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Wk 4, Steelers -3.5 at Eagles Sunday at 415pm.

Took a stab at a video update this week. I’m sure I’ll try again and I’m sure they’ll improve! Skip to 1:20 for the meat of the Cheddar update. Link to ‘wk4’ page of master spreadsheet. And just to take the ‘check this page’ theme one step further and to emphasize the importance… it turns out I had graded the...

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Wk 3, OSU -1.5 at Okla.

All-play is Ohio State -1.5 at Oklahoma, 730pm Saturday. ^^ Notice: My gview plug-in wasn’t working as of late Friday night. If still down in the morning I’ll explore other options. The direct link to the lines pdf is: http://603brown.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/wk3lines.pdf Loading…

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Wk 2, Cards -6 vs Pats.

Terrific opening week for Cheddar!  Big welcomes our nine new players and welcome back to Chris P. and backfromthedead.  On the other hand, we are sad to announce that long time stalwarts CleveLandThatILove and PeteFranklin are taking this year off. I won’t be writing a Browns preview blogpost this year but I can share my preview here in this run-on...

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Wk 1, Ole Miss +4 at FSU.

And we’re off!  Thank you and welcome back to our returning Cheddars, welcome aboard to our newcomers.  Everything needed to make your picks is embedded in this post: locked in Cheddar Lines, new pick form, discussion section.  College picks only this week; FBS vs FBS only as usual. One degree of separation.  Hey hey, Cheddar has balled out with Lebron....

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Cheddar Bay 2016 — enroll here.

Hi all.  Short and sweet — here’s the signup and rules for Cheddar Bay Reality Football 2016.  This is the EIGHTH YEAR of the world’s first, only, and most phenomenal football picking competition with a weekly writing requirement. Clevelandfrowns developed the concept and enshrined its precepts here as an elegant alternate to fantasy football and it succeeds in that.  We have...

Nov 5, 2015; Manhattan, KS, USA; Baylor Bears return specialist Corey Coleman (1) carries the ball as Kansas State Wildcats defensive back Sean Newlan (29) defends during the first half at Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports 11

2016 Browns draft reaction.

Let’s bang out reaction to this year’s draft and put it in the time capsule. (I’m just going post day one and two now; will update for day three later.)  (I don’t know why the emoticons flash on iOS devices.  Sorry about that.) The trade-backs. Yeah, fine whatever.  I was indifferent whether we stayed or traded back.  I wasn’t a...

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Laughable folly of Berea elitism.

So you say it’s your dream to work for your hometown Cleveland Browns?  How can you too get into that Haslam braintrust, you ask.  What path of hard work and real life accomplishment might earn you consideration to join the august team of data scientists whose performance to date is… renowned. Welp, the good news is that you don’t have to have...

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End of the Scheiner/Banner era.

Okay.  You’re a trust fund billionaire and daddy played for a national championship football team.  You love football but you don’t live it day-to-day like you do the truck stop/convenience store/bankruptcy dumpster-diving acquisition game.  No.  Your mastery of the highly-nuanced volume based pricing/rebate business model only goes so far and may or may not translate to successful ownership of your new...

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Cheddar Super Bowl!

Alright gents, we’re at the finish and by my reckoning four men are standing with the SB worth 15 points. The line is: Panthers -5.5 Essays will be up an hour before kickoff and good luck!