#CheddarBay Week 17, Saints/Panthers.

This week’s points spreads are here.
Allplay is Saints +3 at Panthers, 1pm Sunday on Fox.

Late NFL line:  @Packers -2.5 vs Steelers.

Weekly winners are PeteFranklin, Bevilaqua, TrashyCamaro, CapGG.

CSNY did better with their four way street.

Congrats to our four weekly winners each with a robust seven pointer.  Better than a poke in the eye but still, if you’re going to win the weekly, it’s nicer not to share.

That said fellas, your paypal account now is well-positioned to double-down and jump into the …

#CheddarBay College Bowl Project.

Especially built for the college pickers among us, participation in the College Bowl project is both fun and helpful.  The fun part is self-evident; the helpful part is that we’re trying on some new tools that, if effective, could evolve into next gen Cheddar Bay with automation.

  1. $22 gets you in;
  2. Pick every bowl game;
  3. Winner take all;
  4. Details at the link above or in the menu bar.

Okie doke, that’ll do for now, good luck this week.
And of course I’m aware of the latest standings.1


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112 Responses

  1. CLEinMPLS says:

    49ers (Essay)

    I will go with the 9ers in the last regular season game at Candlestick. With all the talk of the Seahawks over the past few weeks, I have a feeling either the 9ers or Panthers come out of the NFC. My gut is that the Falcons don’t have much interest in playing at this point. I continue to like the balance and “old school” football that the 9ers play. With the emotions running high tonight, I think SF keeps their foot on the gas pedal all evening. The NFC playoffs are shaping up to be excellent.

  2. jimkanicki says:

    DQuatts Eagles essay:

    Here come the Eagles of old. Playing for meaningful games in December…home games at that…on a Sunday night! McCoy wants the offense on his back. Chip Kelly wants a playoff bid. The Eagles D is playing better than most right now…if not better than all. I don’t see a weakness in this team and I think they handle the Bears. Speaking of the Bears…Cutler struggles. Bears lose. Its as simple as that. They are still a better team without him, but maybe he proves me wrong tonight. Go birds.

  3. Petefranklin says:

    The Cheddar gods hate me, even after I sacrificed an easy essay pick to them just in the name of not having all essays on an easy winner (Oregon St. over Cal). For that I get a DROPPED PASS in the end zone to cover with 30 seconds left. What have I done to deserve this fate??

  4. CLEVTA says:

    6. Steelers +2.5

  5. Katie O. says:

    Remember that time I missed the All Play? Oops.

    I’ve been in Chicago since Friday morning and I no longer have a concept of time or day. As it should be around the holidays. When Nick let me know I was too late to pick an all-play game, the next thought in my head was – good, that’s one less that I have to pick now. Only five.

    All Play – Nada

    Steelers+2.5 over Green Bay

    Giants +9

    Arizona +10.5

    Ravens -2.5

    **Essay**College game – OU +13.5 over East Carolina

    Opened in 1985 – Beef ‘O’ Brady’s is a family friendly sports bar. That’s right, a chain of sports themed, vaguely Irish, franchise has a bowl game. Who knew you could rank in one of the Top 12 worst SBA Loan Failures of 2012 and still have a bowl. I also love that this non-hard liquor serving chain is hosting a game with one of the hardest partying schools in America playing.

    Going to school a little less than an hour from Athens – I developed a warm spot for these party animals, running amuck around a breathtaking campus. Athens was home to the nearest Chipotle and indie movie theater. I remember seeing a storefront with a laundromat, a gym, and tanning all together. Someone was capitalizing on a deep understanding of stereotypical OU priorities. This could be their third consecutive bowl win and I think they’re going to get the hat trick. (That works for football right? No? Well, I tried.)

  6. p_forever says:

    hi omg so late –

    saints +3 panthers
    miami -2.5 buffalo
    rams -5.5 tampa bay
    new england +2.5 baltimore***
    giants +9 lions
    redskins +3 cowboys

    essay on way

    it’s 60 degrees and sunny in cleveland – i’m already winning yay 🙂

    • jimkanicki says:

      need college pick! OU/ECU, who ya got. dropping skins. thx.

      • p_forever says:

        cripes i thought we were done with college ok fine i will go with ohio although i sort of hate that line.

        why can’t i just pick tom brady and only tom brady every week that would make the whole process simpler. 🙂

      • p_forever says:

        oh here is that essay:

        i understand that getting beat by ryan tannehill (spelling?) isn’t the best. and that winning in heart attack fashion pretty much all the time isn’t ideal. and that losing gronk (again!) and having a pack of receivers all of whom can’t seem to hold onto a ball sort of sucks. but i super don’t care IT’S STILL TOM BRADY and giving him points against a sub-par baltimore team is really ridiculous. it’s also a slap to the face, and brady doesn’t take those well. instead he just gives you that ice blue stare and crushes you. which i’m pretty sure is what he will do will joe flacco. oh right joe flacco is also making more money than tom brady which probably adds to the insult of getting points. ha. it will be fun to watch him cut baltimore to pieces.

  7. Petefranklin says:

    Jim sorry, one change…bag the Bengals and add the skins. 78%on Cincy today, I like swimming in a pee free pool.

  8. CleveLandThatILove says:

    ***Steelers +2.5 Pack
    Time to use my gift for choosing and essaying the team that won’t cover (62% and climbing, thank you) for the greater good. Green Bay in the playoffs and Pittsburgh not in the playoffs. I’m in a bit of a fugue state in the bubble here in my homeland. Let me give you a WI game day visual – snowstorm, meats, cheeses, green, gold, more meats and cheeses, the number 12, beer. No Browns today, kind of a nice break. Tweet the good stuff for me, guys.

  9. Matt Borcas says:

    Cowboys -3 over Redskins
    Browns +2.5 over Jets
    Jags +5.5 over Titans

  10. jimkanicki says:

    Just feeling Saints. Can’t back this up.

  11. squeekycleen says:

    Essay play: Buffalo Bills (essay to follow below)
    Washington Redskins
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Baltimore Ravens
    All play: New Orleans

    • squeekycleen says:

      Essay Buffalo: Have been on Fins a ton this year, but will hop off here. Buffalo is terrible, legitimately terrible, and its unclear who is playing quarterback for them on any given week, but this number started low for a team that desperately needs to win. Its this time of year when I start looking to play against teams that “need to win”. Its the absolute 100% most overrated handicapping angle. You think “need to win” isn’t built into the line? It’s probably the first thing they consider. Of course, that’s right after they consider whether the MAC will fix the game for them. In all reality, the essay was a toss up between Washington and Buffalo, but we flipped a coin and tails it was.

  12. Concierge says:

    Saints and Dolphins today.

  13. jimkanicki says:

    Carolina -3.5
    Jags +5.5
    Rams -5.5
    Eagles -3 $$ (writing essay now will send ASAP)
    Bills +3
    Ohio University +13.5

  14. Jeff Rich says:

    Colts, Bengals, Broncos, Cowboys, Panthers, Ohio***

    Essay to come…

  15. oxr says:

    Yesterday SDSU (W) – although I now regret my post from yesterday about being able to justify my NFL picks, as these are some tough lines.

    All-Play Panthers -3 over Saints
    Lions -9 over Giants – god help me
    Steelers +2.5 over Packers
    Patriots +2.5 over Ravens – jinx, I hope

    Essay: Cowboys -3 over Skins – I don’t care whether it’s a road favorite in a divisional game, three and a half points is a steal for a good team with something left to play for versus a bottom-of-the-barrel team that has basically given up. That’s what I said last week in picking the Chiefs over the Raiders, and it’s still true today, except the Chiefs are better than the Cowboys (uh, so substitute “average” in the above) and now it’s only three points. It must be acknowledged that this strategy is going to bite me in the ass sooner or later, because weird stuff can certainly happen in a divisional game, but Washington is in a place from which hope has gone. I’m obviously worried about the atrocious Dallas defense here but there are huge mismatches elsewhere that favor the Cowboys, and I imagine everyone involved is playing/coaching for their lives. No matter the outcome, a three-point line is an overreaction.

  16. Petefranklin says:

    Essay Raiders +10
    AP panthers

    • Petefranklin says:

      Essay, no team is as good or bad as they looked the week before. The Chargers have some problems, just like the Raiders. 10 is just too many points for a divisional game. The Raiders actually had statistical edges in their last two blowout losses vs the jets and Chiefs. They were in pretty bad spots in both of those games. Historically Oakland is 9-2 ATS as a division underdog of 3.5 or more when coming off a straight up loss. The Chargers are 1-6 ATS vs division opponents who are coming off a loss. This is a great time of the year for double digit dogs in the NFL.

  17. CLEVTA says:

    4. Tampa +5.5
    5. Houston +10.5
    6. Will be back later for a special NFL situational play

  18. Petefranklin says:

    AP Panthers
    Skins +3
    Cards +10

  19. clayII says:

    Chiefs (-7)
    Cards (+10.5)
    Saints (+3)
    Normally wouldn’t mess with this game, so might as well essay it. I’m “all in” to make these cheddar playoffs in year 3 of my 1 year plan… Saints have some head scratching road losses this year, but I reckon Vegas knows this, and guessing the public is all over Carolina here. Will take my chances with Payton/Brees over Rivera/Scam. Also hoping my boy Rob Ryan drew up some drunk ass amoeba exotic type shit for their biggest game of the year. Gimme all 3 of them puntos. Also fuck Wazzu and their fumbling asses

  20. CLEinMPLS says:

    Panthers -3 (All Play)
    Steelers +2.5
    Cardinals +10.5
    Eagles -3

  21. Rich Swerbinsky says:

    Buffalo Bills +2.5
    New Orleans Saints +3
    Dallas Cowboys -3
    Detroit Lions -9
    Indianapolis Colts +7
    ***Cincinnati Bengals -7

    AP out again for Minnesota and coming out a blowout of the Eagles. Bengals coming off a tough loss to the Steelers, with a bye and home field advantage within their grasp. Bengals unbeaten at home and scoring 33 points a game there. Vikings one of the worst defense in the league, 31st in points allowed. 37-17 Bengals.

  22. HitTheHorns says:

    Bengals -7 ***ESSAY***
    Lets step into the mind of Mr. Joe Public: The Vikings just beat a playoff caliber team in the Eagles by putting up 48 points WITHOUT Adrian Peterson. Later that day, the Steelersnsmacked the Bengals. Now, Adrian Peterson will be returning for the Vikings, so that means the Vikings will easily cover a seven point spread, right? Right?!?!
    It makes you wonder why the spread is even that high. Well, that’s because Vegas doesn’t judge teams based on one game. The Bengals are clearly the better team here and have the playoffs in sight. Only laying a touchdown (with the current market up to 9) for a team in a must win situation versus an overvalued team? Yes, please. Merry Christmas to all!

    Panthers -3

    Browns +2.5 This is the late season tradition of winning a meaningless game to adversely affect draft positioning.

    Bills +2.5

    Buccaneers +5.5

  23. harbaugh handshakes says:

    AP: Carolina -3
    Wash St (L)
    Cards +10.5
    Ravens -2.5
    Steelers +2.5
    Essay: Cowboys -3 @ Washington
    Well against the advice of the council of elders I’m taking the Cowboys and not only that I’m making them my essay pick. I just think the Cowboys are undervalued here after their second half collapse. Everyone seems to be on the Kirk Cousins train here and its pulling this line down. The fact is the Cowboys offense is really good. Dez Tony, Demarco and Witten are a handful and the Washington defense blooowwwsssss….So does the Cowboys defense. I just think the Cowboys offense is 3 points better than the Redskins offense in a scoring contest. How bout them Cowboys, 38-28

    Please drop ECU from my picks I just can’t pick against my Bobcats.

  24. Southern Cal over Fresno St. (Essay W);
    UBuff over SDSU (L);

    4 short NFL dogs:

    Browns +2.5 over Jets: The Browns have lost to a lot of teams this year but none with an offense as terrible as the Jets. I think the Browns really don’t want to end the season on a seven game losing streak and will come to play. MetLife Stadium will be a mausoleum today so home field won’t be a factor for the Jets. And yes I am a damned fool for wagering on the Browns in a December game and will be watching this game with a gallon of bleach at arms length at all times.

    Patriots +2.5 over Baltimore Raisins: Speaking of bleach, Lions fans and last Monday night’s game. Woof. Pats/Ravens games are always weird. Ray Rice has lead in his shoes and I’ll take the points.

    Steelers +2.5 over Packers: Matt Flynn against a Dick LeBeau defense.

    Panthers +3 over Saints: I don’t feel strongly about this one either way other than that I really want the Panthers to win so go Panthers.

  25. trashycamaro says:

    #1 CFB: USC over Fresno State (twitter/W)

    #2 NFL AP: @CAR -3 over NOLA

    #3 NFL: PIT +2.5 over @GB

    #4 NFL (Essay): @BAL -2.5 over NE Fresh off breaking my essay winless streak and my best Cheddar week ever, we get a week where no NFL games stand out to me as great plays, and only a couple games even stand out as decent plays. This has driven me to break my personal rule of not involving the Brownies, and I am heavily invested in the AFC North as a whole. This is the time of the year when PIT and BAL step up, as do the Browns, compared to the normal arc of their season (while the Bungles Bungle). This is why we see the 8-6 Ravens (really? how did they get to 8-6??!?) judged as almost even with the 10-4 Pats by Vegas. I feel like I should be getting a couple points here, but Vegas is wise to the Ravens late season surges. That couple points is why I don’t love this pick, but I think Dumervil and Suggs are going to make Brady and his missing O-Line hurt today.

    #5 NFL: CLE +2.5 over @NYJ

    #6 NFL: DAL -3 over @WAS

  26. TheKardiacKid says:

    Miami -2.5
    Atlanta +12
    AP: Saints +3
    Essay: Chicago +3
    I would normally take whomever is playing the Browns because it’s been working for me the last few weeks (pretty much the only thing that has). But I’m worried the Browns might do something stupid like win today. This is my last chance to make a move and the outlook is very gloomy. Even if I don’t win anything I had fun playing and gave it an honest effort unlike a Northeast Ohio team we all know. I’m taking Da Bears because I think this is the week they put a stranglehold (No Names Please) on the NFC North.

  27. Jonathan MacDonald says:

    Panthers -3 over Saints
    Lions -9 over Giants
    Bengals -7 over Vikings
    Chiefs -7 over Indianapolis
    Broncos +10.5 over Texans

    Joker: Packers -2.5 over Steelers

    Football on Fesitvus? What is this nonsense? Still, rather than file a protest, I’ll take the high road and simply choose to not include the Falcons @ Niners in my picks. The Packers have turned it around after looking shaky without that guy from the insurance commercials. They’re in the playoff hunt and I don’t see them losing against the Steelers, who are having a meh season.

    • jimkanicki says:

      Bad news, need the compulsory college pick;
      Good news, ECU/OU is available.

      Dropping Broncos from this pending your direction, gracias!

      • Jonathan MacDonald says:

        Oops… somehow I thought the bowls weren’t part of the regular Cheddar Bay action. Also I had too much egg nog. Thanks for pointing out my blunder.

        Broncos +10.5 over anybody hardly seems fair (I again blame the egg nog), so I’ll go with East Carolina over Ohio in the prestigious Beef O’Brady’s Bowl. I have misgivings about football on Festivus, however a bowl game on Festivus could be the birth of a new tradition.

  28. mrickman says:

    missed my college pick but let’s go with the other five
    all-play: panthers -3
    dolphins -2.5
    jets -2.5
    broncos -10.5
    patriots +2.5
    i’m a bit surprised at this line but it very well could be a trap. i haven’t been able to make much of the ravens’ season this year which is why i’ve tried to stay away from their lines as much as possible. both baltimore and new england have been hard teams to peg all year. the ravens are arguably playing above their talent level while the patriots have manufactured 10 wins despite having a roster that’s a lot worse than what they’ve worked with in the past. even though this is a road game, i have a feeling new england wins outright, so i’ll go with the points here.

  29. FlyHighCharlieFrye says:

    Fresno +7
    AP: Panthers -3

    • FlyHighCharlieFrye says:

      Patriots +2.5
      Dolphins -2.5
      Redskins +3

      Jets -2.5

      Gotta go with what you know, and I know the Browns are terrible and getting worse. I know the Jets are bad, too, and the Browns haven’t laid a four-quarter stinker. But you don’t lose 8 of 9 by accident and on the road before Christmas in that kind of slump is nowhere anybody wants to be. Maybe the Jets like Rex and give an A effort, probably Geno tries to screw it up but the Browns used to have a good D and now they’ve been exposed. I shudder to think about watching this one, but I’ll be watching a Jets win if I do.

  30. squeekycleen says:

    Ultimate gun to my head mandatory college football not a lot to choose from play:

    Southern Cal for a regular (of course)

  31. oxr says:

    Argh… (flips coin)… SDSU… over… Buffalo? This is sadly representative of the level of care that has gone into my mandatory college pick each week here, and that is also why I am regretfully sitting on the sidelines for the Bowl Project.

    NFL tomorrow, where I can at least justify my picks to myself. I don’t know how you guys keep track of all these damn FBS teams.

  32. harbaugh handshakes says:

    Ecu -13.5 over ohio
    Wash st -4
    Nfl plays tomorrow

  33. munasrevenge says:

    East Carolina (-13.5) vs Ohio
    USC (-7) vs Fresno State
    Washington State (-4) vs Colorado State
    Tulane (-2.5) vs ULL

    Panthers (-3) vs Saints

    No-Essay Essay: Buffalo (PK) vs San Diego State

  34. jimkanicki says:

    1. ***Cowboys -3 @Skins
    2. ECU -13.5 v OU
    3. Cards +10.5 @Seahawks (subject to change pending palmer/fitz status.)
    4. Dolphins -2.5 @Bills
    5. Wazzu -4 v ColoSt
    6. Panthers/Saints TBD

    I know the Cowboys have had some tough games but they’re still completely in the drivers seat to win the NFCE. Their final game is home vs. Eagles and since they beat the Eagles earlier this year, they own the tie-break. (Not to mention, the Eagles will have their hands full with the plus+Briggs Bears this weekend.) All the Cowboys have to do first is beat the free-falling, Rams-draft-pick-helping, Redskins. (Update on that Griffin trade that Holmgren, to some, screwed up… that trade now grades out at Griffin to Skins and Brockers +Jenkins +Pead +Ogletree +Bailey +Stacy +THE-2014-NUMBER-TWO-OVERALL-PICK-HOWS-ABOUT-JAKE-MATTHEWS-OR-JADEVON-CLOWNEY-AS-THE-CHERRY-ON-TOP-OF-THAT-ABSURD-HAUL? My God. What a steal for the Rams.) (You know what’s funny? Fans are what’s funny.)

    Anyway, the Skins have the whiff of a MAC team who’s fired their coach in November and that parallel holds when you consider that RFK’s empty-seat proportions look a lot like EMU/Rynearson’s. The Skins, though improved with Cousins at QB, are on the worst of downward trends especially considering that Cousins’ good play will only hasten his being traded which means no light at the end of their tunnel. Blame/fire Mike Shanahan if you want, Dan Snyder, but Griffin was never Andrew Luck and the Skins mortgaged their future on a hyped Briles-system QB and they’re going to pay the price for some time. What a mess.

    Nope the Cowboys are too de-valued and are actually not full of suck. They won’t gag the season away. Expecting their best game of the year here.

  35. Petefranklin says:

    Fresno+7 for one point

  36. architectartvandelay says:

    USC -7 vs Fresno – Yeah what Frowns said. Fresno hasn’t played anyone remotely close to the level of competition of USC.

    • architectartvandelay says:

      AP Saints +3 I like taking great QBs & points.

      Bears +3

      Pats +2.5 My father who is a Baltimore fan is in town. Nothing like a little tension in the house for the holidays.

      Seahawks -10.5 Seahawks aren’t laying down for anyone in Seattle.

      Essay 49ers -12

      I don’t have the numbers but the 49ers under Harbaugh have a great ATS record against bad teams. This year the Atlanta Falcons qualify as a bad team. Traveling to the West coast to play a late game on Monday, December 23rd against the 49ers is one of the last things this team wants to do. Atlanta has weapons but has not been able to protect Ryan at all this year. They didn’t put up big numbers last week against Washington who is near the bottom in the league on D and now will have to face San Fran who is near the top. 49ers should pull away as the Falcons start looking forward to getting home & getting on with next year.

  37. Dennis Hemingway says:

    +3 over Panthers (All play)

    Washington St -4 over Colorado St ***

    Tulane -2.5 over UL-Lafayette

    Fresno St +7 over USC

    Patriots +2.5 over Ravens

    Eagles -3 over Bears

    *** Washington St is in a bowl game for the first time
    since Lincoln was president. I will
    fully admit that I don’t know much about these teams. But I am excited to see a Mike Leach coaching
    a team which has all the motivation in the world to play hard since Wazzou hasn’t
    been bowling in 10 years. Supposedly
    this Kapri Bibbs RB for CSU is pretty good but I’m still taking the aerial attack
    that can carve up defenses especially ones that aren’t prepared for it. The Rams passing defense is ranked 109th
    out of 123 D1 schools. Bombs away!

  38. CLEinMPLS says:

    Buffalo PK over SDSU

  39. Two college picks for today, including an essay:

    ESSAY: USC -7 over Fresno State: I wagered on Fresno State in their bowl game last season (a 43-10 loss to a 6-6 SMU team) and the experience stands out as one of the worst I’ve ever had, football-wise. If this regular season is any indication at all, Fresno won’t be able to stop USC’s offense, so will have to stay with them in a shootout against one of the best defenses in the country that’s especially strong against the pass. Fresno State is completely untested, couldn’t beat San Jose State (6-6) to get into a BCS bowl, and couldn’t keep Hawaii (1-11) from scoring 34 points in one half. I think USC’s coaching situation and Derek Carr’s NFL prospects are two elements that are being significantly overplayed here and I think the kids from LA really will want to hit the 10-win mark and avoid losing a bowl game to the team from Fresno. I don’t love taking a public side in a bowl game played in Vegas, and I don’t like going against Collin’s live essay play but if I don’t get my essay out of the way today I’m liable to do something really stupid like essaying the Browns tomorrow for a game that I’ll have to watch while I’m with family celebrating Christimas (DRINK!) so Fight On it is.

    Buffalo PK over San Diego State: TA presents some compelling statistics in favor of a SDSU play here, but this game marks only the third time in the history of the University of Buffalo that the football team has been invited to play in a bowl game. The first was in 1958 when they were invited to the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando on the condition that they left their two black players at home. The Buffalo team, upon being informed of this condition, unanimously rejected the invitation.

    “It was: ‘Shall we leave the Italians home? Oh my God, really?’ There
    was a lot of anger,” Jack Dempsey, an offensive tackle, said. “We just
    threw the ballots on the floor and left. It was, ‘Let’s get out of here
    and go get a beer.’” — http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/16/sports/ncaafootball/16buffalo.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

    The second time Buffalo was invited to a bowl game was in 2008 when they lost 38-20 to UConn which is to say that the Bulls are due here.

    OK back with four NFL picks tomorrow.

  40. thatsfine says:


    WSU -4 / CSU
    UBuff PK / SDSU
    Panthers -3 / Saints
    Jets -2.5 / Browns
    Bucs +5.5 / Rams
    Washington +3 / Cowboys (essay)
    Washington has upgraded at the QB position, sitting a guy whose play and presence has been an overwhelming negative for the team this entire year. Reminds me of a team dear to my heart that benched its QB in week 3 of the year, was expected to sink like a stone, and then responded positively, even winning a few games. Granted, the situation is different because it’s now late in the year and there’s nothing to play for besides submarining the Rams’ #2 overall draft choice. Still, I like this pick if only because Dan Snyder’s shit-show is the best drama the NFL has going right now, and the thing that would make the show even more of a hoot would be Cousins going out, playing like a champ against the Cowboys, and
    getting a win.

  41. pateslvrblk says:

    San Diego St over Buffalo
    Colorado+4 over Washington St
    USC-7 over Fresno St
    Panthers -3 over Saints
    Ravens-2.5 over Pats
    ***Chargers-10 over Raiders

    It’s payback time for the Chargers who lost to the Raiders in their last matchup. Rivers will not allow for a Raider win in San Diego. The Chargers are on a roll and playing impressively well with a hint at a possible playoff spot. The Raiders are spiraling out of control at every level. The Chargers have the advantage on offense and defense and every which way you look at it, no brainer. This should once again emphasize how really bad the Raiders organization has managed to screw up a season. It works for me on the money picks, so I’m going to continue to take advantage of the Raiders performance or lack thereof.

  42. Concierge says:

    Gonna make WASH STATE my essay..

    Both teams have been great against the spread this season however I just think the cougars have too much fire power on offense for Colorado state to keep up with. I’ve always been a fan of Mike Leach (when he’s not locking players in the closet). Also it must be noted that the PAC 12 this season was probably the Second best conference in the country so the record is not as indicative of how good this team is. I’m laying the -4 and taking the Cougs!

  43. Its Only Money says:

    Pk Buffalo v San Diego St

    -2.5 Tulane v UL Lafayette

    -2.5 @ NYJ v Cleveland

    +5.5 @ Jacksonville v Tennessee

    All Play -3 @ Carolina v New Orleans

    Essay -2.5 @ Baltimore v New England

    With only a week to go after today, this essay is very
    important. I sit right on the cusp of
    the playoffs. I just don’t believe in
    the Patriots, not only because they struggled at home against the Browns, but
    they can’t beat a decent team on the road. Tom Brady is not the Brady of old
    anymore. Last week he threw an
    interception in the end zone instead of that TD, in the past that would have
    been unheard of in 2013 he’s done it twice.
    He just doesn’t have the weapons around him to make him the Brady of the
    past. Their defense hasn’t been able to
    stop much either. I don’t love the
    Ravens, but they are getting things together as the season winds down.

  44. Bevilacqua says:

    Buffalo (Pick) over San Diego State

    • Bevilacqua says:

      Dolphins (-2.5) over Bills

      All Play: Panthers (-3) over Saints

      Colts (+7) over Chiefs

      Patriots (+2.5) over Ravens

      ESSAY: Vikings (+7) over Bengals
      The Bengals are sporting a perfect 6-0 record at home, and it’s hard to imagine they will stay perfect with games against the Vikings and Ravens. I wouldn’t exactly take the money line on the Vikings, since this game could be an ugly 4th quarter field goal kind of game, but the Vikings have enough talent to keep it close. The Vikings have a few quality results for a team that is 4-9-1. This is just the type of game where Andy Dalton and the Bengals come up short, making their Week 17 game against Baltimore critical. I’ll take MVP Adrian Peterson and the points.

  45. HitTheHorns says:

    Washington State -4. Back tomorrow with remaining picks.

  46. Fresno State +7 vs. USC – Have to take a look at future Cleveland Browns quarterback Derek Carr.

    Dallas -3 @ Washington – Or is the Browns next quarterback lining up in this game?

    Kansas City -7 vs. Indianapolis

    Philadelphia -3 vs. Chicago – Jay Cutler in Orange and Brown in 2014?

    Seattle -10.5 vs. Arizona

    AP: New Orleans +3 @ Carolina

    Essay: TBD

  47. chuckycrater says:

    Before I get into my picks, I want to tout the namesake of this contest. We had a nasty sleet and ice storm a couple weeks ago, and before it hit we went to Sam’s Club to lay in supplies in case we were without power for days on end (fortunately we were not). And there was this:


    We finally got around to making some a few nights ago. One bag of biscuit mix, half a cup of grated sharp cheddar, some water, a garlic herb pouch and melted butter to top them, 425 degrees for 15 minutes and OH MY GOD. Even the ones I kind of burned were fantastic. Cannot recommend highly enough.

    OK, let’s make some picks. I’m probably going to go with the Eagles on Sunday night, but if that game ends up being meaningless I’ll move on to Monday night. Stay tuned for that one.

    East Carolina -13.5 vs. Ohio
    Rams -5.5 vs. Bucs
    Seahawks -10.5 vs. Cardinals
    Ravens -2.5 vs. Patriots

    ALL PLAY AND ESSAY: Panthers -3 vs. Saints

    This is in effect the NFC South title game, because both teams play the divisional bottom feeders next week. Whoever gets the division gets a first-round bye. And there’s no guarantee the loser even makes the playoffs because they could wind up in a tie with the 49ers and/or Cardinals at the end of the season. Gotta keep leaning on the Saints’ complete inability to play their best game on the road. Three of their four losses have come outdoors this year, and they needed Tampa to completely collapse to escape with a 16-14 win back in Week 2. Sean Payton also benched his left tackle and cut his kicker this week, so you know he’s feeling the pressure. I think you can throw the first meeting out the window to a large extent, because the Saints at home in a night game are like one of those levels in Super Mario 3 where Mario can get a bunch of Starmen in succession and stay invincible for the entire level. They just haul ass to the next Starman and plow over everything in their way.

  48. CleveLandThatILove says:

    My nieces say Tulane so Tulane it is -2.5.

  49. ChuckKoz says:

    Wash st -4
    Fresno st +7
    AP: panthers -3

    More to follow

    • ChuckKoz says:

      Wash st – loss
      Fresno – loss

      Dolphins -2.5
      Jaguars +5.5
      AP: panthers -3

      Essay: Seahawks -10.5

      Everybody is slurping the Cardinals, and they have been a pretty nice team this year. Especially in comparison to last year. But a deeper look at their schedule shows they have not really done much against good teams. Of their nine wins, they beat to real teams. They beat the Panthers early in the season when everybody was seriously doubting the Panthers. They beat the Colts later in the season once everybody began seriously doubting the Colts. Then, consider the Seahawks beat the Cardinals by 58 points last year in Seattle. Then, when the Cardinals had their chance to avenge that nightmare, they lost by double digits at home earlier this season. Hence, I like my chances.

  50. FTCMikeD says:

    Week 17 FTCMikeD

    Fresno St +7 over USC in Las Vegas Bowl
    ECU -13.5 over OU in Beef O Brady’s Bowl

    AP: @Panthers -3 over Saints
    @Bengals -7 over Vikes
    @Chargers -10 over Raiders
    *****@49ers -12 over Falcons

    *****Candlestick finale and they can clinch playoff spot? Falcons are on their last legs and barely beat the reeling Redskins? I smell a blowout here on MNF. It’ll be a laugher and the fans will stick around to close out the ‘stick. Niners seem to be rolling lately and the Falcons won’t stop that this week. SF win BIG over ATL.

  51. Capitalgg says:

    Week 17:

    Woohoo! Weekly!

    All-play: Saints +3 @ Panthers: Always play a good team to bounce back from a horrific blowout.
    1) Broncos -10.5 @ Texans: Broncos need a bounceback game, Texans are barely playing out the string.
    2) Washington St. -4 v. Colorado St.: Wazzu played very strong down the stretch in the difficult PAC-12. CSU was victim of PAC-12 bottom feeder Colorado.
    3) San Diego St. pk v. Buffalo: Weather could make a difference, but San Diego St. should be the better team here.
    4) USC -7 v. Fresno St.: This should be a good game into the 2nd half, but if SC is motivated they should pull away late.

    Some people wilt under the pressure, others win a share of the Cheddar Bay weekly prize. I rode the Naval Academy to a huge All-Play Essay win last week, but can’t find a college game I love this week.

    So I’ll go with what I think I know. The Browns ended Pats season when TJ Ward blew up Gronk’s knee 2 weeks ago. That team desperately lacks weapons without the playmaking TE. They are in zombie mode until someone puts them out of their misery in the playoffs.

    They should still hold on to win the AFC Patriots and no one else division, but they have got to be the team everyone wants in the first round. 1 and done.

    Baltimore on the other hand is playing a hot hand, but can’t be overly happy with a win by way of Detroit playing all the DERP. There’s always good film to keep you motivated when you can’t find the endzone.

    Shouldn’t be a problem finding the painted area this week, so I’ll ride Ravens -2.5 v. Patriots with my Cheddar Bay life on the line.

  52. jdoepke says:

    Things are getting interesting and the last few weeks haven’t been the greatest for yours truly. Here goes nothin…

    Panthers -3 (AP)
    Colorado St +4
    Fresno St. +7
    Louisiana Lafayette +2.5
    Bears +3

    Bills +2.5 (Essay)
    Call it a hunch, call it me being a Bengals fan and just rooting for Miami to lose, call it 71% of tickets on Phins. I don’t have a logical explanation other than it just seems too easy to pick Miami in this spot with this line. I look for Buffalo to surprise everyone and win outright 21-20 in the final minutes. Go Bills!

  53. clayII says:

    Wazzu (-4) / Colorado St
    SDSU (pk) / Buffalo
    ULL (+2.5) / Tulane

  54. CLEVTA says:

    1. SD St PK (Essay)- The MAC is horrendous so you need to pretty much discount any game result for Buffalo outside of OSU, Baylor, Toledo & BG. They lost all 4 and pretty badly I must say (all by double digits). SD St played the 16th toughest schedule when it comes to facing offenses. Their opponents offensive yds/play output ranks 16th toughest nationally while Buffalo’s ranks 90th and that includes Baylor and OSU. Without Baylor it drops all the way to 111th. In otherwords they’ve beaten nobody. And I don’t count OU since they were in a ridiculous tailspin to end the year. SD St has done a nice job stopping the run so Oliver shouldn’t be able to run wild.

    2. CSU +4
    3. Panthers -3 (All Play)

  55. Collin says:

    The most pressure packed bubble in sports wagering is where I sit presently: squarely on the Cheddar Bay Playoff Bubble. No pressure. Thank God the college games are back so I’ve got a chance in this thing:

    All Play: Panthers -3 over Saints because Cam Newton I guess????

    Eagles -3 over Bears. There is no way this team lays an egg with The NFC East Game of The Century possibly rendered meaningless with a win. Sorry Fox!

    Tulane -2.5 over ULL. Wave is at home and playing better… hung around with Rice last time out. ULL meanwhile trending in the other direction in a lesser league.

    Colorado State +4 over Wazzu. Mike Leach hates bowl games, especially meaningless ones. Plus CSU can score, and the Cougar defense is still atrocious.

    ECU -13.5 over Ohio. Sorry @Bubbaprog, the Bobcats suck rocks.

    Essay: Fresno State +7 over USC. I’m actually on a plane to Vegas presently to watch this game in person. Gimme the Good Carr Brother and some points so I can have a massive sweat during this one, especially since I’m only going to get 6 when I bet this in at the sportsbook. Do you think the team that wanted Da Coach O to stay is gonna show up for a 12:30 kick in a meaningless game for a coach they don’t know? And every SoCal kid has a ton of friends in Vegas, or just makes the 4 hour drive plenty often… these kids are focused on football right now?

    I’ve ridden with the Bulldogs all season, and there’s no reason to stop now. This team is good, can score in bunches, and if they avoid turnovers can play with anyone. You Browns fans should watch this game too because Derek Carr is exactly the prototype of quarterback Mike Lombardi would seem to love: Pro style, big arm, leadership, all that jazz. If he’s there at wherever you’re picking that’s not Top 3… you might as well print up the Indians jersey for him to throw out a first pitch in late April now.

  56. GRRustlers says:

    Week 17 Picks

    Two weeks to go and I figure it will take 76 points to get to the playoffs. I’m busy working on a lobster in a swimsuit…for every point we win we peel off a piece. (Funny story: My Dad saw that Major League got 1.5 stars in the TV Guide and I was fearful he might break something)

    AP – Panthers (-3) over Saints – Actual thought I had on Monday…I hope to God the All Play is not the Saints at the Panthers. That would suck.

    WSU (-4) over CSU – I hate the entire college bowl system. Let’s take 3-5 weeks off, throw everyone to a neutral location in front of a lifeless crowd, with teams that would never usually match up, and as a bonus have a handful of coaches just leave. Seriously. Bowl games suck. The only angle I can look at this game is as a fan. My young Buffaloes won 4 games this year. Central Arkansas, Charleston Southern, California, and Colorado State. Not a group you want to be in CSU. I’ll take the Cougars.

    49ers (-12) over Falcons – In what could possibly be the final game at Candlestick I will take the 49ers in a big way.

    KC (-7) over Colts – Don’t fight the train that is KC right now and Indy really has nothing to play for other than seeding and they may not want to open up anything knowing they could welcome KC at home in two weeks.

    Bengals (-7) over Vikings – Just a different football team at home that needs to get back on the field to forget about last Sunday.

    Essay Pick

    Research: The NFL record for rushing yards in a game by a team is 426 by the Detroit Lions vs the Pittsburgh Pirates on November 4th, 1934. Pirates!

    I think that this record is in play on Sunday night. You have the #1 rushing offense in Philly vs the #32 rushing defense in Chicago. On top of this you have an Eagles defense that struggles and a Bears offense that can put points on the board. Points. Points. Points. Lots of possessions. For all of the people who think Chip Kelly runs a gimmick offense at the end of the day all he does is create space and run the football. He’s doing the same thing in Philly he did at Oregon. The QB numbers look great because everyone is terrified of the run and it’s all quick short passes designed to create YAC. It could be a wild night in Philly as they move closer to a division title and literally run all over the Bears.

    Eagles (-3) over Bears

  57. CleveLandThatILove says:

    Are there white things floating down or am I having some kind of episode?

  58. architectartvandelay says:

    Kanick on the left drop down under Frameworks & Extensions change it to jQuery and it should work.

    • jimkanicki says:

      right i can get the jfiddle to work; and jquery is already part of wordpress’ core i’m told so loading it shouldn’t be a prob. but apparently invoking javascript on an individual page is tricky. i can’t just slap code around it and make it run.

      weird part is, i can get that hover-gif to work on chrome, just not firefox (or IE or Ubuntu Fireforx).

  59. zarathustra says:

    1.) San Diego St (pk) over Buffalo
    I’m not very interested in the slate of bowl games this year, but when the numbers came out originally this was one of the handful of games that I liked. If you aren’t a degenerate like myself and can’t get motivated for this one I recommend you check it out just for the enertainment on the Aztec sideline. Offensive coordinator bob toledo stands on the sideline in seeming total silence with his playcards in hand with a look that suggests he polished off two or three large pizzas during pre-game and is battling a severe case of indigestion….or worse. Head coach rocky long is a bit more gregarious but he seems to be standing by his lonesome a lot too…and without his headset on. I am totally fascinated by how this aztec operation works. I really do have doubts that rocky long and bob toledo have ever spoken a word to one another.

    2.) Cowboys -3 over Washington
    So much to hate about this cowboys team, but they have to bounce back this week so the loss to the eagles next week stings that much more.

    3.)Cardinals +10.5 over Seahawks
    I think there is only one team that can beat the Seahawks in Seattle and it ain’t the cardinals. But I like this number.

    4.) Bears +3 over Eagles
    The eagles should be able to run all over a shitty bear run d (worst in the league), but brandon marshall and alshon should be too much for a shitty eagles pass d (worst in the league.) I like the bears regardless, but even more so considering this will likely be a meaningless game for the eagles.

    5.) Ravens -2.5 over Patriots
    The ravens were going to be my essay last week and I changed it at the last minute to saints (sad trombone.) They would be my essay again this week if I hadn’t already gotten burned by them with a short number on thanksgiving and there wasn’t a dog that like to win outright.

    6.) Saints +3 over Panthers***(all play)
    Barely alive for the playoffs after the saints torched my essay pick last week I again choose to cast my lot with drew brees and company on the road. This time outdoors. Against a division rival playing with revenge and for division title. What could possibly go wrong?
    Drew Brees has those sloppy multiple turnover games sometimes. I don’t suspect we will see it in back to back weeks though. As stated above, I think there is only one team that can knock off the Seahawks in January and I think after losing this game they will get the chance a week earlier than if they were to win. So….sorry carolina panthers. In zara world you are going to lose on sunday, but fear not for a rematch is in store.

  60. actovegin1armstrong says:

    jk, I have fallen and I cannot get up. How do I make my College Bowl picks?

    • jimkanicki says:

      if you logon in the box in the sidebar (you *should* see your acto avatar and it *should* say welcome acto), then you *should* be able to access your prediction page which is at this link or through the menu up top “The CB Bowl Project > Your Prediction Page.”

      from there, you *should* find all the bowl games avaiable for picking. i want the ‘picks of the week’ entered an hour before kickoff of the first game of that group. for example, in this week’s ‘Pre-Xmas’ group, the ColoSt/Wazzu game kicks off at 2pm Saturday. i have the question “1. Your pre-Xmas essay? (Click ‘joker’ icon next to your essay game.)” time-bombed so that it won’t accept answers after 1pm Saturday. the rest of the picks can be changed up to 15 mins before kickoff.

      as say, it’s beta. let me know how it goes, thanks.

      • thatsfine says:

        I posted this on the Bowl page, but wasn’t sure if you saw it, being beta and all. What lines are we using for the Bowl Pool? Are they the same as Cheddar Bay, because there is no line for Beavs/Boise this week on the Cheddar download. The way I read it in the intro was that you would put the lines on the prediction page next to the team names.

        • jimkanicki says:

          i edited the bowl prediction page with the lines from today. (you should see a +/- number next to each team name.) my plan is to lock in the lines for each group two days before the kickoff of the first game of that group.

          and you’re right about orst/boise; that’s locked in at oregon st -3.

      • actovegin1armstrong says:

        It is still tricking me. Is there a version for old, dum guys?
        (Yes, I noticed that you borrowed my stylistic genius.)

        • jimkanicki says:

          hmm.. i dont know man. this system passed the 75-year-old man test: user ‘aesculus’ is my dad and he’s registered and paid.

          are you not able to get to the “Your prediction page?” or can you get there and it won’t accept your picks?

          you may have to turn in your austin credentials if we can’t tackle this.

          • actovegin1armstrong says:

            It is most assuredly my fault. It is a long standing joke among my co-workers that if they take me in front of a CIO or CTO I speak their language and greatly exceed them in knowledge from the d-mark out, but then when I take out my laptop I am completely lost.
            I am not getting to any page where I may make picks. What am I logging into? Perhaps it is a username and password issue.

          • jimkanicki says:

            are you able to login via the sidebar login area?

            if yes, go to http://603brown.com/pool/ and you should see a page like attached with spaces to enter scores and there is a save button at the bottom.

            if no… if no then i might be stumped. we gotta get you logged in.

          • actovegin1armstrong says:

            No, the sidebar does not work. I can not change passwords or user names either. I do not receive the necessary emails.

          • jimkanicki says:

            how about this link:


            if that works i’ll build a page for it and link thru the menu under ‘home.’

  61. jimkanicki says:

    BY: Dennis Hemingway

    WEEK 17

    Saints +3 over Panthers (All play) > Only to go against the grain since the Panthers seem like the smarter pick especially with the spread moving up to 3.5.

    Washington St -4 over Colorado St ***
    Tulane -2.5 over UL-Lafayette
    Fresno St +7 over USC
    Patriots +2.5 over Ravens
    Eagles -3 over Bears

    *** Washington St is in a bowl game for the first time since Lincoln was president. I will fully admit that I don’t know much about these teams. But I am excited to see a Mike Leach coaching a team which has all the motivation in the world to play hard since Wazzou hasn’t been bowling in 10 years. Supposedly this Kapri Bibbs RB for CSU is pretty good but I’m still taking the aerial attack that can carve up defenses especially ones that aren’t prepared for it. The Rams passing defense is ranked 109th out of 123 D1 schools. Bombs away!

  62. Nick says:

    4 picks today including essay, I will tweet out my final two picks at some point throughout the weekend when I find the right alcohol induced state.

    Fresno +7 vs USC
    East Carolina -13.5 vs Ohio
    AP: Panthers -3 vs Saints
    Essay: Cards +10.5 vs Seahawks

    Bruce Arians is a damn good football coach. He’s got the Cardinals peaking at the right time, winning 6 out of their last 7. It’s really hard to see them laying an egg in this spot. I don’t think Seattle scores enough points to handle this spread, especially against the stout Cards D, with their #1 rush ranked defense. I wish Fitzgerald was healthy, he’s out with a concussion right now, but recent reports indicate protocol is going well and he may play. I see this game being a defensive battle where points are at a premium. Arizona is too good a team to be getting 10.5 especially when you factor in Seattle doesn’t have a lot to play for, while the Cards have everything to play for, and also it’s a revenge game for last season’s drubbing. I think Arizona has a coaching advantage, a motivational advantage, and I like betting against streaks…at some point Seattle is going to lose at home.

    • actovegin1armstrong says:

      Nick, Louisiana is officially the alcohol induced state. Although we are endeavoring to change that here in Tejas.

    • Katie O. says:

      Nick here. Please put me on the Ravens and Niners to finish out my slate. Thank you.

      Merry Christmas all.

  63. cwonder23 says:

    Redskins +3 vs Dallas
    AP: Panthers -3 vs Saints
    Colts +7 @ Chiefs
    Cardinals +10.5 @ Seahawks
    Lions -9 vs Giants
    Essay: Jags +5.5 vs Titans

    I’m on my way to sunny (hopefully) Cancun so I kinda just grabbed at these and this just ended up as my essay. The Jags have shown that they’re not going to just roll over this year. They’ve got some pieces back and even without MJD, they showed they’re committed to and can run the football. The Titans have a very leaky run defense. If The Jags can control the ball early, it should be a close game. I’ll take the points at home. I hope everyone has a great Holiday. Safe travels and best of luck.

  64. actovegin1armstrong says:

    AP Panthers -3 over NO

    Buffalo pk over SDSU

    Dolphins -2.5 over Bills

    Cowboys -3 over Washington

    Browns +2.5 over Jets

    ****essay**** Vikings +7 over Bungles

    It is difficult for me to expect the Bungles to win, let alone win by 7. Matt Cassel gives me a greater sense of security than Andy Dalton. Adrian Peterson may play, Toby Gerhart is not expected to play, but he did move well in practice today, he may play.

    Leslie Frazier is also a step up from Marvin Lewis. In light of my amazingly lack of success lately, I am throwing everything I have seen and formed an opinion upon out and relying solely upon a comparison of the two teams, their rosters, coaches and intangibles, (although this would be a lot easier if I knew the meaning of “intangibles”).

    Cassel and Greg Jennings look good together. Brian Robison and Jared Allen look good together. (Which one is Kelly Willis married to?)

    Cincinnati is under a great deal of pressure with the playoffs on the line, while Minnesota is playing football. The Minnesota defense has not set the world on fire, but all they need to do is stop JOE-vanni Bernard and AJ Green, that is 11 against 2, so I like my odds there.

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