#CheddarBay College Bowl project is live.


GoDaddy Bowl photo of ArkySt vs. Kent may become de-facto logo.


Not too late to join in the mini-Cheddar pickstravaganza specifically for the College Bowls.

As described in greater detail here, you need to register here at kanick (in the sidebar at right, this seems to be working ok) and then drop $221 in the till via the PayPal button here:

Biscuitology 2014
To what entrant name should this be applied?:

which also seems to be working correctly.  Designate “College Bowl Project” in the PayPal pulldown menu.



We will be picking the bowls in a quasi Cheddar format.

  • Picking against the spread;
  • Splitting the bowls into five groups (Cheddar equivalent of weeks);
    1. Pre-Xmas
    2. Post-Xmas
    3. NYE
    4. NYD
    5. post-NYD
  • Locking the points spreads in two days before kickoff of the first game of the group.  (E.g., I locked the pre-Xmas games’ lines today.)
  • Doing a “Pick of the Week” for each group that will be worth three points;
  • You will complete a question on why Team X is your “Pick of the Week” but you will not need to a full essay.  Just a couple words;
  • The question needs to be completed an hour before the first kickoff of the first game of that group;
  • The question box is at the bottom of “Your Prediction Page.”
  • Once registered, you’ll have access to “Your Prediction Page” is where you enter your picks and answer your questions and designate your pick of the week.
  • You are able to see others’ picks at the “Others’ Predictions” page.
  • I was unable to implement radio buttons so just enter a final score keeping in mind the should reflect the spread.
    • Frankly, I’d prefer, for example, if you like Ohio to cover vs. ECU, that you show a final score with Ohio winning outright.  But I hope to get radio button in future releases so maybe this becomes moot.

There are other tools for stats and rankings that I’m still getting acquainted with.


I think that covers it.  We’ve got a nice critical mass of familiar faces and plenty of room for more.


  1. $20 of this paid to the winner, $2 will go to the developer of this freeware because, hey, he supports the heck out of it and I may want to do more with him moving forward.  Here’s his site, if you’re curious. [back]
  • ok here’s another a couple things i’ve learned: the joker is just a multiplier that i cannot adjust; thus if you hit your joker, it’s two points. i *can* adjust your score in the question section; but those are scored only after the group is complete (i.e., after the boise/orst game).

    so after his USC joker win, frowns shows as having two points, but there is another point in queue so he really has three.

    clear as mud? it’s ok, i’m logging what i’m finding here so i can looking work with the developer on them.

  • So check it out: if you want to see who picked what game-by-game, click the color pie chart to the right of that match.

    e.g., looks like zara was the only ColoSt picker. (see attached.) also looks like CapGG and thatsfine had Wazzu for the big pick. (ouch.)

    ps: Mike Leach’s jack-assery was foretold by the incomplete pass on 3rd/21 with 30 seconds left in the first half that stopped the clock and allowed CSU to get a free FG.

  • Petefranklin

    Bag my entry I guess and keep it for what I owe you for Biki not paying up. I just cant seem to get through with a new password.

  • clayII

    Is it winner take all ?

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