure that “I don’t see how the Seahawks score” is a really bad reason to take Denver today.

  • Capitalgg

    Super Bowl Pick – Grand Rapids Rustlers

    Two main themes to my final pick of the year.

    The Denver defense is for real. In the first two games of the playoffs the Broncos have allowed a total of 3 points in the first 3 quarters of both their

    playoff games. Shut out the Chargers for 3 quarters and allowed only a FG to the Patriots. The only points they gave up was when the strategy changed and the

    Broncos were basically playing the clock and salting away games. Wait…how the hell is Denver 10-0 without Von Miller? This has turned into a really good

    defense during the year and should contain Lynch while giving Wilson fits.

    The second thing is that the Super Bowl is a completely different animal than any other football game. Everything is different from routines before the game

    to extended breaks during the game to a borderline stupid halftime length. This flows into my bigger point about this game. It matters if you have been there

    before. I am of the belief that the two most important men on a football team are the QB and the Head Coach (you listening Banner?). This is an overwhelming

    edge for the Broncos. Manning has tasted both victory and defeat and Fox suffered a bitter defeat that he probably wants to get out of his mouth. They

    understand the little things that will be different about this game leading up to and during. The Seahawks have a QB and Head Coach who are making their

    first visit. I think it matters. Big time.

    Denver (-2) over Seattle

    Denver 27 Seattle 10
    MVP – Peyton Manning

    • If I would have taken the Broncos, these would have been the reasons why. Good essay. Good luck. I hope you’re overestimating this Broncos defense (and the shittiness of their playoff opponents) and underestimating the Seahawks d.

      • GRRustlers

        Good luck to you as well. Seattle is the real deal on defense I just could not get past the offensive issues to pull the trigger on them. Something just seems off with Wilson…like an injury gets revealed on Monday morning off. Good luck again…always love reading your essays.

  • Capitalgg


    Seahawks +2 (at Broncos)

    I can’t believe I am one of the three finalists, especially since I swore I choked this thing away about 5 times. But its been a rough playoffs for many and

    I am in it after a nice Broncos essay. And as I mentioned in the last picks, I was bent on taking the Broncos all the way. I think this is their year.

    Nonetheless, I am going for glory and realized early on that I had to go Seahawks, because it seems likely Frowns and/or GRR will go with Broncos this week

    (we all had them last week). True, I am exposing myself to the nightmare scenario of both of them picking the hawks and then the Broncos win and I screw

    myself from glory, but I looked at these guys records and they both like the Broncos. So I have been in a forced marriage to the Seahawks for almost 2


    And you know what, ends up this pick is growing on me. The Seahawks have been playing better than I expected these playoffs, while the Broncos not so much.

    That Saints win was massively underrated, as the Saints really played good after the slow start. That 49ers win was very impressive. While the Broncos

    looked great for the first half of both games but then considered choking away the games against clearly inferior teams. And there is that stat about the

    better defense almost always delivering over the better offense in the Super Bowl. And there is the fact that the Broncos haven’t played against an athletic

    QB in a long time (the no longer agile RG3 in october was probably the best they faced all year).

    And plus its just way more admirable to root for Seattle. They are probably the 2nd most suffering sports city in the US (them or Buffalo) if you dont care

    about soccer. Compare that to rooting for John Elway and you are just an animal to not be for the Seahawks.

  • Capitalgg


    Broncos -2 vs Seattle

    So close, and yet so far. Again a big F U to Peyton for not covering that Charger game, then of course he plays with nothing to lose against the Pats and is

    slinging all over the field in the 4th quarter. WHERE THE HELL WAS THAT AGAINST THE CHARGERS THE WEEK BEFORE. Well we are going to get that Manning tomorrow

    and there’s nothing that will stop him from getting his second ring. Good for him I guess. I don’t think it’s coincidence that two very progressive pot

    states in Washington and Colorado have a super bowl between them. I think the universe is saying something, what i’m not sure, but something. In any event,

    I’ll hang my hat on a much improved playoff performance in year 2 of Cheddar Bay. As they say, it’s the journey that is most satisfying, not the end result.

    And my cheddar bay journey has been marvelous so far, resulting in new friends, new dreams, and a better life.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      In 1975 Ohio “decriminalized” both the growth and possession of marijuana, as well as most types of paraphernalia.
      As I recall Oregon, California, Colorado and Ohio were some of the first states to take a more liberal stance on the use of marijuana, with most police officers not even writing out the $150 ticket in Ohio, they would issue an oral warning and of course confiscate and “properly” dispose of the offending plant-life.
      Will this help the Browns win the Stuporbowl next year?

  • Capitalgg



    I’m a big fan of Seattle’s defense and momentum and all that — thought SF was the best and hottest team in the tournament — but I’m going a little public

    and nostalgic here. I don’t see Peyton Manning losing. This one is for German doctors and Indy and Denver and Omaha. The guy is that good but the Broncos are

    good enough defensively, too, to win this game. Doesn’t look like the weather will be a huge factor, Denver should be able to run it just enough and I just

    think the combination of two weeks to prepare, the possible last-stand theory and the fact Manning is just that damn good should be enough. I expect a good

    one, but I expect the Broncos to win.

  • Capitalgg


    Give me Seattle…

    Hard to pick against Peyton Manning especially off the season that he has had but I think this game comes down to seattles defense. And by defense I mean

    marshawn lynch. If Seattle can control the clock and keep the ball out of Mannings hands the way San Diego did in the regular season I believe they have a

    great chance to win the game. People also aren’t talking enough about Russell Wilson. He’s been very under the radar this week. That’s a good thing. It takes

    the pressure off of him.. And oh by the way. Ever heard of Percy Harvin??

    • bupalos


  • Capitalgg



    Seahawks +2
    This seems too easy, Richard Sherman is the greatest football player and defensive back since Jim Thorpe, Earl Thomas is probably just as good, Kam

    Chancellor is (pick your superlative). The refs in all big games hold on to their flags not wanting to have a pass interference call determine a big game,

    (OSU! OSU!), this makes it obvious that the Seahawk’s defense will be impenetrable .
    Denver has that quarterback from Omaha with the questionable arm strength and the complete inability to play outside with the other kids. He prefers to stay

    indoors and watch films. What a sissy. Denver also lacks a defense, they were rather formidable when they still had that pothead from A&M, Champ Bailey,

    and that other cornerback with the stripper first name. (Do they still have those guys? What about that Pot Roast plugging up the space between the

    tackles? Skittles and Pot Roast do not mix.)
    I am normally inclined to choose defense over offense every time, but I have been doubting the Seahawk’s defense throughout the season and the playoffs. I

    have been miserably incorrect. It looks like this game comes down to Omaha v. the Seattle Secondary, but while I like this match up, the more important

    duel may be the less “made for TV moment” pitting Max Unger and the Skittles guy against Pot Roast. Keep your “First Ballot”, “Franchise Quarterback” and

    his extra week to prepare, I will take Max Unger over Pot Roast and the 2 points thank you.
    Seattle can move the chains against Denver and as long as that PUNK ASS Wes Welker does not cheap shot Sherman, Thomas, et al out of the game Seattle should

    win without needing the points.

    • bupalos

      Best essay

      • actovegin1armstrong

        Thank you Bupa,
        Do you mean that in the “You are special acto” way again?
        I will happily accept the accolades in either case, thank you.

  • Capitalgg


    Seahawks: It’s hard to imagine the linesmaker would make a substantial error on a game as big as the Super Bowl. They need fairly balanced action or risk

    taking a big bath. So it is a bit peculiar that they opened the Seahawks as small favs here. My suspicion is that they were expecting sharp money on the

    Seahawks so shaded them initially to see what would happen. They got the Bronco action and moved it to where it is now. I still can’t get that initial number

    out of my head, however. This game reminds me a lot of the Oakland-Tampa super bowl. Oakland a small fav, Tampa a much better more physical defense. As usual

    in the National Fixed League this will likely come down to calls by the zebras, but they will likely let them play. To me, Denver has been overvalued all

    year and this is no different. Seattle is the class of the NFL and will win the Super Bowl.

  • Capitalgg


    Seahawks +2

    I tried to pick this game through the lens of what is most likely to be team picked least. After looking at your pick histories, I couldn’t really find a

    side. There has been consistent love for both Denver and Seattle. So I’m picking who I think is going to win, and that is Seattle. This has been a great

    year and a great contest; thanks to Kanick for organizing it and to all participants – I certainly had a better year overall thanks to the group. Next year,

    I will be picking against Auburn every week until they fail to cover. I’m sure I will also put my Browns tickets up for sale after they lose on opening day

    in the most gut wrenching of ways, so if anybody needs tickets, shoot me an email at about 4:30PM on Sunday of Week 1.

  • Capitalgg


    Seahawks +2 over Broncos

    Here we are: The big kahuna. The Super Bowl. This one’s for all the marbles. Well, actually, given my comprehensive failure in the championship round, it’s for none of the marbles, but I’m going to pretend for a moment that there’s still a couple of marbles around here someplace.

    I expect the Seahawks will be the popular side of this bet, so if I was still in the running it would perhaps be smarter to go the other way, but screw it: the oddsmakers had this one right the first time, before scads of public money started flowing in on the orange and blue. No way Denver should be favored in this game. Best defense versus best offense typically favors defense. Manning has looked human when he’s been getting hit and it only takes a couple of errant throws into the wind to put a completely different complexion on the game. We’ve seen this story in the Super Bowl before. On the other side, Denver’s D has been doing a passable imitation of the Colts’ “turn it on during the playoffs” plan, but it’s hard to overlook the deficiencies they still have on paper. Astonishing and delightful though it is to see the Broncos field a competent run defense, their linebackers are looking a bit ill-equipped to handle Marshawn Lynch and the litany of injuries in the secondary has to start haunting them sometime. Wilson needs to play better than he has the last few games, but not extravagantly so.

    So, a lot of these indicators – and a bunch of others I don’t have time to type, what am I, some sort of professional? – favor the Seahawks and I hope they’re all wrong. As already mentioned, I am a pessimistic Broncos fan. This is the deepest playoff run they’ve made since I’ve been aware of the damn sport and I’ll be rooting against my pick even more this week than when I picked Stanford over Oregon earlier in the year. I hope the eminently likeable Wilson has the worst game of his young career, that Pete Carroll runs away to an ashram or whatever at halftime, and that I never have to read another goddamn column about Peyton Manning not winning the big game again. Go Broncos.

    And, of course, good luck to everyone in th/e final dash for money and respect. It’s been a great year of Cheddar Bay. Maybe next time around I’ll try to learn something about college ball.

  • Capitalgg


    I’ve seen quite a few reasons why the Seahawks are going to beat the Broncos tomorrow, but I don’t buy quite a bit of it. Here’s a mess of a rambling treatise on most of the angles I can think to look at.

    “Broncos played a soft schedule.” Enhhh… AFC West had three playoff teams (not a soft division); the three losses were against three playoff teams (SD, at NE, at Indy). Cake walk through the playoffs? Yes… but they handled their business against SD and NE, neither game was ever too much in doubt.

    Marshawn Lynch effect? I love Lynch. But the Denver run D has been pretty overlooked. Here’s the rush yards Broncos gave up/opponent’s avg since the SD loss: 64/129 NE, 65/123 SD, 64/125 Oak, 87/109 Tenn, 177/123 SD. In other words, the Broncos rated 3rd in PFF’s rush d stat and they’ve only gotten stronger going through the playoffs. Now Seattle is rated #2 in rushing, but the larger narrative of “Denver=offense” isn’t on target.

    Defense win championships? That’s not way off actually. Was sifting through SB history and the all time average score is 30-16; last ten 10 years 29-20. So keep your opponent under 20 points and you should be good; Seattle gives up 14/game. BUT!! You gotta score too. Since 1973, only one team has won SB with less than 20 pts (Giants 2007). Can’t shake the ugliness of Seattle’s offense against the, granted, good Niners defense and also the Saints’ defense.

    Percy Harvin effect. Man, the guy has played 39 snaps this year. I don’t expect him to be a factor, (He’ll have DRC opposite him and who among us expected him to regain his Cardinals form this year? He made the most of his one-year contract strategy.) but even if Harvin were right..

    Russell Wilson holds the ball longer than any other QB before he throws. Wilson averages 3.18 seconds average time to throw. For perspective, Brandon Weeden (2.99) gets rid of the ball faster. For more perspective, Manning is the fastest: 2.36 secs.

    When in doubt, who owns the line?
    Bryant/7.5-McDainiel/16.1-Mebane/36.2-Clemons(7.7) vs Clark/16.8-Beadles/(5.7)-Ramirez/14.9-Vasquez/33.6-Franklin/19.2
    Jackson/17.8-Williams/(2.2)-Knighton/24.1-Phillips/6.6 vs Okung/(0.8) -McQuistan/(24.8) -Unger/(1.2) -Sweezy/(6.6) -Giacomimi/(0.2)

    That’s the Ourlads depth chart for both lines and the PFF grading for each player:
    SEA D front, 13.0 vs DEN O line, 15.8
    DEN D front, 11.6 vs SEA O line, -6.7
    Advantage Broncos on both sides and holy cow Seattle o-line. Layer on that Robert Ayers will be in to help rush and Sly Williams will go out and the disparity becomes greater in favor of Denver defense.
    For Seattle, there’s a dilemma because Avril is the passrush and Bryant the runstop and it’s kinda either/or. I should think we’ll see more Avril which brings me finally to…

    I’m going to count how many times Manning checks to a run play when he sees Avril. The Moreno MVP +1700 is kinda interesting for a homerun hitter.

    Ultimately, after the championship games I was thinking Denver by 10. The Seattle offense was brutal and it wasn’t all attributable to the Niners’ defense. I just don’t see Seattle getting over 21, 17 is more likely.

    • I’d call the Niners defense about three times as good as Denver’s, and quite clearly the second best in the league behind Seattle’s.

  • Bluedog93

    Holy cow, that video includes a Chaun Thompson highlight.

    • Warburton MacKinnon

      Yeah,forgot that guy had any.

  • Woods

    4-Bortles QB Central Florida
    26-Jace Amaro TE Texas Tech
    35-Antonio Richardson OT Tennesee
    71-Bishop Sankey RB Washington
    83-Jared Abredderis WR Wisconsin
    102-Zach Mettenbeger QB LSU
    123-Jordan Zumwalt ILB UCLA

    Only did 4 rounds since I don’t have a wide depth of knowledge of the prospects.

    I guess I am sick of the Browns pathetic offense. I would like to have Hoyer go to the line of scrimmage with weapons like Gordon, Cameron, Amaro, Abredderis with Sankeyrb in the backfield. No need for extensive substitutions for specific play calls. Look at the match ups and call a play to take advantage of the mismatch. With this talent, there will be a mismatch.

    Re-sign Mack and Ward. I am looking for Faulk to come off the injured list and take one of the OG spots. The best of Greco, Pinkston or Gilkey can have the last spot.

    • i like where your head is at here. two tight ends can be a great thing. abredderis could be fun. (alert-comparison to another white WR coming, but i think this is legit:) maybe he could be another Jurevicius for us.

      call me crazy but i like hoyer at qb. however i expect manziel at four and another training camp filled with MKC trying to corner the coach about naming a starter. bortles has the whiff of locker/ gabbert/ ponder/ dalton/ tannehill to me. again– it’s early and i don’t know.

      i also think that site is high. mettenberger wont be around that late, nor will aaron murray (tron’s mock) or vinnie sunseri (mine) be available in the 7th. they claim to update their data weekly, i hope they’ll tweak their rankings.

      • Woods

        Thanks for the comments. Enjoy reading your site and listening to your podcasts with WFNY.

        I am in the camp that the #4 pick should be a QB, unless Bortles, Bridgewater and Manziel are all gone. This is my doomsday scenario. On the bright side, a trade down could be lucrative…I hope we never find out.

        I don’t want any first round QB to start, unless they clearly beat out Hoyer by a lot. I don’t see that any rookie QB could call plays at the line of scrimmage in game 1.

        I like Abredderis a lot. He runs good routes, has excellent hands and is an all around tough player. Joe Jurevicious is a good comparable player.

        The site certainly has some strange rankings. It looks like there is a huge drop off for OG, T and ILB if you don’t grab one by pick 35.

  • watching that youtube and wow, that 2007 team had a lot to like.
    know they had their own furball-cough in cincy the next week but… dungy, sorgi vs titans? you’re dead to me. glad you got beat in the first round at home in the playoff. deserved.

  • I got Manziel at No. 4 and Tre Mason in the second round and got so giddy I don’t even remember what happened with the rest of the draft. Will have to go back and take a more serious run through it.

  • Tron


    • yes to murray.
      no to seantrel. seems like he’s been underperforming since his high school recruitment. looked not good in senior bowl.
      no comment on manziel for now. leaning skeptical but still open.

      • Tron

        We need a freakin’ playmaker. If I wanted size and a big arm I’d a draft Brandon Weeden. I wanted the Honey Badger with our first pick last year because he’s a playmaker. Simple; Dude makes plays. Honey was worth the pick too. There’s no question Johnny will light it up. The question is if he can take the hits. And i’m with you, that’s a big If. But we have nothing to lose. Hell, I’d even trade up for him. Caste our fate to the wind and let it blow.

        • btw, i was in between bullough and zumwalt in the 5th.. went zumwalt because he seems a tad crazy. we could use some crazy.

          • Warburton MacKinnon

            Not about this other stuff but glad you will give a place for DK if and when he decides he has something worthy of a post. If I knew more about college ball I would try that draft thing, but I know about jack about college players. Over the years I stopped watching most if not all football that wasn’t Browns football. It’s kinda soured me on the game(I live in Milwaukee,and this year the only Packer game I watched any of was the preaseason tilt with the Browns). Hell, I stopped watching the Browns games towards the end of the season. Will probably keep up on news and stuff,but I am close to just being done with the team and Cleveland sports….maybe then they will win some games,lol.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            ” am close to just being done with the team and Cleveland sports….”

            Warb, How many years have you been saying this?
            On January 18th 1988 I said, “I will never watch another Super Bowl until the Browns are playing in it”.
            That lasted until Feb 3rd 2002 when I went to the game because a buddy of mine was a starter.
            Please stay with the rest of us losers, or at least come back when Dr. Frackenstein loses the team as part of his “Community Service”, instead of walking the highways in an orange jumpsuit.

          • Warburton MacKinnon

            been watching since 77,this was the first and only year I said it, I watched one quarter of the last 6 games,and by one quarter I mean the first when they played the Bears. Hell I am not even sure what part of this franchise is the most disfunctional. My bet is on the owner and front office,but whatt do I know? I was in the dog pound during the double overtime victory vs the Jets,me and my younger brother almost lost our rife home from an uncle because I wouldn’t leave and held out on hope, that doesn’t happen very often when hope is rewarded in Cleveland or anywhere else. I’d still never make the same statement you made I will always at least flip over to see the score and my wifelikes the commercials. Will always care for the team but hard pressed to watch it anymore. Will definitely kep up on the news about it and might read the game recaps,but there is a big part of me that days if I stop caring they will actually succed. Once I stopped paying attention at all to the Tribe they played in two world series….Hell Maybe I am why they suck. Don’t hate them,haven’t and won’t choose another team..just don’t know if I will watch the games anymore.

      • bupalos

        Manziel curious.

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