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AtoZ //Post Raiders win assessments.

Andre and Zac talk the state of the Browns, the team’s maturity, possible danger looming and the defensive improvement. Tune in tomorrow for Lebron’s return talk.

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#CheddarBay wk 10, Broncos at Pats.

All play is Broncos -3 at Pats.  Also considered were Oregon/Stanford, Cocktail party, Auburn/OleMiss, Cards/Cowboys, Ravens/Steelers, and there was serious consideration given to Utah/ASU. Right so this happened last Sunday. Too many stories to tell but bullets shouldn’t be too tough: Too many shots with Brosef Saturday night at Little Bar watching two pretty excellent games, OSU/PSU and OleMiss/LSU.  I think,...

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Jeremy Zuttah was 2014’s best UFA signing.

This started out as my essay pick for this week’s Cheddar Bay and graduated into a short post.  That’s because the Ravens are a story that no one is talking about yet and I love bringing the news first.  I noticed this when I re-did the 603POWER rankings today.  The Ravens are on top and on top by a lot....

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#CheddarBay wk 9, Packers at Saints.

All-play game is Packers +1 at Saints on Sunday night. And yes, that’s my ticket to the right.  I’m coming to town for this here game. I expect to ramble into town Saturday evening,,, Hampton Inn Downtown bay-bee! See you all at the tailgates and probably definitely at the Barley for Fox-Lima-Jackson hi-jinx. (This also means the Saturday entries and updates will...

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AtoZ //Head-scratcher in Jax.

Andre and Zac talk Browns, a head-scratching loss in Jacksonville and a major opportunity lost.  Then, they start talking homecoming games, homecoming queens and a whole bunch of other nonsense.

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AtoZ //Browns beat Steelers, legitimacy and some CFB.

Andre and Zac talk Browns, the possibility of 6-2, finding legitimacy and the state of the NCAA. Quick bookkeeping note:  here’s the URL for The A to Z on iTunes.  From there you can launch the podcast from your local iTunes and within that, you can subscribe and never miss an episode.

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#CheddarBay wk 8, Niners at Broncos.

All-play game is Niners +6.5 at Broncos on Sunday night.  You know our cosmos is out of whack when Mike Homgrum is sniffing around Oakland for a coaching gig while real Raiders like Harbaugh and Kaepernick are just playing for the wine and cheese fans just down the road.  Damn, if that could only be flipped.  But in the meantime,...

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Hoyer wise.

My earlier posts on Brian Hoyer here, here, and here. Before we go all in with a QB at #4… More Hoyer, more YAC: the Bengals game tape. Sign Hoyer now. I link to them here because we shouldn’t have any confusion that Brian Hoyer’s play or the Browns winning record were unforeseeable events.  Here is just some guy in...

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#CheddarBay wk 7, Auburn at Missy St.

All play is Auburn -2.5 at Mississippi State, 330pm Saturday. If last week’s Cheddar post helped get some attention on Laquon Treadwell, then I’m doing my job right.  Let me this week direct your attention to Dak Prescott.  Maybe it was the fact of watching their games back-to-back but when I watched Jake Locker Sunday I thought Dak Prescott.  (This...