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Click for cautionary tale re: Cheddar Bay biscuits.

The meta goodness of Cheddar Bay can’t be overstated.  For that matter the goodness of the Cleveland Sports Blogging community… or the Cleveland Sports Community… or Cleveland… or community.

I digress.  On the subject at hand, I now have a new home for my blog and your Cheddar Bay happiness.  Friend of the site Brian Spaeth (via Frowns via Cheddar) became aware that I was sniffing around for site augmentation and stepped forward with help and advice based on years of experience.  A template here, a hosting offer there, and da da-da da-duh and here we are with a spiffy new look and better function.


I also have registered.  I am increasingly squirrely about continuing to use Mr. Kanicki’s name for this domain.  (I remind you, my name is Mike Burgermeister, I live in Hampton, NH.  Jim Kanicki was a great Browns defensive tackle from the 60s and after retirement from football ran a successful steel fabricator in Ashtabula and has is a real person with real children and grandchildren who have been decent about this whole thing.  See my About page for more.)

But for now it is.

The driver for this change is to improve the comment section which was limited using the free account.  We are now powered by the familiar DISQUS comment engine and you will now be able to edit your comments.  (I’m in the process of importing all the earlier comments, keep fingers crossed, they say it can take a day).  I hope this will make everyone’s commenting life easier.

I’d also like to ask you to kick the tires on a Forum section linked in the menu bar above.  I could be that a weekly forum topic is a better system than culling through comments to find everyone’s essay.  It COULD BE that a forum with a community live chat dealio might be kind of a cooler thing than the vast wasteland of Sunday afternoon twitter (which I also pollute, not saying I don’t).  So check that stuff out and let me know what you think.

There are other benefits from having self-hosted WordPress that I don’t know about yet but which must surely include better college fight song embedding like this:

or this:



and probably a decent way to embed vines of my shelter dogs which hasn’t been do-able on free wordpress.  (I will figure this out and you will enjoy meeting the dogs.)


As tweeted Sunday: Weeden should have to wear a George ‘Goober’ Lindsey hat on the sidelines.

Beats Bitter Browns Talk…

I told you this was the Browns’ Year of Indifference and, I’m telling you, the NHSPCA Shelter Dogs are proving more interesting and infinitely more rewarding than watching George Goober Lindsey play QB for us this year.  I’ll grant you my perspective was skewed for having Cheddar’d the Browns Sunday but mother of God:  why do we always have the worst QB in the league?  How in all the fucks does this always happen?

And who is internet celebrity Brian Spaeth?

Brian Spaeth, to me, was always a Cleveland blogosphere staple who people I follow, like.  He might have been buds with Denny from WFNY, I know he recently did a podcast there on the Breaking Bad finale.  He had a cameo in the Scott Raab Whore of Akron promotional video which was coolly ironic.  Obviously a Frowns follower and we know a lot of the same people.  I thought of him as our local David Jacoby except good.  I checked out the Turtlecalls thing but didn’t really get it and even though dry humor is something I do and like it was a lost on me and that’s ok because I’m old and I know I am.

So I really didn’t get the fuss about Spaeth but now now now I’m starting to.  It’s good stuff so in addition to be a stellar Cheddar Bay good Samaritan the content coolly ironic yes but also interesting/entertaining and ain’t that what we’re here for?

I move we grant Spaeth an honorary Cheddar enrollment.  Is there a second?

Sorry so slack.

GaState Panthers, no FBS wins but now with one Cheddar Bay point thank you.

Last, sorry for the lack content lately but I really haven’t had anything to say.  Pissing contest about Browns tanking or not tanking season?  Was I right about short cornerbacks and wrong about Andrew Luck?  Or Bill Snyder?  Or the Bengals?  (Actually there will a some sort of scorecard assessment of how my takes are holding up… that’s not a bad idea.)  No, sorry, the closest I came to feeling it for good meaty bitchy post was that I think that if my daughter has to choose an exploitative career track, I’d rather have her go in to stripping than MMA fighting.  (And so I’m not understand of all the plaudits being sent to ‘Cleveland’s Own’ girl-who-kicks-and-hits-other-girls person.)  But I couldn’t even work up enough gusto to run with that.

It’s really all about the Cheddar right now.

We’ll be back tomorrow with the Cheddar lines and another compelling Game of the Week.

  • Dave Kolonich

    Big fan of the site upgrade, Kanicki. This seemed like the logical evolution.

    Still waiting for that Kanick Podcast to start up.

  • You’re not a descendant of the Burgermeister Meisterburger clan that once ruled Sombertown with an iron fist, are you?

  • ChuckKoz

    congrats on the new site. comment section will be so much better!

  • Art_Brosef
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