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AtoZ //Josh Gordon saga, Cavs alive.

http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11485578/1AtoZ/AZ_20150126.mp3 Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Andre and Zac on the Josh Gordon saga, the Cavs coming alive, Browns retreats and Super Bowl. Looking for old AtoZs? To reach back into the archives, you can start with the iTunes web link.  You’re better off to use that page, click ‘View in iTunes’ and subscribe from to the podcast from within your...

NFL: New England Patriots Rookie Minicamp 33

Forfeit. (If true.)

Everything in the piece is caveated with “If the Pats are found to have altered the game balls…” Yes, I understand the investigation is proceeding.  No, I’m not going to preface every statement in the piece with that clause.  I’m going to trust you to know my intention and that I’m fully cognizant that the investigation is on-going and it is...

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AtoZ //Cardale post-announce.

http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11485578/1AtoZ/AZ_20150116.mp3 Subscribe: iTunes | RSS . Andre and Zac talk Cardale Jones, potential pitfalls, Started From The Bottom and answer Twitter questions from listeners. Looking for old AtoZs? There have been 19 AtoZs going back to the Steelers opener in September.  Just as a heads up, I haven’t popped for ‘pay’ Soundcloud so I can only keep three hours there....

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AtoZ //Cardale Jones pre-announce.

http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11485578/1AtoZ/AZ_20150115.mp3 Subscribe: iTunes | RSS . Zac and Andre drop off this week’s podcast just before heading to the Ginn Academy for Cardale’s announcement.

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Cheddar Bay playoffs week 3 plus Cardale talk.

Here’s your weekend lines: Green Bay +7 at Seattle, Indy +6.5 at Pats. Picks are due 1pm Sunday. Who’s going to make a run at ClevTA? As a public service, you never don’t want to read Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel when he’s doing a positional breakdown on any game and especially for a Packers game.  Another local writer I...

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Go Bucks.

Straight up line of scrimmage domination coming. Pace-like.  Still a bit surprised we’re not the touchdown favorite. Let’s get fired up.

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#CheddarBay Playoffs week two.

HERE WE GO!! The playoffs stumbled out of the blocks last week with a 40% ATS rate and worse on essays.  Let’s get back on the beam with a tight five game slate this week. Picks are due via email for all five games and your essays to Pete and me no later than 1:00 PM Saturday to allow the wagering...

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AtoZ //The Urban Meyer Express.

http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11485578/1AtoZ/AZ_20150105.mp3 Subscribe: iTunes | RSS . Andre and Zac on where the Browns go from here, Johnny, the Buckeyes and the Urban Meyer Express. Click here for the complete catalogue of all the A to Z podcasts (and to subscribe via iTunes).

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#CheddarBay Playoffs week one.

The field is set and congratulations to our playoff field: CLEVTA, rolub, swig, pforever, Concierge, oxr, Petefranklin, zarathustra, Tim Butler, trashycamaro. Now get busy because you’re jumping right back into this with two games today and ten picks this week. This week’s lines. Playoff Ground Rules Here’s the email we shot out to the playoff contenders yesterday establishing the guidelines...

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#CheddarBay FINAL WEEK! AP: Panthers +4 at Falcons.

Notice to playoff contenders:  To reduce game theory aspects for the playoff contenders, this week you may submit your picks to me via email.  Optional. ALLPLAY: PANTHERS +4 AT FALCONS, 1PM 12/28. Rest assured there was ample discussion on this and the big NFL games as well as Tuesday bowl games were looked at.  The salient quote:  “A winner-take-all NFL...