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#CheddarBay wk 5; Eagles/Niners.

The week’s all-play Eagles +5.5 at Niners kicking off 4:25 PM Sunday.  You’ve got the 3-0 Eagles heading west to meet an increasingly interesting Niners group. If you’re wondering how Kelly-Harbaugh did against each other in the Pac-12, got you covered: 2007, #13 Oregon wins 55-31 (at Stanford); 2008, Oregon wins 35-28 (at Eugene); 2009, Stanford wins 51-42 over #7...

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AtoZ //Ravens loss outfall.

Andre Knott and Zac Jackson break down the Browns at the bye week, discuss grading on a curve, the absentee defense and Joe Banner’s Twitter habits.

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Five essays on Browns over Ravens.

. There’s no point in hiding from it:  Cheddar Bay is 24-0 in favor of the Browns today. As we know from history this is the worst of warning signs.  We’ll see today is this is a different Browns team — i.e., fulfilling of our hopes (at least for today) — or pretty much the same Browns (or Indians) (or...

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#CheddarBay wk 4; Broncos/Seahawks.

10:50AM, Saturday:  Due to the unprecedented line change in the FSU/Clemson game, the Cheddar line is revised to Clemson +10.5 at FSU. The picks received prior to this announcement (PeterM, Acto***, Chucky, ClvTA, CLTIL, CWonder***, Jmac, Kitty, LLaw***, PeteF.) will be honored at Clemson +20. And, no ClevTA, Chucky and PeteF, before you ask:  you may not hedge by taking...

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AtoZ //NFL, Protecting the Shield, Peterson, etc.

Andre Knott and Zac Jackson discuss the state of the NFL, the Adrian Peterson situation, protecting “The Shield” and how all that’s gone on trickles down to other levels of football. Note: This podcast was recorded before the Vikings reversed course and decided to deactivate Peterson until his legal situation is resolved.

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AtoZ //Browns beat Saints.

A to Z Podcast #2. Andre Knott and Zac Jackson are back to talk the Cleveland Browns, Brian Hoyer, Karlos Dansby and a REALLY big game Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. A favor please? Here is the iTunes link for AtoZ’s feed:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/kanick-atoz/id917644285 .  From there you can get to the iTunes app and play it there and subscribe.  Are all of...

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Browns beat Saints recap.

Jumplinks to quarter recaps:  First; Second; Third; Fourth. I’m still at a loss for words to describe yesterday’s epic win so I’m just going to live blog it from the game film. Before I dig in, three notes: 1.  The migration to 603brown.com is non-trivial.  We had about a 50% hit rate on moving image files from the old site...

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#CheddarBay wk 3; Eagles/Colts.

UPDATE:  We’ll go with the Eagles getting 3.5 from the Colts at Indy Saturday night for the all-play.  Also late lines:   Toledo +11 at Cincy, Baylor -35 at UB, Boise -16 at UConn. Howdy Cheddars.  Just a placeholder with the lines for this week this morning.  Remember to use the lower of the two lines under the game; the...

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AtoZ //Steelers heartbreaker.

The A to Z podcast.  Andre Knott and Zac Jackson talk Browns, a heartbreaker in Pittsburgh, a huge challenge with the Saints and the Ray Rice situation. I got talking with Zac Jackson last week and yada yada yada,,, I’m hosting the A to Z Podcast this week. I promise you I’m working to spruce up the presentation and I...

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Ten wins. Six reasons why.

Browns preview time. I refuse to believe that they will suck this year.  No.  Nein.  Nyet. Oh yeah I saw the preseason games and oh yeah I’m reading the guys who spent their August (and their last decade of Augusts) watching this team and reporting the familiar “there doesn’t seem to be an offense” reports.  No touchdowns.  Cornerbacks playing 15 yards...