Disqus problems reported.

quality-of-life-benefitsI’ve received at least a half dozen emails concerning problems with the new Disqus comment system; that means there’s a problem.

1.  My guess on cause:

I upgraded WordPress to 3.7 (a new release) yesterday.  If the problems persist, I will explore whether I can revert.

2.  My troubleshooting:

Led me to this page.  I’m working through disabling these themes and plugins.  I have ‘reset’ Disqus and as part of the process, upgraded the database.  I am hopeful this will fix things.  Let me know if you continue to have problems.

3.  About Disqus:

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 9.51.53 AM

You probably already know this but… is this why you’re not seeing your comment?

I’ve found it to be reliable.  It is widely used and I don’t recall regular problems with it.  That being said…

4a.  Suggestion #1:  Use a text editor.

That being said, I too have lost posts due to software/system/network hangs.  You can’t imagine the eloquence that has been lost to mankind in this way.  How many of you have also had that happen, hit the back button, lost everything, and was all like DANG?  Me too.  So what I now do with my Cheddar essays in particular, is type them out in a text editor.  (I use TextWrangler.)  Then I copy/paste and submit.  If it hangs, no biggie, I’ve got the original.  I promise you, I’m not a careful person by nature.  But I too have had this problem and had it bit me enough times to where I’ve actually changed my way of operating.  For these essays in particular, I suggest you do likewise.

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 2.26.26 PM

Try signing in with your twitter if you have one; register with Disqus if you don’t. (Just my two cents.)

4b.  Suggestion #2:  Log in with your twitter.

When you click in the empty comments box you *should* see all sorts of login options:  Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus.  It will also let you sign in with your last log in.  (“Kanick” in this screenshot.)  For me, clicking the Twitter icon works great and logs me in as @jimkanicki.


5.  Remember


As ever, you are welcome to post your picks to twitter with a #CheddarBay and an @jimkanicki somewhere in the content.  You can also email your picks to kanick_blog@yahoo.com or the other email (that was used in the registration process).


Sorry for the inconvenience guys/gals.  I KNOW it sucks to lose your first thoughts; the second pass is never quite as crisp.  Do please let me know if you’re having problems (and also whether you’re seeing improvement).  Hang in there and if this is really endemic I/we will explore more drastic remedies.


  • Alan404

    Earlier today, I commented on a CNSNews.com article dealing with illegal immigration, stating action that I thought might be taken to address this problem a problem that seemingly grows worsse.

    Subsequently, I received information to the effect that I had been banned, seemingly by Disqus, no plain English explanation given. What is ongoing here? Anyone at Disqus capable of and willing to respond?

  • Dave Kolonich

    I tried Disqus (for WordPress) for the five people who comment at Reboot. I ran into the same problems.

    • :-/
      I want so badly for it to work tho…

  • bupalos

    Hey Kanick, my own internal audit shows that I very richly deserve two extra points, one for last night’s astonishing prescience on the Rams, and one going way back to week 4 where I took the bears over the stillers. There are 3 blank entries on that one, one of which was due to no college pick but the following day I got in with bucs (loss and technically late as I was inside of the hour on the 4 oclock star) and bears in the sunday nighter (win).

  • mgbode

    Four B’s have a log in their twitter. No wonder you have issues 😉

  • maxfnmloans

    This has also happened to me in my online classes when doing discussion board posts. For some reason, when you are typing into the text window, the system doesn’t recognize this “activity” and then you get “timed out” after 15 minutes. So, when you hit the “post” button you get an access denied screen and your entire post is lost. I’ve lost thousands of words that way.

    Eventually, I learned to do my work in a Word doc and then copy and paste it. That presents other problems because the school’s anti-plagiarism safeguards prevent copying and pasting, but the workaround is still easier than starting over.

  • bupalos

    So that’s Ari and I’ll get Minn for the late game.

  • bupalos

    Hey out of touch hope my cmfb for 3 got in. If there is a 415 or 430 start I’ll take the lowest alphabetical team available and try to get back wit a SNF and mnf pick to fill it out

  • pateslvrblk


  • CleveLandThatILove

    Another workaround is to write in an email draft, if you’re uncreative like me and don’t play around with fonts, etc. then copy/paste and you’ve still got your draft.

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