#CheddarBay week 17, Seahawks -7.5 at Cards.

Covers isn’t giving me lines for the college games (from any book, not just LVH). So let’s use Sportsbook’s lines via scoreandodds. All-play is Sunday Night Football Seahawks -7.5 at Cardinals. Late line for Browns at Panthers. Six way tie for the weekly last week:  Mo_by_Dick, OXR, Rob, Schroedinger, Shoseph, TrashyCamaro all had seven points. Check out MTAF’s Down By Contact...

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Manziel’s first four drives.

Decided to have a look-see on the offense.  Maybe there’s some mitigating factors that weren’t obvious in real-time?  Some positives or explanations for that disturbing regression?  Let’s see.  (Hint:  no.  The answers to those questions are “no.”) First drive, 3/out:  run, run, scramble. On the 3rd/1, we get a look with four WRs bunched on one side with Josh Gordon...


About our defense in yesterday’s first quarter…

That was a disaster and no mistake.  Five freaking first downs.  FIVE?!  Out-rushed 244-53.  One for ten on third down converts. It was the old Shurmur-ball snowball effect wherein the defense gets behind, the offense gives the ball right back, the now-tired defense has a harder time stopping the opponents, offense gives ball back again, and the now-gassed defense starts...

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AtoZ //Manziel starts.

Andre and Zac talk quarterbacks: Johnny Football, Andy Dalton vs. the Browns, Cardale Jones and Bernie. Click here for the complete catalogue of all the A to Z podcasts (and to subscribe via iTunes).

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Kolonich’s State of the Browns, December 2014.

Hands mic to Dave Kolonich. Wait – what?? A real post on Kanicki.603-EveryDayShouldBeLobsterFest.com?? I’m confused. What’s the All Play?? Sorry, degenerates. Or in the words of Jim Nantz, “Hello, friends.” Since my beloved Browns are beginning their annual descent into the nothingness of December football, I figured it was an opportune time to settle up the 2014 season. The narratives...

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#CheddarBay week 16, JFF.

In a surprise move even to me, the Executive Committee is waiving the ‘one college pick’ rule this week. NO MANDATORY PICK ON ARMY +15 vs. NAVY. Instead, the all-play is: Bengals PK at Browns. Are we tricking you to get all the Cheddar action lined up on one side?  No, we don’t do that on purpose. However I will...

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AtoZ //The Manziel-Hoyer edition.

Andre and Zac talk Browns, quarterbacks, windows of opportunity and what happens when young, rich NFL players don’t get it. Click here for the complete catalogue of all the A to Z podcasts (and to subscribe via iTunes).

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#CheddarBay week 15, B1G Championship.

LATE LINE: KState +7 at Baylor. We are coming down the homestretch and we’re looking at high drama for the Cheddar playoffs. FlyHighCharlieFrye and AmplifiedEsquire displayed the power of the POTY moving up ten and nineteen slots respectively. No one has hit the POTY Lobsterfest (which needs a name) yet.  But GRR did hit his Lobsterfest (and payout) and took a...

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AtoZ //Turkey Day AtoZ

Andre and Zac talk Browns, Johnny Drama, college football rivalries and their specialty, food. . Click here for the complete catalogue of all the A to Z podcasts (and to subscribe via iTunes).

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#CheddarBay week 14, Iron Bowl.

Real quick, MAC line for tonight:  Ohio -2.5 at MiamiO, 7pm. Back with the lines tomorrow morning. Till then, more Teamocil please. Post your picks in the comment sections. I have received complaints on this topic, namely that not everyone is posting picks in the comment thread.  Here is the policy:  picks should be submitted through the comment section for the...