CB#11, Bama over LSU.

My CheddarBay essay is bit more graphical than DISQUS likes so posting here.

BGSU (win)
Oregon (loss)

***@Bama -11.5 LSU

“God has made us for civilizing the world.  Woe and death to all who resist my will.”
–Nick Saban

Haha, just kidding that was Kaiser Wilhelm II.  But we are under a 4 TD spread at Tuscaloosa, thus Bama covers.  The line is about two touchdowns so they cover by three.  If it were four they’d cover by four or five.

The thing today for Saban is to stop all the “FSU should be ranked in front of Bama” nonsense.

I think I should spare you all the analytical approach to this game.  See my Oregon/Stanford take for my analytical prowess and the BallSt/CMU aborted essay before that.  My analysis is for shit this week.

Nope, it’s better I say it in LSUfreek GIFs.




Not Saturday.


How this all ends.


Other games:
4. Auburn -7 @ Tennessee; Love watching Malzahn’s offense. If Bama gets derailed it’s in the Iron Bowl.
5. @TAMU -19 MissySt; Home finale for Manziel.
6. Bills +3 @Steelers; EJ Manuel return seems undervalued.

Also playing Army, Wake, Minny, OleMiss, Wisc, ASU, Miami, LaTech, UCF, USU, UCLA, Fresno, Panthers, Giants, Eagles.

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